TOP 5: Lily James Movies

We have picked the top 5 Lily James movies that you have to watch. The British Actress Lily James started her acting career appearing in TV series like "Secret Diary of a Call Girl“ and "Downton Abbey“.

We missed your favorite Lily James movie? Let us know in the comments!

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Movies in this Ranking:
5. Yesterday:
4. Cinderella:
3. Darkest Hour:
2. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society:
1. Baby Driver:

28 komento:

She got both the names of Harry Potter's parents.
Mary Rodriguez
Mary Rodriguez:
I thought Cinderella is the top 1 in the lists. Where is mamma mia? Pride and prejudice and Zombies I love LiLy James
'Where is Mamma Mia "Here we go again"?
I really love her acting in movie Cinderella.She really shows Cinderella's patience and courage❤
Qidong John Liang
Qidong John Liang:
I will alao vote for Pride and Prejudice : Zombie, the movie that Lily walks into my heart.
Derick Doolittle
Derick Doolittle:
Mamma Mia here we go again was by far her best movie I cannot get over it😍
Jacobina Ikaku
Jacobina Ikaku:
how come pride prejudice and zombies is not on this list???
Spotline Blower
Spotline Blower:
Lily's looks in every role is fantastic to me and intact in any ways.. Lily's very beautiful woman..she's definitely absolutely awesome..
David Gilbert
David Gilbert:
Lily James is a delightful actress. And amazing at slipping into a role. Had no idea she was the same actress in all of these films. But wanted to know more about her after watching her charming portrayal in "Yesterday". Definitely a new favorite of mine!
Lily James is mine ONLY!
Gokul Raj
Gokul Raj:
In my opinion CINDERELLA is the best and first
jose varon
jose varon:
lily preciosa te amo
lilac fir3löts
lilac fir3löts:
Lily james was Also in the movie mamma mia she played as young donna
Doezie Game
Doezie Game:
Where is Mamma Mia?
Lilly James is just wonderful
What about war and peace, or does that not count?!
Savage Hornpoke
Savage Hornpoke:
Love you Lily! Good job! :)
Pendekar Lapok
Pendekar Lapok:
Where pride , prejudice and zombie ,if not for that movie I don't even know that she even exist
The list that you show is all forgettable character
sarita joshi
sarita joshi:
Lovely lily James
joe bob 47
joe bob 47:
the Guernsey movie. great. check it out.
Ariane_ 3062
Ariane_ 3062:
Cinderella should be the top 1
Paulo Adkins Jone
Paulo Adkins Jone:
I love Lily!
Didi Supriyadi
Didi Supriyadi:
Film favorit my baby driver
Didi Supriyadi
Didi Supriyadi:
Baby driver
Lili Ayesa
Lili Ayesa:
Lili inspire us
I think BABY DRIVER Is best movie 😃 and your favourite movie ?
Commemt below 🤗
tuba slah
tuba slah:
Cinderella should be first.
David Archer
David Archer:
I liked her in The Exception because she was naked.