Trump signs executive order on federal hiring

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday directing the federal government to prioritize job applicants’ skills over an education degree.

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Fate Twisted
Fate Twisted:
It's getting harder and harder to tell Onion clips from actual news
Tim Larson
Tim Larson:
Trump is so good at hiring talented people! That's why he continually fires them...
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones:
So you're telling me, that if I just say that everything is the greatest it has ever been in the history of the US and the world, I could be president. Bet.
Why is he bragging about employment gains and stock gains when the country basically hit rock bottom? When you're at the bottom, the only direction is up. LOL
Skill based hiring. You know, like the people sitting about him, friends and family.
Beavis Cornholio
Beavis Cornholio:
Sign an executive order for stimulus checks you've signed one for everything else
The funny thing about someone with dementia is that they repeat and repeat and repeat like they think we have it.
Cloud_ C
Cloud_ C:
99.9% of federal jobs are still going to require a degree
Tony King
Tony King:
"...we want to give them a chance to learn..." So, that's why the Pres hired his son-in-law to solve the Middle East peace problem with no experience whatsoever, so he could learn on the job. After that, Jared's gonna solve world hunger. "This is the best intern job I've ever had!"
Didn’t people complain about all of Obama’s executive orders? Feels like Don signs one every other day 😂
West Water Woodcrafts
West Water Woodcrafts:
So if this EO means people get hired based on qualifications, does that mean Jared, Ivanka, “Lil Donnie,” Eric, Kayleigh, etc are all fired. Only fitting seeing as how between the lot of them they aren’t qualified to run a Starbucks, let alone this country.
Ken Hall
Ken Hall:
sometimes i think he's reciting some weird rap lyrics.
Zero Andy
Zero Andy:
2:04 ...he said USA had 160 million jobs. That's 1 job for every 2.5 person in USA. Is anyone buying this crap?
I can't believe he didn't take a drink of water!
Edward Perez
Edward Perez:
Record increases are easy when starting from record lows.
Ariel Helwani
Ariel Helwani:
"large scale network like ABC"
Audio only in one ear like a 1998 mobile phone.
Carlos Dabdoub
Carlos Dabdoub:
Me, Me, Me and some more Me
EVERYTHING he talks about is always 'the best', 'the greatest', 'the highest' or 'the lowest' in history. If you were to actually believe what he says when he dribbles on like this (and we know his base do), he constantly breaks historical records EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Kristina Pack
Kristina Pack:
This happens all As I just got the damn call yesterday telling me “through no fault of yours and strictly due to the shut down over covid we are regretfully terminating you’re employment with us” in not so many words they are ultimately saying they’re cutting down employees to try and save money !!!! I’m contacting any and every-one to get it out there and fight for my job!!! These companies and big wig corporations should not be allowed to fire employees during this just to save a dollar for themselves ! I wasn’t gonna say anything but I am going too, we matter too and our lives and bills are just as important if not more important !
The stock market does not reflect the reality we the working class face every day .
Ronald Adkin
Ronald Adkin:
He and everybody he hires are incompetent. If you don't agree with him you're fired.
Quay Styles
Quay Styles:
They gave him a sippie cup lol
thats good. next sign a order that robots cant hook up to yer brain to learn to do your job.
I can't help thinking it went something along the lines of:
Melania - "Donny, I want to be health adviser, I've never studied medicine but I can put on a sticking plaster"
Trump - "No problem, I'll fix that."
An A
An A:
I wonder if they're hiring lawyers in the justice department. I dont have a law degree but i did watch all episodes of how to get away woth myrder and law and order 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Cynthia May
Cynthia May:
I’ve never seen the dislikes and likes have the exact same number
Walter Wilkins
Walter Wilkins:
Are the words “literally” “incredible” “greatest” “fantastic” “them” “it’s called” actually on the paper? If so, for the love of literacy, fire the speech writer!
Kelly Fishbeck
Kelly Fishbeck:
While it sounds okay on the surface, I'm sure this is somehow related to the right's psychotic obsession with not trusting scientists, experts, and universities.
randolph garrison
randolph garrison:
need a fact check on his lies.
Noelle With an E
Noelle With an E:
“Just like I explained it to my kids when your Bank account goes from $10 to one dollar and then all of a sudden it goes to $2 and you can say that you doubled your bank Account but you’re still down 8 bucks. “ ~ mark cuban
R Hansen
R Hansen:
He's so proud of himself.Just ask him!😂😂😂
jee jee
jee jee:
This guy has the best words
In 30 seconds "greatest" four times and "bring it back" three times. That is a written statement.
Certified clown.
Chris Badroos
Chris Badroos:
Where was the merit-based hiring when he chose his entire cabinet?
Kwazimo Kava
Kwazimo Kava:
It's like watching a five year old showing his school project
No Name
No Name:
Every interview I’ve ever had was based on my experience in the field the piece of paper I have framed on my wall was just an incentive.
Jevonda Lewis
Jevonda Lewis:
"We have pens for everybody" - because that doesn't happen 🙄
Lol. "Pens for everybody." LOL
Adrian Fraser
Adrian Fraser:
I must have missed it. He signed 2 orders. What was the second one? The Clause?
Luis Ramrod
Luis Ramrod:
Im here for the comments lol
Stephanie Drake
Stephanie Drake:
"greatest economy in the history of the world" he never gets tired of LYING, does he?
We where never even close to that.
It means it will be easier to hire Kim Kardasian as an attorney for the federal government.
Scribbli Chheery
Scribbli Chheery:
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just everything he says
Taylor mana12345
Taylor mana12345:
This is the man y'all want for 4 more year??😑
busy mom
busy mom:
When your neighbor loses their job it’s a recession. When you lose your job it’s a depression.
David Kempton
David Kempton:
Ahh yess... It's the modern, updated Plague! Treat it as such! THEN deal with the coronavirus
Tina San
Tina San:
The "Dumbing Down" of America. Used to be a college degree meant something. With this president, education is a threat.
Ralph Lamy
Ralph Lamy:
If you wanted to "drain the swamp" wouldn't you want some young kids out of college with degrees.
E R L:
seriously, what the hell is his daughter doing there? you could see the moment he realized he needed to smile.
Joseph Leighton
Joseph Leighton:
hidden truth
hidden truth:
Hahaha......2.5 million jobs in 1 month...where sir I want 1.
Albano Almeida
Albano Almeida:
The best ever record steps after having broken legs. Wow he can walk again.
Funny how the like/dislike ratios are always perfectly split...
Chris Corbin
Chris Corbin:
We brought 5 million jobs back. Only 35 million to go.
Austin T
Austin T:
Lmao 2.5 million jobs added and how many lost?
And is that a sippy cup?
P G:
Poster boy for the term: Out of Touch with Reality.
Angel Austin
Angel Austin:
Really, Donald? This is what we're doing, Donald?
"We've looked at merit"
J Taj
J Taj:
Where is the 2nd Stimulus Check.
Big Ugly
Big Ugly:
Takes your "skills" over your schooling? This guy really does not care about education whatsoever does he? Betsy DeVos is a joke too
Rain Spider
Rain Spider:
This actually sounds pretty good.
安倍さんは米国の主人です!love US from JP!
Yaw Khoo
Yaw Khoo:
He is FOS
Justin G
Justin G:
Where’s the jobs? Businesses are still going under in my area....
Getting a degree is a merit, too. 4-5 years of hard work worth of merit.
matthew rittenhouse
matthew rittenhouse:
After watching millie weaver's new film, I can see why he made this order
Pipov 3010
Pipov 3010:
Bring coward back in his bunker. 122.000 kills are enough. End this mess in November
Z C:
Literally the best big boy signature out there!
Everything is a highest record ever ever in history ever!
James Worthen
James Worthen:
And just like that, your degree means nothing.
I already foresee some pretty incredible memes coming out of this especially with the whole signature thing that he takes like a while to do it and he does it with a crayon
Nona Boccalupo
Nona Boccalupo:
So, The job you’ve been at for years, pandemic, had to collect on unemployment, then went back to work, is NOW your new job! Smh 🤦‍♀️
When I go from full screen to partial screen on my smart phone it changes which speaker the volume comes out of.
i remember my 1st car i paid 2k for made it last 11 years cost of getting to point a to b is hopeless since 80s
Binyam Ephrem
Binyam Ephrem:
I feel like this largely symbolic EO will be stymied by the long arms of a multi-decade bureaucracy.
Geo Bo
Geo Bo:
So, in other words, he's signing a bill so he can dumb down the federal work force!
taylor Merriweather
taylor Merriweather:
Oh my god🤦🏾‍♀️
Some jobs are asking for two to three years of experience adding a second job title but want to under pay you . Jobs should pay more if they want add two job titles
Harvey Witt
Harvey Witt:
Can’t believe nothing he says have to fact check everything . Once a liar 🤥 always a liar !
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez:
100% mans is ready from something 🤣🤣
D. B.
D. B.:
Humm 🤔& I wonder how many of those jobs will go to minorities?
Jøñêš Płāÿź
Jøñêš Płāÿź:
I laughed so hard that I chocked on a piece of dog I was eating LOL
SunRae* **
SunRae* **:
All the minimum wage, no benefits, COVID19 bait, unable to pay your rent jobs you can handle.
Black Blue
Black Blue:
'Prioritize'. It doesn't mean that you will get accepted during the interview. They will still look at your degrees and prioritize that while 'pretending' to follow this executive order.
Doing all this before he gets his butt kicked out of office
Reaction gamer guy
Reaction gamer guy:
Im just a random comment telling you, how do you like this from 1-10?
Wow, he accidentally said pledge instead of plague, but didn’t pretend he meant too say it. Nice
Kandis Bingham
Kandis Bingham:
Having retired from Federal service after 33 years, this is a fantastic change! So many more lower level employees will now be able to be hired based on their skill sets and not a piece of paper! Fantastic!!
Justin T
Justin T:
This is a big W, for the youth coming out of high school. We now have a opportunity to not get ourselves into debt, while at the same time getting a great job. Skill based hiring > Degree based hiring.
no hassle
no hassle:
He brags about an economy that he stole from Obama. Congratulations!
Phong Phan
Phong Phan:
He just put the death knell for US colleges and uni's
Jack Action
Jack Action:
Wall Street and Satan---Doing Well
The People of the U.S.A.---Not Well
Nobody's Business
Nobody's Business:
Thank you! College is a scam !
Big BananaCongolese
Big BananaCongolese:
Thanks for making my degree worthless now
Ahmed Wall
Ahmed Wall:
Babo Lolo
Babo Lolo:
Thank you Mr. president! I am proud of you 👍🏻.
Daniel Tsosie
Daniel Tsosie:
He's bragging that half jobs went to women? It's almost like they make up half the population :D
Love the pink eye shadow
Lynsey Peterson
Lynsey Peterson:
More like you single handedly broke the world!
Cris Rockzz
Cris Rockzz:
what a sham - strictly interested in a photo op. WHAT'S HE DOING ABOUT THE CORONA VIRUS SPREAD?