TWBA: Why Isabelle Daza don't want people calling her son "guapo"

Isabelle Daza explains why she does not want her son to be showered with compliments.

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100+ komento:

f T
f T:
Love her down to earth wala pang artista na nag guest kay tito boy na naka tshirt n sandal.
Edmar Borja
Edmar Borja:
Motherhood changed her, an IT Girl turned to a woman. Not just a woman but a woman with substance.
This is a conversation not an interview...
Lyka Jane
Lyka Jane:
I think another reason why Belle chose to wear simple for this interview was because she wanted the people to focus more on what she has to offer, her wit, the interview, the conversation, the lessons and not be driven into her appearance , her shoes, her hair, her makeup, her dress on that day.
Noah Smith
Noah Smith:
With this interview and how she presents her self with dignity and that level of intelligence, not with just glamorous outfit and styling, just made me respect her a lot more.
She is the true meaning of CLASSY
Richard De Leon
Richard De Leon:
she wants to raise her child just like her husband na hindi aware na guapo sya,
Maret Villa
Maret Villa:
Very intelligent and articulate. She'd make a very good talk show host.
Ugly Never Start with I But Always Start with U
Ugly Never Start with I But Always Start with U:
*Bukod kay Angel Locsin, isa din sya sa Down to earth WOW ♥*
Su San
Su San:
She's a real beauty, she don't care what other people think of her...
Mynameis jbun
Mynameis jbun:
Ha! She is making history! Look at that! Sandals, t-shirt and jeans? Guuuurl! Werk! So cool!
Jan Vincent
Jan Vincent:
She is so simple. However based on her aura, her simplicity is something hone by something negative experience. SHe seems to be coming from something. ( just my observation , nothing big deal.).
So simple😊reason why i really like her....and so smart😊
gil alcaraz
gil alcaraz:
Si isabelle daza parang si angel aquino
geahmarjory Osano
geahmarjory Osano:
She is genuine and humble.
Yen Mahusay
Yen Mahusay:
I watched TWBA last night then now I watched again because I like her simplicity and elegant heart...
Jade Carbungco-Sanchez
Jade Carbungco-Sanchez:
Wow. At some point, i felt that Belle was the interviewer. So enriching.
ben good
ben good:
i like her , shes so articulate and genuine with who she is, simplicity is the best
Speechless ..... she’s so simple guys. I really like it
Xiaolene Barbero
Xiaolene Barbero:
I salute the very person who inspired and molded her to be as such; Humane
Zwen Abdullah
Zwen Abdullah:
BELLE!!!!! Pls make a book!!!!
Genaline Tungul
Genaline Tungul:
Simple,beautiful and smart.. 👏👏👏
Marice Hontiveros
Marice Hontiveros:
This is more meaningful than longer interviews sa ibang artista... You're so simple and unique belle... :)
dont touch my birdie
dont touch my birdie:
mahihiya na ung iba dyan tumungtong ng naka awra hahaha good job Belle
Gina Tacsagon
Gina Tacsagon:
It takes a very secured person to be confident in any situation
Minamitiu 777
Minamitiu 777:
Wow the more i admire Isabelle. I could relate so much. When i was single i was more into looks and what people think of me. But now as a mother, i realized there is more to this world...and that is unconditional love and the happiness of appreciating even the simplest things in life🥰

It makes life less complicated and filled with more joy.
Love Belle even when she was still single. I love her even more now ♥️♥️ so simple, full of wisdom and smart!
Simply Momma Vlog
Simply Momma Vlog:
I like belle... so simple but elegant ... even though naka tshirt pants and sandal....
Appreciate her POVs and stance much more than the consumerist ways of other celebs - also, being simple actually enhances her natural beauty - reminds me of Alicia Keys’ no makeup vibe. Also, something about her reminds me of the effortless, timeless looks of Tweetie de Leon, Angel Aquino and Mikee Cojuangco.
gel KC
gel KC:
Yan Ang Simple Life Hnd Naka Dress Makeup Heels Naka Porma Simple Girl
Super simple ni sabel, parang siya lang yata ang nagpainterview na ganyan ang suot❤ kay boy abunda.,
Des sa
Des sa:
And That's what makes her more beautiful....
Ian Archivido
Ian Archivido:
I love her simplicity and most of all her wit and substance.
Claribel Cardenas-Gabunas
Claribel Cardenas-Gabunas:
i like Belle! ❤
Jen Tan
Jen Tan:
belle daza is one of a kind. smart, inspiring and classy. love her vlogs too! dami mong matututunan..
Patrick Kugel
Patrick Kugel:
When a child is born a Mother is also born.
Amyjane Dulana
Amyjane Dulana:
Wow..So pretty without any makeup or glam down 2 earth belle..😍😍😍😇😘
Jenny Medina
Jenny Medina:
Simple yet elegant and beautiful.
Jennica Raagas
Jennica Raagas:
I love how she says “this is what i’m wearing” like ano ba?
I love that this interview is more like a conversation :)
Marred Drama Queen
Marred Drama Queen:
Omg she's so simple!! I like it. So real and raw. She's so smart and articulate as well. #goal 😍😍❤️❤️
Mark Gil Lalangan
Mark Gil Lalangan:
So binagayan sya ni boy sa suot? Boy is such a great host.
Analie Anabo
Analie Anabo:
OMG Isabel Daza. simple outfit but still pretty😍😘
The way she speak. Only proves how smart she is.❤️❤️❤️
Nesa M.
Nesa M.:
I love her she's so natural wlang reservation. She had a battle which she had won and thats her anxieties and insecurities after giving birth. Instead of drowning to it she took it as a motivation. That makes me love her more.
Ganda at talino ni belle kahit nakapangbahay pa yan, aangat yan.
Aenan Spinach
Aenan Spinach:
I love belle kahit ang yaman niya napaka down to earth niya parin...
Jonnacell Taguibao
Jonnacell Taguibao:
Jane Sañano
Jane Sañano:
Love this! 💕 ang simple niya yet she’s still pretty 😍 I think it’s my first time seeing someone in this show na naka tshirt-jeans-sandal(?) ang peg. Hu u kayo bashers 😂
Takeo Hara
Takeo Hara:
I love belle elegant, smart and very realistic!!
Mich Rey
Mich Rey:
I love her simplicity
Her OOTD tho .. Hehe
Rosie BM
Rosie BM:
Yay, napakasimple lang niya.. Wala din makeup.. 🙂 But still beautiful, lumalabas tunay na kagandahan talaga..
Celine Marie Arz
Celine Marie Arz:
I love belle ❤️ very simple, smart, beautiful.. Complete package ❤️❤️
Sheryl Asico
Sheryl Asico:
Beautiful inside and out. And humble and smart and so on. ❤️
Chen AlAkkad
Chen AlAkkad:
Simplicity is beautiful
Avanna Lauren
Avanna Lauren:
so smart... love it! and you look gorgeous even in the simplest way that you can 😊
Rochelle Ann Rose Taruc
Rochelle Ann Rose Taruc:
I love you Belle!
Rhiyadi Kadatuan
Rhiyadi Kadatuan:
C tangkad ung magaling dun sa tubig at langis😍😍 my anak na pala xa subrang down to earth😍😍
Czarina Rose Laquindanum
Czarina Rose Laquindanum:
Ang ganda ganda pa din nya
jane tey
jane tey:
Why dress up in a beautiful uncomfortable outfit when you can be in a comfortable yet elegant one
Carleen Riza Manuel
Carleen Riza Manuel:
Radiant! She is literally glowing on screen. Very articulate and smart, love this girl!
Ma. Grace Antoniette Ganapin
Ma. Grace Antoniette Ganapin:
i always love her simplicity but still classy on point.
Shirley Carb
Shirley Carb:
So beautiful even without make up....
xxyzz 296
xxyzz 296:
The way she speaks and deliver her words is really smart 💓💓💓
robelle ruth socias
robelle ruth socias:
i love how belle answered a question and threw back a question to tito boy and that made a conversation :)
Kolyn Goesman
Kolyn Goesman:
Queen in her own way 👏👏👏👏👏 Isabelle
Kurt Anne
Kurt Anne:
Isabelle Daza proves that Simplicity is beauty 😍 Very simple and smart 😍💖
Izzy Brandford
Izzy Brandford:
i find her presentable and the sense of the interview. cool
Janestar js
Janestar js:
It’s an interview not a fashion show. Focus on the message not on her outfit. Don’t be superficial.
With that face who needs makeup :)) I really love how she embraced motherhood. So pretty Belle :))
Ang simple nya wlang make up parang bgong gising lang...
Homer Perez
Homer Perez:
I fell in love with her in the first few seconds.
John/Ann Plotado
John/Ann Plotado:
I liker her na....simple but full of beauty in all aspect
I love Belle, she's so smart and naturally beautiful 😊
Sadly, ang daming tao na may tinatawag na feeling of entitlement. Kung merun man ako dapat hangaan at kabiliban, si God lang yun. No more no less. 😚
molek pine
molek pine:
I love the way she simple....
Zelda Macan Acapulco
Zelda Macan Acapulco:
She's so simple,smart and beautiful ❤
Arnold Cagayan
Arnold Cagayan:
Wow this lady amazed meeee she is simple
Blue Vortex
Blue Vortex:
I love you belle.. not afraid to look real and authentic.. Great Mom.
Precious Misa
Precious Misa:
So simple ❤️
Donn Ciii
Donn Ciii:
Idol ko tlga tong si belle💕
Simplicity is beauty.... look at her? She was so simple but ye stunning
april del rosario
april del rosario:
Repackaging herself coz people hated her the past couple of years ... Seems to be fooling almost everybody
Cidric Bactol
Cidric Bactol:
Isabelle & Solenn has the same speaking voice imo
Shermin Andres
Shermin Andres:
she matured a lot! having her son changed her in a good way.
jericho rosales
jericho rosales:
One of the most beautiful faces in the industry
ne Juliano
ne Juliano:
Ngayun lg aku nakakita ng ganito ng ininterview ni tito boy na subrang simple. Walang ka keme2 feru ganda parin 😘😍❤
Rezuri Regalia
Rezuri Regalia:
i love you girl, just look at her! rocking those jeans and just a pair of sandals and a ponytail so simple ❤
Aloha Aruta
Aloha Aruta:
One of my fave idol so smart and simple❤❤❤❤❤
Janica Bien
Janica Bien:
I'd definitely listen/watch if she'll start a podcast or talkshow :)
lizette Reyes
lizette Reyes:
What a conversation 😮❤️ She’s very down to earth 😌🤗
Claire Therese V. Morales
Claire Therese V. Morales:
Always admired Isabelle Daza because of her beauty. Now, it made me dwell into her intrinsic attributes even more. This woman got the looks. Also, eloquent and articulate.
delacruz juan
delacruz juan:
I need the full version of the interview 😍😍😍
Mary Precious Veran
Mary Precious Veran:
I sooo.. agree with her❤️
me myself
me myself:
Didnt know that she's this smart..😍
Joy Tiston
Joy Tiston:
She's still beautiful. Classy as always. Simple yet elegant. Girl Power! 🙌🎆👏👏👏✨
MimMic Bungee Black Light Jonjjim
MimMic Bungee Black Light Jonjjim:
I like her even more now 😂😍❤
gabboo qt
gabboo qt:
She's such a humble person 😭
Ara Ajoc
Ara Ajoc:
Kaganda talaga ni Belle! 💞