Tropical weather forecast: July 28, 2020

Potential tropical cyclone 9 is moving through the Atlantic and has the potential to become Tropical Storm Isaias. FOX 13 Meteorologist Dave Osterberg has Tuesday's update. Track the storm at

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kevan Gildharry
kevan Gildharry:
This climate change has this weather pattern different and even the saharan dust.
Eric Godfrey
Eric Godfrey:
If we learned anything, we learned to buy toilet paper
Nordic Paws Productions
Nordic Paws Productions:
Crap can't get my Generac assessment till the 11th of Auguest.
Good time to sit and read what the book of Isaiah have to say to this generation..... repent and seek the Lord while we still have time...
my birthdays on sunday. and i’m live in florida. smh 🤦🏾‍♀️
Houston Texas #1
Houston Texas #1:
We don’t need any more rain in Texas !!! Glad it’s moving away from us
Kenny Betancourt
Kenny Betancourt:
Here we go again 😁
Errol Bacchas
Errol Bacchas:
Does it cool the room like a regular A/C unit
Lib Marry
Lib Marry:
Hi DAVE 👋🖐
You can also download the Windy Weather App and watch the latest European model for this or any other Storm.
Josefina Castillo no
Josefina Castillo no:
Traduzcanlo en Español
Muy buena explicación.
Ralph Perez
Ralph Perez:
Maybe it will wash away all of the Covid
I live almost exactly where that blue line closes in NC 😨 lol
Syed Osama
Syed Osama:
Ed Gregory
Ed Gregory:
Hey. aren't cyclones in the Pacific, and hurricanes in the Atlantic????
You dont have to justify giving someone a heads up! Unless... your not trying to give us a head up your looking for a Head- Line!
c l
c l:
It's not a cyclone
Fish storm
Inez Splain
Inez Splain:
Need to name a storm merdina
kevan Gildharry
kevan Gildharry:
In Trinidad&Tobago it's the rainy season and the place hot no rain just watching those rain clouds passing not even falling to cool down this heat some parts of the country getting rain and the other nothing.
Stealth Ninja
Stealth Ninja:
The problem I have is that Fox can't really be trusted... They scare everyone into buying all the gas and supplies... Not to mention booking every hotel/motel in the south as people flea.... They knew what they were doing... CNN is worse... But that is not saying much... Pretty bad when you can't count on the news...
Mike Johns
Mike Johns:
Im a little confused. Is this guy a meteorologist??? He is calling this a cyclone, but thought it was tropical storm or hurricane here on this side of world??? not cyclone!
ok now we're naming potential storms to inflate the numbers.
L L:
Why can’t these people pronounce this name ? Not ees -si -eee- us , it’s pronounced Isaiah I -say -us.
Lacey PowerPuff Girl
Lacey PowerPuff Girl:
Pipe Tunes
Pipe Tunes:
We won’t know where it’s going until Crybaby gets out his Sharpie.
Anna Glber
Anna Glber:
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Fox is being the most honest again. CBS has a map showing it on the middle of the state Sunday
Yo mama
Yo mama:
The name Isaias means God Is My Salvation
Joshua Loves peace
Joshua Loves peace:
Dont come to nj isaias
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