Top 10 Most Viewed Youtube Videos (World Record)

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In this video we rank the top 10 most viewed YouTube videos through, Come with me on a journey full of memories when we watch the rise and fall of the greatest videos on YouTube. In this ranking included are inconic videos like "Pokemon theme music", "Evolution of Dance" and "Charlie bit my finger again".

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Tennessee Martine
Tennessee Martine:
Who came here because this randomly crossed your mind?
hahaha no.
hahaha no.:
"how many people are there in the world?“

Me: *about one Despacito*
Rando 97
Rando 97:
Bruh, I'm just saying, countdowns go from 10 to 1, not 1 to 10.
Katherine Claire
Katherine Claire:
The thumbnail: 100 billion views
The World: hmm I only have 7 billion..(edit:no hate, ive been rlly sad abt these ppl replying)
Thumbnail: 100 BILLION VIEWS

The World Population : Well yes, but actually no
Fun fact: *You searched for this* Because this thought randomly crossed your mind 😂😂😂😂✌️✌️
Midnight Wolf
Midnight Wolf:
As of August 19, 2020;
Despacito: 6.9b
Shape of you: 4.9b
See you again: 4.6b
Masha and the bear: 4.3b
Uptown funk: 3.9b
Gangnam style: 3.7b
Baby shark: 6.3b
Sorry: 3.3b
Sugar: 3.2b
Roar: 3.1b

Oh, and to clarify: I was just doing the current views of all the ones in the video, please quit, dont make me delete this comment
Steve Cleary
Steve Cleary:
Baby Shark will take the number one spot soon... already at 6.6billion
Kit The Cat
Kit The Cat:
_me who hasnt viewed a single vid on this list_

Oh shi-
0:08 When you have slow internet
Bunny Bums adventures
Bunny Bums adventures:
Me: 100 billion views wow
Also me : there’s only 7 billion people who are alive today
So this was when DYNamiTIE didn't exist, right??
Ally Inherit
Ally Inherit:
The fact that tikashi6ix9ine was only used as a thumbnail saddens me
Влад Востриков
Влад Востриков:
Вот что я не ожидал, так это наш любимый мультик "Маша и Медведь"
Приятно даже
Ryzen Rim
Ryzen Rim:
Let's pray for ZAYN - Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia that's not on the list.
Games Addicted
Games Addicted:
I remember when Gangnam Style was the most viewed video.
Sannidhi Shetty
Sannidhi Shetty:
I came here after seeing dj snake's post of taki taki being streamed 10 billion times
G0aTED 0n The STiXX
G0aTED 0n The STiXX:
now there are just random you tubers with 1 billion views everywhere in like India 😂
Rick Astley: ( *giving up noises* )
L Bro
L Bro:
Who else was expecting Never Gonna Give You Up?
Uknown Immortals
Uknown Immortals:
The most popular one despacito almost has THE WHOLE POPULATION

EDIT: im comparing the veiws to the population i wasn't trying to say that the whole population watched it
Free fire Dude
Free fire Dude:
i spent most of my time in “ recording",“playing" and “editing",“uploading i need support 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥....
Koddos plays games
Koddos plays games:
If you didn’t know thumbnail is clichbait
Renon Gaming
Renon Gaming:
1% people who read these message..........
May all your dreams come true and enjoy your's life full of happiness ❤
The TACTICAL channel music
The TACTICAL channel music:
When the videos on this list are so popular Rolex isn't even on there
Anandhu & Nevedhya
Anandhu & Nevedhya:
ഇത് അറിയാൻ വന്ന മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ 😂
Interstellar Boba
Interstellar Boba:
Am I The Only One Who Went Here Cause I Saw The Never Gonna Give You Up Mv
Thumbnail: *100 BiLlIoN vEiWs*
Me: their is only 7 Billion people in this world 😐
namjoons ɐʎoʞ
namjoons ɐʎoʞ:
6:18 look at the guy on the WOAHHHHH
0:55 Luis Fonsi
2:04 The Shape of You
3:11 See You Again
4:18 Masha and the Bear
5:36 Mark Ronson
6:33 PSY
8:00 Baby Shark Dance
8:52 Sorry
9:48 Sugar
10:54 Roar
Edwin 6521
Edwin 6521:
Uptown funk was released on my birthday and I didn’t even notice
Dark Gamer116
Dark Gamer116:
When PewDiePie and T-Series aren't on this list: *Why am I here... Just to suffer*
Rugby Da Juancorn
Rugby Da Juancorn:
Pov: u came cause of bts
0 0
0 0:
crazy frog the good old days
Sayantani And Aryan Kar
Sayantani And Aryan Kar:
The way, you gave a kpop groups altogether pic, they are really legends.
Andy Chan Cubing
Andy Chan Cubing:
Ed Sheeran has more subs than mr beast! I did not know that
How many hours or days did you take ??
1 like for this hardwork💞
Alex și mai multe
Alex și mai multe:
Timeline: 100 bilion views
The 7.6 bilion people that live on earth : *TRIGGERED*
Title: 100 billion views

The worlds population: Am i a joke to you
baby shark has almost as many views as despacito
Gowrishankar K
Gowrishankar K:
Happy to get a lot of 💎 from *FF2.ONLINE** 📌📌 😍 දැන් එය සොයා ගැනීමට කැමතියි
NamuYada uwu
NamuYada uwu:
'100 billion views'
Yeah sure
Nashad Hoosain
Nashad Hoosain:
Thumbnail:100billion vids


The world:

Colten Chambers
Colten Chambers:
Why is 6ix9ine the thumbnail but this doesn’t have anything to do with him?
Chad Chetty
Chad Chetty:
I was expecting eminem love the way you lie ft Rihanna to be on the list. The song has 2 billion
The entire population of the earth: 7Billion
The thumbnail of this video: 100BIILION
4:41 the voice crack thooo
Where is the love?
Where is the love?:
Wondering what most viewed video in YouTube crossed my mind when I'm washing dishes. HBU?
Baby Shark MV with 6.07B: *am I a joke to you?* 🤣🤣
reaching 1mil without any vids
reaching 1mil without any vids:
Let's reach 1mil without any videos i believe in you gamers!
The music video work by rihanna and drake has 1.1B views
who else came here from never gonna give you up
K. L.
K. L.:
I just skipped to the end expecting to see Despacito
"1.3 billion people have created a YouTube account"

Me knowing the 10 diffrent accounts I've created as a kid years ago.
Jacob Maynard
Jacob Maynard:
Fun fact: if you have even half a brain cell, you would know that there isn't 100 billion people on the planet, so there can't be 100 billion views on a video unless there is a view bot.

JR Plays
JR Plays:
I think this guy came from another planet. Imagine seeing the thumbnail that has 100b in it lmao.
Fabian Jaris Rahardja
Fabian Jaris Rahardja:
I was here for 'Never gonna give you up'
Reema K
Reema K:
Kpop has to be there 😂💘
Happy Happy-
Happy Happy-:
Shouldn’t “ Baby Shark “ be the second most viewed video...with 5.6 Billion views 😂
131 YG's artists are LOVE
131 YG's artists are LOVE:
When i heard despacito i suddenly remembered hanbin's despatito😂
netflix bitch
netflix bitch:
i just thought and now i need to know
"100 billion views" In order for that to happen, 1 million people would have had to watched to watch that specific video atleast 1000 times. And do you really think 6ix9ine is that good?? lol
e &co
e &co:
and imagine this vid becomes most viewed🤣
Atharva Nagar
Atharva Nagar:
PM of "INDIA" Raid You
Mr Markynite
Mr Markynite:
I just got a free gift card code from *** 📌📌 Thanks me later 😍💳 මට එය ප්‍රයෝජනවත් බව පෙනේ
Chioma Duru
Chioma Duru:
Fun fact: you clicked on this video because you wanted to see who has the most views on a video
Robot Potato
Robot Potato:
Im just waiting for Captin sparkles (Falling Kingdom) to make it on here -
Celeb Lounge
Celeb Lounge:
Does someone remembers Gangnam style 😎
Kutis Bayag
Kutis Bayag:
I'm just curious about the most viewed video on YT. I search for this and this comes out. 😂
Eliona Queen
Eliona Queen:
This came to my mind so here we are
Otaku ;—;
Otaku ;—;:
Actually, Baby Shark is the second most viewed video.
Anna Judit
Anna Judit:
Also the song "Chandelier"
Roger Zenith
Roger Zenith:
Teacher: what is the population of the world??
Me: around one despacito....
I was watching the Dame tu cosita même and saw the views and this crossed my mind lmao
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson:
Guys we need to get crazy frog on this list. For humanity y'know
50k subscribes with out any videos challenge Thanks
50k subscribes with out any videos challenge Thanks:
Am I the only one ☝️ that just came up of asking this question
Abraham Prado
Abraham Prado:
When I clicked on the video there was an add for 6nine game
Najeeb Al-Marzooq
Najeeb Al-Marzooq:
When you think it's a clickbait

*And It really is*
Mr.Potato Man
Mr.Potato Man:
Where’s never going to give you up
Arhan yasin
Arhan yasin:
Hongyi Zhou
Hongyi Zhou:
thumbnail: 100 billion views
Me:*confused screaming*
4:19 remember watching this growing up
Enrico Moreira
Enrico Moreira:
i'm so disapointed by this...
Haha now you’re controlling your breathing
Assassin Gaming
Assassin Gaming:
​you know the second most famous video on internet is pink fong
Can we just appreciate that I saw all these music videos
Glorybringer The wolf
Glorybringer The wolf:
I like watching random videos when I’m bored
Masha and the bear that porridge part really make a mark that never went away ❤️
Crystal fnm
Crystal fnm:
Ayo & Teo - “ Rolex” has 812 million views but it isn’t in the leaderboard tho
Ravinder Kaur
Ravinder Kaur:
Happy to get a lot of 💎 from ** 📌📌 😍 දැන් එය සොයා ගැනීමට කැමතියි"
Joe Phil
Joe Phil:
Judge: so anything else?

6ix9: I know who ate the bat in Wuhan
Divyansh Dass
Divyansh Dass:
Happy to get a lot of 💎 from ** 📌📌 😍 දැන් එය සොයා ගැනීමට කැමතියි"
How tf did u make this video a 12 minute video u literally only needed 4 minutes or less to make a top 10 video (only the list)
I like how the thumbnail says 100 billion veiws
Alien Bruh
Alien Bruh:
First the cover said 100 billion views there’s only 7 or 8 billion people on earth
srijan chhatri
srijan chhatri:
That 100b in the thumbnail brought me here
Now "Despacito ft Daddy" Song Crossed 6.9 Billions😂...Omg Never Before Ever After❤️❤️
CoOl CaTz
CoOl CaTz:
What bout counting stars doh.. it shld be on there
Fine Art
Fine Art:
When the top ten list starts at number one
Me: 👎