Top 5 Zaha Hadid Building Projects

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Images courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects, Inexhibit, Werner Huthmacher, Kronplatz Plan de Corones, MK Timelapse GmbH, Jerry Yin, Jan Martin, Hélène Binet, Iwan Baan, Hufton + Crow, Heydar Aliyev Centre and Radio Free Europe.

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100+ komento:

She was one of the best architects of the modern era.
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi:
So ironic that she is Iraqi, as she was building the world we were tearing down her country
Marvin Dujardin
Marvin Dujardin:
I had always hoped for an Iraq being entirely rebuilt by Hadid...
It's indeed strange to talk about this brilliant female architect in the past tense, she died way before her time.
They all look like honeycombs or books
Omar Harran
Omar Harran:
I am speechless everytime I see one of her buildings. So timeless and very unique; pushing the boundries...
simple guy
simple guy:
Give iraqi people peace and they will build hotels on mars
Jairous Parker
Jairous Parker:
Zaha Hadid was a brilliant architect.
Amanj Aziz
Amanj Aziz:
Honestly, All Iraqi should be proud of u
المهندسة العملاقة زها حديد بمعنى الكلمة شكراً لها لانها مثلت عمالقة العراق (رحمها الله) منو من العراق موجود اهنا ؟ عبر عن شعورك
i live on the same block where her brilliant new residential building in nyc/west chelsea stands. it is thrilling to look at everyday. just stunning. and when walking north on the high line from the meat-packing district, it is a complete knock-out when it comes into view. so futuristic and so beautiful. i am lucky to have such a work of art right here in my neighborhood. she was quite a genius.
mo ghi
mo ghi:
Zaha Hadid, to whom who doesn't know, Hadid in Arabic means Iron. Her name reflects his ability and personality.
j Mart
j Mart:
I love all of her buildings
Riza Tailb
Riza Tailb:
she is Iraq
Saleh Abdu
Saleh Abdu:
هذاالمطلوب من العرب. مثل هذه فخر لكل العرب والمسلمين. رحمهاالله
Freddy Mello
Freddy Mello:
watching this I'm speechless!!
R.I.P zaha the queen of curves.
حيدوري الباشا
حيدوري الباشا:
افتخر بك يابنت بلادي زهاا حديد رحمك الله 😔
Mustafa Abbas
Mustafa Abbas:
I'm so proud to be an IRAQI person when I see what Zaha Hadid did for the world
Sani Sadiq nayaya
Sani Sadiq nayaya:
heydar aliyev centre is jst a masterpiece, the world will talk about that building in centuries to come
James Slate
James Slate:
I love her design for the MAXXI museum in Rome, with its cantilevered exhibition space. It's the perfect environment for contemporary art.
the Beijing project is Zaha's best work!
creepe guy #
creepe guy #:
I am blessed to go to a univerity, she designed the library of (economy university of vienna). Its the only library you REALLY enjoy staying in
Vickie Fowler
Vickie Fowler:
She was truly remarkable... and a legend in her own time!
Important guy commenting
Important guy commenting:
Beijing Daxing International is my favorite, RIP Zaha Hadid you will forever be missed 😢😢😢😢
فلسطين لنا
فلسطين لنا:
زهى حديد من وطن كل جزء فيه يحفظ ذاكرة حضارة مرت ، لا عجب ان تكون بهذه العبقرية في التصميم فاجدادها شيدوا ابنية لم يستطع لا الزمن و لا همجية الانسان الذي لم يملك حضارة العراق ان تمحوها
safa haidar
safa haidar:
Iraqi and very proud, inspiring women
Awie Saputra
Awie Saputra:
You're inspired many peoples.
You'll always be the greatest architecture in the world.
Eve Chai
Eve Chai:
I am so proud of her, being female and Muslim really make me proud.
Akil Free Man
Akil Free Man:
I like her personality. she is great.
MiracleChild509 Toussaint
MiracleChild509 Toussaint:
One thousand biscayne in Miami is almost done. She is truly amazing.
Wisam AR
Wisam AR:
I'm really proud of her, being Iraqi Architecture , I'm Architect and from her country...
Bill Seidel
Bill Seidel:
Absolutely riviting. She's amazing! These designs are new to me- Beautiful, graceful, functional.. Georgous. I feel uplifted, hopeful for the possibility of a better future.. Thank you Zaha
Mirko Incerti Fornaciari
Mirko Incerti Fornaciari:
I really like the "Generali Tower" by Zaha Hadid in City Life district in Milan (Italy), I saw it under construction and it was really stunning :)
Henry B.
Henry B.:
It makes me so proud that one of her buildings is located in my city! Her buildings are timeless, groundbreaking, yet somehow underrated!
Snow Piercer
Snow Piercer:
Rest in peace Iraqi lady!
Tue Le
Tue Le:
1:05 A building in Australia is owned by Batman.
Callie Masters
Callie Masters:
She really loved the curvy lines!
Fahrudin Al Fatah
Fahrudin Al Fatah:
Can't wait for that Beijing Daxing airport. It's gonna be awesome.
Faheen Donzel
Faheen Donzel:
Seems like her 'practice" are unable to keep up the same standard, seeing the bizarre water project for Abu Dhabi !
Stefan van Vuuren
Stefan van Vuuren:
A very good selection, I'd say. I agree with you top one, that is simply one of her most breathtaking buildings. I hope to see it one day.
Davidson Vincent
Davidson Vincent:
We are really missing Zaha, one of the greatest architects in human history!
Regal Snow
Regal Snow:
She was AMAZING one of my fav architect
Kara J
Kara J:
The architect always gets recognized and rarely the engineers. Without them, not a single one of these structures could come to fruition.
Ari Chama
Ari Chama:
Hello!, my name is Ariel, I am from Mexico. I am trying to raise funds to be able to return to university since I had to abandon it to help my mother and my brother, I currently work repairing clothes, and I do some work such as rehearsals or crafts but I cannot go back to school, I am trying to develop bags for myself, my idea is to incorporate organic materials that do not pollute the planet, so I can help myself to work and thus be able to go back to school, I want to study architecture, please take the time to read my story and my idea to get ahead, if you can help me by donating or sharing my message to more people I would appreciate it, if you have questions ask me, the least I want is for them to think that I want to scam them when all I am looking for is to achieve my dream of being an architect.
This is my campaign where I explain my situation and my idea I hope you can help me:
I also made a video that is on youtube if you want to see it:
You can also make a direct donation in Paypal which is linked to my fundraising campaign:
With all my heart thank you for taking the time to read my situation, thank you very much, blessings!!.
Ângelo Netto
Ângelo Netto:
She is my inspiration ♥ she is incredible ♥
Heavy Papa
Heavy Papa:
Came here from the Jay Z shoutout. She was truly an inspiration to many
ala' Arabyat
ala' Arabyat:
What I love about her that she is a global citizen
Nick Soper
Nick Soper:
Incredible to see so many globally significant projects come from the same person and firm.
ph sieben
ph sieben:
I was quite shocked when I heard of her death. She was an outstanding architect, highly inspirational. Her name belongs among the greatest.
محمد علي
محمد علي:
المفروض تمثال الها وليونس محمود وسط العاصمه العراقيه بغداد ذوله فخرنا وعزوتنا
Organum Design Consultants
Organum Design Consultants:
Gone, but never forgotten.
Kathy Wedzik
Kathy Wedzik:
Inspirational ceiling breaker, and I wish she was still here breaking ceilings💜💝love the construction photos!
Kenza Smouni
Kenza Smouni:
I want to be like her when I’ll grow up
Hotel Green View
Hotel Green View:
Thousands salutes to the Princess of Constructions!
Yunus Sanni
Yunus Sanni:
In my opinion seeing all her outstanding and futuristic designs, I come to conclusion to say that she is from the future.
Zaha's architecture is so organic and smooth, as if the buildings grow out of the ground
Winsah Winsah
Winsah Winsah:
Wonderful indonesia let's go..... amazing
Chengyou Jiang
Chengyou Jiang:
Dear Zaha Hadid, as a Chinese, I am so glad that you bring your inspiration to our capital Beijing!! Really love how our Wangjing Soho and new Daxing International Airport look!
baraa ibrahim
baraa ibrahim:
رائعة و عملاقة بمعنى الكلمة
Marco Ruiz
Marco Ruiz:
Observar el Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre, es como transportarse al futuro...
Ruba Al HUSNI:
She is amazing lady i love her so much she is creative person all her design like magic
Sanzida Khan Nargis
Sanzida Khan Nargis:
An amazing and inspirational role model to all women!
why just renderings mostly, instead of more *actual photos??* since these buildings *have* been built.
The PolyU School of Design in Hong Kong is also worth looking at
Blessing Damb
Blessing Damb:
I'm inspired😁. I wish l could inherit all the knowledge she had. Its so sad thing that she died. Best female architect forever
Abu Feras Abdullah
Abu Feras Abdullah:
Love the video, can’t understand his talk
Adib Zailan
Adib Zailan:
Such a wonderful summary and list! Never knew that the Heydar Aliyev utilised space frames; such golden pieces of information once again. Thank you!!
غريب الزمن هذا
غريب الزمن هذا:
شنو هذا الابداع تكول فلم خيال علمي الله يرحمها
aj TM
aj TM:
These designs were INSANE! I've seen some of these online but never thought she was the one behind those. Truly revolutionary 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Jason Cai
Jason Cai:
Among all Daxing airport is her best work.
always loved her flowing/natural forms!
i hope she rests in peace!
Mohe Kahin
Mohe Kahin:
she was a great architect
for whole i hope will hel some expirience
3:55 the best interior on the list
Cahangir Safarli
Cahangir Safarli:
وليد الشمري
وليد الشمري:
كفو والله ياأهل العراق العراق جابت امرأة جبارة له أثر طيب بجميع دول العالم الحمدلله قبل ترحل الراحلة زهي حديد صممت ٣ مباني بالسعودية وصممت سكه القطار وصممت بقطر كفو والله
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown:
Too good
Pablo Peraza
Pablo Peraza:
Straight out of a sci-fi film and I love it! 😄
Ali al-mosawi علي الموسوي
Ali al-mosawi علي الموسوي:
Zaha hadid from lraq we lraq people very smart 🥰🥳
Tyree Paul
Tyree Paul:
Amazing video on one of my favorite architects! Looking forward to exploring the rest of B1M’s incredible video library.
Bitch where's my gun
Bitch where's my gun:
0:15 isn't that looks like know
I’m still appalled at the Cardiff fiasco. We were all robbed and will feel the loss in perpetuity.
What a visionary
Sergio Parola
Sergio Parola:
ZAHA ! the best ever !!
Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum in Lansing, Michigan - an iconic work as well
The problem with her buildings is the same problem with the international style, there is no sense of wabi-sabi at all. The buildings will look their best after construction, but the years will be very tough on these buildings. Good architecture should improve with time.
ibrahem Moffaq
ibrahem Moffaq:
🇮🇶🇮🇶✅الله يرحمهة فخر العراق والوطن العربي كله
Emil Sosnin
Emil Sosnin:
Some good, some questionable. The Belgium one is definitely a bad choice.
Chip Moors
Chip Moors:
Wow! Which one is my favorite? I can't choose! Amazing on par with Frank Lloyd Wright!
Lester D'mello
Lester D'mello:
Something about looking at her buildings makes me uncomfortable
Josy Mikusinski
Josy Mikusinski:
mon admiration pour Zaha Hadid est sans borne . J'ai lu sa biographie : c'est une femme étonnante ♥
Massimo Visioni
Massimo Visioni:
Torre Hadid, Milano, Italy and CityLife Milano Residential complex.
This is my favourite building by Zaha Hadid !!!
Martin S.
Martin S.:
I love the stations of the Hungerburgbahn she built in Innsbruck, besides the Bergisl ski-jump
Love Fact. ory
Love Fact. ory:
3:30 roof structure
Abo Omar
Abo Omar:
She bends iron and concrete like magic. Amazing, may she rest in peace.
1:27 looks like intel core cpu.
ميمي ميمي
ميمي ميمي:
المصممة عراقية اكتل نفسي😢😢
Francisco Fuica
Francisco Fuica:
4:36 how is that even legal :(
sarah ali
sarah ali:
I am proud because Zaha Hadid is an Iraqi woman from Baghdad, the city where I was born
Chris Suka
Chris Suka:
So sad that she passed away 😟
I only heard about her after the gramd completion of Beijing's newly finished airport. Zaha did an awesome job. RIP :(
2:02 "Over four thousand kilometers of earth were excavated..." er, what?
Eduardo Ambrosio
Eduardo Ambrosio:
paradigm that makes the architect victim of the hermeneutics of representation