TWBA: Isabelle Daza on drafting a contract for her house helpers

Isabelle Daza shares how her husband, Adrien Semblat, encouraged her to create a contract for their housemaids.

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100+ komento:

Ellie Pernot
Ellie Pernot:
My mum’s always done this when I was young. She would help our house keepers in the house. When I take a nap in the afternoon as a kid she’ll make my nanny sleep as well. She gives them day off either Saturday or Sunday and send them back to their province for holidays like Christmas or their parents birthdays (mum pays for the expenses). Mum would never let me call my nanny or house keepers maid or yaya only Auntie/ate. If I have to introduce my nanny to strangers I would say she’s my auntie. Mum says our house keepers should be treated as family and equal to us 💕
Jo Razon
Jo Razon:
I think she’s a very progressive person and so far the only Filipino Celebrity/Filipino I have heard so far who understands real human dignity.
Zwen Abdullah
Zwen Abdullah:
ISABELLE DAZA should have a book!!!!
E Z:
Just white shirt, boyfriend's jeans and black mandals yet still slayin' 🧡
Ugly Never Start with I But Always Start with U
Ugly Never Start with I But Always Start with U:
*LORD, sana mapanuod ng mga lahat na boss ito. Amen ♥*
James Alma
James Alma:
"Humility is learned the hard way"
So true Belle 🙂
Jocelyn Vergara
Jocelyn Vergara:
Galing nya, talaga pang miss universe, talino like you’re mom,stay the way you are,god bless sa family mo 🙏🏼🙏🏼🍀🍀🍀
Emmanuel Tolentino
Emmanuel Tolentino:
This interview is food for the soul.
Jo Ann Zara
Jo Ann Zara:
She's very articulate and even with this simple look, she remains classy. She has a resemblance to Alicia Vikander.
Avanna Lauren
Avanna Lauren:
sana nag beauty queen si Belle for sure she will win 👑
Regine Mapalad
Regine Mapalad:
The most simplest interview that I've ever seen on the national TV, especially TWBA. ate belle, I'm not a super duper fan of yours but you got me now. hehe!
Emm Reyes
Emm Reyes:
Ganitong tao talaga dapat yung mga nagva vlogs ng nagte trending. May laman, and may matutunan kang tunay. #walaakongpinapatamaanhahahaha
delacruz juan
delacruz juan:
Dapat tularan 😍

p.s. At kahit white shirt at jeans lang siya ang ganda parin niya 😍😍😍
yanyan sy
yanyan sy:
May nagcocoment dito na mukha daw sya mamalengke..
Duh!! napakaganda parin nya kahit ganyan soot nya.
it was yersterday post nya na pinapabihis sya
pero hindi sya nagbihis.
yung soot nya naayun naman sa topic nila. the important is humanity, may puso, may malasakit, at pagmamahal sya sa mga helpers nya.
Nathalie Cas
Nathalie Cas:
I’m shocked you’re not glammed up! So love you Belle! So simple and gorgeous. ❤️
Jen Judavar
Jen Judavar:
Sana all😏😘
Bihira na ang ganyang amo😊😊
Mynameis jbun
Mynameis jbun:
I do agree kay Tito boy about sa no advance because standard naman yun and normal protocol when it comes to business. The reason why we work para mag save di ba? As an employee, it’s your job to save up money for emergency stuff. But I’m sure naman Tito boy is not selfish. He seems to have a good heart. And yes everyone that has house helpers should use Isabelle as their inspiration!
Carla Angelic
Carla Angelic:
I really love belle! Not only looks but with a brain and heart..♥️ so much love
Dito sa overseas (precisely sa europe) kung wala kang contract, kahit "helper", illegal yan. Dapat sa Pilipinas gawin din nilang illegal ang nagtatrabahong walang contract. Para protectahan naman ang trabahador.
" confidently beautiful witha heart " 💖💖
She's so smart and i can see she has a good heart. Definitely not an ordinary woman
JL January
JL January:
I really was the right to idolize her, at first I look up to her because of her Morena skin cause I could relate to her and now this. Kudos to you Belle
harrieth Quinn
harrieth Quinn:
I like your simplicity Isabel.. You're an inspiration. Faith in humanity proven.
JC Flores
JC Flores:
wow... ito dapat ang ginagaya ng mga AMO na mayayabang dyan!! saludo po ako sa inyo.
Divine Diva
Divine Diva:
I saw Belle Daza years ago in Salcedo Market in Makati. She was still very young and was an up and coming personality at that time. She is very simple. She has a modelesque body figure. She ia really very beautiful. It was daytime and she had no makeup and her beauty stands out.

I admire her for being an intelligent person. She is deep and has a mind of her own.

Bravo to you Belle.
jazzy DaExplorer
jazzy DaExplorer:
Belle is really a good story teller!!
Liz Lipumano
Liz Lipumano:
Love how you are just yourself❤️
sold out fairyJK
sold out fairyJK:
Gusto ko yung part na
Pag dec.tinitignan ipon ng helper nya tapus dinodoble wow😃
Monica Austria
Monica Austria:
I love how simple she is.
pp tabs
pp tabs:
Ang smart nya at simple pa ng damit nya pero elegante
hanie chen
hanie chen:
Beauty and brains, WOW!😍
mary althene Piedad
mary althene Piedad:
i like her "dating" in this interview, very REAL ba, natural looking lahat -the hair, pananamit, SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!
arlene anit
arlene anit:
You're amazing person have a blessed journey.
Kristine Timajo
Kristine Timajo:
OMG I love this girl so much!!
Prescilla RG
Prescilla RG:
Wow! That’s how it should be. They are employees after all. Wow she’s a great employer.
Life with Monkey
Life with Monkey:
Ur simply amazing wohoooo. Belle for senator 👏👏👏
Josephine Ong
Josephine Ong:
All helpers must have contract, leave, dayoff and holidays and SSS.
“Experience is the name so many give their mistakes” 💯
dont touch my birdie
dont touch my birdie:
Korina cant relate bibigay sayo ni koring black eye hahah
Wella Marie Wong
Wella Marie Wong:
Experience is the name so many give their mistakes. ✔️💪

Me: 😍
Charlote Marbel
Charlote Marbel:
Kahit hindi ka nka ayos belle,your still beautiful
Good job! It’s great how she’s using her privileged position to change the world and help the oft forgotten segment of the population.
Lia Sarmiento
Lia Sarmiento:
Iloveyou BELLE 💗💗💗
ivy genson
ivy genson:
She has A good heart..
Chrizzy Cortez
Chrizzy Cortez:
This is interesting interview of her, I really like how she explained on how they came up with contracts to the nannies. One word “Makatao”
Pepz Joey28
Pepz Joey28:
she is strict in a good way and for the housemaid's concerns in life..❤️😍
mars lo
mars lo:
..influenced by her French husband!
Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life:
Simplicity is beautiful , she”s kind hearted , admire you Belle ❤️🙏
Maricar Sanico
Maricar Sanico:
Common yan dito sa Europe mga katulong may dignidad hindi tinatratong alipin may oras sa trabaho, day off at tamang pa sweldo. Kung anong nasa kontrata yun lng Ang dapat e utos yang idea ni Isabell nkuha nya yan sa asawa nya na French dahil ganyan mga Europeans .sa Pinas at middle east mababa tingin sa mga katulong ginawang alipin.
Alison Daniele Benamer
Alison Daniele Benamer:
She is the Miss Universe we never had. A real beauty and brain 😍😍👏👏
Jen Tan
Jen Tan:
belle daza is one of a kind. smart, inspiring and classy. love her vlogs too! dami mong matututunan..
Alma Nuñez
Alma Nuñez:
She has such a golden heart!! WOW!! Love her!! Her words are so pure and inspiring.
Macy Burchette
Macy Burchette:
Proud of u down to earth person kudos to ur parents ❤️😇 n our Ms Universe Gloria Diaz u did a great job❤️😇
Frank Edward CALIMAG
Frank Edward CALIMAG:
French na french “KPI”
Edmar Borja
Edmar Borja:
I wanted to be friend with this girl. Belle, such a good heart.
Ja Imz
Ja Imz:
she's really a,kind hearted,, I love her😍❤
Lisa A
Lisa A:
She is so kind and humble. Makes me cry bcos of happiness. 🌻
John Robert B
John Robert B:
i need need belle for our company's HR department head!
RJ Cruz
RJ Cruz:
Wow, I never expect this from her, wow. ❣️
Nangnang and Gia
Nangnang and Gia:
She's beautiful, smart and so simple!
Carmina Cabaral
Carmina Cabaral:
Woooow! You really have a good heart! I am so touched! 😘😘😘
Jade Carbungco-Sanchez
Jade Carbungco-Sanchez:
Clearly defined kPI and deliverables. This is a boost on the morale of the kasambahay.
April Mari Yambao
April Mari Yambao:
I love how she has humanity toward her workers. There are alot of words of wisdom.
Marlon EM Perez Vlogz
Marlon EM Perez Vlogz:
one of the best interview...
lloydz V.
lloydz V.:
So intelligent woman! ❤️
Cherose _18
Cherose _18:
still so beautiful❤️❤️❤️
nishee door
nishee door:
❤ She has a gold heart.
Jan-Rose Dalisay
Jan-Rose Dalisay:
Always hands up for this lady, even she's a mom. Ang true lang 😊😊😊😊
Tearteen DO
Tearteen DO:
Can I be your helper? 💕 your family is amazing. Looking out the interest of your workers 💕
xxx xxx
xxx xxx:
so humble love her💛
Quinlin Anne Roxas
Quinlin Anne Roxas:
Rozz Yann
Rozz Yann:
i love Isabelle Daza,and i love her more now..after i watch this it!!😍😍❤
MAr S:
It's not uncommon among European countries. It's only in the Philippines who treated helpers as less
Beauty with a Heart❤
Katrine Dimayacyac
Katrine Dimayacyac:
House keepers really should have a contract its in the law. She's very articulate. Wow
Quirelyn Balbuena
Quirelyn Balbuena:
👏Wow ❤️❤️❤️God bless ms belle 🙏
Rose Albezo
Rose Albezo:
Belle😭 I love youuu
Jay Marie Econar
Jay Marie Econar:
I really like you the way how you treat your household helper❤❤
berna celis
berna celis:
This is really I like the most. To all tito boy Interview
Intanap Grace Dulnuan
Intanap Grace Dulnuan:
Hope she can have her own hosting show one day. She has a beautiful mind and heart ♥
Giezel Degoma-Distor
Giezel Degoma-Distor:
She is so simple, with good heart and beauty in & out
Goddess Nicole
Goddess Nicole:
Vic vic tayong
Vic vic tayong:
wow, that’s really so equal treatment. thanks bel.
Maria Angelica
Maria Angelica:
Angela Baby
Angela Baby:
Simplicity is beauty!
N Joy
N Joy:
This is legit ! Sooo humane !! Thank you so much Belle!
Shai Aq
Shai Aq:
I love her😍😍simple yet elegant👏
kisses 03
kisses 03:
I Love the Maturity though...🙂
NmeåT 3ëL
NmeåT 3ëL:
Beauty, brain with the heart 😍
I still remember the day I bought my 1st 17 magazine way back 2008 at siya ang featured sa fron page at may interview. Advice niya sa mga on the go. white tshirt tapos nag accessories lang to give life sa plain look. I still do that now. Belle Daza hindi lang beauty may essence pa.
Keith talens should watch this 😁😂
Kart Mart
Kart Mart:
sana tularan c Isabelle ng ibang mga mayayaman ang bait nya
JAM Pelle
JAM Pelle:
She can be a great CEO!
Raymark Marcial
Raymark Marcial:
wow!dats wat u called true and good humanity😁.salute u!
Girly30 Asoque
Girly30 Asoque:
Beautiful and smart! Salute to a mother like you. 😘
Angela Ruiz
Angela Ruiz: so touched by ms.Isabelle..😍God bless you more po..☺️
Debbie 017
Debbie 017:
Its really French ways!!
It's good for both employer and employees 😍😍.
God bless Isabelle !!!
grace v
grace v:
She's so smart!
Rosseah Venzon
Rosseah Venzon:
Youre sooo smart, Belle!!
Rapunzel Rider
Rapunzel Rider:
Waahh isabelle is really beautiful inside and out. :))