TWBA Uncut Interview: Isabelle Daza

Get to know more about Isabelle Daza.

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100+ komento:

Wow grabe!!! Ngayon lang ako nakakita na celebrity na napakasimple during interview with Tito Boy mostly kasi nakaready. Good job Belle, you're not afraid to show up kahit ganyan lang attire mo.
Joyi Shi
Joyi Shi:
When this girl showed up in an interview on national tv in her so laid back white shirt and jeans, slippers and still wet hair, not to mention the almost bare face and just presenting her intelligence and natural personality just made this interview one of my favorites on the show.. So love her..
Love you Isabelle!
Johsant Rosadino
Johsant Rosadino:
This is one of the very few moments when Boy Abunda looks like he is really exerting effort to catch up with his guest's level of intelligence and eloquence.
Denver Rights
Denver Rights:
There are really people that I can listen the whole day without getting bored when they speak
Flax Sage
Flax Sage:
Watched her previous interviews before she got married and had a child and i could say she had changed a lot, her husband has a big influence to her change specially regarding the 'she doesnt like her son to be called gwapo' and the 'contract to their helpers'. They had an interview before with kris where her husband is not aware that he is good looking bec in his family they didnt instill that to him, that is where she learned it and is applying to her son now. Indeed,physical look should not define a person, there is more to people that just our looks. She also explained that it's more of his husband idea about the contract to the helpers. It just goes to show that most of us mature faster as a person when we ladies become a mother and when we have a spouse who is humble and has good values.
Kristel Ramos
Kristel Ramos:
I am not a fan of Ms. Isabelle Daza but after watching this conversation or interview, I want to know more about her. She can be an inspiration to anyone who have insecurities, where she overcomed it and learned from it. It's just inspiring to see how she does everything with passion and hardwork because not everything in the world is spoon-fed or can be achieved easily, you have to work hard to aim for your goal. And that is what made me want to know her more. Good luck to your career Ms. Isabelle and more power. God bless your family. And your baby.😍
Btw, TWBA, thank you for sharing the uncut scene of these interview it's amazing. I've learned a lot. 😊😊
it’s hard to find that person who you can have a conversation like this.
Bly Dia
Bly Dia:
If you are THAT beautiful, your outfit wouldn't matter
Isabelle could have her own podcast.
aimblk blk2016 ang ganda naman ang sarap panuorin
aimblk blk2016 ang ganda naman ang sarap panuorin:
Siya lng ata ung nag guest Sa TWBA na walang ayos parang nakapambahay lng. While everyone was all madeup si isabelle napakasimple pero maganda at matalino, one of the interviews ineresting at masarap panoorin
K G:
belle can go par conversing with the likes of tito boy very very well, that's how intelligent she is. BEST INTELLECTUAL INTERVIEW EVER.
Grace C
Grace C:
The Miss Universe we never had.
Jeyteeaparis Vlogg
Jeyteeaparis Vlogg:
I live here in France for 12 years already and as i watched this interview of Isabelle i can say that his husband influenced her a lot. Very french na yung way of thinking nya even sa contract for the workers. 5 days work, 35 hours a week and 5 weeks vacation a year.

Jijie Forsythe
Jijie Forsythe:
Wow. She wowed me. Her beauty radiates, her words are beautiful and makes her even more beautiful. The only one I've seen interviewed by Boy without the hair and makeup -- in very plain clothes yet she captivates you. I don't even know her. Now I'm going to follow her on IG. Very becoming.
Coleen Say’s
Coleen Say’s:
Ok Lang naka tsinelas basta naka Birkenstock😂😂
gal lag
gal lag:
"I dont need everyone to like me.. I just need to like me" ❤️
April Canillas
April Canillas:
Gotta love her relationship with her cousins (Gina and Martine), people will always be offended no matter what but to own up to your mistakes truly defines their upbringing
dionysus gay #ForTheGays
dionysus gay #ForTheGays:
I just never relate with the idea of having a kid. However, the rest of what she said was very enlightening.
Joff Stone
Joff Stone:
Shes very simple person khit ala make up reaL BEAUTY
Lala Gaddi
Lala Gaddi:
You are definitely beautiful Belle just the way you are.
Stay at Home Stay At Home
Stay at Home Stay At Home:
loved what Isabelle said: "the balance of life... work is not the only thing that makes me happy...when you have a child you're totally responsible for this other human being...humility is learned the hardway and its painful to be humble." i totally agree with her. Enjoyed listening to Tito Boy interviewing, asking questions, exchanging conversations.. learning from the people that guest in this program.
I get so much learning from this interview, something that you can reflect afterwards and meditate.
Yasi B
Yasi B:
"When you're tested with someone who is very good, you're like, okay, I'm gonna do my best." Proven and tested 👍
Mingay Gamay
Mingay Gamay:
An interview with full of wisdom
and humilty.
It’s worth to watch till the end.Kudos to miss Belle💜
ateneo obf
ateneo obf:
The way she speaks, her intellegence and wisdom shows talaga. I've never been a fan of her, but I'm starting to like her now. The way she speaks, her outfit and all, you could really easily tell that she's a down to earth person. And oh, I love her speaking voice. And she's beautiful too!
Rowell Santiago
Rowell Santiago:
What an intelligent conversation. Ang galing ng batuhan. 🙌🙌
Joy Callado
Joy Callado:
Bat pag c isabelle daza ngsasalita puro wisdom at knowledge. Alam mong ng grow at develop sya continously
filipinomamaof4 inswitzerland
filipinomamaof4 inswitzerland:
4 kids here, weight struggle so much insecurities when u are heavier
Josie Lyn
Josie Lyn:
‘The greatest tragedy in life is living without a purpose.’
MARC Gesmundo
MARC Gesmundo:
A woman with true beauty and substance in a white shirt, pants and slippers. Am an instant fan of Belle after watching this.
House Of Tunes Philippines
House Of Tunes Philippines:
her simplicity & her intelligence , WoW! Contract for helpers ... only people with a kind heart can formulate something like that.. inspiring, amazing beings , Belle & hubby :)
Karli Bradshaw
Karli Bradshaw:
Yeah, Tito Boy, this can go on forever... I love this interview. I thought Belle is just one of those maarte, dumb blonde girls. Apparently, she't not.
Clei Marisse
Clei Marisse:
So simple yet so smart. So much love on the kind of personality you have. 😍😊
jellinek jabines
jellinek jabines:
more interviews like this
czarina manzano
czarina manzano:
Isabelle Daza,I admire you so much! I'm teary eyed at the moment watching how you treated your house helpers. God bless you. The real" beautiful inside and out". Love you so much Isabelle.
I find it weird if the interviewee would dress up elegantly while the interviewer is in a hoodie so i guess belle just matched tito boy so they complement each other.

In the likes of ofher late night tv shows where interviewers are in a tux so no wonder interviewees would dress up as well.
Ariel Alovera
Ariel Alovera:
Chriscat Gayo
Chriscat Gayo:
She’s an inspiration. And I’m starting to love her.❤️
I love her even more after this interview.
Paula Janelle Rigdao
Paula Janelle Rigdao:
My God. How I love Belle, to be able to watch this over and over again! ❤
Jhanis June
Jhanis June:
You are such an inspiration, Belle!
Razid Anino
Razid Anino:
Belle 😍😍😍 Godbless u moore.
R P:
Wow. It's worth watching. I love this kind of conversation. Very intelligent people. I learned a lot.
kim K
kim K:
Intelligent and beautiful! ❤️😍💕
Myla Garcia
Myla Garcia:
👏👏👏very inspring Isabelle, at first I thought beauty lang sya, beauty with brains and most especially with Big heart ❤️❤️❤️
Sarah Sabeena
Sarah Sabeena:
Sa lhat ng na guest ni titoboy sa show Nya xa lng ung parang nasa bahay lng or ppnta lng sa grocery. Knowing na mayaman at galing sa sosyal at klalang pamilya. Pro ung baon nyang sense of humor at katalinohan wla eh! Dalang dala nya lhat! Tinalo pa mga miss universe! Bravo belle! Kaya like na like Kita tlga! 😘
Emma Jane Levinning
Emma Jane Levinning:
Real beauty, the real being you is the most wow, wonderful, you feel free, you feel confident no matter what people say 😁😊😊..
That's the real beauty and confident. .
ria vic capin
ria vic capin:
One of the very few interviews I've watched which is worth watching! Full of insights! Belle - beautiful brains and beautiful personality!
coffee a day
coffee a day:
oh gosh. Im watching two intellectual person having a debate. This is my fave interview now. omg
Lalakasan Buusan
Lalakasan Buusan:
I love her so much
Jane World
Jane World:
I love Isabelle Daza she’s well mannered very humble and such a kind person😘
JB Correa
JB Correa:
What I have been dying to watch!!! love you belle 💛
Kish Silva
Kish Silva:
this isxwhat we called full of content conversation. and totoo what makes u a good speaker is when u became a good listener. so most knowledge and wisdom for everyday lives.
lalo gumanda si belle with substance galing ❤️
one of an amazing woman, mother, friend, celebrity and wife!!! 💙💜💚💛❤💝
holly wood
holly wood:
The best interview, promoting simplicity
Les_smore ___smore
Les_smore ___smore:
When I watched the it girls before laging nagquiquit ang mga helpers nya dahil demanding daw sya and high maintenance, so I guess tama nga na may contracts sya. Hopefully she changed dahil matured na sya. She is very articulate and intelligent, you can tell, kaya kahit walang ayos makikita mo talaga ang breeding.
A very very informative conversation. She's beautiful inside and out.
Karlin Gualdaquever
Karlin Gualdaquever:
Its important to listen. Thats how you make real connections with people. We're building on each other's words.
toti full
toti full:
She's my role model .. ❤ even whe she wasnt this famous yet, i admire her humility. 🥰
Perry Hecita
Perry Hecita:
A woman of substance. Period. WTG, Belle! :)
Virgo Girl
Virgo Girl:
She's beautiful inside and out...npka simple need to wear too much make up n.beautiful clothes...
bj labajo
bj labajo:
Simplicity is the essence of happiness. This is what I remember after watching this TWBA episode. I love her.
ekswAyZee yee
ekswAyZee yee:
I totally agree with this @7:24 ..sandali lang na happiness ang ma bibigay ng mga material na bagay pro kng alam mo ung purpose mo at my goal ka sa life , u don't need to buy those things. iba kasi bili lang ng bili pro kng yaman nmn talaga kayo why not coconut.aahahhahaha..
Eihs Sev
Eihs Sev:
"You create your future every single day.." - Belle 👍👍👍
Lala Gaddi
Lala Gaddi:
We love you Belle Daza. ❤
Redge Palma
Redge Palma:
I super like her! She's so good at talking! I could listen to her aaaaaall daaaaaaayyy!!!
Susan Pent
Susan Pent:
Very down to earth just like her mom
Czar Loz
Czar Loz:
She's my ultimate crush. I love her. 😭
Yolly Ballesteros
Yolly Ballesteros:
Just ❤️ how she came to this interview in a shirt, jeans, slip-ons and hairbun! Unique!
Sophia Me
Sophia Me:
I love this kind of interview, very informative!
April Reaso
April Reaso:
Ugggh this gal is slayin! 😍
Amy Ceniza
Amy Ceniza:
Very simple but beautiful & very intelligent.
Dhay Yers
Dhay Yers:
The reason why i so admired belle. ❤
feb del
feb del:
I super love this interview.. Not a fan of belle but now i think i already am 😊
Japhet Tendoy
Japhet Tendoy:
Love this girl😭 Ive really learned a lot.
Abby A
Abby A:
👏👏👏 super inspirational interview with ms.isabelle. really admire her also sa bilis nya pumayat
Bella Musica Strings Manila
Bella Musica Strings Manila:
Confidently beautiful with a heart. That's Belle
eye yoeej
eye yoeej:
I just noticed that I'm watching this exactly a year after it was uploaded. 😲
Angela Nichole De Asis
Angela Nichole De Asis:
The only TWBA interview that I watched 😊😊
Evy Hicks
Evy Hicks:
Gloria Diaz ba naman ang Ina... super natural ang ganda. Gandang tunay na Pilipina.
Vampy Vampy
Vampy Vampy: make up challenge..Makikita mo ang ganda ng isang tao thru physical aspect kapag no need make up..
Angelica Bandal
Angelica Bandal:
OMG! the contract thing. I knew it's her husband's idea. Having a french fiance myself. He would ask me to do the same thing when we have a helper. And I think that's what separates French people to the rest of the world. So much respect...
Real life Norway
Real life Norway:
Love her simplicity.
Mia Yiih
Mia Yiih:
how much more if she joined Binibining Pilipinas
Miss CurryPuff
Miss CurryPuff:
wow..Ive learned so much from this interview
mylene cuatriz
mylene cuatriz:
Parang ang sarap mong maging amo idol.kuhanin mo ako made mo uuwi ako .down to earth.godbless more .😇😇😇
John Amadeus
John Amadeus:
Can she be any more beautiful and perfect? I've always admired Isabelle Daza not only by her beauty but also her personality and definitely her intelligence. I don't know what's more real in this interview. Wearing white shirt and a pizza (definitely - my favorite) on the side - paired with a Birk; talking about issues that has substance and is personal (also, inspiring). I could listen to her all day. I've seen some of her interviews and I gotta say, this one's my fave. We need more of this. Dang. I've never been more attracted to someone than I am right now.
Angelica Tapuyao
Angelica Tapuyao:
I am so proud of you Belle. Lately, I've been looking for the videos of It Girls where Belle Daza is. And seeing this interview with a very simple outfit ahhhh!!! I'm loving Belle Daza more 💖
Max Enriquez
Max Enriquez:
I love her simple outfit. 💖💖that's I'm gonna wear tom. 😍
Moody Cow
Moody Cow:
simplicity is beauty...
Charlote Marbel
Charlote Marbel:
I really love belle daza & gloria diaz both of them are really down to earth.❤️❤️❤️
Belle even you wear jeans & white shirt your beautiful inside and out.
Ganda Lang
Ganda Lang:
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I really like her,she is Authentic,intelligent and inspiring.✨🥂
very simple no make up no earings, slippers, white shirt and pants, any accessories at all..sana ng tagalog na din sya..para package ang simplicity di pasosyal.. gaya ng iba guest parang aatend ng formal o disco party
Gie Bagz Balatero
Gie Bagz Balatero:
Belle really is the true meaning of simplicity and wit.. I so love this woman...
waiting for this 😍
Nikka Yu
Nikka Yu:
Who’s Janine Teñoso?
marby bautista
marby bautista:
I love how she answers, not being a celebrity, no pretensions and realistic, no insecurities just the way she is
Concha del Rosario
Concha del Rosario:
Wow! It's very refreshing seeing someone in an interview na t-shirt and jeans lang. Well her confidence and wit are enough to interest us throughout the interview. :) looking forward to more interviews like this.