Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield Join Spider-Man 3 According to Insider

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99 komento:

Justin Wallace
Justin Wallace:
If I literally see Toby in his suit I will dead ass cry in the theater (or at home paying 26.99 for a 3 day rental).
cian keane
cian keane:
man to see tobey maguire as spiderman would make me feel like a kid again
David O.
David O.:
this is a billion-dollar idea. Sony wants it. the fans want it. the former actors seem to want it if they get paid. just be patient.
Lord Venjix
Lord Venjix:
It would be great to see Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland together on the Big Screen
Man the Hollywood reporter or deadline or Even Marvel can come out themselves and say it
And I still won’t believe it until I see it
This is Insane
Elliott Rutherford
Elliott Rutherford:
They are risking there entire reputation on this report, if it’s false then they are done, it’s that simple!
Ay Jay
Ay Jay:
Dawg i really hope so
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers:
I really dislike Tom Holland's Spooder-boy flicks.
But if Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are in I'll definitely am excited!!
TJ Hallz
TJ Hallz:
Whenever we get the trailer for Spider-Man 3 and if Tobey and Andrew show up I’ll actually cry
I bet Tom Cruise is Tony Stark in the Tobey Maguire spiderman universe
Noah Elkins
Noah Elkins:
“Where do all these guys come from?”
CrazyAlex 18
CrazyAlex 18:
I’ve NEVER heard of FandomWire so I wouldn’t trust them. Don’t believe anything unless it comes from The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, or Variety.
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez:
I wanna believe it, but it sounds like a lot of bull.
Imagine Toby Maguire trying out the Iron Spider Outfit
Insider 1: How do we get clicks without saying something controversial?
Insider 2: I don’t know... maybe write a report about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield joining Spider-Man 3.
Insider 1: Yeah. And that’s when the clicks start rolling in.
Tray Cain
Tray Cain:
This movie would have to be 4 hours long. They should save this for the next trilogy.
It's a bit early for Spider-Verse i do hope this is just for post credit scene
bruce lau
bruce lau:
Still just for clicks , nothing’s official as of yet .
Matthew Bradley
Matthew Bradley:
I’m worried cramming all this stuff will really hurt the movie. I really hope they know what their doing.
If this is true. I hope they bring Raimi & Marc Webb on as consultants or executively produce the movie.
I honestly REALLY don’t think they should be doing this yet. It’s too early for this, and Spider-Man 3 is becoming WAY to jam packed for what they need to do. It’s more packed than Raimi’s SM3 and TASM2 BY ITSELF, adding Andrew and Tobey would just make it a huge mess.

Don’t get me wrong I REALLY want a spider-verse film with Tom tobey and Andrew, but I don’t think they should do it for Spider-Man 3. That film needs to focus on Tom’s Peter ALONE, and adding the other 2 just takes away from it.
Daily Hip-Hop Videos
Daily Hip-Hop Videos:
Movie would make avengers money guaranteed just off of all 3 Spider-Man’s being in it
leif nielson
leif nielson:
Thought they could have waiting on this movie and just had another big Spiderman MCU film and continue that story!!
John Marshall
John Marshall:
They need to include Danny Seagren and Nicolas Hammond if they really want to do this right.
Says "they wouldn't just want a 30 second cameo", then I remembered what Disney did to Anakin in the Rise of Skywalker ugh oof rip
Connor Blackbird
Connor Blackbird:
This is fake. The 'article' has no source or proof. There's also no way Marvel are dumb enough to shoehorn a Spider-Verse into Spider-Man 3.
Joe 127
Joe 127:
Maybe if this is successful, we could see the famous Sam Raimi’s Spider Man 4?!
Not gonna get my hopes up until it’s officially confirmed. 😤
Disney knights padilla
Disney knights padilla:
Is it true or just made up to excite me cuz if it's true that means they're finally back after all these years of delay sequels are now coming true.
Source: Trust me bro.
They really need to bring Andrew back !!
I really don’t want this honestly. Just exploits the memory of Raimi’s epic trilogy. I’m so tired of milking off of nostalgia.
Thomas Ivankovic
Thomas Ivankovic:
I want Sam rami to direct this like doctor strange 2 not John watts
awesome andy
awesome andy: spidey 3 the next netflix to dumb shit many people will show up
venom, vulture, scorpion, dr strange, dan de haan, kristen dunst, electro, tobey nd andrew now..
seriously how many??
Remember when we thought this movie was about Spidermans identity being revealed to the world and now we have 2 other Spidermen possibly
Justin Money
Justin Money:
I swear if this is true I’m gonna literally lose my dam mind
Ricky Leevi
Ricky Leevi:
“I remember that face”
Symbiote Venom
Symbiote Venom:
I swear they better not kill off Tobey Maguire Spider-Man or I ain't spending not one penny on this film.
That might be a bigger moment than portals for me
Martin Taylor
Martin Taylor:
I think my Grandmother is in this film.
King Shark
King Shark:
Imagine toby maguire coming through a portal and his first words are 'ITS PIZZA TIME'
I swear to god! This is all I ever wanted in my life!
If this is true, then I can die happy.
Richard Liles
Richard Liles:
They just can’t make ONE MOVIE with 10mins of team up between them they need the whole time on screen
Brendan Parr
Brendan Parr:
Dang, I guess we're not getting Kraven and Daredevil just yet.
Can we get Tom Hardy's Venom in this true? (if this is real)
Cristian Gomez
Cristian Gomez:
The legend of Tobey Maguire returns 😂
I appreciate you acknowledging this as a rumour. The three publications you mentioned as actually reputable sources are on point.
This would be so amazing to see!! Can’t wait!
Volkan Blabla
Volkan Blabla:
3 Spider-Mans vs Venom or Electro?? That will be Amazing!! XDDD
There's no way this is true lol. But I hope it is cuz I would really love to see Tobey Maguire again.
Maya Aa
Maya Aa:
This and dr strange are shaping up to b insane / civil war or even endgame level movies
Alpha Chad
Alpha Chad:
Oh yeah, it's all coming together...
I mean they do gotta do something big to end the trilogy 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m hopefully to the idea, will need a true confirmation. Still want the movie to be called Homerun though.
Benjamin Sherman
Benjamin Sherman:
"Pizza time"
Hanime Man
Hanime Man:
Cant wait to hear Tobey's theme again
James Lovato
James Lovato:
You did good in this one my dawg. Informative, real and funny.
Remember when peter parker was just a kid from queen with a home made superhero suit
Brandon Wallace
Brandon Wallace:
I hope Spider-Man 3 is not like the last Spider-Man 3. Marvel has proven to handle a plethora of characters in one film.
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen:
Don't do that! Don't give me hope 😭
philip white
philip white:
I bet Tom Hardy joins and gets the spider logo on his chest
Oak Aye
Oak Aye:
More mystics in doctor strange 2 would be nice
Angel Salvador
Angel Salvador:
It’s true i saw Andrew Garfield In West Hollywood on Sunday and I asked him and he smiled and laughed and sped off
God Speed
God Speed:
Finally my dreams come true
Tobey please put back the old legendary Spiderman Titlecards
Spectahman 2.0
Spectahman 2.0:
I'd be fine if Maguire gets an cameo ending like Tom Wellings superman.
Ferdi Ilzam
Ferdi Ilzam:
Andrew Garfield🔥
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer:
I think this would be cool down the line, but I would like to see Tom Holland on his own dealing with his identity being out there and growing as a character.
Daniel Hickman
Daniel Hickman:
i'll wait for an official conformation.
i will not believe rumors.
but it would be great if it's true.
They will cross over some day
This was Sony’s idea not Disney
bryan Kidd
bryan Kidd:
I saw this coming a couple of years ago I knew dc and marvel would have a multiverses armed race and dc fired the first shot with crisis I'm still amazed what all they did on a tv budget and can't wait to see what they do in the flash movie as a fan it gives me a geeky feeling that all the stuff I've watch like Smallville Batman 89 the arrowverse that it all counts as one multiverse
Joshua Gallatin
Joshua Gallatin:
Oh my god! Yes!
they have to make it real. there’s to much evidence leading to it, come back to this comment when the movie is released
Jaylen Dixon
Jaylen Dixon:
3 spidermen vs sinister 6

That would be amazing
Landon Tyler
Landon Tyler:
What about Tom he is not gonna be the spider man ??
Gurt X
Gurt X:
If this is true Miles morales won't be far behind like in future he gets his own Tv show like they are doing for Silk
U gotta chill with the jump cuts when ur talking
Benjamin Nwanze
Benjamin Nwanze:
I would love to see daredevil (Charlie cox version)
Hope this doesn't ruin the ending of far from home
Kunga Tsering
Kunga Tsering:
Love to see Andrew back! Woooooo!!!!
James Smith
James Smith:
I'm not gonna act like I'm not excited though.
Andrew deserves a second chance
Thomas Ivankovic
Thomas Ivankovic:
As long as they get more screen time than Tom Holland I’m happy
We can't use the bridge, it's too heavily guarded.
Ruben Duarte
Ruben Duarte:
This needs to happen. We all need closure from all the spiderman's !
Dante Player
Dante Player:
Bruh this will be so legendary might top Avengers Endgame or it’ll be damn near up there, excuse me for being a huge Spider-Man fan I’m ready for this 🙏🏾🐐🐐🐐
tom will go through time to tobey and then to andrew with some doctor strange stuff
A&M Reviews
A&M Reviews:
This could be really epic
Jamie Banner
Jamie Banner:
I'm not sure their listening. But I just don't understand where they're going... There's has to be more direction than just doing fan service. What's the end product to this? I mean what's going to come of it? They can't just do this and then it just disappear... I think that would be damaging for the mcu.
Doctor Strange 2 has obviously had the rumour of Tom cruise as Iron Man. Whether that's true?
Could we see other universes? If that's the case we'll probably see the Fox X-Men universe. And the Eric Bana Hulk universe. I doubt we'll see the Fantastic Four.
But it's the point I'm not getting... Unless it's building up to something significant I just don't see the point in it and it's too Who Framed Roger Rabbit... I'd be annoyed if they are bringing back other universes and don't bring the Eric Bana Hulk universe back.
And I'd like to see somthing from the original 70s Hulk. With all this de-aging and editing technology to see Bill Bixby. For fan service reason and for respect to show that it does actually mean something to them.
This has to have something to do with X-Men and Fantastic Four though. I can't see them going through all this just for fan service
James Shepard82
James Shepard82:
I thought it was Andy Signore broke it first.
Wiseguy 36
Wiseguy 36:
How do you follow the awesomeness of Endgame? This is how.
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance:
I'm picturing such a thing happening in, Doctor Strange 2, because that would make more sense, because of the multiverse stuff. However, having this happen in a Spider-Man film, can easily work as well. We just need to have a good story, to help with the flow of such epicness.

Andy Coulson
Andy Coulson:
Loved Stargate quote mate 😉👍
Agree with everyone think this phase with multiverse is going to be nuts
R Gibbs
R Gibbs:
I hope they really do this.
I just hope this is not a phony thing from the MCU. I really wan to see a live action Spider-Man into the Multiverses.
JuanPapi 101
JuanPapi 101:
Their going to ruin the movie I mean come on
You got

Doc Strange
Possibly Daredevil
Spider-Man tobey and Andrew
Possibly Norman O

Dont give me hope
Keigo Murakami
Keigo Murakami:
Damn andrew!!!
Erick Prado
Erick Prado:
Couldn't they do it in the next film by appearing in the end of the third film?