Tips to stay safe this 4th of July

CNN contributor and Biology Professor at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Erin Bromage shares tips to stay safe this 4th of July weekend.

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Yes I’m definitely taking advice from cnn
Casey Mcilan
Casey Mcilan:
I'm going to probably stay home, maybe have a bbq, make a nice dinner for myself, and video game all day.
Chris Musumeci
Chris Musumeci:
Yea people dont forget CNN's tip. Wash your food before you eat. Wash your hands, wear mask, chicken must be 160 degrees and vote for trump... I mean biden, hillary? Hahaha #4MOREYEARS
Chills & Bones
Chills & Bones:
Meanwhile Epstein's helper is arrested today.
Egogo Loba
Egogo Loba:
CNN should be bring people like this college professor who are scientists to advise the public and not billionaires like Bill Gates who is not a scientist
Dark Star
Dark Star:
BBQ out back....and only with folks you are sheltering in place with.
Corona Virus
Corona Virus:
*deadly virus going around*
*Europe:* locks down. Contact tracing. No more parties. Let's sacrifice our economy to keep people alive.
*US:* follow these steps to party safely. Just dodge the invisible virus. No big deal.
barry Powell
barry Powell:
CNN is great at spreading fear & lies. Very professional
Da Zoopz
Da Zoopz:
Step 1- Go to a protest bc Coronavirus actively avoids protests
jeffrey edinger
jeffrey edinger:
You guys here about tucker Carlson's cable news record? Yeah sure your polls are right?
J. Tueur
J. Tueur:
I just got another 2000 rounds of ammo delivered to my front door. What a great country we live in.
D Parker
D Parker:
Silent Majority is Watching.......ITS GOING TO BE A HOT WEEKEND.
Here’s a tip for everybody stop watching CNN You well be smarter in the long run hahahahehehaha😂❄️
if I catch anyone lackin with them fireworks after July 4th Im smackin you in ya face
Tips for being safe in America.. vote republican
Sooooo, you're going to be the only news outlet to be silent on Ghislane Maxwell?
Marine Marine
Marine Marine:
Enjoy our Independence Day with your family. Stay safe and follow the guidelines, things are getting out of control out there.
II nosferatu II
II nosferatu II:
If you're getting tips from cnn, you've already lost..
Alisia Tripp
Alisia Tripp:
I mean HEY..... I didn’t see experts on JUNETEENTH celebrations. Lmao 😂
Richard 303
Richard 303:
I'm staying home and taking LSD with my girlfriend.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson:
If you still got all your fingers then you don't know how to have fun on the 4th.
Vlad Cirus
Vlad Cirus:
It's simple: open Netflix and don't look back
Madame X
Madame X:
I'll be staying safe at home because I refuse to be a selfish, inconsiderate, rude, arrogant unpatriotic prick. I'm going to the right thing, the true American thing and stay home to help protect my fellow man because that's what 4th of July is really about, not self indulgence.
Da Zoopz
Da Zoopz:
Thanks CNN, I almost forgot to buy my USA themed merchandise for the 4th this year. Can’t wait to celebrate freedom!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Sebastian Di
Sebastian Di:
Awareness is not enough. It will happen. Especially on Judgement day.
GetWoke GoBroke
GetWoke GoBroke:
Fake news
Very Hungry pumpkin
Very Hungry pumpkin:
You should retitle it to -
"How to remain a blue pilled loser like most of our brain dead audience.
Tim P
Tim P:
Heres My Tip !! You want to Stay Safe on the 4th !! Stay out of the Liberal Run Cities !!
Trump 2020
Trump 2020:
5 million new jobs in June but the media remains tight lipped
Sometime Alias
Sometime Alias:
KIM, VLAD and XI are having a Zoom meeting on the 4th July to have a good laugh about what Americans have to celebrate about.
Sebastian Di
Sebastian Di:
"Masters of the Universe" i had to ship coal for, to get them. "Bricketts". My grandpa was a good one. But today, teenies want all for free.
I already bought aerial fireworks and mortars 😈 I don’t want no baby fireworks
Interglacial Optimist
Interglacial Optimist:
When does that whole "great again" part start?
A Mo
A Mo:
Don’t go out! Stay your arse put so you can live to see next years fourth!
Jeff Woods
Jeff Woods:
Everyone stay home and wrap yourself in saran wrap..especially around your head..
Gothic Dragon warrior Queen
Gothic Dragon warrior Queen:
This is good tips ! Stay safe and stay healthy! Happy Independence Day!!!🙂❤🗽🇺🇲🎇🎆
madeline welsh
madeline welsh:
I know there's a very contagious virus outbreak but I insist on going to a party... Stay home plz
Truth Ninja
Truth Ninja:
Media wants you to:
- Stay home
- Wear a mask
- Don't have fun
- Be miserable all day
- Just call your friends and family on the phone
- Watch fireworks on TV
Better do what the media says, or you might kill someone's grandma... wait, didn't Cuomo already do that?
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams:
The summer of the pandemic...history in the making...
Tom Arnel
Tom Arnel:
People who have communal pools usually swim in the afternoon. I've found with my condo pool, I can go swimming in the morning around 9am and have the pool all to myself.
Tony Smith
Tony Smith:
I live everyday the same always safe I stay 7 ft away from everyone
Low IQ Leftist
Low IQ Leftist:
Hosting the biggest 4th of July "UN-cancelled" spectacular celebration!
Just off the i-70 swickley bridge in Pennsylvania!
The Emperor
The Emperor:
I’ll be lighting off fireworks celebrating the wonderful country I live in. If anyone has a problem with that I have a loaded shotgun so 🤷🏻‍♂️
Sebastian m
Sebastian m:
Stay home, crack a brew or start the absinthe drip, and make fun of the lies on CNN.👍

This Was CNN.
Hope Forbetter
Hope Forbetter:
Looking forward to US celebrating their independence from Corona!
Ross Hoyt
Ross Hoyt:
These are great, simple tips to stay safe this 4th of July. Be safe everybody!
XBlackDragon 3
XBlackDragon 3:
Sounds more like controlling ppl lives to me
Donna Hill
Donna Hill:
Thanks for safety tips for this weekend . My family and I plan to stay home and have a cook out. Probably hamburgers and hot dogs, nothing fancy. Not much to do with 5 people. Stay Safe everyone. ☺
I'll be having a protest in my back yard. Will be be making some protest bbq chicken and protest beer. All My family and friends will be there, oh wait i forgot to say MY PROTEST family and friends will be there. Oh and we'll be having protest fireworks!!
97 Street Records
97 Street Records:
Brandon Bohn
Brandon Bohn:
Darwin will be looking on
Wearing a mask is much easier than wearing a ventilator
Robert Maxwell
Robert Maxwell:
For all you sheep out there listen up! 😂😂
Where is the video for how to stay say for the riots?
Mo A
Mo A:
Covid19 on July 4: "Hold my beer 🍺"
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto:
Chadd Sinclair:
Weed Me
Weed Me:
Weed Me
Simple....stay home lol.
Fred Favors
Fred Favors:
storm skye
storm skye:
According to CNN if we riot and loot we will be safe from carona 👍
Danny Smith
Danny Smith:
The best tip to stay safe on the 4th of July, is to not be an American! 😂
David Lavery
David Lavery:
Ladies, stay away from Ghis
1. Through 10. = don’t watch CNN💯😂
fcuking Sg Invain
fcuking Sg Invain:
Juanita Holland
Juanita Holland:
My neighborhood has fireworks every night since May. I'm about tired of it now I'll be in the house staying safe.
Jasmin M
Jasmin M:
This pandemic helps democrats so much😏
anchor point
anchor point:
What about stay at home?
Trump 2020
Trump 2020:
The media is trying to talk our economy into a depression
robert caldwell
robert caldwell:
Stay on the fkn boat !
Sheyla Vega
Sheyla Vega:
Sadesh Harischandra
Sadesh Harischandra:
Happy Treason day
Ryte Vsn
Ryte Vsn:
Hey where is Epstein case update?
If we can't celebrate this year then we do next year! Safety First! But in the end, you guys decide!
anneline brown
anneline brown:
Easy, stay home
Douglas Barton
Douglas Barton:
Is corvid-19 like when we have fog no need to talk to cough or sneeze on others It's everywhere
barry Powell
barry Powell:
Doctors said red paint tested positive for Corona
Gerard Mourits
Gerard Mourits:
I wonder if HA visits the new CHAZ now that the larpers at Seattle were drove out of their "summer of love"
Mike Hall
Mike Hall:
Breaking News. Great news for President Trump. 4.8 million jobs added in June and unemployment went from 13.4% in May to 11.1% in June. Now back to fake news CNN
This will help me stay safe of mainstream media that stating we are in a pandemic when actually we are not.
Mainstream media should be charged prosecuted and sent to prison for a long time cuz this has killed people.
Fred C Dobbs
Fred C Dobbs:
Repeating the same lecture my 6 year old knows by heart. CNN got nothing.
Paul Graham
Paul Graham:
I've seen so many people want their "norm" back but it gets under my skin to see the ignorance.
This reminder is so needed
i control my thoughts
i control my thoughts:
Ghislane Maxwell arrested!! Where is that news ?
'Fox & Friends' host urges Trump to wear a mask: 'Masks Are Great Again'
Angie Chang
Angie Chang:
Memorial Day? TWO DAYS since the PROTESTS
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous:
Pro tip: Shoot to kill
Sebastian Di
Sebastian Di:
@parents please watch your kids a bit. Kids, that kill each other inside the schools? Not acceptable. 4th july or not. Many american teenies are arrogant those days.
# 1 tip! Stay away from large urban areas.
260th comment check.....
J Lavem
J Lavem:
Here's a tip for staying safe stay at home.
steven r
steven r:
But those protests hey ?
Rana Ahmed
Rana Ahmed:
Very good
Interglacial Optimist
Interglacial Optimist:
Are you spending your $1,200 on the Dependence day celebration?
Alisia Tripp
Alisia Tripp:
I want to protest INDEPENDENCE DAY! I believe that makes me immune and your advise is different for me. Please is it okay to protest and riot in groups of strangers. That’s okay RIGHT!?
John Shaw
John Shaw:
Stay at home. There's your tip
Ira Tozer
Ira Tozer:
How can you distinguish intelligent people from fools?
Surplus Division
Surplus Division:
Time progressives start supporting run rights. Then we will all be safe. Real progressives would feel comfortable owning a Machine gun, and know it’s the only thing protesting us from police brutality.
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton:
Don't watch CNN, BSNBC, FOX, or any other Cable news network. That is a great tip to stay safe and sain :D
Jerry Crossman
Jerry Crossman:
Where are the eipstien stories????
Peace Frog
Peace Frog:
Stay home. Your welcome.