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Miss Universe Philippines is a beauty pageant competition and organization in the Philippines that selects the country's representative to the Miss Universe pageant, one of the Big Four international beauty pageants. The current Miss Universe Philippines is Gazini Ganados who was crowned on June 9, 2019 at the Smart Araneta Colesium, Quezon City.

The pageant is inspired by Miss Universe's slogan "Confidently Beautiful," and henceforth adopted the theme "Confident, beautiful, and empowered Filipinas.

Until 2011, the Philippine representatives to the Miss Universe pageant were known by the title Bini bining Filipinas - Universe. The title Miss Universe Philippines was first given to Janine Tugonon during the Bini bining Filipinas 2012 coronation night, and since then the title has been continuously given to the competition's annual winners.

In 2019, the Miss Universe franchise in the Philippines, previously held by Bini bining Filipinas, was granted to a new organizing body headed by national director Shamcey Supsup-Lee, which paved the way for the creation of the new Miss Universe Philippines Organization. The new organization is tasked to hold a separate standalone pageant in the selection of the future Miss Universe Philippines titleholders from 2020 onwards. Beginning 2020, the standalone Miss Universe Philippines competition will launch its first national search.

Prior to Miss Universe Philippines, the title was awarded through Bini bining Filipinas Charities, Inc. through the Bini bining Filipinas pageant from 1964 to 2019.

In 1969, Gloria Diaz was the first ever Filipina to wear the Miss Universe crown, followed by Margarita Moran in 1973. After 42 years, Pia Wurtzbach brought back the title to the Philippines in 2015. And in 2018, Catriona Gray was the latest Filipina Miss Universe titleholder.

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edmyr vespucci
edmyr vespucci:
Its going to be between Alaiza or Maria Isabela for the Miss Universe Philippines crown... But if one of them does not do well in Q & A, then Michelle will replace that spot.
lee yoon
lee yoon:
We dont know what will happen at actual pageant itself. Maybe there will be game changers. But based on their backgrounds, i would go with Malinao. I hope Sorsogon improve a lot, regarding with her performance in BP19. Gumabao, is not an international pageant material, tbh. May the deserving and worthy candidate win.
Mark Johniell Tapil
Mark Johniell Tapil:
Miss Sorsogon for Miss Universe!! She has a true asian filipina beauty!
Tittah The Vestal
Tittah The Vestal:
Miss Sorsogon seems like has the aura of Janine. I like her.
He Says
He Says:
We need to work harder. Miss South Africa candidates are queens.
seventeen september
seventeen september:
Taga cebu ako ,gusto ko c miss sorsogon para sa MU.
NoNo Vlogs
NoNo Vlogs:
Not Michelle Gumabao please, matalino pero not miss universe material.
Nemi Acorin
Nemi Acorin:
Michele Gumabao. 💛
Y Thach
Y Thach:
Maria Isabela Galeria the next Miss Universe Philippines 2020❤️
Jarry Pappy Larry
Jarry Pappy Larry:
Instead of dragging down someone beacuse hindi nyo sila type o iba biased nyo then sa biased nyo na lang kayo mag focus kasi alot of comments na nababasa ko si michelle hindi deserve kasi hindi nyo sya makita as miss u material then mag focus kayo sa kung sino gusto nyo hindi yung nanghahatak kayo pababa, punta kayo ng ig ni michelle para makita nyo kung paano sya tumulong sa mga tao sa crisis na kinakaharap natin ngayon sya nga lang yung ganong candidate eh. Mark may word pag si michelle nanalo babalikan ko kayong lahat
Aino Malik
Aino Malik:
Daming comments ng tao kay gumabao kala mo naman perpekto hindi daw pang miss universe materials at mataba daw haha. Para sakin michele gumabao deserve to win even others girl deserve to win also. Pag may gusto ka makuha sa buhay pinag hihirapan mo ito yun ang nakikita ko ngayon kay quezon city paano siya mag prepared sa darating na pageant lahat ni wowork niyan even sa pasarela niya at pagpapayat stop bashing and spread love and supports to All candidates...MG for MUP2020❤👸
Dominic Thorng
Dominic Thorng:
Alaiza, Maria Isabella, and Michelle..
Noel Tacbas
Noel Tacbas:
Alaiza Malinao, Isabela Galeria, these 2 candidates have the most potential to be the next MISS UNIVERSE so far.
Krystal Roi
Krystal Roi:
Top 3/6
Miss Sorsogon
Miss Cebu city
Miss Quezon City
Hernando Ling
Hernando Ling:
rolly carnalna
rolly carnalna:
Miss Davao and sorsogon the true beauty of filipina ..miss Davao is very unique then miss sorsogon is miss universe beauty ..tapos parang pag uusapan talaga Ang Ganda ni miss sorsogon sa miss universe ..mUP GOES TO MISS SORSOGON .🖖🖖
Review by Alisa
Review by Alisa:
I confirm that,I love last 2 ladies.
From Thailand
Mr. D.S.M
Mr. D.S.M:
Miss Sorsogon is Miss Universe Philippines for me. ❤🙏
Mother Undin
Mother Undin:
miss sorsogon sure win miss univese 2020 5th crown believe me
Jarry Pappy Larry
Jarry Pappy Larry:
Michelle gumabo for the win 😍❤️😍❤️
Jay Alea
Jay Alea:
The next Miss Universe Philippines 2020 should be ready to be a spokeperson for the brand itself. .
Bình Lê
Bình Lê:
Sandra Lemonon
Apriel Smith
Maricris Gobrin
Maricris Gobrin:
Miss sorsogon most definitely
Arielle Denize Francisco
Arielle Denize Francisco:
Ms. Quezon City is thick and that's good and okay. She's chubby but that doesn't mean she isn't "Ms. Ph Universe material". We shouldn't criticize too fast, give her a chance!
Jordan Literature
Jordan Literature:
Davao,bohol,cavite. Beauty and brain.
Marvs Mariano
Marvs Mariano:
MG for MUP20. ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥
Sorsogon for MUP 2020. Gumabao for Sea Games 2020
Danny Lazaro
Danny Lazaro:
Michelle Gumabao will win the Miss Universe Crown!! Hopefully ❤💚👑
Nadya's Channel
Nadya's Channel:
MG for MUP 😍
Kris and Ernest
Kris and Ernest:
I choose Michele Gumabao and Bohol they are my choice for the crown I like also iloilo, camarines sur and cavite.
Emmerson Jay Mindog
Emmerson Jay Mindog:
Miss davao philippines will be win again if she will be the representative
Jho Ben
Jho Ben:
Miss Sorsogon ❤
Guilbert Balasabas
Guilbert Balasabas:
JohCo Calanog
JohCo Calanog:
Sigrid Grace Flores of Catanduanes 💛
Eratic Humidity 3
Eratic Humidity 3:
Sorsogon for the win !!!!!!!!! ❤👑❤
Annie Paclibar
Annie Paclibar:
Miss Sorsogon. She have completely package!
Erwin Jimenez
Erwin Jimenez:
I hope the venue, Baguio would add a little luck to MG since that's where DLSU Lady Spikers train during off season.
Chir JJ
Chir JJ:
No2 is so cute and beautiful 😍 Bella
Abrianne Samson
Abrianne Samson:
Todo support nalang ako kung sino ang mananalo sa Miss Universe Ph. Tbh wala talaga akong mapipili eh kasi silang lahat talaga( us in all ) ang hinahangaan ko. Wait nalang ako sa Q and A at coronation night 😉
Kairu Yunisu
Kairu Yunisu:
tbh gusto ko si miss parañaque kahit di sya included dito, ewan ko para saken ang ganda ng dating nya, o baka bias lng ako kasi taga parañaque ako HAHA
Marline Flores
Marline Flores:
They're all pretty ! Smart and beautiful !
Paravinee 5566
Paravinee 5566:
I bet for Alaiza😊 from Thailand 🇹🇭
edgar andora
edgar andora:
Sheila Sarsale
Sheila Sarsale:
Bohol, QC, Cavite for top 3
Wewe Sacgib
Wewe Sacgib:
Mocha is the strongest maybe,but i dont think bout the Qand A🤣🤣🤣
idol morissette bicolano
idol morissette bicolano:
Miss sorsogon WOW
Ai LLen
Ai LLen:
Bast akoa so Michele, Ang maka daog,.
Love from Cebu Province
John Lester Manuba
John Lester Manuba:
Sigrid for me is a Miss International Material
Harwen Mirabel Nuel
Harwen Mirabel Nuel:
Ms. Sorsogon for MUP 2020❤️
Susan Simangan
Susan Simangan:
Sorsogon 😍😍😍👍👍👍🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Noel Abella
Noel Abella:
Miss Davao or Miss Bohol
John Daryl Sad-ang
John Daryl Sad-ang:
Miss. Sorsogon talaga e!!!
Parag Priyansh
Parag Priyansh:
Maria is my favoutite for MU stage. A total package & MU materiel 👑 ✨
Mataimi Jajo
Mataimi Jajo:
Michelle is a material while Alaiza and Maria they are Ms.universe material so it would be better Alaiza or Maria to win MUP.
jomary espanol
jomary espanol:
Feeling ko mas Malaki ang Chance ni Miss.Sorsogon kasi bukod sa Beauty ay Matalino pa sumagot.
Jaydanne jade Cabarios
Jaydanne jade Cabarios:
Maria Isabella galleria ALL THE WAY
Jess Guilas
Jess Guilas:
Lahat sila Ang gaganda pero humahataw na si Miss Q.C. Michelle Gumabao kc ang Laki Laki na ng kanyang Beauty Transformation e eto yung hinahanap ko katangian sa isang Candidata bukod sa Talino yung kayang Mag Transdorm ng Beauty para mag iba ibang interpritation ng kanyang Ganda
Tremo Delos Reyes
Tremo Delos Reyes:
What Michelle Gumabao Top 3 ????? Talo na naman ang PI kapag pina panalo nyo yan!!!!!!!!
Christy Salvo
Christy Salvo:
Miss sorsogon is the best for me not like other constintant they only got recognize because of there experience and past pageant daw but look not even get win I really hoping miss sorsogon win for sure I can see it the way she ramp so confident also smart she is the future miss universe 2020
jeje monz
jeje monz:
GUMABAO Retoke ilong jusko po
Ruby Breboneria
Ruby Breboneria:
Miss sorsogon she deserves MUP....
Andre Diaz Olalo
Andre Diaz Olalo:
Sigrid Grace Flores is already 28 years old right?
Angelicajoy Salvo
Angelicajoy Salvo:
Ruby Breboneria
Ruby Breboneria:
Miss sorsogon is confidently beautiful.she has an infinite walk..basta BICOLANA URAGON"...
Yoga Adrianto
Yoga Adrianto:
For me
1. Maria
2. Alaiza
3. Michelle
Im from Indonesia
Deo Deo
Deo Deo:
Talo nanan ang pilipinas sa patimpalak sa miss universe......ok lang si sorsogon may sex apeal pero yong dalawa susmi
Novie Lyn
Novie Lyn:
Ms SORSOGON for Ms Universe 2020 ! 😘👏🙏
Juan Sinag
Juan Sinag:
Miss sorsogon❤️
She Azucena
She Azucena:
Rooting for Ms. Sordogon!! Napakahumble nyan. Proven and tested hihi💖
Mel Brown
Mel Brown:
Lahat naman talaga maganda pero kailangan Lang talaga ng kaunting training pa sa Pasarela mga bes
Naandito rin sila nag Top 10
Andrew Kyamko
Andrew Kyamko:
I'll choose Miss Bohol she's gorgeous , smart and beautiful
Marco Miraflor
Marco Miraflor:
sorsogon kasi pinahawak nya si anne ng mic haha i love her
Miss Universe Philippines 2020 needs a strong communicator and intelligence to compete in international pageant. For the last few years looks is important, but now also beauty and brain. Miss Universe Org quickly judge candidates on their close door interview of speaking ability. MUP needs someone who is eloquent speaker. I believe with those candidate watching their video, the whole package is Pauline, she is well spoken, beauty, kind and the great voice that Miss Universe is looking for.
Mila Günther
Mila Günther:
Because .... Miss Sorsogon is ill , she should focus herself to her health and join next year again ! maybe she can't join the pageant 😔 this year ..?
Get well soon Miss Sorsogon
I do hope and🙏 pray that she recover asap .
Then you are my bet , magayonon na daraga !

My bet after Miss Sorsogon is no other than Miss Davao !
She is a real Filpina beauty !
Dave Angelo Medalla
Dave Angelo Medalla:
Go April Smith From Cebu
Larry Abchar
Larry Abchar:
Miss Alaiza sana nag improve xa..ung performance nya Asia’s nxt top model as in waleyyyy
joyce calson
joyce calson:

Jean Matthew Apelo
Jean Matthew Apelo:
Martin Ponce
Martin Ponce:
Cebu Province is stunning and perfect skin
Renz Marion Valdivia
Renz Marion Valdivia:
Lorenzo Teves
Lorenzo Teves:
Michelle Gumabao
Asterisk Panda
Asterisk Panda:
Please post their advocacy. The advocacy of Ms. Gumabao is so very simple maybe she cannot go in the top spot, or maybe just like gazini that only wild card saved her. This year,, sports is not important because of CoVid-19
Vida 13
Vida 13:
I'm rooting fo alaiza ❤️❤️❤️
Nolito Castillo
Nolito Castillo:
I like candidate from sorsogon,,,
Miss Anne Life vlogs
Miss Anne Life vlogs:
Pauline,We'am, Alaiza, April. Beauty? Yes. Fluency? Yes.
Ivan Talbo Vlogs
Ivan Talbo Vlogs:
Go Michele Gumabao
Roldan Cagande
Roldan Cagande:
Love Monstera
Love Monstera:
Ms. Sorsogon 🙌
Cathy Arnold
Cathy Arnold:
Michelle She need more practice ON How to pose and stage presence!
Ian Pogi
Ian Pogi:
Taguig parang Venezuelan ang Aura.
Volta Lucanas
Volta Lucanas:
Abner Pable
Abner Pable:
My Top 6 Quezon City, Sorsogon, Cavite, Davao City, Biiran, Cebu Province.
Drew Gallare
Drew Gallare:
Miss Bohol Pauline😍😍😍
Marcos Juan Lucas Espina
Marcos Juan Lucas Espina:
Alaiza Malinao deserve the crown..
Phoenix Empress
Phoenix Empress:
Wla na bang New fresh face and strong contender na candidates..bkit puros yung mga talunan ang mga naglalaban..
Justine art Ventura
Justine art Ventura:
Sayang talino ni michelle, kulang sa pasarela.
Vida 13
Vida 13:
Alaiza is very down to earth silipin nyo fb nya been fb friends mula noon... And suuuper totoong tao sya promise
Gerry Andales
Gerry Andales:
Ms sorsogon is out already and i disagree with ur top 3! Mine is 1. Bohol 2. Paranaque and 3. Cebu.
JN Galaura
JN Galaura:
C Sorsogon ang gnda prang c Janine...😍