Top 10 Black Clover Fights

They're the greatest clashes to ever take place in the Clover Kingdom. Join Ashley as he counts down the the most epic confrontations to come out of the shounen genre's most beloved dark horse Black Clover, such as Asta vs. Ladros, Mereoleona vs. Raia, Yami vs. Licht, Rill vs. Yuno, Vetto vs. Black Bulls, Lemiel vs. Demon Licht, and many more! You'll be screaming your head off like Asta when you get a load of the battles between Julius and Patry, as well as Everyone vs The Devil! #goblackbulls

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100+ komento:
Which fight is your favorite?
Foster Deck
Foster Deck:
I’m so glad to see that Black Clover is getting the recognition it so deserves.
Especially considering the anime had a very rocky start but got right back on track
Ramez D
Ramez D:
Yami is that shonen hero who finished his series and is just doing side quests now
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Mustache:
Episode 100, the one time an antagonist was still able to wipe the floor with the protagonists even when the OP was playing in the background.
Martin Hernandez
Martin Hernandez:
I didn’t expect Black Clover to be this good
Proper Anime
Proper Anime:
Black clover is great and people hate on it to much without giving it a chance. Tbh it's better than My Hero Academia.
Why you should watch Black Clover;
♣ Really good power system. Each character has a unique magic, making them unique and memorable. Even if you forget their name half of the time, you know what their magics do.
♣ Very VERY good battle against major villains. <<< Most times in "x shounen anime" it comes down to Monkey D Goku Kurosaki vs Big Bad Guy? Well none of that stuff happens in Black Clover. 90% of fights against major villains are won by teamwork, explaining the process of how they overcome this big adversary and it's so satisfying because it gives so much character development to side characters.
♣ Bangers soundtrack. Seriously.
♣ It's a self-aware shounen show that shows what you shounen fans want without slowing down. Fights! Powerups! High stake battles!
♣ Yami Sukehiro
Abdishakur Ali
Abdishakur Ali:
I legit crying that Black Clover is being recognized soo much lately 😭 After all those tough time and guys the openings are amazing I just hope for a new game though😭😭😄
don robb
don robb:
top black clover moment: asta and yuno showing their power in front of the nobles who call them boonies
Vignesh S
Vignesh S:
Well until last month I haven't watched even a single episode of this. But now I'm upto date. The only good thing that came due to quarantine
Sir Wulf
Sir Wulf:
Black Clover itself is ironically a shounen protagonist . Underestimated at first but feared and loved by all later on .
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres:
I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of magic or fantasy shows or movies (Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, etc.), but I am a big fan of Black Clover.
Albert AFOKPE:
Everybody gangsta till op 1 starts playing.
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar:
Imo the best fights haven’t even been animated yet
charles francois nanga nzoh
charles francois nanga nzoh:
And coming soon

Yami vs "Be my woman" and yuno vs " I'm just that strong"
We all know episode 100 is number 1 without even watching the video
Yes black clover is getting popular
Aakash Bhardwaj
Aakash Bhardwaj:
Black clover is getting better and better in terms of story.I can't wait for new episodes.
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez:
Nothing makes me happier than this series getting the recognition and respect it deserves. Also, the fight with vetto in the underwater temple will always be my favorite fight. Both from the anime and ESPECIALLY THE manga.
i can't believe this i just started and finisht black clover and then they make a top 10 video about it....what a coincidence...i am so happy its getting recognition...despite some bad animation its pretty solid
Paradox Kai Gamer
Paradox Kai Gamer:
This anime is gonna be lit .
*It is almost like an hybrid of harry potter and Naruto*
Evan R
Evan R:
The best fight scenes are when they play that iconic opening theme song... it’s so good.
Since no one is mentioning it then I guess I will give these underrated fights the credit they deserve
1) dark elf patry vs Asta and yuno

2) magna and luck vs vetto

3) gauche and Asta vs Sally and baro

4) three captain vs third eye

5) finral vs langris

6) yuno vs Lagos

7) Asta Noelle and magna vs Heath

8) mereoleona and fuegoleon vs vetto and Kaiser

9) Nozel vs patry

10) Randall vs Crimson lions

11) gauche grey Gordon and Henry vs rades

12) gaja vs Noelle mimosa and finral

13) Asta and zora vs kirsch and magna

14) Asta vs revchi

15) Dorothy vs black Bulls and Sally
UltimateYouTubeFan YouTubeFanUltimate005
UltimateYouTubeFan YouTubeFanUltimate005:
Black Clover Rules! 🤟😎🤘
Prakki Sathwik Ram
Prakki Sathwik Ram:
10. Yami vs. Licht
9. Mereoleona vs. Raia
8. Asta, Magna & Vanessa vs. Rufel
7. Vetto vs. Black Bulls
6. Lumiere vs. Demon Licht
5. Rill vs. Yuno
4. Asta vs. Ladros
3. Everyone vs. Devil
2. Julius vs. Patry
1. Asta & Yuno vs. Licht

Honorable Mentions:
Noelle vs. Kivn
Asta vs. Langris
Asta vs. Mars
Asta & Yuno vs. Elves
Finral, Yami & Jack vs. Latry
Who’s hype for the fight against megicula tho after episode 129
Rodrigo Enrico Deo
Rodrigo Enrico Deo:
Why is everyone forgetting about Noelle,mimosa,finral and asta vs Gaja and undine?!
The animation was great as well as the team work
Daniel Moloney
Daniel Moloney:
Wow, and I literally just started this anime today. How’s that for convenience?
Imagine how many broken collarbone's Asta got stacked up in his closet.
Phantasm star
Phantasm star:
yall know when its a serious fight when the first opening of Black clover is playing
Eric V
Eric V:
My top 8:
1. Black bulls vs. Vetto
2. Asta and yuno vs licht
3. Everyone vs the devil
4. Yami vs licht(patry)
5. Asta vs Ladros
6. Asta vs Langris
7. Mereleona vs 5 elves
8. Yuno vs Rill
Watchmojo: *You don't mess with the Black Bulls*

Subtitles: *You don't mess with the black balls*

It's funny how he say "Licht"

Watchmojo is like the Kardashians of YouTube. Everyone hates them, but we all watch them.
Kameron Dean
Kameron Dean:
YES my favorite anime
The dark lord Sauron
The dark lord Sauron:
no one
not a single soul
D O:
One of my favourite fights is Noelle in her dancer form vs that girl that was a great fight
Jared Chi
Jared Chi:
Black clover finally getting the recognition it deserves😎🔥

Also number 3 should be number 1 ngl
Godlike GG
Godlike GG:
I feel sorry for those people who gave up on this anime cause of some screaming. What a stupid reason.
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville:
*"You Don't Mess With The Black Bulls."*

You can say that again! 😨
Peter Jr
Peter Jr:
I watch black clover and I love it the storyline and characters but if they were to do some improvements with the animation it would be awesome
Joven Berza
Joven Berza:
Can't wait for the new arc. There's a lot of good fights in there.
ethan cobabe
ethan cobabe:
These fights arn't wrong , but they arn't in the right order
Galactic visitor Galactic visitor
Galactic visitor Galactic visitor:
When a person is in good health, he wishes everything
And when he gets sick, he just wants health and wellness
Your health is an invaluable treasure so keep it safe 👌
Keyguin FGC
Keyguin FGC:
Pausing the video, the fight with Vetto should definitely be higher. It set the stage for what looks like to be the way they're gonna finish big fights now with the black and white animation. And to me, was much more satisfying with vetto than the word demon, he was just thrown in last minute I didn't really care.
Sebastian Rex
Sebastian Rex:
Finally one of my favorite anime getting the recognition it needed... ❤️
Wyndell Lee
Wyndell Lee:
The Asta vs. Ladros animated fight remind me of Naruto (Six Tails) vs. Pain
UchihaSasukeMadara 12
UchihaSasukeMadara 12:
I agree with place 1. but Yami vs Licht place 10? That's absurd
Diego Díaz
Diego Díaz:
I started Black Clover since it was early aired in October, 2017 and everyone was saying how bad it was and now that finally it is starting to be noticed I couldn't be more happy about it :'D I never loose my faith in Black Clover
Colleen Glanville
Colleen Glanville:
*Get Ready For Spoilers And Plenty Of Asta's Signature Screams Along The Way."*

I laughed more than I should have lol! 😂😂😂
Jzzz zzz
Jzzz zzz:
Mereoleona vs Raia wasn't even a fight😂 it was complete domination🔥
Where all my day 1 fans at where hating mfs called this another naruto FYM
Can’t wait 4 the timeskip
Tru G
Tru G:
I love the bc fights but i really can’t choose what’s my favorite fight
u cant lie there sound tracks are one of gthe best right now im talkin bot all of them definently opening 3
i'm really conflicted at why asta vs ladros was there .-. tbh noelle vs kivn should've been top 10 instead
Elgyn Croker
Elgyn Croker:
Haven’t even seen the best battles yet. Dark Triad arc not even close to being done in the manga and it’s better than the whole Elf arc.
Dexter Carter
Dexter Carter:
"Top 10 Black Clover Fights" So far...
christiany esho
christiany esho:
Black clover squad all together now “ THAT. BLACK. CLOVER. GREATNNNEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Jonah Wenger
Jonah Wenger:
can we all take a moment for the fact that these people update like 5 times a day to keep us all entertained during quarantine
ッ Deon's Doggy Days シ
ッ Deon's Doggy Days シ:
I expect to see Yuno vs Rill on here as seeing those 2 fight are my FAVORITE! 😇 Especially Rill having his adorable paintbrush that creates flames which is mind-blowing how he even has that ability! 🎨
john van ryken
john van ryken:
This is my favorite anime for a reason
Rodrigo Rocha
Rodrigo Rocha:
The chills when finally after that bad beginning, BLACK CLOVER has the recognition that needs
Sad they didn't put Asta and Yuno vs Dark elf Patri or Fuegoleon and Sisgoleon vs Elf kaiser and Vetto
Jade Studios :3
Jade Studios :3:
Number 4 Asta didnt tap into his anti magic the queen of witches used her blood magic to reveal his true self in episode 72 or 73 he actually taped in his anti magic with out anybody helping him
that luck fight goes hard, and the moments after are just as good
Just that black clover got a category makes me happy
DeadpoolSpiderman t
DeadpoolSpiderman t:
Spin off with Yami after black clover finishes. Like if u agree.
I'll have to disagree the placement of the fights. Good video nonetheless.
Kijjambu Rodney
Kijjambu Rodney:
when i saw asta and yuno vs licht, i just knew this was the start of some dope fights to come
Julian Medrano
Julian Medrano:
Just wait till Yuno gets his ass whooped by someone who wouldn't even take his hands out of his pockets.
Ehab TDS
Ehab TDS:
Finally Black Clover is Getting the recognition it Deserves.
I've been waiting for this moment my whole life.
J_ Surge_95
J_ Surge_95:
It really doesn't seem like it's been almost 3 years since this anime first started, I love the recognition it's getting.. I'm glad I've kept up with it ever since it came out
Dazai Nakahara
Dazai Nakahara:
Mereloeona vs 5 elves is still the best for me
Sweet and Sour Dish
Sweet and Sour Dish:
These Black Clover battles are so epic. The anime is so worthy of every anime fan’s time. ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💗💗💗👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Noppasin Soisak
Noppasin Soisak:
I feel pity for black clover's voice actor. I wonder if their throats ok
00:24 Learn some manners. A please would be nice. Now you get nothing.

Edit: I'll forgive you but you will need to kiss my hand to apologise
Arnold Afadapa
Arnold Afadapa:
Thought y'all were really about to talk about number 3 without mentioning Yami's attack 👀
Hooligans ホーィガン
Hooligans ホーィガン:
Loved this series since the first episode 🙌🏽 wish I knew where I could read the mangas. I’m soo happy this show is getting the recognition it des😭❤️
V 18
V 18:
"You don't want to mess with the Black Balls ".... that's what the subtitles say
why is the vetto and asta fight so high :,)
Bro magna vs luck has to be one of my fav fights, magnas just so badass and such a delinquent xd I love his character
DarkFlame DragonSlayer
DarkFlame DragonSlayer:
The moment the Devil was defeated, with everyone working together, with Haruka Mirai playing at full strength in the background, was such an amazing moment I had to hold tears back. I already loved Black Clover long before that, but that moment made it my current favorite anime.
Sossy LJ
Sossy LJ:
I’m so happy for Black clover. I’m a fan since day 1 of the anime. 😭
HENTAI Territory
HENTAI Territory:
If only black clover had good Animation! It would easily outcast My Hero academia! " Like! This Shounen is lit 😍 "
5:25 "By impailing him in the face"
5:36 Ahm... Ashley you need to do some studying on anatomy bro
Jose Pinzon
Jose Pinzon:
I remember watching the first episode and giving up on it after ten minutes. One day I decided to give it another try, why not ? I ended up giving up again and fell asleep, I say 18 mins later I woke up to Asta getting the sword at the end of the episode, fell in love with this show ever since.
ryan beira
ryan beira:
Them: what Black Clover fight scene is your favorite?
Me: yes.
Edzon Ramirez
Edzon Ramirez:
Just wait until Asta and Yami vs Dante gets animated
Kyle Armstrong
Kyle Armstrong:
Black bulls (finral) vs langris
During the royal knights selection exam, especially after finral gets beaten.
Osman Mahmud
Osman Mahmud:
Yami vs Dante is gonna be amazing when finally animated
Stacey Gardner
Stacey Gardner:
This series is a sleeper at the start, but it is a series to watch.
Señor Kaktusz
Señor Kaktusz:
Vetto vs. Black Bulls is only seventh😥? That's my favourite fight so far, it made me so emotional.🔥
Random Commenter
Random Commenter:
Man seeing Black Clover get this much recognition makes happy! Its like the main character itself, it was looked down on in the beginning and now its one of the most beloved shows out there right now. Continue to surpass your limits BC!!!!
Ibrahim Shirin
Ibrahim Shirin:
I love black clover but this best fight is probably Yami against licht or Everyone against the devil
Pedobear Loli lover
Pedobear Loli lover:
Remember when they said black clover was bad
Carrie Ferg
Carrie Ferg:
Do the Top 10 anime that NEED a new season!
Kenzo Ayangma
Kenzo Ayangma:
I was just thinking... Imagine Yami had used Dimension slash on Licht first time they fought. This arc would've ended mad early lol