THIS WAS FIRE! - One Piece Chapter 991 | B.D.A Law

One Piece Chapter 991 is here, and maybe its time to look at a CERTAIN man differently... #Onepiece991

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Katsu Imagitian
Katsu Imagitian:
Kinemon: Oh yeah I can cut fire?

Kaido: He can cut fire?

Foxfire Kinemon: *I CAN CUT FIRE!*
Outlaw Red
Outlaw Red:
Zoro’s ability to tell when someone is hiding something is underrated. He did the same with Kiku. Whiskey Peak, Nami when he was Arlong’s prisoner, Robin. Zoro can smell more than just blood.
Go D Usopp
Go D Usopp:
Might as well start calling zoro the supernova hunter
Next cover page. Pound waking up in a bathtub full of ice and a scar on his left side... His kidney is gone. Bege has a new watch.
Slytherin Rules
Slytherin Rules:
Anyone asking to join the straw hats
Luffy: YES
Phantom SSJ
Phantom SSJ:
In Jinbei's defense, he was straight with Big Mom, when he was allied with her, he was a true ally, and when he left, he did it looking at her in the eye and returning the sake cup. He even announced his betrayal and apologized to Opera before punching him.

Drake was a spy and from the characters perspective they can't trust him, even if we as readers know he's good.
Lol I love the exchange between kaido and Jack

Jack: Sorry dad I lost

Kaido: Don’t worry champ, you did your best those guys are just really good, go take a rest
Ged Exequiel Flores
Ged Exequiel Flores:
we can now declare carrot as the most elegant sulong form in one piece
Let’s gooooo

Quick note on Jinbei. He’s not being hypocritical here. In fact, he is absolutely justified in the position he takes in this chapter. Remember that he consulted his crew first to let them know what he wanted to do and had their blessing. He also went to Big mom to confront her properly about leaving her crew, and even struck a “Stay or Life” deal with her. He cut off ties cleanly with her. That was the whole reason he didn’t join the Straw hats right then and there on Fishman Island.

Sorry for going off like that, but I just felt like I had to defend my boy Jinbei 😆😆
Rambo Tara
Rambo Tara:
Luffy getting to influence Drake in Wano is Akainu’s biggest mistake
Honestly sanji is almost a hard counter to apoo.he can cover his ears with his hands whilst fighting him using his legs completely fine.
Lil Zoro Vert
Lil Zoro Vert:
I feel like Oda is just gonna keep hitting and then blow everyone away with 1000
Angad Singh
Angad Singh:
My condolences for everyone who had to go through those scans
Dan The man
Dan The man:
Zoro and drake duo? I didn’t know I needed this.
En Vera
En Vera:
Every one talking about Drake and Zoro duo, forgetting the best duo, Nami and Ussop, came back reminding me of Skypiea
Dante Crottogini
Dante Crottogini:
If Nami and Ussop are getting fights outside their weight category then Brook can fight Apoo!
lol zoro want smoke with the entire worst gen, fought hawkins, apoo, x drake, killer all in one arc, lol kidd better watch his back
Katsu Imagitian
Katsu Imagitian:
I honestly didn't consider Nami and Usopp vs Page 1 and Ulti this has me hyped. The only real issue I'd could guess to be trouble is their durability as Ancient Zoans. They're both hotheaded and direct fighters which is a pretty good matchup for tricksters and technical types like Usopp and Nami. Hopefully they can somehow bust up the firepower to take them down.
Sun of a beach
Sun of a beach:
It's crazy how One Piece just keeps getting better
John Marcus
John Marcus:
Zoro did the same thing with Robin back then and she was hiding something indeed.
Luffy knows how they feel and their intentions
But zoro knows they are hiding something. no that it affects the crew, but he feels it.
Cheshire Wise
Cheshire Wise:
Kinemon didn't need smoke, he is the smoke.
Cevon Sieh
Cevon Sieh:
If Oda makes page one and ulti vs usopp and nami, it would sense. Usopp and Nami also have that brother-sister relationship.
Josh Ravenhill
Josh Ravenhill:
Zoro: X Drake's kinda sus
X Drake: I saw Zoro vent
Zoro was not the Impostor.
Fifi Nokoe
Fifi Nokoe:
In about 3 chapters ago, Zoro mentioned joining Luffy to fight Kaido. Now in this chapter, Sanji hinted at the same thing. Is it possible that the monster trio will go to the top to help take down the King of the Beast?
Winston Wotse
Winston Wotse:
I agree, the dynamic of the Straw Hats is currently reaching its 'final form' in the sense of fixed roles being established. What I find cool is that Zoro has become increasingly assertive and in truth i think this will be necessary for him to develop conquerors haki and effectively conquer Enma.
Matt J. Dylan
Matt J. Dylan:
Months ago, I said that the thing I wanted the most in wano is for kinemon to flex and cut the boro breath. Oda hasn't let me down.
Jack is a monster he beat a whole army of Sulong Minks, and lost to a 2 v 1 os Master Sulong and is still alive
alghifari syuhada
alghifari syuhada:
This chapter is basically a nonstop action.
Once again Who’s Who is missing, gotta love it. Hopefully he gets his ACTUAL moment and gets to fight Queen
JBA J. Sulaiti Law
JBA J. Sulaiti Law:
Kin emon is underrated
He legitimately cut through a mountain level attack!
4themighty Donut
4themighty Donut:
That Usopp moment was great with nami page one and ulti
Give some credit to Apoo for being able to dodge both Zoro and Drake's attacks at the same time.
The935dude w
The935dude w:
Hey B.D.A i was recently talking to my friend and he asked hey me “hey bro why’d you get into one piece” and I didn’t really know how to answer his question so i muted my mic ( i was in a party on ps4) and i asked my sister that was walking into my room to grab something and i asked told her the about the question my friend told me and she said “yeah why did you get into one piece?” And I really thought about it and i told her that one piece might’ve saved my life because i was really depressed during june-july and I started one piece because I wanted to have a show that would be my last so i saw one piece in my Netflix recommendations and I thought it was a nice long show just based of the first 4 seasons that they have on Netflix and and I didn’t know anything about one piece at the time so I started it and immediately became hooked and I finished it on Netflix and i was kinda bummed out that it finished on Netflix so i looked up a site where i can watch it i saw funimation had it so I watched it and i loved and caught up with it then i saw it wasn’t finished so I decided that I wanted to live to the end of the show and so around the end of August I finished and I immediately started to make better life choices and fix my life and now I’m happy with my life currently and im still trying to be the best person i can,my friend also had a not so good life with the drugs and all that so he told me that he wanted to be a better person and make better life choices so he can live to see the ending of one piece so he’s starting to make better life choices for himself

This is kinda long so its fine if u dont read it just wanted to share this with you because you talked about the co writer of the OP live action
MrLonely Reviews
MrLonely Reviews:
I love Kaido cutting Jack a break and telling him to take 5
Dante Crottogini
Dante Crottogini:
If Jack vs the dukes isn't like 2 episodes long the anime will have missed a huge opportunity
Usopp and Nami vs Ulti and Page One?!?! yes Oda YES
The chapter was spitting fire just like Kaido's blast breath attack.
Andrew Knowles
Andrew Knowles:
Luffy observation so wild he be seeing sounds in the future. Like wtf.
Sam Loyd
Sam Loyd:
Is Franky vs Sasaki confirmed? Franky is leaving the dome, likely through the hole big mom made, so he’d be heading straight towards Sasaki
Few things: Luffy can sense Drake's personality and feelings through observation haki.

Luffy confirmed better observation haki than Sanji by being able to see into the future seeing Apoo's attack.

Maybe the bullets Queen fired were poison or maybe sea stone?
I really thought you were saying ‘playgrounds’ for a bit and then I was like “oh! Plague rounds”
Yessir the chapter was so freaking good,,,oda busting out heat
Gonzalo Videla
Gonzalo Videla:
Legends say Big Mom is still rolling
Shamoy Williams
Shamoy Williams:
Brago calling him Lack The Drought so disrespectful 😂😂
I was surprised... I thought Kaido's blast more of a laser-beam than fire.
Mahbub saite
Mahbub saite:
Sanji trusting Usopp for Nami's safety goes way back to Enel's ship: "i couldn't care less if you'd die".
The preTS moment might be a serious joke, but this time could probably means something different; Sanji now KNOWS of Usopp's capable of decent observation haki and actually dared himself took initiative against strong/scary opponents. Gotta let the 200mill God have it. 😁
Usseinu Gueye
Usseinu Gueye:
Damm jack got folded
Freaky deaky
Freaky deaky:
At this point, Zoro has met: Killer, Law, Kidd, X-drake, Bonney (on sabaody), Hawkins, Apoo, Blackbeard (on Jayah) and of course, Luffy

Only Supers he hasn't met are Urouge and Caponne
Josh Castro
Josh Castro:
Morj is probably right, Luffy is gonna wash Jack
Zoro Mendoza
Zoro Mendoza:
Zoro greatness back again!!
Lesedi Dikobe
Lesedi Dikobe:
Holy shit I just realized something! Wouldn’t you say that the Numbers being impressed by Franky’s robot is somewhat childish? Where did the Numbers come from? Punk Hazard. Who did the crew find being experimented on there? Children. I think the Numbers were the first failed experiments at creating giants, and that they are all children. Their behavior and mannerisms make a lot of sense when you look at them as monstrous children.

That said, it also makes sense that they’re just drunk and stupid. Maybe I’m missing something. I probably am.
Just a thought I had.
Yoga Sadewa
Yoga Sadewa:
Can't wait Zoro's swords clean slice Kaido's head. ZKK
nicolas wilson
nicolas wilson:
nami and ussop's match up looking great hype for it
Don Phamvu
Don Phamvu:
anyone: can i...
luffy: say no more.

future and intention sight.
Dehaze Tluanga
Dehaze Tluanga:
"ODEN"!!! Guide our ships
Our axes, spears and swords...
Guide us through storms that whip
And in brutal war
Naaaah the crew dynamics and M3 isn't changing and will never be.. Oda is just giving Jinbe a bit extra attention since hes a fresh recruitment, exactly like how it was when Robin and Franky joined the first time.. soon he'll join the adult group Franky, Robin and Brook..he's already with Franky now..
The east blue members are always gonna be the focus..
"One Piece is an experience" honestly thats the best way to describe it.
Haseo Xth
Haseo Xth:
Jack is Kaido's true son!
Lloyd Montalbano
Lloyd Montalbano:
Scabbards have surpassed me expectation of them in this fight. By no means did i think they would be slouches but to be taking on Kaido like this even if outnumbering him is still wild. With that said we have established respect on their names. Now obviously Kaido about to fight back into it and turn the momentum somehow thats really not up for debate right. So the question is who becomes the sacrifice on the scabbards. This is a big build for this fight and i can't see them getting out of it all alive. Someone going to eat the death even if it ends up being temporary. Personally i'm putting my money on Denjiro. smart bet is probably Kinnemon but that character is bqasically Vivi with balls at this point. Dude has been with us for dumb long he a strawhat through and through. He is also situated best to be the right hand man of Wano so i can see him leading a charge to aid the Strawhats in a future arc with the fleet or something. After all Wano going to get open borders.
Inu and Nekos revenge against Jack getting offscreened is pathetic
Emmanuel S
Emmanuel S:
I thin the setup for sanji vs queen and zoro vs king is coming they both had a moment where they were like screw this noise luffy lets go to the roof so I think the moment when all 3 are together they try to go up king and queen go for a hit on luffy and zoro and sanji just say cya later and luffy goes up to the roof to fight kaido.
Luffy's observation haki is now so good that he can pick up drake's intentions with only a look. Him saying yes was excepted.
Tarik Moushen
Tarik Moushen:
I feel like sanji will do everything luffy says After whole cake Island
Jinbei left big mom pirates but he proudly announced it in front of big mom herself. Thats the greatest difference between him and drake
Carlos Pina
Carlos Pina:
Lord Ty was once again right with his power scaling, predicting Kinemon's strengh🤧
Weston Evans
Weston Evans:
Zoro giving Drake what they call in juvie the “test of heart”
Nasir Hassan
Nasir Hassan:
I dont feel like they are winning this one but i really want them to, its just that there is kaidos crew and when everybody is worn out and tired, the big mom pirates will come up the waterfall and jump into batlle too, and isnt it iritating anyone how happy everyone is dont forget this is based on a kabuki play and this is only act 3 so my guesses are that they lose barely get away while a few people die, they injured the beast pirates heavily so that makes for a easier second fight, what i think will happen is that the alliance will flee and when luffy got beaten up the grand fleet will pull up(imagine how cool that would look) but when they are there they will go to onigashima again and this time they will all look stoic and serious and luffy has his coat on and his hat down and zorro has his bandana mode on and with the grand fleet this will go much easier because then its 10k against 30k and most of kaidos crew is fodder,

These are just my thoughts let me know what yall think
Ayanle Yusuf
Ayanle Yusuf:
Zoro “ the DEVIL”
Ruel Apas
Ruel Apas:
OP really fast tracked these days.. We didn't even see how jack was defeated.
Tony Wung
Tony Wung:
franky and queen has so many similarity, like eat or drink something. like create something, and they both have opening performance like~~ superrrrr!! and Funk !
Telediario LA 5a
Telediario LA 5a:
Something that didn't make sense for me was jimbe saying: even in pirates there is honor codes. When basically he betrayed big mom and made luffy ally with a dishonorfull man lile bege
Hensley Jb
Hensley Jb:
If it was sanji challenging Luffy’s word the mans career would be over again😭😭
nolan solomon
nolan solomon:
Hey man, I’m a big One piece fan. I’ve been watching the show for 2 decades and reading the manga for one. I just wanna say I appreciate what you do on your channel man. It’s cool hearing your thoughts on these chapters. Keep up the good work
MoNoTone HD
MoNoTone HD:
man i love how zoro went after x drake, anyone too dangerous cant touch his captain!!
i’m really loving all the chaos it’s really showing the messiness of war
Son Zhu
Son Zhu:
I've been reading OP for 20 years. Its not an experience. Its life
Ahmed Jibril
Ahmed Jibril:
BD man. You’re actually hilarious bro. 😂
jesse luke
jesse luke:
Jack got offscreened 💀
NuKe Shock
NuKe Shock:
The zoro and drake moments where they slapped apoo reminded me of when zoro and luffy were fighting and they slapped mister 5
Fred Fredburger
Fred Fredburger:
Jinbe getting on Xdrake is like people getting on Kd for leaving For Golden state. Capone and Lebron made the same moves lmao.
Jinbei left the big mom pirates mutuallly whereas drake left after he was caught betraying
So I'm trying to get back into reading the one piece manga up to date, just wondering how did B.D.A get to read 991 so early?
Bombicus Bombicus
Bombicus Bombicus:
Kaido: How many times do you think you can escape my attack?
Samurais: Let us die here and take you with us!
*cute anime catgirl noises in the backside*
Kaido: Errrm... Guys it's Twitch! I promise!
DJ Your New Dad
DJ Your New Dad:
5:15 Bragdo is spitting straight facts!!!! I remember hearing people shitting on One Piece because of hearsay that One Piece falls off after a certain arc or that nothing happens after the timeskip, which is definitely not true at all. But I'm not gonna stress over those clueless people missing out on this great adventure that is One Piece!
Kevin Dreyer
Kevin Dreyer:
Can we point out Luffys growth from Dressrosa when he went into Gear 4 too when fighting Katakuri all the way to now where all Luffy did in the wake was
"Huff Huff"
That's big news in my opinion!!
Luffy will team up with Sword and that will be his Roger/Garp moment with Colby and maybe that’s how we take down Blackbeard, rocks/gods valley 2.0
Spartan Media
Spartan Media:
The Real question is
Where is brook
Is he waiting for big mom to popup again
Brook,chopper,robin Vs Bigmom that's gonna be dope!!!
DOOM 54:
In my opinion Zoro is basicaly testing XDrake by fighting him.
TomaHawk PWPT
TomaHawk PWPT:
Nah see, in Jinbei's case he was straight up about it. First of all, he completed the mission that was assigned to him before he left. Sure he was helping Luffy and all that before that moment but the thing is HE DID COME FORWARD about it. Plus he has rapport to back him up.

Drake came out of NOWHERE, from a position high in the Beast Pirates, with no rapport, no interaction with the Straw Hats before that point, having done bad deeds that got *Zoro* angry, and only now in the middle of chaos and an ousting does he *now* decide to switch sides? Yeah that's gonna be sus as all hell.

Jinbei and Drake's scenarios are similar but not comparable. From a character standpoint There was buildup to Jinbei's leaving but none for Drake's, in fact Drake has evidence *against him*.

We the audience are only questioning it cause its another case of dramatic irony.
Look Pound had to wait 26 years to hug his daughters, the least we can do is deal with another 50 chapters of his cover story.
Sabin Bhandari
Sabin Bhandari:
GrayZero 7
GrayZero 7:
The moment with Nami and Ussop is what reminded me why I love their interactions and their relationship within the crew. Tbh, we haven't had moments like this in a while, especially since WLC (other than from Zoro and Sanji). We don't see Robin interact with Chopper anymore, or Ussop trolling Zoro, or Nami using her fellow crewmembers for financial gain. I get it, this war is a serious one and everything is on the line but it makes we want to go back and watch the Davy back fights, since I loved seeing them together and how close they were. I hope that in this arc, yes everyone has their own fight, but eventually see some tag team fights. I miss the Ussop/Chopper fight in alabasta or the Zoro/Ussop in Enies Lobby or the Ussop/Nami in Skypiea.
Dusan Tovilovic
Dusan Tovilovic:
Kaido: Are ya winning son?
Jack: No dad :(
Kaido: Aight, imma head out
SirKomlin :p
SirKomlin :p:
Appoo: you can’t fight while holding your ears
Sanji: Hold my cigarette
them tsulong forms tho
Garbage Can
Garbage Can:
I think you've got it right on the money with Jinbe being the "advisor" and Zoro being the "enforcer" type. I think with Jinbe's addition the fanbase has to move away from the "Monster Trio" of Luffy/Zoro/Sanji and move to the "Monster Trio" of Jinbe/Zoro/Sanji with Luffy in a tier of his own. Would also make a nice parallel with Shanks, Big Mom, and Kaido's crew who each seem to have 3 "Commanders" that are their top tier threats BENEATH the Captain. Even Blackbeard with his 10 Titanic Captains still has always had that core group of Burgess, Augur and Doc Q.
Wtf brago. U already made the review. Ur the GOAT
Giancarlo Abreu
Giancarlo Abreu:
I don’t get why people are surprised about the cover story... cover stories are almost always 40 parts.....
Varun Narayanswamy
Varun Narayanswamy:
I feel like the advisor role has never really been up Sanji's alley. We tend to see him agreeing with Zoro when Zoro makes big points to him captain but Sanji has never really played that role too often. The only time was when he kicked Luffy when Luffy was about to kick Usopp off the crew but other than that it's never really been his thing.
2:20 Plot twist! B.D.A Law is actually Joy_Boy Theories!