Timotheé Chalamet Spotted MAKING OUT With New Girl!

We have some Timothee Chalamet news that you may or may not want to hear. While we may all STILL be social distancing, it is in fact summer and that means time for a vacation. Especially for new couple Timotheé Chalamet and Eiza Gonzalez. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pYxF1G52OU

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65 komento:

I really liked him with Lily tho.
Nicole Madrigal
Nicole Madrigal:
Exactly why these people don’t care at all, we are still in a pandemic so don’t come on vacation to Mexico where we don’t have any more space in hospitals !!!
he looked really happy in the pictures..so i'm okay. just want timmy happy
Maddie Sellers
Maddie Sellers:
people really shouldn't care who he dates at the end of the day if he's happy we should all be happy and he's not gonna break up with her over what his supporters think and he shouldn't have to. I'm happy he's probably happy.
Abc Def
Abc Def:
His agents are ruining his humble, sweet image. They need to be sacked!
Inyour dre4mz
Inyour dre4mz:
Is it me or he isn’t attractive but he’s a Unproblematic person
Juana O
Juana O:
Alright timothee is dating a Latina😏😍
Both irresponsible.
Abc Def
Abc Def:
Not believable. His agents should just let him remain single.
Mohan Guan
Mohan Guan:
I thought him and Lily were the most compatible couple in the whole universe 😶
Heidi Ruiz
Heidi Ruiz:
I don’t find timothee attractive at all. But I think you guys should let him date whoever he wants. It’s not always going to be someone you like normally. And also, with lily. I loved them together as well don’t get me wrong. But sometimes things don’t go or work out as they should and not all couples are meant for each other. If timothees happy with Eliza, (if that’s even him) then let him be. Lily can always find someone better✨
Xoxo Monet
Xoxo Monet:
Latinas stay winning 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jocelyn Yadaicela
Jocelyn Yadaicela:
I support Tim and Eiza they soooo cute but I don’t think they’re going to last
Camille Mora
Camille Mora:
i’m sorry but this ain’t it😗
Omg why do u guys even bother? I mean he can do what he wants...and btw we don’t know anything yet! Let’s just wait till he respond back
I can't believe my tweet got to clever news, what the hell wjsjjdjd.
Eiza is soooooo pretty 🔥🔥🔥 p.s. and the pandemic? Why are they vacationing?
Becky Valdepena
Becky Valdepena:
I support him no matter what just let me be mad and have my tantrum. 😔🖐🏼
Mofe Adeyemi
Mofe Adeyemi:
I clicked as quickly as I could....I need to know if my mans taken or not
rowan goodmann
rowan goodmann:
so NOW like him with Lily lol y'all are sooo dump sometimes 🙄😝💅🏽
I love timothee so much, but I have no....NO words-
Vanne Spellman
Vanne Spellman:
In México the hotels and the restaurants are reopend in a lot of states, so live them alone they a beautiful couple and she's so pretty
nicole sarli
nicole sarli:
I just don't really like eiza
Samridh Gupta
Samridh Gupta:
I am happy for him but TIMMY WHYYYYYYYyYyYyyyyyyyyy
Inej Ghafa
Inej Ghafa:
okay girls let’s turn up the sad music and cry
Me reacting to the tilitle: ummm chile anyways so
Matrix - The original.
Matrix - The original.:
Just noticed the photos behind you and I suddenly am happier.
At least someone here is happily in a relationship unlike some Timothée stans out there.

By the way I am happy for Timmy too!
Aaliyah mckenna
Aaliyah mckenna:
This guy is prettier than any woman i've seen.
Ryisaharrygirl Tpwk
Ryisaharrygirl Tpwk:
Statistics yuh
900 Subscribe Subscribers without video
900 Subscribe Subscribers without video:
"Don't lie who's been a fan of Clevver News for more than a day"

(He just commented on my newest video omg)
sundus labib
sundus labib:
Just realised the pandemic doesnt affect the enjoyment of the rich people(most of them)
María José
María José:
That "new girl" is Eiza Gonzales, she´s famous enough for not be jus target as the "new girl"
S B:
Why do I think it's weird when an older woman is dating a younger man is it just me or ... I mean I wanna know if I am thinking the wrong way. I dont mind 1 but 6 is not cool to me. Idk maybe I'm just wrong but ...
Mofe Adeyemi
Mofe Adeyemi:
It's hurts me to say this because I've already planned our wedding but....if he's happy.. I'm happy
Shams Mahmood
Shams Mahmood:
they’re maybe making a movie or we don’t know . I don’t care it’s not my business
khajana leigh
khajana leigh:
for those of you who don't know she's racist..she's done black face and yellow face(like blackface but with Asian culture, at least that's what other people have been calling it) and from what I've seen most people don't support them because Timothee has been posting about black lives matter and going to the protests and stuff, although this is great it's kinda hypocritical considering who he is dating.....
Nad x
Nad x:
OMG! Eiza 😱
fernanda salgado
fernanda salgado:
So you first mentioned the man she has dated before the projects she has been?
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman:
He always looks like hes up to no good lol
I love eiza Gonzales
Gregory, The RedPil Guru
Gregory, The RedPil Guru:
wait, he isn't gay?
Hotep Yakub Enword Jogger
Hotep Yakub Enword Jogger:
This is not news
Matrix - The original.
Matrix - The original.:
People blaming Timothée because of their own problems are incredibly pitiful.
First of all,now things are changing and everyone is slowly going back to normal,you can go on vacation now and Italians beaches are plenty of people.
Second,fun fact: Probably every time you smile something tragic happens and the same moment you were born,more than 5 babies on the other side of the world died but it didn’t affect your parents happiness.

Please stop blaming others like that,there is ALWAYS something bad happening unfortunately.
For example Italy is one of the most infected countries but literally the first night people could meet friends again,the entire square was incredibly full,almost nobody wearing masks,people all next to each other,full pubs and discos,even fights. Yet there were still people in hospitals. I am not saying that you should go out and risk like that,but don’t blame others like that. Some people even had these plans before the pandemic.

I mean 2:30 for example,poor people are going to the beach too,stop making excuses.
Leo Moon
Leo Moon:
Naomi Jimenez
Naomi Jimenez:
Alejandr a
Alejandr a:
Floyd McEwan
Floyd McEwan:
Stanley Howe
Stanley Howe:
Why does the title refer to her as a girl when she is 30? So awkward.
Maryam Adam
Maryam Adam:
Shina Omisanya
Shina Omisanya:
Don't say it. Don't say it. Don't say it. .. Deaken Bluman does it better! Eh, i tried.
Ellen Noa
Ellen Noa:
Timy y Eiza🤮😷
Maxwell media Inc.
Maxwell media Inc.:
I wish he wasn’t heterosexual😭😭😭😭😭
this woman always seems to keep an eye on who Selena Gomez caught. please Selena notice her ... much better than this random between an aquarian and a young capricorn. Selena plz she likes youu
Joselynne mendez
Joselynne mendez:
don’t she got a husband
I’m Nobody
I’m Nobody:
She beautiful 😍
Didn’t she do black face
I like saoirse Ronan
sydney nesley
sydney nesley:
Jean-Pierre Mutin
Jean-Pierre Mutin:
People read so much into all this. He is young and horny and she might prefer her men on the younger side. SEX may be all that it's about.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe:
He's a phenomenal actor, but as a person, he seems to be a bit full of himself and a complete player.
Mercy B
Mercy B:
She did BlackFace oh hell no!🤢🤢🤢🤢
What if he’s not like he seems in the public eye... Maybe he isn’t as nice, idk maybe she’ll change him for the worst.
Hilary Odutoye
Hilary Odutoye:
She’s clearly just using him I didn’t really like lily but she’s better then this girl yes it’s rude that i don’t just called her that girl but I don’t know her actually name 🤷🏽‍♀️ and it’s still a pandemic.
Nahida Begum
Nahida Begum:
Omg he's actually dating a trump supporter even though he protested for BLM damn.