Trump Cannot Say What He Would Do With A Second Term | The Last Word | MSNBC

In a recent interview, Donald Trump was asked about his top priorities for a second term and he could not list a single goal when answering the question. Republican strategist Stuart Stevens said the response shows Donald Trump has “no coherent governing philosophy” and The Daily Beast’s Jonathan Alter said it further proves Donald Trump is running an “anti-campaign.” Aired on 06/26/2020.
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Trump Cannot Say What He Would Do With A Second Term | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Trump likes to be called "President" but doesn't like to actually do the job.
the sodium lights
the sodium lights:
all he ever wanted to do was to undo everything Obama ever did.
He could try, "I'm going to build another 3 miles of big, beautiful wall but you'll have to pay for it." 😂
His plan is to golf, stuff his face with burger king, fly around to empty stadiums and scam as much money he can.
Trump is evil enough to think that letting Americans die will help his chance at getting re-elected.
Vin Mar
Vin Mar:
Don’t let this clown win the elections
Javier Aviles
Javier Aviles:
He didn’t have priorities for his first term either. All he did was roll back all the progress Obama fixed after the Bush fiasco.
2B06 Dior
2B06 Dior:
Agenda: "Slow down pregnancy testing, there'll be less cases of pregnancy "
He is clueless. Always has been. Never had any policy agenda. Could not articulate one if he had one. He is not a leader.
Old Uncle Bob
Old Uncle Bob:
His plan: More TV, more golf, more insults, more lies, obey Putin
Rich Rue
Rich Rue:
The true walk of shame will be when the United States Marshall removes him in handcuffs with reporters present.
Tim Erwin
Tim Erwin:
"I plan to eliminate the coronavirus by eliminating coronavirus testing." - MAGA 2020
Mark Edly
Mark Edly:
Eat and tweet and cheat.
Mujtaba Ahadi
Mujtaba Ahadi:
I’m a republican and I’m voting blue this year and so is my republican leaning family
He would become a full on dictator & turn this country into a dystopian banana republic. It's not hard.

Please Vote!
Ray Gonzalez
Ray Gonzalez:
He doesn’t want to be president he quit already.
Emre Veliu
Emre Veliu:
His agenda is postponing his criminal and civil prosecution. That’s the only reason he wants to win, to buy time
Zed Dead
Zed Dead:
Why are people asking Trump what he would do in a second term? Trump ONLY wants to stay president because he THINKS he can ride out the Statute of Limitations on some of his crimes. Barr is 100% behind this effort.
henry rudolph
henry rudolph:
Nov 2020 GOODBYE trump!
Dave Forsyth
Dave Forsyth:
Fail the American people, every day he is in the white House
trump can’t tell you what he did the first term
Big B Kenobi
Big B Kenobi:
Nobody is able to tell him anything. He's the boss, and he's nuts.
LeftWing Lewis
LeftWing Lewis:
The same thing he’s been doing for the past 4 years... nothing.
Leaping Cat Productions
Leaping Cat Productions:
"I'm gonna build a wall on top of my wall. It will be bigger than the great wall of Chi' NA!"
mike mann songs
mike mann songs:
racism isn't an agenda.
it is a disease.
I am so happy that I didn't become a stable genius.
Don’t blame him, you picked a pig to be your leader
milo teagan
milo teagan:
He’d make more money and further destroy the country THAT’S what he’s NOT saying. Easy.
He's going to wing it like some highschool kid at a summer job.
laksh nayyar
laksh nayyar:
still waiting for Trump to collude with America, even just once
3D Possible
3D Possible:
Think about this; #DumpTrump is actually suing to deny American's health care during a global pandemic...
David J
David J:
Trump: "You know the word experience is still good. I always say talent is more important than experience, I've always said that, and everyone has always said that I say that. People are always saying to me "wow, you always say that talent is more important than experience." So yes, I say that alot. But the word experience is a very important word too. Because I never understood wind, but I know windmills very much, I have studied it better than anybody.  I know it is very expensive. They are made in Gyna and Germany mostly, very few made here, almost none, but they are manufactured, tremendous — if you are into this — tremendous fumes and gases are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right? So the world is tiny compared to the universe. So tremendous, tremendous amount of fumes and everything. So then you have people flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once. They end up using more water. We have a situation where we’re looking very strongly at sinks and showers and other elements of bathrooms, where you turn the faucet on in areas where there’s tremendous amounts of water, where it rushes out to sea because you could never handle it. And you don’t get any water. You turn on the faucet and you don’t get any water.
And that's why the experience is still important." 😄
W R:
Well one thing we can count on is more whining.
Trump’s agenda is like a broken Sharpie: pointless, and messy.
Matthew Mongoo
Matthew Mongoo:
He doesn't know what Putin really wants he just does what he's told.
He's so over himself that he lost track on what he need to do
Because of Trumps total incompetence and lack of any leadership skills,
Biden may not be the POTUS you WANT, but he is the POTUS you NEED.
Susan Kanawyer
Susan Kanawyer:
Trump is a massive failure at everything. Especially covid-19
Uncle Darnel
Uncle Darnel:
I beg if Trump loses, his supporters say, " Look how they massacred my boy"
Uniquely Lily
Uniquely Lily:
He needs to ask Putin, but not to worry he's not going to win! VOTE BIDEN, VOTE BLUE!!!
olympischbriesje Nada Average
olympischbriesje Nada Average:
He'll be busy misusing the presidential position to clear the criminal traces that he caused.
Gar Sm
Gar Sm:
Question: What are your priorities for the second term? Trump: $$$$$$
David J
David J:
The Trump family's efforts to squash a highly anticipated tell-all book from Trump's niece Mary Trump, fell short in a Queens County court in New York on Thursday as the Judge dismissed their lawsuit.

The book, "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man," is set to be released on July 28.
Trump has always been worried about anyone seeing into the dark catacombs of his past and that of his family's.

In this revelatory, authoritative portrait of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family that made him, Mary L. Trump, a trained clinical psychologist and Donald’s only niece, shines a bright light on the dark history of their family in order to explain how her uncle became the man who now threatens the world’s health, economic security, and social fabric.

Mary Trump spent much of her childhood in her grandparents’ large, imposing house in the heart of Queens, where Donald and his four siblings grew up. She describes a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships, and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse. She explains how specific events and general family patterns created the damaged man who currently occupies the Oval Office, including the strange and harmful relationship between Fred Trump and his two oldest sons, Fred Jr. and Donald.

A firsthand witness to countless holiday meals and family interactions, Mary brings an incisive wit and unexpected humor to sometimes grim, often confounding family events. She recounts in unsparing detail everything from her uncle Donald’s place in the family spotlight and Ivana’s penchant for regifting to her grandmother’s frequent injuries and illnesses and the appalling way Donald, Fred Trump’s favorite son, dismissed and derided him when he began to succumb to Alzheimer’s.

Numerous pundits, armchair psychologists, and journalists have sought to parse Donald J. Trump’s lethal flaws. Mary L. Trump has the education, insight, and intimate familiarity needed to reveal what makes Donald, and the rest of her clan, tick. She alone can recount this fascinating, unnerving saga, not just because of her insider’s perspective but also because she is the only Trump willing to tell the truth about one of the world’s most powerful and dysfunctional families.
-- Simon & Schuster
Rich Rue
Rich Rue:
Trump can't even answer a loaded easy question, and he calls VP Biden senile? Self deflection again?
buzz magister
buzz magister:
"Every society is three meals away from anarchy ." Vladimir Lenin .
jeffery prescott
jeffery prescott:
I mean, I can't imagine how fellow Americans feel like right now. This should have never happened. But, there is actually a fan base for this stuff. That is the most incredible thing to me. There is severe mental deficiency in some parts of America. I think the other countries were somewhat aware of it, but wow, talk about being exposed here. I mean, for those that go back to work after all this is done, and have to admit that they were Trump followers ? How do you recover from that ?
Brian Mcmanus
Brian Mcmanus:
The mans a deranged lunatic.
East Coast Granny
East Coast Granny:
I think he wants everyone to kneel before him and beg for our lives.... 2020 tRump has to go ... PLEASE VOTE
Paul Y
Paul Y:
We do/he does know what he wants to do: Whatever Putin tells him to do.
James McGrandles
James McGrandles:
Still waiting for him to do something useful in his current term.
Ajile Branch
Ajile Branch:
He needs a 'tremendous' thesaurus, for starters.
Barbara Klein
Barbara Klein:
He has no agenda. He cant think beyond today
Mike Pelligrino
Mike Pelligrino:
​I voted for Trump in 2016 and I'm sorry. Way too much divisiveness, nastiness, turmoil, and drama. I need some peace.
Lisa Lightner
Lisa Lightner:
This final episode of the series looks like it's really going to try to "jump the shark". I'm tired of binge watching this show!
The same as the first term, watch FOX and play golf. TheReaper!
don pep
don pep:
Trumps occupancy in the WH was a total cataclysm..
It's like the Matrix - "He's beginning to believe" that he won't get a second term.
Shade Ani
Shade Ani:
Love the smirk Lawrence always has on his face when someone is blasting the orange one. He just can’t help himself. Of course trump has nothing to run on. His entire policies have been driven by hatred of Obama so all he sort to do was reverse Obama polices. He is just an empty clueless barrel of vile grievances and pettiness.
Wayne A
Wayne A:
"Pocket more of your money by playing golf at my courses."
Nikolas Larson
Nikolas Larson:
Let's hope the real walk of shame becomes reality in November! Just four months. Vote, vote, vote!!!
MGM TheGrand
MGM TheGrand:
"DUDE, you're running for President of the United States...!"
Justin Case
Justin Case:
Still trying to figure out what he's done with his first term ?
S A:
After the experience of the last 4 years I don’t think ‘experience’ is going to do it.....
Not even as a word.
Macdonald Maurice
Macdonald Maurice:
I know, I know, continue to build his wall right round the USA so no-one can get in or out!
The Reason
The Reason:
Hey, he’s a “Perfect Person.”😑
Ernest Chacon
Ernest Chacon:
trump can't even say how he feels, PERIOD !!!
Mimi Ebisuya
Mimi Ebisuya:
Trump should’ve worn the Cone of shame coming off the plane! 🤣hilarious😂
kambah Russo
kambah Russo:
I have everything wonderful and fantastic plans in my head.....
Richard Hunt
Richard Hunt:
His second term will be spent in prison 😂
Virus Host
Virus Host:
I bet he holds Mao, Stalin, Putin, Hitler and such in great esteem
Anna Smith
Anna Smith:
And to think he tried to compete with Potus Obama,
Don Emigholz Jr.
Don Emigholz Jr.:
Do not laugh. "Narcissistic Discard" is real and it is undoubtedly coming. Be prepared and be scared.
James Morgan
James Morgan:
Usa 🇺🇸 is now officially irrelevant!

Well done!

He does not want second term ! too much for him.
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander:
tRump's agenda was clear and honest. Four more years of lies, whining, and bragging.
"I know he can get the job...but can he DO the job??" (Joe vs the Volcano)
Trump: Willy who?
3:27 which is why I'm seriously starting to wonder if he wants to win, and his plan isn't just to hold onto power after he loses.
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee:
Jonathan Alter: "his base isn't big enough to elect him.."
From your lips to God's ears.
Keep it up donald, you're doing a great job.
Fear Not
Fear Not:
his second term will be run in prison
Chump should have said:
"Oh, it will be the greatest 2nd term. I'm telling ya, it will be the likes of which the world has never seen. It's going to be so great, so great that other world leaders will say, "This was the BEST 2nd term. No other 2nd term president will have performed the likes of which I will perform..."

Everybody looks at each other puzzled and confused.. 😑🙄
Frank Constanza’s Lawyer
Frank Constanza’s Lawyer:
If he wins he’ll play golf for the next four years 🏌️‍♂️
Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor:
"Experience is a important word" that was not the question!!
Nota Bene
Nota Bene:
“I think if this country gets any kinder or gentler, it’s literally going to cease to exist.”
― The Donald @ Playboy, March 1990
Bibi Bhatti
Bibi Bhatti:
He's been asked what he's going to do on his second term if he wins and he's talking gibberish and he can't answer the question
Chris Williams
Chris Williams:
He's gonna lose anyways🤷🏽‍♂️
Basil Marasco
Basil Marasco:
Golf, tweeting, rallies. That's his second term agenda.

His second term would be far worse than the current one.
OceanBlue Heart
OceanBlue Heart:
Don Cabán
Don Cabán:
More tax cuts for the super rich, less food safety and environmental protections,more overt racism....what else🤔
Robert Manzella
Robert Manzella:
If he gets a second term I'm leaving the country
King Lay
King Lay:
Second term still : test.. test.. test..
China... China.. China..
Kayleigh will know what he will do...Ask her.
2B06 Dior
2B06 Dior:
How about this Don: "We're gonna build a wall to the North. It's going to be the greatest wall ever, by far. And I'm going to make Canada pay for it!"
Natty 27
Natty 27:
Any ideas from GOP? Has he still been represented by the party?
*This* is the emperor-has-no-clothes moment.
He probably feels he's done enough and is looking forward to a happy retirement, playing golf and making giving at prestigious dinner parties just like all the other presidents.
The world inside his head is not our world.
Jörg Schaaf
Jörg Schaaf:
"The Ridiculous Donald Trumpler" is acting like a angry infant.
Gail Massey
Gail Massey:
He said just shoot me I don't know😂😂😂😂😂😂 thousands and thousands of people are dead, and he's going to save the concrete statue🐍
Ashley Mone't
Ashley Mone't:
After 7 seconds of shock..... I think I can actually hear the rest of the world laughing at us(America).