Train to Busan Official Trailer #1 (2016) Yoo Gong Korean Zombie Movie HD

Train to Busan Trailer 1 (2016) Yoo Gong Korean Zombie Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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Gully Singh
Gully Singh:
Hollywood please do NOT remake this. You can't recreate a masterpiece
Jep Gadin
Jep Gadin:
2016: train to busan
2020: train from wuhan
arcade machine
arcade machine:
Everybody gangsta till that grandma open the door.
ꪗꪊꪀikꪊ'ડ ડiᦔꫀ
ꪗꪊꪀikꪊ'ડ ડiᦔꫀ:
rest in peace the baseball couple...i really wanted to cry when they had their moment...
Holy shit thank you guys so much for 1.8k likes wow it's crazy that this movie was 2016 but there're people that are still JUST watching it and reliving my depression for me cause this movie broke me :)
Kushal Khandare
Kushal Khandare:
this movie actually describes people. Many are selfish, many are loving, many change by seeing things happening around them. A father loves his daughter no matter what adversities are coming in his way.
The protagonist (because he got the maximum screen time) also changes from being selfish to being a helping man. The husband of the pregnant lady initially looks like an asshole but he is actually very good at heart. the homeless man even he is poor he is rich at heart in his own way. The lady who opens the door to those blood sucking creatures (still don't know what to call them) realizes what she has become. Her sister who was so helping to others (might have helped her as well in many situations) was left with those creatures because she became selfish. the CEO of some company, just is not bothered about anyone and at last is shown begging for love from his mom.
Paola J
Paola J:
First time I ended up crying over a zombie movie. Complete perfection
Didn't care too much for the zombies: but the ending will stay with me for a long time
Cookie K
Cookie K:
Just finished this movie, I’m a weeping, crying, panting mess, I think I cried more than the little girl..

Wtf, I’m still crying, not just crying but panting as if I’ve just run a marathon, holy shit!
When The grandma couldn’t find her sister it broke my heart 😭
Tomas Nilsson
Tomas Nilsson:
Who's watching this trailer in 2020 because of the Corona Virus outbreak?
Es ma
Es ma:
I literally cried as if my family member died. I've never cried this bad omg this has to be the saddest thing I've ever watched in my life. Would not recommend if you're a cry baby like me haha. The acting was on point, can't believe a child could act this good! Props to them. One of the best movies ever.
Spitfire Nation
Spitfire Nation:
Who came here after watching "Train to busan: Peninsula" trailer?
Repent from your sins. Make heaven crowded
Repent from your sins. Make heaven crowded:
I cried when the guy died. The guy who had a prego wife 😭😭😭😭
Melanie S
Melanie S:
I never hated a character in a movie so much until now >:(
Demo Demo
Demo Demo:
That little kid's acting was awesome! The whole movie was a total surprise.
CS G2:
I actually saw the trailer after watching the movie. Amazing movie, but i really had a hard time. And the anxiety was VERY VERY real. I don't usually scream or anthing during movies but..... if i didnt scream C'MON!!! at least 20 times.... Higly recommended. Please dont hesitate.
Who is watching this trailer in 2020 ?
who else is sick of seeing, "here because coronavirus"
Hollywood better not ruin this movie.
The Seer
The Seer:
2016: Train to Busan

2020: Plane from Wuhan
Prerona Bairagi
Prerona Bairagi:
I love this movie soooooooooo much...Koreans are very talented.This movie reveals love,friendship,sacrifice..This movie deserves respect.
R agrawal
R agrawal:
Who else is here after watching #alive trailer
I was crying when the dad sacrifice himself. He remembered me all people who lost their family and friends from Covid-19
Demonita Anghela696
Demonita Anghela696:
I love that grandma who opened the door!
Better than World War Z

Owjwjhhg Jold
Owjwjhhg Jold:
*This hits differently now*
The thing about train to Busan, is that, this is the kind of horror movie I would like to see in the Cinema. What I mean is that in the Cinema there are movies that are just scares and at times with logical plot but never do they make me completely Care and even cry for any character in the story. That's one of the reasons Why I really love train to busan
Jashmin yadav
Jashmin yadav:
This was a great movie it increases my respect towards the koreans they are really talented this movie made me and my sister cry were holding each others hands and crying like anything aahh

Love from India 😍 😍
Dannyll Kannan
Dannyll Kannan:
People don't compare this movie to World War Z. It's an insult, World War Z wishes it was as good like Train to Busan.
Best zombie movie ever made. I just watched it and my god. It made the Walking Dead look like child’s play.

The guy in the blue jacket was my favorite, the grandma was badass, the rich businessman I’ve never hated a character so f*cking much until him. And the ending...I nearly burst into tears.

THIS is how you do it, TWD. THIS. Not your whack af cringey cliches
Nobody is talking about that grandmother dude I love her so much.
Mwambalu Stephen
Mwambalu Stephen:
Who else is looked this trailer after watching Train to Busan 2 Peninsula.
This is my second Korean movie (after Vagabond) and am liking the content. Give me More recommendations guys.
๖ۣۜRυε Cɦαηッ
๖ۣۜRυε Cɦαηッ:
This is a sad story, I really moved when the dad jump down to save his daughter and the woman 🤦‍♀️ but it's a good movie too
Dinglie Danglie Doodle
Dinglie Danglie Doodle:
That child actress was on another level. When her stoic father broke and bawled his eyes out, I broke and bawled my eyes out.
You'd think that after tens and tens of zombie movies that the genre is exhausted, and then comes out a movie like this magnificent one and proves once again that the genre is still alive
Koreans are so good at making these emotional, apocalyptic movies like wtf lol
Dylan Ting
Dylan Ting:
My friends: Know any good K dramas we could watch
Me: Of course of course
This movie is so awesome that China are making it into a real thing now
Luis Lizard
Luis Lizard:
I will never go to Busan by train
Expired Pancakes
Expired Pancakes:
I find it quite ironic that the most selfless people all were guaranteed death, the most selfish people lived longer than the selfless but were ultimately betrayed by one who felt shame, and the people who were the weakest and needed the most protecting, (the pregnant lady and the girl) were the only ones who survived.
Olivia Hines
Olivia Hines:
For anyone who loved this movie as much as I did, there’s going to be a sequel! It’s called Peninsula
Anyone after the Korean drama GOBLIN?
That guy in a black uniform passing the passengers to the train Sucks at his job cause he just did not see that he entered an Infected
Lady on a train -_-
let’s do it baby i know the law
let’s do it baby i know the law:
Train to busan? More like Train to Feels
john richy
john richy:
Imagine instead of Corona this virus is here 😂😂😂
sujeet upadhyay
sujeet upadhyay:
i love this beautiful movie ❤️

love from India ❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Bryan Hill
Bryan Hill:
Now this is an amazing film - Korea are the best at horror movies
prajwal shettigar
prajwal shettigar:
Jst finished...a masterpiece 🔥with a sad ending I almost cried😐
Korean made it look like Hollywood! great movie!
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un:
Train to Busan
2020: Virus from Wuhan
Alex T
Alex T:
i cried like 10 times while watching this🥺 saddest film i’ve ever watched 😭😭
everyone in the comments thinks wuhan is in south korea... racist...
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil:
America: "Brains!"
Korea: "Trains!"
Ripe Rose
Ripe Rose:
It was so good, I forgot it was in a different language LOL
How can a movie about zombies could get so much in ✨ *my feelings* ✨
Nikhil Meena
Nikhil Meena:
How many of u come here after watching meme of it😂hit a like
Jules Juerez
Jules Juerez:
This is how you do a trailer and a title. If this was Hollywood they would make it so obviously what it's about. But you wouldn't know it's about zombies until you get 1/3rd into the movie. I hate how Hollywood make their movies just so obvious now that the mystery is gone before you even go watch it. There wasn't any obvious zombie shown here you could just guess it was a bunch of people running around.
Now the movie is real because of the corona.
s a m p l e t e x t
s a m p l e t e x t:
This movie is a masterpiece. One of the best zombie movies I have ever seen.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford:
inb4 the Corona virus makes this reality
Korean version: Train To Busan
(if there's any) Hollywood version: Train To Boston
2017 - Zombies!

2020 -

Coronavirus outbreak
who's here after watching the train to busan 2: peninsula
nani sai
nani sai:
if that movie directed in India then the movie will be completed in 2mins because most of the indian trains wont have a glass door for every compartment of train......the zombies can practise for marathon in the if yessss⚔⚔⚔⚔
VaJs as
VaJs as:
Imagine if the ending was that the soldiers shot at the child
I just watched it now for the second time after a couple of years. And I'm gonna do it again some time in the future. Masterpiece.
anyone who didn’t tear up a little bit while watching the dad dying scene has something missing from their heart
Adam Fernandes
Adam Fernandes:
A zombie movie made me cry.
COVID-19 vol.2
Liliane Lili
Liliane Lili:
This film is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen in my life I feel sad for the father 😭😭😭😭
khuki roy
khuki roy:
Tbh Way much better than residential evil 🤷🏻‍♀️💯
Lasan Sanjula
Lasan Sanjula:
anyone after corona virus ?
Georgia Gray
Georgia Gray:
That one guy that keep being selfish, pissed me off through out the whole movie... ugh if it wasn’t for him so much more people would have made it. And the guy with the blue blazer was a straight beast, love him
Can anybody recommend me another good korean zombie movies like this?
Yadne_ 1234
Yadne_ 1234:
2020? Anyone? I'm watching this while I'm on quarantine
S V:
Outstanding film...... Terrific concept with Heartwarming story.......!!!! Korean films are Mind-blowing..... Love from India 🇮🇳🙏❣️
N 7
N 7:
How is it now happening all around the World its just felt like this type zombie Coronavirus disease 2020
Puro South
Puro South:
That kid is a hell of an Actor. GREAT Movie..
Arturo Fernandez
Arturo Fernandez:
The ending made me cry and left me feeling empty
Lenard Regencia
Lenard Regencia:
(2016) Train to Busan
(2020) Bus to Wuhan
are you kirring mi irrriya??
are you kirring mi irrriya??:
loved it ugh, should have watched it at the cinema when it first came out T — T WHY DIDN’T I UGHH
Best zombie movie ever. Actually, the genre doesn't even matter, just a brilliant film in general.
Melis Natasya
Melis Natasya:
Wish I watched in cinemas when it came out.
*0:08** SPEAR!!!!!*
Emzy gamer
Emzy gamer:
What a movie. How am I just watching this now!. It's a masterpiece
Alisa Barr
Alisa Barr:
warning: don't watch unless you want to lose all the water in your body through your eyes
Daniel Daniel
Daniel Daniel:
Who is here after watching peninsula trailer?
Pristine Jabel
Pristine Jabel:

(you'll understand if ur an army)
Cristina E
Cristina E:
I know its 2019 but who cares?
Just want to say this really got to me and I cried at the end :')
tafara mureyi
tafara mureyi:
who's here after watching kingdom?
Irrapture x
Irrapture x:
Just finished it; it was pretty good. It makes you hate a certain character more than you've ever hated a character from anything.
I'm usually not into horror movies but not gonna lie this is my favorite movie..this is truly a masterpiece
Azza Abouelhassan
Azza Abouelhassan:
This was such a great movie! One of the greatest Zombie movies ever! Or maybe even the best zombie movie! I definitely recommend you to watch it!!!
Subham Kumar
Subham Kumar:
Train to busan
Train to wuhan
We all grew up
Posh Moguls
Posh Moguls:
This was actually one of the best zombie movies of all time! I was actually avoiding it for some time. Got bored and pressed play! Definitely worth it!!! 👍🏾👍🏾
Regina Rangel
Regina Rangel:
The ending was the saddest thing I ha e ever seen I literally cried my eyes out
Nasrin riyaz
Nasrin riyaz:
Its such a movie guys....💯
Ashley Cameron
Ashley Cameron:
A True Masterpiece.