Top 10 Things to See and Do on the Solomon Islands

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Taking a trip to the Solomon Islands will be unlike any other vacation you’ve ever experienced. When visiting one of the last untouched destinations in the Pacific, here are 10 things to see and do.

1. See the Traditional Villages
Choose the Kmaga Village experience where you’ll sleep in a beachfront bungalow and receive top-notch hospitality from the villages’ chief and local families.

2. Visit Central Market in Honiara
Head to Central Market in Honiara on the island of Guadalcanal. The stands are lined with crafts made by talented artisans, fresh fish, fruits, and veggies, and handmade souvenirs for you to take back home.

3. Rent a Boat
Various companies offer boat charters, or you can get behind the wheel and navigate the Pacific on your own. But you can always rent a kayak for a few hours and take in the sights as you paddle along the coast.

4. Snorkel in the Bonegis
They are known for being the best places to explore the Solomons’ marine life. Beneath the Pacific, you’ll see beautiful coral reefs, tropical fish, octopus, and maybe even a few shipwrecks from World War II.

5. The Vilu War Museum
The remnants from those battles during WWII with Japanese and American aircrafts can be found at this open-air museum located deep within the forest of Honiara.

6. Go Birdwatching
Grab your binoculars and your long-focus lens camera and make the trek out to Imbu Rano Lodge. Some of the bird species that you’re likely to encounter include parrots, kingfishers, and white-eyes.

7. Travel to Skull Island
Catch a plane to Munda. And take a boat to Vonavona Lagoon to reach the country’s most sacred place: Skull Island. It’s surrounded by human skulls who were killed during the islands’ headhunting days.

8. Chew a Betel Nut
You should take part in some of their traditional ceremonies, including a little bit of betel nut chewing. A betel nut is the brown or yellow seed of the Areca palm, and users have cited a euphoric feeling while chewing on the nut. All we have to say is: chew at your own risk!

9. Hike Up Kolombangara
This volcano last erupted 10,000 years ago. You’ll need a tour guide to lead you along the way and hack away at the overgrown brush that covers the trail. And after two days, you’ll finally reach the crater.

10. Fall in Love With Tenaru Falls
If you enjoy the great outdoors, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with Tenaru Falls near Honiara. To reach the falls, it’s best to rent a 4WD vehicle because it’s no easy trek through the rough and treacherous path. But it’s definitely worth the drive!

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zoëjames • 10 years ago
zoëjames • 10 years ago:
When I went to the Solomons we stayed with some friends from their at their village! It was so amazing! ♥️🇸🇧
0:40 PNG Bilum haha Melanesia 🌴🌴
Nice video I’m think of going to the Solomon Islands
Stoked For Travel
Stoked For Travel:
Absolutely loved my trip to the Solomons , such friendly people and stunning islands! 🌴
Sheila Migans
Sheila Migans:
Must visit
Ashraf Rahman
Ashraf Rahman:
I'm from Bangladesh and it's in our culture to chew beetle nuts 🙃
Nice video I’m thinking of going to the Solomon Islands
Dennis Zinihite
Dennis Zinihite:
I'm from Munda but I live in Honiara I went to tenaru falls long time ago and now I just want to be there again
Cecilia Carrasco
Cecilia Carrasco:
Hi guys!!
Soon I will go to the island of Solomon for 4 days and we will land in Munda and we will have to take the next fly its in Honiara, our idea is to travel to different places approaching Honiara
Someone can share information about things to do, what places to visit, I need the ferries (timetable) only I found price and where to sleep.
Raj Sekhar Pati
Raj Sekhar Pati:
Please do Papua New Guinea
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charles sifas:
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Clera Uta:
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I'm Waiting Now!!!!
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Amen amen and amen 🙏
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Rayyan Sobrany:
Please do mauritius🇲🇺
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Dimitria T. Lewis
Dimitria T. Lewis:
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Plz we need back comment Friday
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Risart Soengkono:
MUM taks
Lissa Maria Jacob
Lissa Maria Jacob:
My house is a house of prayer
Nake Dowani
Nake Dowani:
Bettle nut im missing it very much during qurintne
whole asean chew betel nut
Melvin Tan
Melvin Tan:
Please Do Things To Do In Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar(Burma), Singapore, Thailand, And Vietnam. Do It Now!!!!!!!
raan chol
raan chol:
Next to Zamunda and Wakanda
Hentry Anthony
Hentry Anthony:
How to go this island .
1. Call in a devastating JB-2/Ki-147 rocket
2. Absolutely annihilate everyone with the T2A
3.Focus on the vegetation instead of the gameplay
4. Miraculously play better when the pre-end theme starts.

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malick TJ Matiabeyuwi
malick TJ Matiabeyuwi:
I've been to Melanesian paradise Islands Solomon Islands, Vanuatu Islands, Fiji Islands. Only couple to visit are New Calendonia and Torres strait Islands.
Dacho Chiyo
Dacho Chiyo:
Why they look like people from Africa, Africans move there? But they look more natural