TikTok's Addison Rae on Bryce Hall Dating Rumors | Full Interview

ET spoke with Addison at the TikTok Hype House about her career, her family, rumors she's dating Bryce Hall and what's next.

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Isabella Dominguez
Isabella Dominguez:
Addison is the only person in the hype house who isnt akward in interviews.. Although she is so pretty
Misan Wu
Misan Wu:
Addison when she sees hate comments: “oh they were probably having a bad day”
Everyone else: WTH is wrong with them

She is the kindest celebrity I’ve ever seen and despite being famous she is still so humble

edit: can we be supportive pls? I don't have tiktok but from interviews addison seems nice.

Edit 2 :yeesh okay I get it but what’s with all the hate comments? If u don’t like her don’t watch her. There’s a solution
Memes for the universe
Memes for the universe:
Imagine being a middle schooler that can say Addison Rae babysat me
I can tell that Addison was raised and taught to love everyone and that everyone deserves kindness in their life, no matter if they were hateful or rude towards her. Sheri and Monty did a great job raising Addison. I really hope the people around her don't ruin her sweet personality, because you can just tell Addison is very down to earth and pure. You can also just tell that she has no hatred in her whatsoever because even with the hate she recieves, she doesn't throw shade back but she reponds with love and kindness. The world is too cruel for Addison's bubbly and sweet personality. She is truly an angel, and she deserves so much better than the world today.
Trendy Reality TV
Trendy Reality TV:
She’s literally one of the prettiest people naturally iv’e every seen in my life !
matias franco
matias franco:
So down to earth her parents did a great job raising her
Madeline Carper
Madeline Carper:
Honestly I don’t see why Charlie is favored over Addison. Charlie is passive and does not know how to act in socially packed settings or interviews. Whereas in Addison seems so bubbly and alive!
Bryce Hall: CEO of the friend zone 😂
lilly zavala
lilly zavala:
She looks just like a real life tangled the princess character
her ex's arms prolly fallen off by now considering how hard he punchin air
S Z:
The fact that she says she wants to financially support her family is cute
Gabriella Molyneux
Gabriella Molyneux:
It’s kinda sad that she is so talented and has a lot to show off and half the questions are literally about dating boys. Smh 🤦‍♀️
This is literally back then when tiktok wasn’t toxic!!,
Madi Trumbull
Madi Trumbull:
She reminds of Britney Spears when she first started out. Full of life and bubbly. I hope the popularity doesn’t ruin her like it did Britney.
addison is honestly the only hype house tiktoker that i genuinely respect. she’s so sweet and down to earth. you can tell that her parents raised her right.
Lilly F
Lilly F:
She has such a great bubbly personality, also she responded to each question very wisely and knew how to articulate her words! You can tell she was raised right by the way she spoke about people. Truly deserves all the love and hype! Can’t wait to see her on the big screen 🥺❤️❤️
Andrea Penner
Andrea Penner:
Addison literally sounds like the sweetest person ever!!
adam mahmood
adam mahmood:
she has such a humble cute and down to earth personality
Pwavi Duku
Pwavi Duku:
Can you imagine how much her ex must be regretting breaking up with her?
Haven Goodwin
Haven Goodwin:
for the people who keep saying" how many times did she say like?" well luckily you don't have to count cuz I did and she said it 180 times.
its mik
its mik:
Why is this all about her dating?? There’s so much more to talk to her about.
michaela craven
michaela craven:
I think what makes Addison more likeable than charli is the fact that she’s older and more mature. She knows exactly how to word things. Not Charlis fault but yeah
Mari Zulu
Mari Zulu:
I love how addison said “for now just for now we better as friends” 🥺💕🤧
Damn she’s beautiful :’(
Paloma Abad
Paloma Abad:
“Watching the kardashians...” and a few days ago she has been in the house of kourtney kardashian making tik toks with her son
Rami Odi
Rami Odi:
She is america's sweetheart .
Ampi Castellano
Ampi Castellano:
The amount of times addison said “like” ↙️⬇️↘️
Addison is a girl that you want to be sisters with or best friend 💗💗 she’s so humble and kind👉👈😊
Ellie Farrelly
Ellie Farrelly:
Addison is so niceee she was even nice to the hate comments xx
Stray Balvin
Stray Balvin:
She’s that unnecessary type beautiful 🥺
cindy lou who bitch
cindy lou who bitch:
i love that she’s getting money and she’s not flexing hella shit or spending it irresponsibly and still staying the same i see everyone else in the hype house just flexing changing etc hopefully she stays like this forvever!
_Dagas _
_Dagas _:
Imagine being babysitted by Addison
Łøvie _123
Łøvie _123:
I like Addison because she is confident and pretty
Aaron Gill
Aaron Gill:
pov: bryce got friendzoned you can tell he likes addi
Alina and Woody the rabbit
Alina and Woody the rabbit:
Did anyone else get triggered when she said “me and my mom” instead
“my mom and I”

Me: just me ok
Mali Miller
Mali Miller:
she’s a walking piece if positivity
Preston and blitz wingers biggest fan !!!!!!!!!!!
Preston and blitz wingers biggest fan !!!!!!!!!!!:
Addison is so sweet!
I would love to meet her one day 🙂
Justin Moritz
Justin Moritz:
She’s so kind sounding, that’s the southern hospitality 👌
Why does it feels so warm & happy when listening to her talking? She brings peace, thanks addison. She's such a sweetheart
jojo e
jojo e:
Girl seems genuine, lets see how Hollywood will ruin another great personality. I hope she dosen't sign any crazy contracts that will ruin her love for entertainment... Oh well lets see :/
kelsey Espinal
kelsey Espinal:
Addison - we never dated
Bryce - we dated for 3 days

Addison: “Luckily”
Mica Bianca Olayvar
Mica Bianca Olayvar:
she's my only favorite when it comes to hype house tho! she's so humble
Sage Seno
Sage Seno:
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw her. Very pretty indeed...
Addison is so pretty and sweet and she’s so humble and doesn’t brag about being famous I hope she know how much people love her !
Sabrina Mion
Sabrina Mion:
We don’t deserve Addison
What's TikTok?
Asian Gurls
Asian Gurls:
Bryce has been friend zoned🤣🤣🤣
Dang my guy got in the friend zone
John Land
John Land:
Idk why at first when i discovered Addison Rae I thought she looked like an Emma 😂 or a Lauren
Lena Boldi
Lena Boldi:
hold up... is no one gonna talk abt the fact that addison was in a relationship from age 13-18....
Melissa Mathew
Melissa Mathew:
She is such a sweet and calm girl, who deserves this opportunity!
F Iq
F Iq:
"shes so well-spoken"... bruh she j be speaking her mind lol
6k johnny
6k johnny:
The question on my mind is why do these 30 year old people at et care
Amber Fallon
Amber Fallon:
What she said about billie Eilish and when she blew up is exactly the same way I feel😂😂
Nelly Jane
Nelly Jane:
Imagine having Addison as your baby sitter
Karyme Rodríguez
Karyme Rodríguez:
She's really cute, this changed my mind about her
Olivia Said HELLO
Olivia Said HELLO:
Wait so who is she dating? Who else is confused about who is dating her?
Bruh Why Are These 30 Year Olds Asking Some Kids About There Life lol
Kyndal Gonzales
Kyndal Gonzales:
Aww I wish I could just meet Addison and Charli I wish I was as popular as them but on my tik tok no one likes me :(
her type of beauty is rare nowadays idk how to explain it. she looks like she belongs in the 60’s/70s/80s
Michelle Arellano
Michelle Arellano:
Addison I love you so much you are such a humble and sweet person I would love to meet you sometime of my life I just want to say to keep on doing tik tok because you are so good at it!! You are the sweetest person I’ve ever seen before! LOVE you so much 💕
Christian McMahon
Christian McMahon:
I’m supposed to Believe, I’M supposed to believe that this guy willingly just didn’t try to date her?
Nah fam I have to believe she turned him down, he definitely shot his shot 😂😂
Benjamin Castro
Benjamin Castro:
I’m so proud of her success She is so mature for her age.
Lucia Rodriguez
Lucia Rodriguez:
I love how all of us wish that something like this will happen.Addison is cute❤️
being tiktok famous is literally so silly and strange but she is SO SWEET!!!! She seems so down to earth and nice. 🥺 I hope she can branch out even more than this and do super awesome things.
Darryl Haycock
Darryl Haycock:
That southern accent coming out 😂😂 love it
take a shot every time she says “like” she cute tho🖖🏼
OMG addi is so cute. She is so strong! I cry when I get hate. :(
it’s sad how I’ve been here since musically and then The hype house members downloaded TikTok last year, blow up and not me ;( but I still love hype house!
unknown ???
unknown ???:
This is how many times Addison said “like”. 👇🏻
Irmak Akgün
Irmak Akgün:
The way she blushed while saying “were just friends”
Kristel P
Kristel P:
Addison is really mature, bubbly and sweet. I love her so much! ❤
Yoprank Hehd
Yoprank Hehd:
Adisson Rae : talking
The dog: should I jump in the pool or just walk around 😂😂
Octavia Thompson
Octavia Thompson:
sorry but the amount of times she said “like” is adorable.
Alexa Aguipo
Alexa Aguipo:
I have a feeling she’ll blow up more than Charlie in the coming months. Just look at her rapid growth in her following against any other big TikTok influencer.
Sanem Yaprak
Sanem Yaprak:
Honestly I think Addison should get Charli’s hype I like Charli but Addison is a just the sweetest person in the world
Cool Turtle
Cool Turtle:
“When I would get into my feelins” - SOUTHERN Addison, 2020
Eylul Alpay
Eylul Alpay:
1. she has such a sweet personality 2. she is gorgeous 3. and she is so supportive <3
Elizabeth Perryman
Elizabeth Perryman:
she’s so well spoken and mature like wow
When she said she can only control about how they feel about her

I said YASSSSSSS IKR i try to explain that to people but they dont get it
Who thinks they should make a HYPE HOUSE SENIOR. with all they hype house parents and other famous parents
I thought the rumor was abt tony and he daring
Tahlee Donald
Tahlee Donald:
I love Addison so much she's such a great dancer, she's so pretty and she is so kind and positive. 😘😘😘
avreet jagdev
avreet jagdev:
honestly she’s the only tik tok person who looks the same in interviews

lol im a smaller YouTuber btw just saying 😌
sun shine
sun shine:
She deserves sooo much🥺 I swear she's a 👸. Sweetest soul I've seen! Also she handles hate so well! I just love her🥺❤️
YNB-Infinity -
YNB-Infinity -:
9:32 a cat running in the back
Morgan Khaliah
Morgan Khaliah:
This like says how many times she said “like” 😭
Eamon Cantlin
Eamon Cantlin:
when she said were just friend
*Bad Word*
*Bad Word*:
Charli, Dixie, and Addison all seem so down to earth. I really hope the fame and attention doesn’t get to their head like everyone else around them..
Catherine Shamel
Catherine Shamel:
Can we talk about how casual she was. I mean everyone in the hype house dressed nice and very composed. She showed up in what she wears everyday and giggled and was so open!
Calliope Vallee
Calliope Vallee:
Addison: we’re just friends
Bryce: we’ve been dating for 2 years
Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee:
I wish I was one of the middle schoolers 👅
maliha ahmad
maliha ahmad:
the more i listen to her talk the more i can hear her louisiana accent
its soo cute i love it!!
ok but why is this in my recommended
Herman Yawe
Herman Yawe:
Addison is such a nice, real and beautiful young woman. I hope she achieves all of her dreams!
Annie Kim
Annie Kim:
That’s my idol 🥰
Marwan Mahmood
Marwan Mahmood:
Hop on,
We're about to find out who asked!
Nikilitha Mboniswa
Nikilitha Mboniswa:
Addison: don’t treat me, excuse me Me: aww she so cute and kind wish I could meet her