TikTok Star Siya Kakkar Dead At 16

Young TikTok star Siya Kakkar has suddenly passed away in a suicide, according to reports. The 16-year-old was well-known for her upbeat dances on the video sharing app, and had gained nearly 2 million followers on the platform. The news of Siya’s passing was confirmed by her agent, who called the teen a “bright talent.”

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TikTok Star Siya Kakkar Dead At 16


100+ komento:

Shey Shah
Shey Shah:
Social media is the greatest demonic entity the world has ever faced. Delete these apps asap.
Mr Bob
Mr Bob:
Fame does not always bring happiness 😯
Akshay Shirodkar
Akshay Shirodkar:
I never even know who she was until her suicide news came in my news feed.... Really feel bad when young person ends there life journey in such devastating way... Feeling sorry for her family
OM Shanti!!!!...
Desiree Hall
Desiree Hall:
I dont get it !!! These young generations are somehow pressured to be validated in this digital world... just live for yurselves !!! Yur not obligated to anyone... live for yu !!!!!
Racquel Porter
Racquel Porter:
My condolences to her family and love ones mental health is important.
vikas singh
vikas singh:
Please guys stop using tiktok
Tiktok is mentally harasing app
Q Smooth
Q Smooth:
Damn this is horrible you never know what somebody’s going through but she seems like a beautiful great person she was a gorgeous person my heart goes out to her family and friends God bless her Soul
mary jane’s baby
mary jane’s baby:
You never know what people deal with mentally. My condolences to her family.
Chema ChakMo'ol
Chema ChakMo'ol:
Susan Semola
Susan Semola:
She's absolutely gorgeous I'm so sorry to hear that
Greg Simmons
Greg Simmons:
Suicide takes the lives of so many people young and old. I actually have thought about it but when I see the aftermath, it's just so devastating to everyone who loves you. Please reach out to someone if you are thinking of taking your life. Siya had so much more to accomplish and now we'll never know. May you find peace that eluded you in life. Prayers for you and your family 👪
Kevin S.
Kevin S.:
Suicide. I think not. Lots of indian stars have been dying lately. I find it very suspicious.
So very sad 😞
Non retard Vinay
Non retard Vinay:
She was doing so well
She had a whole life ahead of her
Don't know if it was because of the hate,threats she was getting to stop tiktok or it was a personal thing.
Its very sad to hear that may she rest in peace .
Irina Varosyan
Irina Varosyan:
Jesus let everyone find you before even thinking about suicide ...
No follower can fill out the place of God. No one can make us feel not alone but God can.
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur:
It's so heartbreaking! She was just 16 years old and soo beautiful! 🥺🥺
Rafael Oliveira Nunes
Rafael Oliveira Nunes:
Depression for a few days definitely wasn't the only thing going on in that house
What the hell? Oh I am so sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers sincerely go out to her family. So tragic.
Renee Lisette
Renee Lisette:
She had such an Angelic face🥰 prayers for her family 🙏
Aaron Fleming
Aaron Fleming:
She was ritually sacrificed by the elites. Sounds conspiratorial but it's not. These sacrifices happen all the time. They always die via a bathtub, an overdose, car explosion etc. Look up gematria.
Matt Verville
Matt Verville:
I've considered suicide many times. That's a tough age. I'm 31 now and still consider suicide but I have full custody of my daughter and she doesn't have a mom so I have to stick it out. Maybe when she's a adult I'll reconsider but I don't think I'm brave enough anyway. Anyway I found no matter what just keep waking up and thinking positive things helps. I think I might be a lost cause. I had a terrible childhood and was somewhat responsible for my mother's death. I was 7 and my alcoholic dad never let me forget. Anyways I guess I'm venting lol have a good day everyone. 1 day at a time
Amanda Hemstreet
Amanda Hemstreet:
RIP Siyia K.
Gina Mir
Gina Mir:
So sad its like people get tired of living. may she RIP
That's so sad & it breaks my heart.
Baby Hair
Baby Hair:
This is so sad my thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends ❤️🙏🏾
lil girl Aaliyah Johnson
lil girl Aaliyah Johnson:
God bless her family
Raya Lin
Raya Lin:
I watched these types of videos about her and keep on hopping this is just a dream but at the same time I no it’s not…
Thalia Brown
Thalia Brown:
Come back🥺
Susan Semola
Susan Semola:
Where are the doctors at with mental health? Maybe somebody can do something to save other teens what a tragic loss 🙏 God bless your family our prayers are with you
First Etika now this
Mental health is no joke people actually need help
K Dubbs
K Dubbs:
Work wise!?!?! She's 16!!! My 1st job was at 15....i was washin dishes at a very busy restaurant. Wayyy too much stress for a 16 yr old to have. I'm sure she was raking it in with the dough but obviously there is always a downside. Mental health for one. RIP !! May God bless your soul
Andrew Ray
Andrew Ray:
Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Sharuk Khan, Anu Pumker, Tinu Anand, Mahesh bhatt are behind this. We have to ban whole Bollywood and Chinese Products! Ban Tiktok, Zoom, Wechat, Alibaba, etc..!
Cookie K
Cookie K:
Is it bad to say I’m jealous? I want to kill myself too, I’m also going 16 and a girl.

Ik I’m young, but I’m genuinely tired of life, I don’t think anyone really likes me and I don’t think anyone ever will, people are so selfish and materialistic and just BORING.

Is it so bad to just want to rest, and not deal with all the stresss and crap going on in the world? I just want to go to sleep and have a really good dream, and never wake up, just sleep for eternity in a garden full of flowers and just feel happy and euphoric, I want nothing more than just eternal peace and happiness.
Anant Singh
Anant Singh:
Wow they run up their story 😔 , thank you for that. 🙏
Somehow even parents r responsible behind this kind of attempt by the younger generation. They dont give them time and talk to them. Dont ask them what they r going through and sometimes don't allow go out of house is crazy backhome.
chicken nugget
chicken nugget:
Love to the Family🙏🙏
Shieldfan 13
Shieldfan 13:
RIP angel taken way too soon 🙏❤️😇
Kirti Gupta
Kirti Gupta:
Om Shanti 🙏 May her soul attain salvation.
Omor Igiehon
Omor Igiehon:
RIP 🙏🏿🕊❤😪, too many people young dieing in tragic ways😪
Linda Dickinson
Linda Dickinson:
Prayers going out to her family.
ren jonk
ren jonk:
condolence to her family. Rest in peace, Angel.
Sarthak Beginning
Sarthak Beginning:
Miss you...siya 💔😢
Renese X
Renese X:
R.I.P. Siya🙏❤️🙏
speedy Gonzalez
speedy Gonzalez:
No disrespect I loved her a lot ❤️ but I don't think she died of suicide let that sink in🧐 but I surely pray that she rest in peace now 🙏🙏
Gene Ellis
Gene Ellis:
Demons that come through the tv world and music world are real . Turn off the fake world of Facebook, tv, news etc and read your Bible . All the orher things in this world are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT!!! God Bless
birdy lover2020
birdy lover2020:
Rip 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gloria BH
Gloria BH:
Whats going on in india?
DareDevil _Chandra_Sekhar
DareDevil _Chandra_Sekhar:
Why it gotta happen to such talented and beautiful people. Then Sushant and now siya 💔
Balwinder Kaur
Balwinder Kaur:
Mental Health? Really?
jfjijdj hduhfjhd
jfjijdj hduhfjhd:
parents drove her to it
Sweeping Up Spirits Ghost Hunting Inc.
Sweeping Up Spirits Ghost Hunting Inc.:
Now, perhaps, she'll rest in peace, for a while. These #EVPs came in, with a session, that was directed towards finding out what spirits greeted her, at her time of death. https://youtu.be/K9Hi-ivvsII #CelebrityDeathTarot #Evp #Paranormal #ReadingsWithMilanaLevoe
Shining Sharp
Shining Sharp:
And that’s the news . The problem is at her age she should study well and take care herself but not she gained tik tok millions followers . And social media make people depress.
Kxleb Rblx
Kxleb Rblx:
R.I.P to her.
James R
James R:
I don't think Loneliness was her problem. I think maybe being overexposed was.
apurba saikia
apurba saikia:
Board exams
Pretty classless that her manager felt the need to mention the name of his company.... Nobody cares about your lousy company compared to someone's death...
Deborah Carr
Deborah Carr:
WHY?!?!? WHY???? WHY???!!...my beautiful brother committed suicide at 31.... i miss him every single day...I know life is very difficult...there IS help however...especially in our generation!! So tragic...my heart goes out to the family now...they are going to feel deep gut wrenching sadness that they’ve never felt...they will feel so much guilt as well... when in fact ...they shouldn’t...these young souls feel so helpless when they make this permanent forever decision...no one can help them at that point... I so wish they would reach out to someone...Anyone... if you ever have ...or are feeling like there is no light...Please.... Please.....reach out to someone... God Bless 😥
Google Google
Google Google:
Tik tok is a Chinese app. China is on a roll this year! Stop supporting Chinese products
Dawarshaikh YT
Dawarshaikh YT:
All is a one solution delete tiktok app whole world 🙄
Rip Siya
Apps like TikTok are just , *disgusting* ....
It's like people make a trend of bullying people online !
Rip Siya Kakkar.. 💐
Uzma Arifa
Uzma Arifa:
This is the second death in India of a star due to suicide but is it really suicide or something else I find it very suspicious
Vincent Shaam
Vincent Shaam:
this is sad. suicide and mental illness is not funny, i tried suicide too, i am okay now.
My deepest condolences to you and your family. What are all the public out there that is not aware about evil, demonic that tik tock is. This many people that already know about it that's not at all and I believe this is the repercussions of it
Free Pass
Free Pass:
A bit suspicious if you ask me. To many young entertainers get taken advantage of or sex assaulted. No telling what demons she was living with
The Darker Web
The Darker Web:
Majid Baloch
Majid Baloch:
Bewaqoof log apni jan lelete hai
lil girl Aaliyah Johnson
lil girl Aaliyah Johnson:
I am very sorry for the loss
Kelley Kennedy
Kelley Kennedy:
Faiza Channa
Faiza Channa:
Ya Allah khair
Informative Vlogs and videos
Informative Vlogs and videos:
Dosto yh murder h?
Jen Green
Jen Green:
Suicide? Or suicided?
She is 15!!!!
What was the cause of her death?
Jay Shah
Jay Shah:
Ye ab naya trend chal raha..koi bhi problem ho to us se mukabla karne ke jagah suicide commite kar rahe..
Felicita Rody
Felicita Rody:
KN Superstar
KN Superstar:
Check new videos of Siya kakkar 👍
mergirl2000 Dunne
mergirl2000 Dunne:
Omg..... God be with her
Ajoy Das
Ajoy Das:
Tiktok is very dangerous app
ams khan
ams khan:
This is the reason why all stars should live with their families or friends. If you going to depend on your managers and work colleagues then it’s obvious person is gonna go crazy. I don’t know exactly if she was living with her family or not or with a friend. But if you’re by yourself you are bound to do something crazy. Try not dialling a number to speak to someone how about trying a family member or long time friend can understand you and support you in a difficult time. Poor girl lost her life. RIP.
zakia kanwal
zakia kanwal:
What is wrong
Q Yung people khud ki maar rehi hi
Keya in logo key pechye Jo dukh dety hi
Wo log unki qemeti Zindagi se zyada important hi ?
Please don't do this 😭
Cociued ki waja se Yung gurnation bhut mushkil me hi
Ajoy Das
Ajoy Das:
Tiktok banned kor do
North Korean Bigot
North Korean Bigot:
Maybe she got tired of bleaching her skin
Biology Workout
Biology Workout:
Banned Karan Johar from Bollywood for Sushant sir
Ban carryminati now for her
I don't know what I am talking but I have very low vision
*well I never installed tik tok ever*
Maria Retana
Maria Retana:
Mija que lindo bailabas hermosaaa niña
Kathreen Ram
Kathreen Ram:
My condolences to family close ones We have lost a Beautiful soul so beautiful young full of life. Have a family. Who loves her. Enjoying singing dancing. Have slot of followers. Being in the spotlight you have to be on top of you show. To be no one in the world. Its slots for a young person. K POP singers starts young they also have suicide. Its sad in. Any Industry young people. Are lonely depression. Its. A lot to deal with at this time when we have the Covid. No connection no friends hanging out your life is. Not how it was before , I you have to find other things to do But. At 16 you now start to live. Other kids. Don't have water clothes food light. Alot of things you have they don't. But they are happy they struggle . But there are those who. Would not like you. Why your pretty talented. Everyone likes you I people can say or write words that can hurt mentally. That's hard to handle it breaks you down if your not strong you will go the other way Recently a wrestler from Japan who was on. Terrace House Kill herself. Cause off. Cyber bullying Words can be very dangerous. Its stays in your mind. Mentally. Its sad. She was so young. Her parents will have to be strong they had hopes for her now they lost a loved one. It. I'll hurt pain tears will flow they will blame themselves but no one can stop her Its. Her choice. Now or later it would have happen, A Mothers. Love will. Be there.A Mothers heart is broken. Still give your support to the family. They will need it
Kalpoe Roepesh
Kalpoe Roepesh:
Is this true
nCORE Games
nCORE Games:
Log pagal hote ja rahe h . Abe ye matlab jindagi m kuch nhi h kya BC hamari jindagi dekhe koi to pta chlega jo 19 sal se parents k tane lower middle class hone ka pressure parents p bojh lagna . Parents se ab gali sunna or bachpan m pitna km h Kia. Ajj bhi mera man krta h sab khatam ho jae suicide kr lu but fir sochta hu is duniya p abhi Raj karna h . So please everyone has there own problem . please don't do that ladna seekh.
Mushkile ati hme mazboot banna ko naki kayar bnane ko . It's your choice KAYAR HO YA STRONG .
Austin Howells
Austin Howells:
Her parents are going after her fans her fans are mean to her. Her parents don’t play
zishan tamboli
zishan tamboli:
she wasn't even that much matured to realize that suicide is nvr an escape from a problem!

i blamed her parents n friends
hortense bediam
hortense bediam:
DAMN I can believe I heard the sad news about that 16 year old Siya Kakkar the tik tok star in India passed away today on Ariana Grande's 27th Birthday today and Siya Kakkar died of Apartment Suicide at the age of 16 years old RIP Siya Kakkar.
Shellie Rodarmel
Shellie Rodarmel:
There is a lot of young actors dying India so weird
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones:
Such a shame
Maryyam Kashif
Maryyam Kashif:
God protect our children’s 💎💎😇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Surprisingly it’s not the old, wrinkly Bollywood stars.
A B:
sirshendu bhattacharjee
sirshendu bhattacharjee:
Great news.
Nitesh S
Nitesh S:
Problems are temporary. Suicide is permanent. Think before you take that step
Tik tok is the reason for her suicide as there is a massive backlash in india against chines product or apps still if some one is using chines app they should be stop using it