Thon Maker Full Game 3 Highlights Bucks vs Celtics 2018 Playoffs - 14 Pts, 5 Blocks!

Thon Maker Full Highlights | Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics | Round 1 Game 3 | 2018 NBA Playoffs
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Stone Cold
Stone Cold:
his effort on defense was everything
If he can play like this consistently, he can be the modern version of KG, long, athletic, mobile, agile, great defender and hustler, and can shoot, this kid has great potential.
He held back, he will destroy the NBA in the future tho. Well, according to Mike.
I think Thon maker always had it in him it's gonna take him to bring the hulk out of em
Playoff thon 🔥🔥🔥
Matt R
Matt R:
Unmatched intensity, way better than that scrub Henson
Bucks Gods
Bucks Gods:
Look how fast thon is moving bruh Lol
Q-J Hoops
Q-J Hoops:
Man his flashes of potential are amazing. Hope he lives up to it.
Oscar Chang
Oscar Chang:
how was this guy not performing the whole past two seasons bruh. dude can legit guard 1-5
Ian Sharp
Ian Sharp:
Thon Maker ! Monster of a game at both ends. They have to keep him in there now. Henson doesn't have this sort of raw ability.
Adam Greco
Adam Greco:
5 blocks and 3 splashes. Better than henson in every aspect. Thon is the goat
liquid Gaming
liquid Gaming:
Now he about to get a diamond card on 2k lol
Michael Hills
Michael Hills:
hes so fast
Glenn Achas
Glenn Achas:
Jason Kidd held him back
The Hawk
The Hawk:
The Bucks need to let him play. In the first 2 games he was barely in there. This dude is a modern day center.
This man loves the playoffs
Kitan Ogunbona
Kitan Ogunbona:
why is he so fast😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bucks Gods
Bucks Gods:
Playoff thon a goat
I thought the bucks passed on embiid?
Rafiandra Putra
Rafiandra Putra:
Dikembe is that you??? Where's that finger wag??
Paul Caruso
Paul Caruso:
Pistons to the championship confirmed.
Let’s be honest, your here because of how op he is in my team, and you didn’t have a clue who he was
Jason Waldrop
Jason Waldrop:
He is going to be very dangerous in his nba career . He reminds of a kevin Garnett but can also shoot the 3 pointer. Talk about magic.
Let thon play he doesn’t need to gain weight he will lose his speed. He needs to keep his legs strong and ball out
Raiden Bridges
Raiden Bridges:
The Bucks are fools for not giving that man time to grow
tonton heredero
tonton heredero:
that dude was hitting 3's? Damn.
Logan Harter
Logan Harter:
"Tatum and brown have been avoiding me since high school." I can see why big fella mercy.
Thon Dot
Thon Dot:
He is a good player. Coach just gotta give him more minutes. Great job brother Thon.
Brain Blue
Brain Blue:
Reminds me of KG
Anna Turcotte
Anna Turcotte:
he should change his name to block maker
Abdiaziz Osman
Abdiaziz Osman:
That was monster effort on the defensive side + he can stretch the floor! When he adds some size to that frame man that's going to be lit to see
jeffry hammel
jeffry hammel:
Ruby Thon Maker Is On The Way #2k 👀
william hardenbergh
william hardenbergh:
he brought great energy at the end of the first and they carried that out throught the rest of the game with 4 bkl in first quarter
TC Suds
TC Suds:
When Thon is standing on the three point line he discord out the flor sOOOO much more then taking midrange jumpers. . . Kidd was so silly.
Arturo Lopez
Arturo Lopez:
Wow getting him for Stanley Johnson we got the good end of the deal.
#1 YouTube Fan
#1 YouTube Fan:
thon maker gonna have a breakout season next year just watch
j lo
j lo:
Those blocks make thon a modern day dikembe mutombo
Al B.
Al B.:
He was man handling Horford. He should be starting. Definitely turned the series around for the Bucks
4288 LO'KOLAE:
thon maker Sudan
Thon went from high school to pro's now it looks like he's finally "ready"
Jap Dela Torre
Jap Dela Torre:
But still loses on Filipinos on fighting. Remember the flying kick😂😂😂
playoff THON was a different player. i missed it so much when the bucks were the underdogs in the east. fkin bradley center was so looooud!
Joe Webb
Joe Webb:
Now where has this been all season 🤔
Jacky Lin
Jacky Lin:
0:13 kick star
Man, the potential on this kid is crazy. He has been improving every year, but I want to see him take that big step.
Ayyy finally starting to see good news on my boy Thon.👌👌
Joey Zanichelli
Joey Zanichelli:
Great guy. Gonna miss him in MKE 😢
How you start the highlights out with a travel?
It's ch.illmatic
It's ch.illmatic:
Damn bruh hes surprisingly quick
This guy is seriously underrated
Rarri Banz
Rarri Banz:
Welcome to detroit big fella
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates:
That's just unfair
Let's start a new saying every time the ball is blocked and caught just say thon maker lol
Aussies doing some good shit in the playoffs this year.
christian john velasco
christian john velasco:
Carl 555
Carl 555:
They better start him
mr. flying dragon knee attack!
Slim 803
Slim 803:
How Crazy is the Australian National team with Simmons,Dante,Ingels,Delle and Maker
Fred Anthony
Fred Anthony:
I hope he can be this good more consistently in the Pistons.
Andrea Bambilla
Andrea Bambilla:
Thonmaker with those flying kick
Zero _007
Zero _007:
5 blks? More like 10 blks
Carter 32
Carter 32:
So this is how he got that galaxy opal imao
John Bernard Buenaventura
John Bernard Buenaventura:
His flying kick was sick!
Ash Houghton
Ash Houghton:
Dong Shaker playing good ball
Fuckrap Music
Fuckrap Music:
He used to be a point guard in highschool
Better get 20+ minutes a game for the rest of the series he brought a much needed defensive presence in the paint, and is a valuable floor spacer.
Going to be interesting in the Olympics Australia will have a very dynamic team.
14 pts, 5 blocks, 37 yo
Joshua Esguerra
Joshua Esguerra:
Ano Mantis kang gago ka a? Patalon talon ka na lang
He needs to start getting some buckets in the paint to be a consistent scorer. Also these blocks are nice but he allows penetration really easily and relies on his freak athleticism to get the block
Dwayne23 Tusli
Dwayne23 Tusli:
The austrilian flying knee...
fazy lucker
fazy lucker:
Thon "flying kick" maker. Tall bust
Draymond Green
Draymond Green:
why didnt you put his flying kick?
Luis Reginaldo Medilo
Luis Reginaldo Medilo:
Shades of Manute Bol
TropA Moto
TropA Moto:
Bad luck I go to PH and get suspended. Goodbye NBA
Isaiah Gideon
Isaiah Gideon:
*King of flying kicks*
Dom Tes
Dom Tes:
he will take over the NBA
Dshon Cameron
Dshon Cameron:
The extra black mamba
N A:
Reason why we got rid of Monroe
Aldrin Prieto.WintexTrims
Aldrin Prieto.WintexTrims:
thon maker is a future kick boxer but epic.. watch philippines vs. australia brawl fight haha
Ant ayy
Ant ayy:
Thon maker is a beast
Charles Gilbert
Charles Gilbert:
Huge enigma. Been a complete no show in 90% of his games.
Riley Dotson
Riley Dotson:
If he can average even 8 and 8 with 2 blocks the Bucks bench will improve like crazy.
Baller Doge
Baller Doge:
I counted more than 5 blocks.. ?
mack 2k
mack 2k:
He gain weight that makes him stronger defender
Othello Rucker
Othello Rucker:
Bucks have so much potential they need to get there shit together though. Definitely need to make some moves before the season. Glad to see Thon being aggressive
Sari-Sari Games
Sari-Sari Games:
But he only knows flying kick
Rasheed Liao
Rasheed Liao:
Flying kick guy
Kyle Xavieru
Kyle Xavieru:
bad in flying kick.
John Pabelloren
John Pabelloren:
If this guy somehow progresses his overall growth. He would be a unstoppable force. I mean look at him, he can keep up with guards, he can move his body even though he is big as fuck. He can shoot, we all know that even before he was drafted. If only he would give it his all. Why do i think he is either being held back by something or is holding back in playing to the fullest. He could be better than KAT offensively if he would learn some step back, some good low post moves. He would be a great player to have. I just wish he would remain healthy and he doesn't need to get as buffed as other players, he have to keep himself muscular enough.
He was credited with 5 blocks but it looks like he was unlucky not to get credited with 7.
Kaleb Pyle
Kaleb Pyle:
Why is he not starting tho
Franz More
Franz More:
He is just 21 years old.
Jhon Henrich Clarito
Jhon Henrich Clarito:
Black bucks
Logan Harter
Logan Harter:
I get why he does the money sign when he makes a shot now lol. It's because he's the money "maker" baby.
Carlo Christian Senica
Carlo Christian Senica:
Thon Maker throwing flying kicks.