THE WITCHES Trailer (2020) Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Comedy Movie

THE WITCHES Trailer (2020) Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Comedy Movie
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Robert Welch
Robert Welch:
They better traumatize as many kids now as they did back then.... all I’m saying
Lacey Davies
Lacey Davies:
The narration makes it seem like an episode of Everybody Hates Chris...
It looks good but honestly, I feel like the Grand High Witch could have been played by someone who looked meaner like Cate Blanchett
The original used to scare the crap out of me! 😣😣😣
wuraola olagunju
wuraola olagunju:
I'm not a fan of unnecessary remakes so this better TRAUMATIZE the ever living shit out of me so bad that my future grandkids will feel it!!!
TheScorpio Vampyre
TheScorpio Vampyre:
Angelica Huston owned this role. Also, the overuse of cgi kinda saddens me. The practical effects of the original still hold up
Caroline Cameron
Caroline Cameron:
One of my favorite books and movies but nothing will ever come CLOSE to how horrifying the original one was!
The original is actually a pretty scary movie. The mouse scenes are cute as hell. The computer shit is blah. Maybe I'll watch it.
Trey Greene
Trey Greene:
Ehhhhh, The original movie gave me chills and actually frightened me. The witches were all ugly and hideous when they removed their disguises. And was incredibly dark. They should have went in a different direction. It's too whimsy and not dark enough.
Aussie Metal Garage
Aussie Metal Garage:
They should have made Anne Hathaway's character with Darker hair.
And she better be wearing a mask , coz the Grand High Witch face reveal is Iconic
Sebastian Kilian
Sebastian Kilian:
Another Remake no one asked for :D
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Kindly Help Me To Reach 5k Subscriber's:
*I pray who ever reads this becomes successful*
A Gunter
A Gunter:
I want to like this.. I really do but Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch... No no, it doesn't work.
Jameson Hartrum
Jameson Hartrum:
30s years later and the mice look less realistic.
Sorry but why was this necessary, the original is awesome, and as much as I love Anne Hathaway but no one comes close to Anjelica Houston....
tired.. tired... really tired of the lack of creativity in the movie business lately...
remakes, remakes and remakes...
Sarah Fumagalli
Sarah Fumagalli:
I don’t think this was a movie that needed to be remade. I was thinking about rewatching the original movie the other night because it still holds up. It’s still really good
Why did they give Anne the Joker scars? In the original the witches looked 100% normal when they had their disguises on...
Renee Croasdale
Renee Croasdale:
Wow!!! That was one of my favorite movies as a kid!! I thought the witches were so scary looking 😱
Nicholas Dennant
Nicholas Dennant:
A remake wasn't required. The original is a masterpiece
Devil Doll
Devil Doll:
The child is no longer a child. The child is a mouse. Anjelica Huston will never be topped.
ginger Lynn
ginger Lynn:
For anyone who hasn't watched the Original. They have it on Netflix
Candice Walker
Candice Walker:
I’m now going to see the original to ease my pain
Hayley Phoebe
Hayley Phoebe:
The one reboot that looks good the Angelica Huston version scarred the crap out of me as a kid
T F:
Another unnecessary remake. The original was perfect.
The original one with Anjelica Huston doesn't deserve this...
The orginal traumatized me as a child. Angelica Houston...
These two ladies, both look amazing in their roles. Especially Ann surprised me as a villain! But.
People! Where's your imagination gone??? I'm reaching my 40s and I feel like I've seen it all! 🤨
Ok, don’t remake Hocus Pocus!
Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan:
Meh, not one that needed a remake. I'd like to see George's Marvellous Medicine if we're doing Roald Dahl adaptations.
Jesse Cascegna
Jesse Cascegna:
The original was, and is, -definitely- better than this...reimagining. No matter if it has Anne Hathaway and whoever else starring in it.
Lord Charles
Lord Charles:
The original was a terrifying tale especially for kids , even this day it's got a chill to it but for them to remake it In this super colourful CGI disneyesque way is such a travesty. There was no CGI in the original movie and guess what thirty years later it still looks good. The effects in this movie look naff and at first when it started I thought it was a fake trailer cos it seemed like a totally different movie. This October some of the most iconic witch movies of all time are returning with rebooted cgi kid friendly remakss, this and the craft. Come on Hollywood fresh ideas please
Seven Ellen
Seven Ellen:
"A witch who dares to say I'm wrong will not be with us very long." - The Grand High Witch *points finger at this movie and burns it to ash*
"The Witches: Toddler Edition"
Hayley Martin
Hayley Martin:
The original was far more terrifying. Clearly this is a kids friendly version
Stephanie Stokkvik
Stephanie Stokkvik:
I must have watched the original 30+ times as a kid, so excited for this! If I was to do a grand witch makeup tutorial, which of the looks should I do?
Writers need to be original these days and stop remaking classics cos they've ran out of ideas.
E O' C
E O' C:
Nobody will beat Angelica Heuston as the High Witch, she was magnificent.
Pacific Castaway
Pacific Castaway:
This looks like another A Wrinkle in Time disaster. And if you're going to do a Witch movie, need to step up your game b/c Hocus Pocus from 30 years ago still holds up as one of the all-time best witch movies.
Rahmah Dalhat
Rahmah Dalhat:
Everyone: talking about how perfect the original was

me: checking their feet...i have been robbed
I love all the actors in this movie but some stuff just needs to stay classic! And the original was the absolute best with Angelica Houston!!!!!
tyris Austin
tyris Austin:
I can't believe the movie has been revived, also who's the 3rd mouse?
Manuel Enrique
Manuel Enrique:
Where's Helena Bonham Carter when you need her? She would have been perfect as the Grand High Witch.
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris:
Here's another Anne Hathaway movie with her trying to act out a HORRIBLE accent.
I literally watch the original on Netflix 👌👌 and I had just said that they needed a part 2 of this movie but not a remake 😑
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson:
Another pointless, race-swapped, cgi-crammed, unoriginal remake of a timeless classic smh :/
Agnieszka Kot
Agnieszka Kot:
I feel like this remake is a blasphemy compared with the original one with Anjelica Huston
Lily Aitken
Lily Aitken:
it’s too 2020 for me
Brian Brewster
Brian Brewster:
This looks like a nice, wholesome, fun movie to watch with the kiddies.
Patrick Shutt
Patrick Shutt:
Yep, and now I won’t be able to unhear that jingle for every time Chris Rock’s narration come on into the movie that we will be hearing that song lyric being played to help closes us out of a scene...

“Everybody hates Chris”

Damned you pop culture for warping our fragile lil minds.
Anthony Garza
Anthony Garza:
I loved the original with Angelica Houston. Can't wait to see this one.
S. Pilgrim
S. Pilgrim:
Still... can't go wrong with Octavia. She lights up the show in damn near everything she's in.
Steven Makell
Steven Makell:
Instead of remaking The Witches, they could've just filmed my wife and her mother.
This movie shouldn't of been remade. I love the original movie.
This book scared the crap out of me when I was little!
isharveer dhillon
isharveer dhillon:
if someone here actually reads books you might remember this from Roald dahl"s witches book
fruttie tuttie
fruttie tuttie:
this is awful - why not leave this movie alone!! Angelica Huston is the Grandest High Witch Ever!
k.o Rocky
k.o Rocky:
*Wait a minute...* *I just literally watched the old version of this....* *Who’s reading my mind over here.* 👀👀👀👀👀
The original still holds up pretty well, so this doesn't really pick my interest, just makes me want to watch the original again.
Mouseleaf Da Abro bean
Mouseleaf Da Abro bean:
Me wondering if I should become a modern day witch:
This popping up in my recommended when I don't even watch movie trailers:
Harlem Stutter
Harlem Stutter:
The witches didn't look as grotesque as I'm used to when those wigs came off. Come on now. Don't chicken out. Terrify a new generation of kids lol.
Teresa Lindqvist
Teresa Lindqvist:
I remember it well being a kid growing up in the 90's watching it and crying after because it was scary but this seems more cute and childfriendly to watch. But I don't know I do like Anne so I would give it a try.
I like Anne Hathaway, but Angelica Houston will always be the true grand high witch!
Laura Henrique
Laura Henrique:
Where is the real Grand High Witch. The original is really really better.
purple rose
purple rose:
I remember I was really scared after watching the original one back in the day as a kid ... :)
woooow I read the book as a child, it scared me so much :'') Wasn't expecting a movie, I'll check it out I guess
Ibrahim suleiman
Ibrahim suleiman:
I remembered the original version.
Joey X Smith
Joey X Smith:
This is a strange episode of Everybody Hates Chris.
Minh Tiến Nguyễn
Minh Tiến Nguyễn:
Witches dont hate children ...They hate Chris
A T:
This looks stupid. Anne Hathaway overacts and makes it comical. The old one was the best
Chris Mcadam
Chris Mcadam:
Hmm when it said re-imagining I was expecting just that, this looks like the same film, with a different cast and CGI and set in the US
syfy fangirl
syfy fangirl:
I’m on the fence, I’ll give it a watch but my love love of the Angelica Houston version is eternal.
Nothing gets me sweaty with anticipation like another recycled intellectual property. Oh boy!
Omg this is so nostalgic! Roald Dahl is one of the best children's book authors and Anne Hathaway?? I just love her!! She is so fantastic as is the rest of the cast.
Now I want to go back and watch all of Hathaway's movies, she plays such hilarious and believable characters. :)
The original was one of my favorites .
angelica houston was really scary and classy at the same time in the original. This better be good..
Does anyone want to tell them that there are other Roald Dahl stories that haven't been made into movies yet?
Lewys Cousins
Lewys Cousins:
This will never be more terrifying than the 90's movie xD
i had forgotten how scary the original was. this brought back flashbacks
Thaís Caroline
Thaís Caroline:
Visual Effects (1990) > Special Effects (2020).
Deal with it.
Renee George
Renee George:
This looks so corny and I can't believe they got such great Oscar-winning actors to say such corny unoriginal dialogue.
Quality looks like a Disney tv special but the story of the relationship between the grandson and grandma looks like it’s going to be be done extremely well! I love the original but I can’t wait to see this!
Book is a must read. What an experience it was :’)
Savvy Howe
Savvy Howe:
I loved this movie and I already know that this movie's gonna be great, first off great diversity, second off they took out the anti-semitic tones in how they presented the witches, And it's probably going to be just as traumatizing to children now as the old one was to me

I am going to enjoy this movie
John Wong
John Wong:
I was expecting the Grand High Witch to say: Do you want to know how I got these scars?
Alex Tayoyong
Alex Tayoyong:
The title should be : "Everybody hates Mice!".
imogen patrick
imogen patrick:
1:23 that scream and transformation horrified me!!!!
In a good way
This was one of my FAVORITE MOVIES as a child! Now I can watch this with my son!😍😍😍😍😉
Xander Gilpin
Xander Gilpin:
honestly ik this might be a good movie and good to see 
one of my childhood movies be rebooted, but Lana Parrilla plays a really great evil queen from Once upon a Time, I honestly could see her play the grand high witch also js.
I see that now they also remake mediocre movies that no one was clamoring for a second try.
*Rue* ruerue
*Rue* ruerue:
I've read this book in high school and it was awesome.
they seem to go the disney/cutesy route. i remember the original used to creep me out, especially the girl trapped in the painting. that gave me nightmares. it's so simple and no jumpscares but seeing the girl trapped in the painting just scares me like nothing else ever did
I listened to Sweet playing that song, from the "live at the Marquee" album. I think its a cover from the 60's
I was in 7th grade when I watched the Angelica Houston version in school and that one freaked my whole class out, so good times. I'm willing to give this new one a shot but it's not gonna be easy cuz I'm in my early 40's now.
Lori Tauraso Blank Slate
Lori Tauraso Blank Slate:
looks so cute - been along time since a good kid / parent movie came out just for the fun of it! Great cast too - cant wait!
dead channel do not subscribe
dead channel do not subscribe:
I remember my teacher telling me to read the book-
This was my favourite Dahl story. Can't really remember it anymore...
Daniel Cazacu
Daniel Cazacu:
I've been waiting for this a long time!! So excited 😍😍
R T:
This I would show my 8 year old daughter, now the original I’ll think twice before doing it.
The original is still the best
A very haunting version of "I'll Be There"