Top 10 Early Reactions to The Haunting of Bly Manor

Will this follow-up give horror another turn of the screw? For this list, we’re sharing our thoughts on the second season of Netflix’s “The Haunting” anthology series. Our countdown covers the characters, production design, cast, the love story, the scares, and more! What's YOUR favorite moment from this series so far? Tell us in the comments below!

Top 10 Scariest The Haunting of Hill House Moments:
The Haunting of Hill House Season 2: Everything We Know So Far:
Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies On Netflix:

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71 komento:

prince AN
prince AN:
The whole bent neck lady plot is a masterpiece
Carl Bruce Froehlich
Carl Bruce Froehlich:
One of my favorite jump scares from Hill House was when Shirley and Theo were aguing in the car and Nell lurches between them from the back seat screaming
Joe Malone
Joe Malone:
The acting in hill house was one of the best acting in TV show history
The expectations for Bly Manor are far too high because Hill House debuted as a masterpiece... But I trust Mike Flanagan and his crew. He's a genius and his work gets even better every time. *MY ONLY WISH* is that he doesn't get robbed this time bc HoHH was criminally underrated and deserved so many awards— istg I will riot this time !
Mr. Cheese
Mr. Cheese:
I hope this will live up to its previous season 🙏🙏🙏
Take it easy with Urvashi
Take it easy with Urvashi:
*The first story was better not just in scares but also in emotions* 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Finn Patrick
Finn Patrick:
Honestly anything Mike Flanagan does I’ll watch
One of the best TV shows ever. The atmosphere, acting, music and plot are incredible. Truly makes you feel the grief and desperation the protagonists feel till the end of the show. Must watch
The foreshadowing of the futures of the au pairs were terrifying especially with the butterflies 🦋 symbology and the relation to water. Chills.
Are you excited for this new season? Tell us in the comments below!
Jacob Field
Jacob Field:
Top 10 early reactions? This feels more like an explanation of what motifs and/or examples are present in the show or about each show
Best moment is when his dad told him that he had seen ghosts and told him that he never hired anyone to fix the clock. 🤯
Raza Rabbani
Raza Rabbani:
No i didnt like it at all . 3/10 perfectly splendid
Emo Panda
Emo Panda:
The haunting of Hill house is the best horror TV series I've ever seen
Irene Joyce
Irene Joyce:
I couldn't believe how many People didn't see all of the Ghosts Haunting Bly Manor and horrible reactions to the Show!!! The Haunting of Hill House had 12-18 Ghosts in each Frame and They were in Bly Manor You just have to look for Them in the background, Wallpaper, outside and basically throughout the Water where Viola Lies are faces in the Lake grass and it was a great Show!!! Ghosts weren't so easy or in your Face, but They are everywhere!!!
md hasan
md hasan:
Can't wait... This horror series is so addictive.
Anthony Ciancio
Anthony Ciancio:
My favorite hunting of hill scene is the whole two storms episode.
Sarida Mama
Sarida Mama:
I really think this is the scariest horror searies show.
Will G. Forrest
Will G. Forrest:
As much as I like watching scary stuff, I love family dramas more regardless of how they’re formed. Wc fields is an idiot
Dustin Chen
Dustin Chen:
top 10 early reactions? LMAO
Mark Nicklason
Mark Nicklason:
Perfectly mediocre at best. I suppose it never really had a chance given its predecessor. Plot lines that never went anywhere, the initial haunting story being perfectly, not out of the ordinary in those times? Meh.
Neha Jain
Neha Jain:
So excited, I am a big fan of the series.
ZincMercury PLATINUM
ZincMercury PLATINUM:
Victoria Pedretti forever❤️
I hope it gave you chills like it did to me!!! MUST WATCH!!!
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson:
Trying to recapture lightening in a bottle.
Jenny Moreno
Jenny Moreno:
It's about a bunch of emotionally unstable people.
Erol Metecan Duren
Erol Metecan Duren:
Make the scariest scenes in AHS 1984 please
Jodie Crofts
Jodie Crofts:
I'm so excited!!
pokeill bot
pokeill bot:
Looking for new horror lists:p
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan:
The scene clip at 6:19 tells me who the badass in this house is.. the one playing with dolls.
I cannot stop giggling at that scene..
👻: aaaauuugghhh..!
👧: ssshhhh!! If the rest of that conversation doesn't play out the way I imagine it would I will be bummed out. [👻 : but I wasn't saying anything, I was ju... 👧: I said ssshhhh, or you get the back of my hand, I'm busy playing with my dollhouse.. now take your spooky butt to the kitchen & make me a PB&J sammich.. and I want _orange marmalade_ this time. Don't mess up, or I have the adults phone a priest.]
"The Haunting of Hill House had fewer scares", then shows the most terrifying scene from season one at 8:12. That scene had me scared silly, because I not only watched it alone, I did so in the dark. Needless to say, every light switch in the house was flicked up afterwards.
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez:
Something tells me im going to be let down by this season...less scares? boooo
matheus las casas
matheus las casas:
Mike Flanagan is my hero. In addition to consistently delivering great content, dude is married to Kate Siegel.
Triforce Goon
Triforce Goon:
How did they see this already?
It's not out yet correct?
I have lived in childhood trauma so I am glad that this is something different as I do not need to relive things and enjoy the gothic romance of it.
Lady Sydoni
Lady Sydoni:
Where can I watch this series online ?!
Other than NETFLIX?
vvs Yatta
vvs Yatta:
This show is
nothing scarier then that debate of 2020
Lord Venjix
Lord Venjix:
Awesome video 👌
Joshua Rose
Joshua Rose:
spoilers in the video
Kaan Alkan
Kaan Alkan:
The Bent-Neck Lady
Anmol Y
Anmol Y:
It's Gonna be Epic
Josh Hustenberger
Josh Hustenberger:
My first reaction to The Haunting of Bly Manor : WTF IS THIS!?!?!?
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unknown Therapy:
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trex advent
trex advent:
Can you do comic book origin of DC Daniel West Reverse Flash?
Poseidon Nick
Poseidon Nick:
Wow... What a fail.
Thanks whatsmojo, now I lost all my interest in this series
Can someone hold my hand I’m scared
Judith Haskell
Judith Haskell:
There’s no such things as hauntings it all in the mind
just some meg with a long nose
just some meg with a long nose:
fun fact watch mojos first comment was lol
Task Force
Task Force:
I think the release date is 9th October 2020 on Netflix. 🤔
Will Travers
Will Travers:
Hi, WatchMojo.
Grim Foxy
Grim Foxy:
Mike Flanagan is a master of horror.
Cannon B
Cannon B:
Favorite Moments from the Haunting of Hill House:

Jm Dromanah
Jm Dromanah:
I guess i should check out this Series
bangwanto bangwantolikers
bangwanto bangwantolikers:
Parzival the gamer
Parzival the gamer:
Avnish Soowamber
Avnish Soowamber:
Ⓘ ⓐⓜ ①⓪ⓣⓗ
om velapure
om velapure:
Migle Wazowski
Migle Wazowski:
Thug Pac Man
Thug Pac Man:
Kelley MacKinnon
Kelley MacKinnon:
This is completely different from Hill House and if you go in realizing this , you'll also realize its a wonderful story that will make you laugh, cry and jump, sometimes in the same scene
Esther Cobersy
Esther Cobersy:
Derric Zulueta
Derric Zulueta:
Victoria’s accent is so annoying though.
Random fact

A scientist discovered this weird medical fact – the left lung is smaller than the right lung to make room for the heart.

-The Shades
Bradley J. Fortner
Bradley J. Fortner:
Netflix supports the sexual exploitation of children. So, I refuse to support them.
Steve Eric Jordan
Steve Eric Jordan:
wtf is this advertisement and all the fake comments saying they want to watch the show and why is nobody downvoting it??
Unpopular opinion. Season 2 was better. The characters had better development and the conclusion was perfect.
This show will be similar to AHS? Welp guess I won’t be watching this season.....or any future season for that matter. Why do people like the idea of having a new cast ever season? It ruins every form of development for the season prior. Plus I’m certain because of this, alot of questions are left unanswered in season 1.
Hack Plus
Hack Plus:
Still not scary as The Nun