Top 10 Scariest Scenes in Hereditary

Top 10 Scariest Scenes in Hereditary
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Now, whenever we hear somebody click their tongue, we’ll associate it with impending doom. From sleepwalking to decapitation, WatchMojo is counting down the scenes that exemplify why “Hereditary” is one of the creepiest movies of the 21st century.

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List Entries and Rank:
#10. Peter Breaks His Nose
#9. Annie Sleepwalks
#8. Ellen Appears
#7. Burning Man
#6. Annie Lashes out at Peter
#5. Peter Sees Charlie
#4. Annie Stalks Peter
#3, #2 & #1???

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100+ komento:

This isn't a fun scary movie. This is genuinely horrifying.
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff:
This movie made "Us" look like a SpongeBob episode.
Divine Libra1111
Divine Libra1111:
Okay but can we talk about how good Alex Wolfs acting was when he banged his head on the desk...I mean like, that scream and reaction was soo good. 10/10
Dan Burke
Dan Burke:
"Hereditary" ended up receiving zero nominations for Golden Globes or Oscars, and that's a crime. Toni Collette should have at least been nominated for Best Actress. It also possibly deserved nominations for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (Alex Wolff), and Best Cinematography.
Sarah Zahir
Sarah Zahir:
Scariest scenes:
1.Annie floating behind Peter's back
2.Annie banging her head on the attic
3.Annie sawing her head off
In short..anything related with Annie.
LH 317
LH 317:
I just thought it was scary how realistically grief was portrayed.
JR sandoval
JR sandoval:
Annie sawing off her head while staring at Peter in the attic is horrifying like nothing ive ever seen, and i will never ever forget this scene
the scariest thing is the face Annie makes when shes crying
The Greek Pianist
The Greek Pianist:
7:14 That's SO CREEPY how Annie bangs her head like that on the attic door!!! It's so violent, disturbing, and animalistic! That short clip in the film really had me unsettled....
Adam Tatti
Adam Tatti:
This movie felt like one giant nightmare. It was SO stressful to watch.
Logan Didcock
Logan Didcock:
Is anyone going acknowledge how good the acting is 👀
holy bible
holy bible:
Maybe I shouldn't see this movie then.
Sara Farrell
Sara Farrell:
I have never been so traumatized by a horror movie before.. this one messed me up
salina barron
salina barron:
I still think it's hilarious that after all the shit he's encountered the naked man is what sends him over the edge
Joe Beecham
Joe Beecham:
The bit that gets me is when shes watching her husband burn alive and you see when she gets possessed as her face just drop’s. Creeps me out everytime. And the classroom scene 👌
As someone who often laughs during scary movies/all things horror related in general (yes, i'm THAT person) this movie legit made me feel like I was having a panic attack the whole time while watching it. It also gave me nightmares about that damn tongue clicking for a week!

Props to the director, actors, and everyone else involved!
damn shawty ok!
damn shawty ok!:
i felt myself going mad when i watched this movie, hereditary is a damn masterpiece
This is the exorcist of our generation. I am traumatized.
Clay Allen
Clay Allen:
Not going to lie, there was something about Annie banging her head against the attic door that really creeped me out. I think it's just the sudden aggression...I'm never ready.
Billie Piper’s Teeth
Billie Piper’s Teeth:
The scariest thing about this movie is how Toni Collette and Gaybe Byrne spaffed out an Indian baby.
The head bumping against the ceiling holly sh.. that scared me 😅
Robert Chipman
Robert Chipman:
Yana Yano
Yana Yano:
Annie’s screaming when discovering Charlie’s body and after was so painful that I was able to physically feel it. Jesus Christ
wut wut
wut wut:
"Whenever we hear somebody click their tongue, we'll associate it with impending doom."

*Alyssa Edwards tongue pops her way out the chat group*
The Special Ki
The Special Ki:
I don’t think I can ever watch this movie a second time
this movie is literally the only movie ever that scared me so much
it’s so horrifying
I Like RED
I Like RED:
Scariest scene: everything
Turbo Vlogs
Turbo Vlogs:
This is one of those movies I won’t be seeing again. Not because it’s bad, just because it’s literally traumatized me
Turbo Vlogs
Turbo Vlogs:
Toni collette is probably one of the most amazing actors ever
Dahlia Abigale
Dahlia Abigale:
Yo when Annie is scared, her face that she makes is terrifying
When Annie was stalking Peter and up on the ceiling, I literally felt goosebumps and the hair standing on end. This film was truly terrifying. A horror masterpiece.
Annie banging her head on the attic door was the scariest moment for me. Peter screaming "mommy" was the saddest. :(
Coolstyle KayReed
Coolstyle KayReed:
Me 2 years ago: *laughing at Ugandan Knuckles*

Me in 2020: *running from any clicking noise holding a cross in my hand*
dang charlie almost looks like dustin from stranger things
calling krmk
calling krmk:
The smiling man is one of the moments that has really stuck with me... thinking back on when he smiles at Charlie at her grandmothers funeral seriously unnerves me. Its just so sinister when you think of whats to come for the familly.
I loved the scene at 6:06. There’s literally nothing scary there, yet I automatically thought it was Charlie, just like Peter. Now that’s how you do horror.
Lone Train
Lone Train:
The scene where Charlie dies is horrible and scary, but the horrifying screams of Annie in the background as they show us the discomposed head of a child is without a doubt the most disturbing scene in a movie I have ever seen.
mary gaczewski
mary gaczewski:
This movie was no joke. It scared the shit out of me. I was afraid of dark corners at night in my house. It took me awhile to get over this movie.
Nicholas W
Nicholas W:
I'm too scared to watch the movie by myself so I just watched this instead and it still scared the shit out of me
Toni Collete got snubbed at the Oscars and I'll never forgive them for that.
Annie talking with Charlie’s voice should be on the list
Dajjal Shahid
Dajjal Shahid:
Charlie's decapitation scene will stay with me forever. As a parent, the screams of Annie as she discovers Charlie, are the essence of true horror.
David Parkes
David Parkes:
"We never expected to see Gabriel Byrne actually burning."

*Groans.* Really WatchMojo?
Edward Chamberlin
Edward Chamberlin:
I loved that the smiling man was earlier in the movie as well. Subtle detail. I’m guessing all those people were earlier in the movie as well.
4:44 YOu see Paimon's "light" spirit come down on her and possesses her.
The acting
The visuals
The story
The secret cult symbols
Everything is just so great and real and disturbing about this movie
I'd say the scene where Peter just casually goes to bed and it zooms in on his face the day after and we hear Annie saying she'll take the car is without a doubt the scariest scene. We all know what's going to happen yet the scream is just truly horrifying. What makes it so great is that it's just silent and we only see Peters face. No need for a jump-scare or graphic imagery just true horror.
William Healy
William Healy:
Lol, when I saw his mom in the top corner of his room
Enimsaj Namaes
Enimsaj Namaes:
The whole movie was scary , I don’t think I’ve ever been that scared before.
I was absolutely petrified when possessed Annie was on the ceiling.
Artemis Dank
Artemis Dank:
I saw this with my mom and once it showed Charlie's head she took me out of the theater and I was so embarrassed.
7:14 me at 7AM waiting for Home Depot to open so I can get some great deals on lumber
Tarina Colette
Tarina Colette:
That scene was so well made where he ran from his mother
The closeup of Annie with the piano wire staring at Peter did it for me. As an old gorehound and horror movie addict, this flick impressed the hell out of me. Toni Collette deserved an Oscar for this.
trashy kawa
trashy kawa:
You know while i was watching this I WASNT CREEPED OUT but then i just think about it for a while and im like OH MY GOD THAT WAS THE SCARIEST MOVIE I've EVER WATCHED IN my life. Like thinking what OF ALL THAT HAPPENED IN THAT MOVIIE I JUST REALIZED HOW SCARY IT WAS.
Annie's body levitating into the tree house looked creepy.
When I first watched this movie at 2 am, I tried sleeping after but I had to stay up and waited until I passed out, hoping for the best.

Spoiler Alert: I still had nightmares
KingSiah 510
KingSiah 510:
Does anyone remember the naked smiling man from the grandmas funeral?
When that tongue click happened in the car I jumped.
Didn’t the guy who played the son had to get therapy help after this movie?
Jalyn Houser
Jalyn Houser:
I had to visit a priest after watching this movie.
The scene when she float without head was... :(
4:43 The sudden change in lighting and then Annie's features. Good God, this movie was perfect.
The scariest scene for me was when she was in the corner watching her son sleep.
Syringe and Cupcake
Syringe and Cupcake:
For me the scariest scene was when Annie was floating in Peter's room without him knowing... Man!!! I couldnt sleep!!
Denise faria
Denise faria:
The annie decaptation scene is the most disturbing scene of 5 years
annies bloodcurdling screams after she finds charlie beheaded is the scariest part to me
4:43 that moment jesus christ... when she changes... when something breaks... too perfect.
Griffin Kildare
Griffin Kildare:
scariest part hands down has to be either when annies behind him in his room or when shes banging her head on the attic door
Aiden Moyle
Aiden Moyle:
Me and my friends were practically pissing ourselves when we noticed Annie in his room chilling above him
Joey Rubio
Joey Rubio:
This movie is aHEAD of it's time
IchiKimura 02
IchiKimura 02:
3:23 in this moment i was paralyzed
Zephorian Vephorian
Zephorian Vephorian:
The lead up to the book burning scene during this movie - that is some of the most powerful on screen acting I have ever ever witnessed.

The way Toni Collette conveys and displays the characteristics of desperation and delusion - it's mesmerising.

She should have won an Oscar for that scene alone.
Rose The Hat
Rose The Hat:
This movie gave me nightmares, and I’ve seen a lot of horror movies.
Sweaty Fanny Pack
Sweaty Fanny Pack:
Toni collete looked low key creepy even in “normal” scenes. Sometimes her face would just be set a certain way and it’d make me think she was the evil one. Very good pick for this role.
Duchess Archer
Duchess Archer:
That head banging scene was so awfully unsettling. Who's head did that horrifying imagery come out of
Sarat 80
Sarat 80:
When I realised she was upside down and banging her head I jumped LMAO. It was quite frightening
Yuyu's Squad
Yuyu's Squad:
The scariest part for me was the fact that Annie knew and didn't know all at once.
rando limbo
rando limbo:
annie's screams when charlie died was really sad
Michael Casco
Michael Casco:
I just watched this yesterday and now I’m terrified of being sacrificed by my grandma’s secret cult...
Alexis McCormick
Alexis McCormick:
Peter: “Why did you try to kill me?!”
Annie: “I didn’t, I was trying to save you!”

So poignant that that’s actually true, but Peter has no idea, and Annie might not be consciously aware what he needs saving from.
Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma:
The burning man should've been way higher.
I tried watching the movie, but I bailed after Charlie's head. Too much for me!
Literally the most horrifying movie, I've ever watched 😟😭 gave me nightmares for nights
Christina Fajimolu
Christina Fajimolu:
Nothing scared me like that smiling man, he was smiling like that at the funeral
dennis lawson
dennis lawson:
The gradual decay of this movie from real world horror, to the supernatural, to the downright surreal was amazing. This is a movie I’ll be rewatching for some time
*got my comfy pants on and cup of coffee. Settling in for a night of horror on YouTube* 😁
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
when the chic was in the corner of the ceiling in the darkness in peters room. god that was horrifying.
Lamb Chops
Lamb Chops:
i was stoned when i first watched this. best and worst thing ever.
Michael Manoni
Michael Manoni:
"Now when we hear someone click their tongue, we'll associate it with impending doom..."
Me (An Intellectual): "do u kno de wae of deval?"
Luke Jones
Luke Jones:
This is the only horror movie I’ve ever seen that has stuck with me and affected me. I thought about it everyday for months after watching it.
3: The Smiling Man
2: Charlie's Decapitation
1: Annie's Decapitation
Mia K.Brown
Mia K.Brown:
Whenever I hear the soundtrack, I get sick. Best movie of 2018.
Eleftheria Eleftheria
Eleftheria Eleftheria:
"Hereditary" (2018) is one of the 50 best horror movies ever made! Probably the best of 10's! The ending was a nightmare!
Samantha Farley
Samantha Farley:
When Annie said “I didn’t I was trying to save you” her face . Absolutely horrifying
lars laurens
lars laurens:
I watch alot of horror movies and this is the scariest movie i've ever seen no joke
Toni Collete is an amazing actress. I'll watch anything she's in.
Fourth Horsemen Death
Fourth Horsemen Death:
Charlie's decapitation is one of the most haunting scenes in any horror movie i've ever seen and will stick with me forever
Sample Digger
Sample Digger:
7:07 scared me even after I saw the movie!
doogie Five-Four
doogie Five-Four:
As a dude who *DOES NOT* watch Scary movies.. *THIS* movie is a different kinda scary gotta see it to fully get it..i loved it by the way