To Robert Pattinson’s dismay, both Michael Keaton AND Ben Affleck might return as BATMAN!

#Batman #TheSnyderCut #Batfleck

Warner and DC’s choice for Batman going forward is Robert Pattinson, to be introduced as Batman in Matt Reeves upcoming reboot. Their plan was for him to be the only Batman going forward, both on film, and on TV, where there would be no Batman, so nothing could steal Pattinson’s thunder.
That was before corporate owner AT&T decided otherwise. In this video, @AndreEinherjar will explore the brief story behind Robert Pattinson’s Batman, and how AT&T might not settle for merely bringing back Michael Keaton, as has been widely reported already, but how they might bring back Ben Affleck too.

Original scoop by Mikey Sutton:
" According to Mikey Sutton's sources, AT&T are open to Ben Affleck starring and completing the Batman film he walked away from for HBO Max. There were rumors that previously circulated about this, and insiders do confirm is the chances of it happening are somewhat high. However, it all depends on the success of the Snyder Cut. Sutton has heard that Affleck would actually be open to the idea provided that he is given creative freedom unlike the interference from Geoff Johns that torpedoed the project to begin with. Mentally and emotionally, Affleck feels ready, too, with much less pressure than before.
If greenlit, this would be a one-off movie, separate from the Robert Pattinson Dark Knight theatrical film but set squarely within the DCEU that Zack Snyder originated. With Deathstroke as the villain, it's been said that AT&T wouldn't be opposed to having this be an MA (Mature Audiences or R-rated) cut if the material called for it; since it's HBO Max, there's no concerns of ticket sales being lost if kids aren't let in.”

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Hent, i.e.
Hent, i.e.:
"Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?" - Joker
B.J. Erwin
B.J. Erwin:
I liked Affleck’s Batman. He was brutal in BvS director’s cut.
Daniel Lindqvist
Daniel Lindqvist:
I'd love to see Michael Keaton reprise his iconic role. My favourite Batman actor hands down!
Brett Seegmiller
Brett Seegmiller:
I would love to see Batfleck return. Affleck didn't get a fair shake to see his vision realized IMO.
Split Screen Gaming League - Games and Vlogs
Split Screen Gaming League - Games and Vlogs:
"This is getting out of hand. Now there's two of them!"

Viceroy Gunray.
I like Affleck as Batman and I liked the Batman v Superman extended version.
I think any Batman movie with Patterson is a car crash waiting to happen. He doesn't have the muscle nor the fire to play the part. And the first released shots of the costume look horrible. Not going to waste my money on that.
In my opinion, the best thing they could do with Batman is make a Hush or The Court of Owls movie, trilogy or series.
Javier Bonilla
Javier Bonilla:
We've been waiting almost 20 years to see the Batman Beyond movie and we're so close to be true, please make this happen!
Jim Rustler
Jim Rustler:
How many Batmans you want:
AT&T: Yes
Aj Aj
Aj Aj:
Does anyone remember the warehouse scene (ok ok minus some scenes with stunt double) Ben Affleck is no doubt earned his Batman title as Henry Cavill earned his Superman!
5: reasons why Batfleck should return:

1: To continue/finish the story he started for his Batman movie.
2: To give his Batman a chance to appeal to audiences.
3: To give us an incarnation of Batman that is more worn down and beaten up by his crime-fighting days.
4: To answer some questions that we had about him before BVS, (most notably Robin)
5: To give the DCEU/Snyderverse some consistency.
Electric Dreams
Electric Dreams:
Would love to see Affleck's Batman one more time. Especially in light of the recent personal struggles he has overcome.
Muzzle Velocity
Muzzle Velocity:
While other actors have carried the part well, 6' 2" Affleck looks like a tank on two feet in a Batsuit by comparison.
Batfleck with Mangoniello as Slade? I would watch that.
I loved Batfleck the biggest issue was the script he was given, more so I’m Justice League
Is this the first time corporate interference is a good thing?
Snyder Cut: Check
Keaton Returning: Check
Affleck Returning: Check
Pattinson Trilogy: Meh Maybe We'll See

Love it!
Guillermo Fournier
Guillermo Fournier:
Bring Affeck back. I wanted to see his vison for the Batman solo film.
I really like Ben Afflect as Batman, it's just that every movie his Batman has been in has sucked.
TH3 M4Y0R:
2 and a half Batmen
Waluigi Wah Ha Ha
Waluigi Wah Ha Ha:
Keaton needs to play old Bruce, Pattenson could play Terry for Batman Beyond Trillogy.
Affleck should have a alt universe solo Batman movie.
Danny Benhur
Danny Benhur:
Since we're having three I want Tobey, Garfield and Holland in one movie...make it happen marvel...
Devil in the Details
Devil in the Details:
Pattinson would be a good Joker, IMO. If he decided to push the acting skills. I don't see much Batman in him, but I've been wrong be4.
Affleck was a BRUTE in bvs, i'd love to see him return.
If there's one thing the "Snyder-verse" did perfectly it was the cast of Affleck as Batman and Cavill as Superman (regardless of how the roles were handled)

Just look at the "First Flight" scene in MoS and the destruction of Metropolis in BvS.
J Sailer
J Sailer:
Seems like another Roger Moore vs Sean Connery James Bond.
TheVillain WasRight
TheVillain WasRight:
Imagine a Batman movie with Keaton and Johnny Depp as the Joker, directed by Tim Burton and rated R
Liam Adair
Liam Adair:
Honestly I'd rather see Pattinson as Batman
Guilain Bohineust
Guilain Bohineust:
All I ever wanted was the post apocaliptic batman that literraly woke me up in Batman vs Superman.
DoqTee's Cannabis Seeds
DoqTee's Cannabis Seeds:
End the films with a Batman who Laughs and they'll really get my attention
Richard Bludgus
Richard Bludgus:
Or... get this, we keep all of them and just have a multiverse. Multiple batmen, they can cross over if we want. I see no issues.
Affleck is my favorite Batman. Period. He would be perfect in Batman's Return.
I've been looking forward to Pattinson playing Batman every since the news broke, I think he is an excellent actor who would carry the Batman legacy well. I also like the direction this is taking by having multiple Batmen playing different versions in an over-arching universe ala Flashpoint. DC hasn't always been on the right track, but it seems they're on their way to it now
A. Carter
A. Carter:
I feel sorry for DC Films because their management keeps changing directions and leadership, sometimes film to film. Can they get some stable leaders, please?
Faheem Wyne
Faheem Wyne:
Affleck absolutely nailed it as Batman. Would love to see him return.
Perry Grosshans
Perry Grosshans:
I loved Ben Affleck as Batman. Totally pumped to see a separate film with his Batman! And I totally welcome more Batman movies! I have no problem with an Affleck film, a Batman Beyond film with Keaton, and the separeate Pattison film! More Batman!
D. C.
D. C.:
When Ben Affleck first signed on To play Batman, I was pissed! But wow he did an amazing job and I’m so amped for him to come back and do anything in reference to him playing Batman 👍🏾👍🏾
DC is so hilarious when you have all these movies in production hanging around that were greenlit by previous studio executives that are no longer present, and the current executives just have to put up with these dud projects that are too late into production to stop further damage to the brand (i.e Birds of Prey).
I would love to see Affleck's take on Batman. I loved The Town and Argo, and think he is a very capable director.
Darryl Ruiz
Darryl Ruiz:
Everyone's talking about Affleck what about Keaton the real and best Batman?
Dale Marcelle
Dale Marcelle:
No one is particularly psyched to see shovelface play batman.
Sounds like a case of "too many cooks" again. Yeah the internet gives pattinson sht because of twilight but on other movies the guy has talent. I hope they just pick a road and stay on it.
Batfleck is my favorite too by a hair. Hope he comes back. Loved his suit
It feels like an effort is being made to overshadow Pattinson's film at every turn... to what purpose I'm not sure. It's just another sign that DC is all over the place when it comes to productions.
Fernando Martin
Fernando Martin:
Ben was the bet batman and his body , looks and how he carry himself is the freaking batman.
R Fletch
R Fletch:
The warehouse fight cements Afflect's right to be Batman!
Pattinson would look like Barney Fife in a Batman suit, going out for Trick or Treat!
Peder Halvorsen
Peder Halvorsen:
Bring back old, gruff Batfleck!! I want to see that version of Batman crack some skulls in Gotham again!!
antonio prado
antonio prado:
I love how they added an ugly ass mask and military style neck shield to make Pattison look bigger. If you want bigger than why hire him. You wanted skinny so make the suit skinny and live with your decision warner bro
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris:
I liked Affleck as Batsy, I hope it's true he comes back
R520 J R
R520 J R:
I don’t mind having multiple versions of characters. I like how DC is full leaning into this whole multiverse thing
fireran aurion
fireran aurion:
I too like Ben Affleck's Batman. So underrated.
I love Batfleck. His interpretation of Batman in BvS is the best live action version, but they absolutely ruined him in Justice League. Hopefully we get another chance to see him at his best rather than being completely worthless to the plot.
keith nextdoor
keith nextdoor:
Batman: Crisis in the Multiverse
Lewis Taylor
Lewis Taylor:
Batman has evolved since Adam West batman...
With that being said I don't wanna see a skinny batman...
Sean Ozz
Sean Ozz:
i would dig Batfleck coming back. specially if he has the same suit. best batsuit in a live action movie yet!
Christopher Nuzzi
Christopher Nuzzi:
I always liked Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and I'd love to see his film get made. I think it would be far better than what we will get with The Batman.
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman:
I love Affleck's Batman because its a Dark take on the character. The action is superb, he's only human so he must be extra violent to take down his enemies. We don't want a pretty boy version of batman, that's just for the ladies, we want a rough, dark & violent take on this character, we see that glimpse on the Batman V Superman action where he wore the unfinished Metallic Batman Armor.
J Turner
J Turner:
I'm Glad AT&T Has Gotten Rid of DC and WB's Stupid Live Action Embargoes.
Who's here after the official announcement of Batfleck returns?
The MTB Goth
The MTB Goth:
IMO Affleck was the best Batman ever. I would love to see him return and it would be cool to see Keenan again.
And I’m open minded about pattinson too.
But A ffleck is definitely the future of Batman in my eyes
Emperor Jahrome
Emperor Jahrome:
I was saying this last month. I said we need Ben Afleck back. He plays a really good Batman and should write his own scripts. :)
Especially the way they tied in why he hated Superman during a past memory from Man of Steel leading up. (that part was very moving).
In the realms of Marvel and Spiderman we all know who we want to see.
Stacey Dawson
Stacey Dawson:
Never thought I would say this, I love you AT&T corporate overlords. At least for this... Keaton and Batfleck, excellent!
Nicholas Rogala
Nicholas Rogala:
I've never cared about the current DCEU, but if it gets me Michael Keaton as Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne they can take my money.
cindy mananzala martinez
cindy mananzala martinez:
For me, who grew up watching the animated series in the 90's, Ben Affleck is the closest one to the animated series character. He didn't just played Batman, he became Batman.
Mario N Veloso
Mario N Veloso:
AT&T: How many Batman you guys want?
FANS: yes
Absolutely yes please AT&T legitimately is saving everything I loved.
John Schollian
John Schollian:
I'm happy with AT&T turning the DC Extended Universe into the DC Extended Multiverse
Mud Butt
Mud Butt:
This is kinda similar to Sean Connery and Roger Moore both briefly playing James Bond at the same time, back in the day.
To tell you the truth I was looking forward to Robert's take.

But then I lost interest when he tried to lie about his laziness to bulk up.
David Mayberry
David Mayberry:
We knew for a long time that Affleck "cracked the script", Jay Oliva said a long time ago that he read it and it was the best Batman script that he'd ever read.
Enigmaw Studios
Enigmaw Studios:
How about this Warner Bros, spend less money on special effects, and spend more time on a good story and you won't have to worry about rebooting your F'n movies

You can also use a good story to retrofit shitty films and gain appreciation for them.
Good stories=good films
Credit where credit is due; I thought Affleck actually pulled off a damn good Batman and Bruce Wayne.
Ken Hutchison
Ken Hutchison:
perfect, young, middle aged and old batman on film all at once, neat.
The REAL Batmen! Keaton is classic 40s inspired, Affleck is Frank Miller 80s inspired! Still wanna see what Matt and Robert can do!
Kris Mills
Kris Mills:
My favorite Batman was and always has been Keaton. I would live to see him reprise the role.
I am Buhlockay
I am Buhlockay:
Sources: Dude, trust me.
giovani somo
giovani somo:
Love to have Ben on the cape as Batman. He revolutionarized Batman. Go for this one
Talented MrCollins
Talented MrCollins:
I love the Snyderverse. It gives me the same goosebumps as LOTR and The Dark Knight films.
The Real Rob Preston
The Real Rob Preston:
DC's Justice League could be on par with Marvel's MCU but they just can't work it out and it's a real shame.
Trent t.
Trent t.:
Pattinson " I don't want to get in shape to be Batman" AT&T " O.K , we are bringing back every Batman that is still alive!!"
I love that there is the possibility that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck return. I do still hope that Negan still gets the chance to play alternate universe Thomas Wayne Batman, dude is perfect for the role.
Ross R
Ross R:
I would love to see Batman pull a Deadpool and go back and kill himself before he does Daredevil. As Batman I thought he is second best, Keaton is king. When Batman is pummeling Superman I had the biggest smile on my face, literally the best 3 minutes of a movie ever.
Eclipse the Rain Dan Butler
Eclipse the Rain Dan Butler:
I freaking would LOVE to see Affleck back in the suit!!!!
stone jaison
stone jaison:
I hope The Synder Cut hit the Jackpot 😄 Batfleck version is amazing 👊
Jake Angel
Jake Angel:
I thought we need to do do a petition to make sure that Ben Affleck be back as Batman. He is the best for this role.
Phoenix as Joker, Affleck as Batman, Manganiello as Deathstroke, what a dream the movie would be..
CoachMario Bachu
CoachMario Bachu:
Oh heck yes!
Ben brought the dark side of a already violent Batman.
Damn about time.
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts:
here is hing the batman trilogy reeves is planning is like joke routside dceu.

at&t meanwhile wanted affleck back for dceu snyderverse onhbo max first the snyder cut of justice league and possible film or miniseires base don his the batman script as wella spoentil justice league followup

meanwhile at&t also wants keaton back for batman beyond film to be setup in the flash as part of dc multiverse on film.

patterson looks like crap a sbatman give affleck and keaton over him.

now if wb would just also release directors cut of batman forever i will be happy.look batman i smy favorate dc character.i am 46 so i wa sin audence when original 4 batman film,dakr knight tirlogy,and bvs but inless trailer changes my mind i won't be for the batman.
Nathaniel Stoll
Nathaniel Stoll:
Three people, all great actors playing Batman, hell yeah. I’d be excited for any of them and we might be getting all three that’s awesome
Curtis Burkhart
Curtis Burkhart:
If this is true....THANK GOD!!
I love Ben Affleck, I hope he returns as Batman!!
Al Rodriguez
Al Rodriguez:
Would love to see the return of Batfleck! And a grittier version on HBOMax would be awesome. I think this is ideal in many ways have a more general public friendly version for the big screen, and an edgier version to stream. With Ben and Robert playing Batman at different stages in their his life, and essentially being in different universes. I don’t see a problem. I’m not excited about the return of the Keaton Batman. Would’ve preferred the Thomas Wayne route for Flashpoint. So would have to wait and see on that. More open to Keaton in Batman Beyond
Johnny Branscomb
Johnny Branscomb:
Their plan is to have a multiverse where there are multiple Batman’s including Aflek & Keaton, but they still plan for Robert to be THE main event!
Ben was a good batman, just got trolled thats all.
Dirty Soul Monkey
Dirty Soul Monkey:
Yes I like the sound of this. Affleck needs his solo Batman movie. Dammit he's earned it!
I want Keaton returns as an older Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond. Please make this happen, Warner Bros. 🙏🏻
Roblox Horrors
Roblox Horrors:
ben said a lot of times he's not returning.
also it'd just confuse everyone because there'd be a old batman and young batman..
marc-andré lussier
marc-andré lussier:
Affleck did amazing as batman very dark and brutal fight. The fan put too much pressure. And the best suits and armor too
Jc Parker
Jc Parker:
Please 🙏🏻 Ben please return as the dark knight to finish concluding the DCAU series.
Punk n' Metal
Punk n' Metal:
Kick Ezra Miller, Jared Leto and Jesse Eisenberg and I might be interested in DC's new direction
So .....the Vulture is gonna play Batman???.

Thats big gey
Remember when "The Batman" was suppouse to be release in 2018?