These Are The Real 'Crazy Rich Asians' | Harper's BAZAAR

Crazy Rich Asians author Kevin Kwan travels to Paris to meet the Asian style icons who are shaking up the staid world of couture.

Featuring Feiping Chang, Rachel and Michelle Yeoh, and Heart Evangelista.

Read Kevin Kwan's feature here:

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Harper's BAZAAR
Harper's BAZAAR:
How excited are you to see Crazy Rich Asians in theaters? 👠✨💎
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50k Subscriber n videos challenge:
Thank you and have a good day!!!
N O B O D Y:
Even the name "Heart Evangelista" sounds so elegant and expensive
Micky Dee
Micky Dee:
That woman from the Philippines is drop dead gorgeous.
Noir Croissants
Noir Croissants:
Sometimes I stare at my wall and just wish I was Heart's dog
emmy wang
emmy wang:
At this point I’m just Asian. That’s it.
Also, Heart Evangelista is a painter, actress, activist, intelligent and a sophisticated woman of class. She's beautiful inside & out.
Khyle Kerry
Khyle Kerry:
Heart Evangelista is like Astrid in the Crazy Rich Asians Movie
(Edit: Thanks for the likes guys)
Coleen _
Coleen _:
Filipinos can’t possibly hate Heart Evangelista. She’s incredibly rich but she’s not showing off her money and she’s elegant since her family is old money. She may be crazy rich but she have the heart to help other people.
420 subscribers with no videos
420 subscribers with no videos:
Me a crazy broke asian
why do people talk about Hollywood when there's THIS
Dan Lopez
Dan Lopez:
"I was eating french fries at Chili's." That's the most I'll ever relate to her. Lol.
s c
s c:
rich asians vs rich americans

the difference in class is clearly evident
The woman from the Philippines is just drop dead gorgeous.
One random person who likes this will be rich in 2 years.
Jips Tan
Jips Tan:
What is humbling about these ladies is that they wear these expensive clothes not because they are expensive but they love the work and effort put into it. "It's actually like buying art" "Exactly, a wearable art" . They do not want to impress people only with their extravagance, they want to present the craft hard worked by the designer and I love the fact that they put so much thought on how these dresses were made and I think that is so elegant and classy.
Sally T
Sally T:
The girl from Phillipines is soo beautiful
It feels like the movie is solely based on Heart Evangelista's life. The only difference is that in the movie, Nick got the approval of his parents to marry Rachel while Heart on the other hand, had to walk down the isle without her parents because they were against the marriage (well atleast some of her relatives showed up). Truly heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time because it just shows that she's a strong and independent woman and that love definitely conquers all.

If you watch their marriage video, you can literally see everyone tearing up as she walks down the isle. 🤧
Ice Ice Baby
Ice Ice Baby:
even their voice sounds expensive
Darid De Jesus
Darid De Jesus:
My fellow Filipino peeps, let's all say in unison:


Edit: omg this boomed somehow I- asdfghjklldnkslwksnsms
jin the worldwide demon
jin the worldwide demon:
the only words i could relate to with them is crazy and asian. that's it.
If you look at Heart Evangelista ( the girl from the Philippines) 's twitter, you would see that she regularly helps the poorest of the poor too. When the lock down commenced and it was confirmed that we re gonna have online classes she offered to give away tablets for those who need it for free.

When you watch her vlogs (Love marie escudero, her real name, heart is just a stage namr) , she treats her staffs very well and they are very comfortable around her. She s so classy and she paints and she s a damn good actress too.
They make American celebrities look like clowns. Plus their skin is flawlessssss wtf!
Eating french fries at Chili's with your Birkin. LOL I love it.
These rich ladys wearing haute couture: we don’t know if we are influencers.
Average lady with Instagram and Zara clothes: look at me! I’m an influercer.... can i have something free?
Yna Serquiña
Yna Serquiña:
No one: the comment section:
"The Woman from the Philippines is drop dead gorgeous"
Dan N
Dan N:
Behind every big spending rich asian girl, theres a money pinching over worked Asian father. You guys should do a profile on them. Asian dad's are such enablers and loves their little girls, myself included.
Imagine being an old money and uber rich that being labeled as "influencer" does not sound right. I mean, they did not even have to try so hard to look elegant, they just do and the sophistication shows even in just the way they speak.
I want to see these ladies interact with the Kardashians.
Anna Q.
Anna Q.:
Whenever there's a filipino person in a video, for sure you'll have a throng of filipino commentators lol
Heart Evangelista would have been a great choice as Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians
Jen Alcantara
Jen Alcantara:
Sometimes I forget how insanely rich Heart Evangelista is because of how humble and kind and generous she is.
Remembering when Heart Evangelista almost got the role of Cho Chang in the Harry Potter franchise. She lost the audition to Katie Leung.
Manuelita Guido
Manuelita Guido:
Imagine being SO RICH that you decide to paint on Birkins.
Athena Wong
Athena Wong:
At least one of the girls went to eat at Chili's! and not a CRAZY EXPENSIVE RESTAURANT
Kate Ragsac
Kate Ragsac:
This called me broke for 6 minutes straight
Ali C
Ali C:
When I lived in the Philippines I used to go to this church in Makati where Heart and her family would often go to mass. She was really sweet and didn't seem pretentious, despite coming from old money. I was surprised to learn that she also paints!
Rain Reign
Rain Reign:
Im not being bias for being a Filipino but Heart wears these expensive outfits really good that you wont think, "its too much".
Their mannerism, elegance and sophistication is on a whole new level, the average folk has never met or been in the same room as these elitists. I feel poor and dirty 😳
Alberto Santiago
Alberto Santiago:
"We are not influencers." This is the statement of a real influencer not these wannabes flying around fashion show venues.
Yaery Min
Yaery Min:
the lady from the phillipines make me feel like a rat...
فيديوهات عشوائية مترجمة
فيديوهات عشوائية مترجمة:
When you have a name like Heart Evangelista you are meant to be a crazy rich
Victoria Bitong
Victoria Bitong:
American rich ppl buy because of the brand

Asian rich ppl buy because they appreciate the hard work and art that go into the products
Rich Lux
Rich Lux:
Amazing 😍
Moses tun
Moses tun:
"I don't think we're influencers" - the influencers
"If you can wear it on yourself, why not?"

because I'm bROKE
Emman Watson
Emman Watson:
These girls be like:

"I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it..."
*enters ariana's voice 🎶🎵
Arpita singh
Arpita singh:
The gorgeous woman from Phillipines has her own channel which calls you poor in the most subtle way possible but it surprisingly fun to watch. Search heart Evangelista
Kristine Soriano
Kristine Soriano:
That woman named heart evangelista is so beautiful. Love the shape of her face.She looks smart and classy
Sometrash 1
Sometrash 1:
“Everything is always last minute”

Yeah she is Malaysian all right..
Benjameen Benjamin
Benjameen Benjamin:
The Yeoh sisters are the heiress to a conglomerate, YTL Corp.

I can't imagine their riches. 🤩
Sarabelle D.A.
Sarabelle D.A.:
‘Heart Evangelista’ is the prettiest and most elegant name ive heard
Nini Diver
Nini Diver:
Can Harper's Bazaar create a part two of this? Maybe a different set of Crazy Rich Asians girls. I have watched this numerous times and never get tired of it.
Tina Marie Johnson
Tina Marie Johnson:
“I think anyone that enjoys the beauty in life, loves fashion to a certain extent” *very well said*
Rishika Raven Raghunathan
Rishika Raven Raghunathan:
“We started with balmain originally when we were like ten”
I started with coffee at 10
Jassie dela Cruz
Jassie dela Cruz:
Philippines looks so classy... She is the best
Loveskiee Gania
Loveskiee Gania:
I read some comments on Heart's wedding video that Heart's love story is like Rachel and Nick's. Except it's the opposite. Her parents were against her fiance (well, not just him but all her boyfriends) because he's not good enough. She's allowed to have boyfriends but when the relationship got serious, that's when her parents would step in. Her parents didn't come to her wedding. Just sad. But they're okay now, they say.
y'all see the artwork Heart did on her birkins? IT WAS FIRE.
Rita. z
Rita. z:
The thing that blew my mind is one of them ate fries at Chili’s lol
Paul Chamvuthipreecha
Paul Chamvuthipreecha:
Yeah crazy rich asians actually come from developing countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. They're the old money rich asians. These people are even way richer that most billionaires in the west but all their assets aren't all open and shown to the public like in developed countries. Its NOT Singapore, Singapore's a developed country, it has a lot of rich people with high income but the country are nouveau rich composed of mostly Chinese people with no royal or noble lineage
the most expensive thing i’ve ever touched was h&m’s non sale items
Kiera Matthew
Kiera Matthew:
"I was eating French fried from chillies" I love her what an angel
Bruh, even their voices sound expensive 😮💰💰💰
Potato Cake
Potato Cake:
Did she say she was eating French fries at chili’s?
The other 3 girls pale in comparison to the lady from the Philippines- Heart is gorgeous.
Juganwa Comedy
Juganwa Comedy:
jisung pogi
jisung pogi:
man, commonly people would call asians 'crazy rich' or 'smart af' while im just here... *asian*
Alfarez akbar
Alfarez akbar:
A: "She's so rich and nice."
B: "No, she nice because she's rich."
Woop! Sh*t
Woop! Sh*t:
Heart Evangelista is a standout! so perfect 😍
S Cobar
S Cobar:
Imagine wearing ariana grande's iconic dress a year before her .
I 👏said👏 what 👏I👏 said👏

Ya'll losers made my joke political but I'm glad I got the likes.
Also, love yourselves before anyone else.
Yorokobi Sato
Yorokobi Sato:
Heart evangelists is like a noble from the past, so gorgeoussssss
Let me tell you how much my Filipino parents talk about Heart Evangelista ...
lester andes
lester andes:
1:48 Lived in Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong yet she has a Valley Girl accent
Elyssa Salas
Elyssa Salas:
I saw Heart Evangelista on the thumbnail that's why I clicked.
Aruka Kirigiri
Aruka Kirigiri:
American rich: this thing costs like 10 grand.

Asian rich: this is cute, ok I’ll buy this piece of history
M K:
For the information of everybody, Heart Evangelista promised to donate several tablets to Filipino students who are struggling academically and/or financially in this time of crisis.

Rich in money, rich in beauty, and rich in heart. That's Heart. ♥
Aerin X Shamy
Aerin X Shamy:
Guys remember the time when Hearts parents did a press conference so she’ll break up with her boyfriend, now her husband, because they don’t like him since he is poor for them. Now I’m so proud of her, she fight through it all and is now happily married. 💜
jennifer spurlock
jennifer spurlock:
So I could never be this rich but when I watched the wedding scene my boyfriend looks over to see me balling my eyes out . It was so beautiful
The Legend
The Legend:
U.S billionaire: my money is according to my stock value.
Asian billionaire: my 1 billion dollar is in my pocket right now.
harriet e
harriet e:
Heart seems like who he based Astrid off of; kind, chic, effortlessly glamorous, and humble
Chareve Dag
Chareve Dag:
I can't stress how much Humble Heart Evangelista is!!! She's so Rich AND KIND, LIKE SUPERR
Mari O
Mari O:
"They live these lives of imperial splendor"
Summed up the whole video to a TEE
the way she hesitated to say she was eating fries at chilis😭
Heart Evangelista (Philippines) beauty is not fair to the other girls 🤣 .
sarvadnya mistry
sarvadnya mistry:
*Youtube: Wanna know how poor you are?*
When u meet Heart Evangelista she’s so wealthy yet such a down to earth person she’s very compassionate ❤️
Me as a random asian :
"I'm not ugly, i'm just poor af"
Ferbie Lucredo
Ferbie Lucredo:
I feel like the richest one herw is Feiping Chang, her grandma only wears Chanel and Escada. Definitely Old money
Catherine Gileng
Catherine Gileng:
No freaking way!!!!!Is that who I think it is? Heart Evangelista who starred in "Beautiful Strangers" AMAZING👌👏👌👏😮❤
i love how the other girls are "yes. we are very rich." and heart's just like "oh whoops dropped a fry on my bag haha"
a true icon
Lena C
Lena C:
Heart Evangelista high key gives me Astrid (from Crazy Rich Asians-the movie) vibes, everything from her elegance, looks, and fashion sense to her personality and grace.
them: crazy rich asians
no one:
literally no one:
me: crazy asian 👀
The One Person That Passing in Your Life
The One Person That Passing in Your Life:
No one:
Me: what the heck are these girls talking about
Nicole Raheem
Nicole Raheem:
5:09 This is absolutely gorgeous 💕😍😍😍
manisha landge
manisha landge:
Whenever I watch those models walking the ramp wearing those weird looking clothes. I always used to wonder who buy them untill now.
Montu Mia
Montu Mia:
Heart Evangelista is stunning. Such a beautiful human being inside and out. Love her to bits
her : my grandmother only every wore escada and channel...
me : woah-... all my grandma know is kain batik
Thanks God, they embraced their natural Asian features, instead, of doing plastic surgeries.
Louie Ubani
Louie Ubani:
"When I see something come down the runway I know in my gut and in my heart that it's meant to be. I think that connection makes everything more special"

Every word in this sentence burns my inner broke soul. Can't relate.
dumbass guy
dumbass guy:
heart evangelista is not that rich in money but also in kindness , talent ,and being beautiful