Top 5 Poorest Countries in South East Asia

In this video we featured the top 5 poorest countries in South East Asia

#WelztopTV #ASEAN #Countries
SouthEast Asia delivers a diverse range of economies from highly developed, rapidly developing countries, as well as stagnant economies like Myanmar. A list of some of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia are as follows.

Top 5 Poorest Countries in South East Asia ( ASEAN )

Timor leste
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Wahyu Budi Santoso
Wahyu Budi Santoso:
bukan masalah ekonomi...
tapi gue pribadi, sebagai bangsa INDONESIA merasa sakit hati...
sewaktu masih gabung dengan Indonesia, bilangnya dijajah, bilangnya beda ras, beda warna kulit.

maunya disamain dengan bangsa portugis...
giliran gak ada temennya, baru deh nangis2 pengennya dimasukin ke ASIA TENGGARA...
giliran gak diakui oleh portugis, baru deh ngerasa diasingkan...

kenapa gak minta gabung sama organisasi Uni Eropa aja? atau sama Australia? kan katanya ngerasa deket sama portugal dan australia...
portugal dan australia kan negara maju, gak malu disebut negara ASIA TENGGARA??

ntar udah gabung ASEAN, minta keluar karena ngerasa beda lagi...
Rifu Yoshiki
Rifu Yoshiki:
teron j
teron j:
Pilipino's wait for a mass improvement of our country.

Poor or rich, we unite as one.
As a Lao person seeing their country being put in this category really motivates Lao people and will help Lao people to keep fighting and working hard for our own country so thanks for alerting us and one day it will be know worldwide :)
I thought my country Philippines is going to be in this video. I am thankful it's not there
luisa garcia,EdD
luisa garcia,EdD:
Tatanga naman ng mga nagcocomment ditong mga taga ibang bansa.nakakita lang ng mga mahihirap sa Pilipinas gusto isama na sa mahihirap na bansa ang Pilipinas.E kung titingnan mo nga ang ibang bansa na yan sa Asia pag pumunta ka mukhang probinsya lang natin.Ni walang mga infrastructure tulad natin.
Gamerist is better
Gamerist is better:
Atleast SEA country are in peace unlike middleast

We rise Asia!
Hanraq Tudo
Hanraq Tudo:
I am Cambodian.
And I'm grateful to have the internet.
Southeast Asia is wealthy enough in many aspects, looking forward to it's development with nature.
Seigfreid Lasa
Seigfreid Lasa:
Don't laugh or wht of the poor countries! RICH COUNTRY ARE NOTHING♡
Chủ tịch Nguyễn Hoàng đẹp trai Ku to
Chủ tịch Nguyễn Hoàng đẹp trai Ku to:
I dont care , although our country (vietnam) is poor but our miliraty is the second strongest in Southest Asia and rank 24th in the world.By the way,we are having the highest GDP rate % speed in 2020.WE are the nearest country to China (wuhan) but no one in my country die but the other (thailand,indo,malai ,sing -rich country) have many one who died
(this comment doesnt blame anyone )
kurara itsibana
kurara itsibana:
This is based on GDP per Capita so definitely Vietnam is on top 5. Phil. still higher GDP per capita compared to Vietnam despite having larger population. But Vietnam is doing great right now much higher economic growth than Phil.
Marissa Corpuz
Marissa Corpuz:
mayaman pa thin yong pinas at 1st world country na pero mas mayaman padin ang ibang bansa kaysa saatin
আলোর পথ
আলোর পথ:
Lot of live and respect Vietnam... 🙏🇧🇩 Bangladesh
read write
read write:
Vietnam is one of the poorest in ASEAN, but Vietnamese believe they are rich and developed. Ha Ha!
Long soeur Tik Toker
Long soeur Tik Toker:
ប្រទេសកម្ពុជានិងខំប្រឹងអភិវឌ្ឍជាតិបន្ដ ខ្មែរក្រីក្រមែនពិតតែមិនអីទេ ផលិតផលជាតិនិងនាំចេញ កាបូមរ៉ែទៀត ទេសចរណ៍ក៏មានច្រើន🇰🇭💪​
Harshil Handoo 2004
Harshil Handoo 2004:
Love to all SEA country from India...may you all grow like us and may we learn from you about HDI and other factors
Hsp Phea
Hsp Phea:
3:01 says cambojia well that worth it :> :<
Where's Malaysia
Save Phillipines ..bakit kaya?
Agra raharjo
Agra raharjo:
TL noob and poor
jaka sumiro
jaka sumiro:
4 poor Asean are in Indochina,

Asean Archipelago: Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines
solid connection

Timor Leste is a country that fails 90% of the needs are imported from Indonesia, their land is barren, gas oil is almost depleted,
Linn Htet maw
Linn Htet maw:
you can go and do some more research again to put Myanmar as number 1 poorest in asia. you must have some hate toward this country.
Joao Red
Joao Red:
I think before we start a discussion like this, we need to identify first the basis of being a poor state. I believe you can improve this one.
For our commentators, GDP is based on the export of a country while GDP per capita is GDP divided to its population equals the average. That's all :)
Neil Corpuz
Neil Corpuz:
Mga kalahi natin ang gustong isabay ang ating bansa. Tapos pag isinali naman, panay kuda sa comments. Hindi naman tayo kabilang sa poverty lines. Kasi mas maganda at maunlad ang bansa natin kumpara sa kalapit na bansa natin. In fact, may mga Indonesians, Thais at ibang neighboring countries na nagta-trabaho sa atin. Di lang tayo marunong mag appreciate at higit sa lahat base sa experience ko, wala tayong sense of patriotism kagaya ng mga Malay people, kahit pangit na proud pa rin sila sa kultura at kung anong meron sa bansa nila. Tayo, mas pinafavoran ang ibang kalahi. Mga ugali ata nakuha natin sa mga Espanyol! Just saying...
myomin htet
myomin htet:
Timaw is number1
king al madani
king al madani:
Jerome Cabforo
Jerome Cabforo:
Here in Cordilliera 😃😃😃
jorita bedayo
jorita bedayo:
Why there's so many rude Vietnamese in comment section
Vĩ Dodge
Vĩ Dodge:
which is the most dangeroust countries in SE Asian? tell us more about the scam, poorest people, prisions .... i think you can understand which is the rich and the poorest countries in SEA. I 've forgoten, a video tell the % richest vs % poorest life in a countries, not GDP, you know GDP is small part of facts to compare between countries .
long live Her Mejesty the Queen
long live Her Mejesty the Queen:
i never thought that vietnam is a poor country
Indonesia Javanese
Indonesia Javanese:
Where is PagPag Country??
Tyler Nguyen
Tyler Nguyen:
That’s very wrong news about Vietnam. Please take a look at their Capital, Danang, Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon) now
Your video...I sorry... I disliked it
Alucard Bionic
Alucard Bionic:
Wkwkwk indonesia itu banyak juga orang susah cari duit ke malaysia
Mày ở đâu ?
Mày ở đâu ?:
What do Vietnamese people think about Vietnam being so poor ?. I choose dislike for video.
cupcorn cupcakecorn
cupcorn cupcakecorn:
why vietnam from philippines
Nabillah Kus
Nabillah Kus:
Pagpag people proud next list
aubrey tan
aubrey tan:
thank god philipines isnt top5
loid zhinena
loid zhinena:
It's better to we Southeast Asia converge as one so that we can fight against bully
Sa totoo lng mayaman tlga ang pinas kase madami tayo mga island at madami gas makukuha since noon pa.. kaso lng madami curraption..
Peach Tea - Trà Đào
Peach Tea - Trà Đào:
feo la puta
feo la puta:
Vietnam is developing continuously but that doesn't mean vietnam is not poor
Sean Paul Dico
Sean Paul Dico:
Btw before Philippines is the richest country in the world
Hủ Nam TV
Hủ Nam TV:
a poor country or not based on GDP capital? are you kidding?
Du Ma
Du Ma:
Cambodia is developing
You can’t only show the place and say that our country is poor .We may be poor but our heart don’t be so poor .
Aaron Kabari
Aaron Kabari:
All Southeast Asia countries are same
Don’t watch bad things
We love Southeast Asia
Rodolfo Vitangcol
Rodolfo Vitangcol:
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myomin htet
myomin htet:
Laos is number 2
kosa kata
kosa kata:
GDP not represent poor country i.e. china vs singapore

Half of east timor live in poverty you should put it on rank 1
king of the world
king of the world:
India is going down under the worst prime minister Narendra modi
Where is my country Malaysia? We are poor too
Adventure Techie
Adventure Techie:
India is one of the poorest countries in the world , you forgot that
Sean Pokky
Sean Pokky:
Poor​ or​ rich we​ are​ human​ but​ agree​ with ranking.
Pé SuShi
Pé SuShi:
The GDB in Laos per capita is higher than that of Vietnam
Mohammad Tanvir Anam
Mohammad Tanvir Anam:
I don't think Vietnam is a poor courtry. Its continuously developing country of South east asia.
Lê Trường Quý
Lê Trường Quý:
Whatever you're trying to prove. Vietnam is still a poor country. Accept it. Keep hard working.
bruh dayh812
bruh dayh812:
burh viet nam not poor now is become rich
Mr Turtle
Mr Turtle:
Timor Leste is not considered as ASEAN.
twiny twin twins Shawn and stephen steawnMK gaming
twiny twin twins Shawn and stephen steawnMK gaming:
0:42-0:48 On Laos there is a rich place
myomin htet
myomin htet:
Cambodia is not number2
So Jong Choi
So Jong Choi:
Can you make a video talking about the countries have most slumps in south east asia ? it would be very interesting!!! everything would change the direction . lol
Subbing to everyone who sub me
Subbing to everyone who sub me:
Why Phillipines is not there omg how
realcindy dadrana
realcindy dadrana:
Because these countries are still not yet at the ASEAN 5 .most countries at the ASEAN 5 have lower external debt and large economies.
Thai in indonesia is YELLOW THINK Awokwokwok
Mozart YT
Mozart YT:
Im from philippines. I thank my country it's not there
Ribeiro Folo
Ribeiro Folo:
We don't care this argumen but we just want to effort so thats one they the world will be known well East Timor is can be developed 🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱💪💪💪💪
When Bongbong Marcos becomes the President of Philippines and make PH rich again, PH will definitely help our ASEAN Brothers! Just like what his Father Ferdinand Marcos did to KOREA & SINGAPORE!
Xeno Z
Xeno Z:
I love my country East Timor
Mbah Rujak Beling
Mbah Rujak Beling:
Where s Indonesia
feo la puta
feo la puta:
The total size of the Philippines's economy is projected to grow from $300 billion in 2016 to $700 billion by 2025, and a $1 trillion economy by 2030,” Biswas said. “This will make the Philippines one of the leading emerging markets in Asia.
Farn Wattana
Farn Wattana:
Vietnam? I’m Thai, but I can say that Vietnam is not poor in our eyes at all. I don’t really know they are poor
No Philippines?
นาย เชิดศักดิ์ เลิศบุญอัครพงศ์
นาย เชิดศักดิ์ เลิศบุญอัครพงศ์:
Myanmar is in the top😱😱😱😱😱😱very good myanmar!🤭😂
I thought Vietnam is a rich country
Jefferson Archival
Jefferson Archival:
Your voice is very Annoying
myomin htet
myomin htet:
and Myanmar is not number1
every asean country is envy at Philippines..Why?🤣🤣🤣
Elzan Akbar
Elzan Akbar:
Richest country in southeast asia
4.brunei darussalam🇧🇳
lirik lagu
lirik lagu:
Hahahaha poor country 🤣
Timor Leste king of ASEAN 🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱😎
Reza O'Line
Reza O'Line:
Wheres philippine..??
Ajaya Lama
Ajaya Lama:
Where nepal
Anthony watson
Anthony watson:
Philippines is the poorest ..😭
Kiky wang
Kiky wang:
I am so glad that Indonesia is not on the list ❤️
Toan Thai
Toan Thai:
I don't think Vietnam is a poor country in Southeast Asia. Vietnam's economy is growing very fast and the middle class is growing fast. The gap between the rich and the poor in Vietnam is much smaller than the Philippines, the percentage of the poor is also much lower than the Philippines.
Pinky toes
Pinky toes:
This is a joke ! Number 1 should be Philippines.
Tom 12
Tom 12:
Western is the best
Edge Loop Vfx Studio
Edge Loop Vfx Studio:
asean are poor in economic but rich in heart
jennie marie Duran
jennie marie Duran:
Omg the comments are SO stupid the PH isnt poor its one of the fastest growing economy in south asia im a filipino we know our country were the one litearly living their and its not poor the ones that comment that the PH is poor are WRONG how do they know their NOT living their. listen we know our countrys best so do reserches before saying our country is poor.
Mày ở đâu ?
Mày ở đâu ?:
GDP Philipine - 356 Billion ( 3k9 dollar) rich
GDP Vietnam - 310 Billion ( 3k1 ) Poorest. Yeah it's philipine chanel. They feel scare of Vietnam Economic in the future?
Darjavzski Deramos
Darjavzski Deramos:
Is this a Thai or Vietnamese channel?
Travel Srilanka
Travel Srilanka:
Why not add Sri Lanka?
Gabbbriel Gallego
Gabbbriel Gallego:
where is philippines?
Thumtl Nguyen
Thumtl Nguyen:
It depends on how you define "poor", size of economy? To me, a real poor country is the percentage of population living under the line of poverty. In South East Asia, Philippines has the second highest (first is Laos 22%) percentage of population living under the line of poverty which is 21% meaning 21 million Filipinos are extremely poor.
Ratjek 02
Ratjek 02:
Hah...LOL...viet is a poor country?....Vietnam is one of the richest countries in the world
Keong Racon
Keong Racon:
Why pilipines always look down to other SEA country while their country not much different with them? So pathetic
Fang Nán Vietnam & China prevalence
Fang Nán Vietnam & China prevalence:
Where are you hiding .come here ??philippines😂😂
Timor leste is not part of asean (not yet)
The list should be:
1. Myanmar
2. Cambodia
3. Laos
4. Vietnam
5. Philippines
Faris Abdurrahman
Faris Abdurrahman:
where is philipines?
Almuktar Usman
Almuktar Usman:
Those Vietnamese are rude can't accept that Philippines is richer than Vietnamn.
Philippines - High
Vietnam - Average
Per capita
Philippines - 3900, 100 dollars more and will be Upper middle
Vietnam - Only a round 2000
Nominal GDP
Philippines - 376 million
Vietnam - 261
Just keep dreaming you will never surpass philippines