The Witches (1990) Official Trailer #1 - Anjelica Huston Family Horror Movie

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The Witches (1990) Official Trailer #1 - Anjelica Huston Family Horror Movie

A young boy stumbles onto a witch convention and must stop them, even after he has been turned into a mouse.

Welcome to the Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailer Vault Channel. Where trailers from the past, from recent to long ago, from a time before YouTube, can be enjoyed by all. We search near and far for original movie trailer from all decades. Feel free to send us your trailer requests and we will do our best to hunt it down.

100+ komento:

Anyone else here after watching the remake's trailer?
I love that this trailer paints the movie out to be a fun-filled family romp instead of pant-crapping nightmare fuel that should've been given an 18 certificate.
Ernie Nab
Ernie Nab:
*I love Ann Hathaway but Angelica Huston was BRUTAL in this one!!*
J A:
i'm not sure what the rating is on this but pretty sure this traumatized me as a kid :/
Vidya Ratan
Vidya Ratan:
Who's here after watching the new 2020 trailer of the remake?
The movie is nothing like the book. The ending is much more kinder in the movie. The book, however, was more sad because the boy didn't mind dying young as a mouse so that he could die at the same time as his grandmother. :( There was no 'good' witch in the book, also.
Ragnarök the house
Ragnarök the house:
I don't know about the 2020 version, but this version of the Witches will always hold a special place in my heart
They basically just showed the entire movie in the trailer.
Why do I feel like we all watched this as a kid and wondered what it was called and just found it
Marilyn Pineda
Marilyn Pineda:
I just realize we 80-90s kids had a lot of quality movies when growing up and we didn't appreciate it
Those things were the demons of my childhood 😲
Fake_Gamer _Cat
Fake_Gamer _Cat:
Every now and then I have flashbacks of this movie from watching it in 4th grade... now I'm kinda glad this isnt something I just hallucinated.
Really? "From the incredible imagination of Jim Henson and director Nicolas Roeg", with no mention of Roald Dahl? Yeah, I guess his imagination didn't have anything to do with it...he only wrote the book!
Dany Guerrero
Dany Guerrero:
I came here after seeing the new version because I was surprised that the new rats looked less realistic that these ones, but I guess my memory was a little distorted cause it was not the case lmao
osama roum
osama roum:
i'm here after watching the Remake's trailer .
Felix Ray
Felix Ray:
This really looks and feels like a childhood nightmare
This is way much better than that CGI crap today. As a kid it gave me nightmares, hollywood running out of ideas and ruining good movies ugh
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez:
Who’s here after seeing the trailer for the remake of “The Witches” starring Anne Hathaway?
Angelica Franco
Angelica Franco:
There is no one like Angelica Huston!!!
Eduardo Rendon
Eduardo Rendon:
I'm here after the 2020 trailer.... This was waaaay better
Ivan Oliver
Ivan Oliver:
I don't know if this movie was for kids or not, all I kwno is it traumatized me when I was kid, specially because a lady, friend of my mom, looked exactly like Anjelica Huston in this movie. Every time she went home I literally hide beneath my bed.
i was 7 when i watched this in after school program one day because it was raining and i finished my homework. I remember after i finished it, i was utterly terrified to sleep. My parents kept getting annoyed because i would run to their room crying in the middle of the night because i was scared they would haunt me and turn me into a mouse. To this day even the trailer terrifies me. NEVER AGAIN
Renan C. Maia
Renan C. Maia:
I was born in 1990 and this is one of my favorite films!
You got to love these old movie trailers. Nostalgic xD
TylerJ Pauls
TylerJ Pauls:
Mr. Bean is in this Movie!
Diego Nieto
Diego Nieto:
Whos there after the Witchers trailer Remake? 😬
Abbie Louise
Abbie Louise:
Anyone else come here after seeing the disappointing 2020 remake trailer :/
Eric Lynch
Eric Lynch:
whos here because they just watched the trailer from the new version, and it looked awful
Lady snake84
Lady snake84:
The biggest difference between the original and the remake.
2020s: Kidde and pretty
1980s: disturbing and frightening.
Because back in those days, hard life lessons didn't come with politically correct kid gloves.
Johan Figueroa-González
Johan Figueroa-González:
There’s no way to replace this movie. It’s not just the cast, it’s the way to tell the story.
The original ratatouille
Scariest movie ever.
This unlocked a memory i didn't know i had
Crystallization of the soul
Crystallization of the soul:
And I thought the exorcist was the most scary movie ever!
I laughed through the Exorcist and Stephen King's It, yet this movie and The Peanut Butter Solution traumatized me for life. Creepy as shit.
fleur dursanter
fleur dursanter:
Anjelica Houston played this role beautifully! They couldn’t have chosen another actress. She was phenomenal!
Here to reminisce after watching the disappointing new trailer
jose garcia
jose garcia:
I will prefer this one ,over the new one, more original
This movie was just the right amount of scary when I was a child. It's funny, the only thing that gave me nightmares was the story about the girl trapped in a painting. For some reason that made me go crazy.
Felipe Rico
Felipe Rico:
Wow now that's a dark scary adaptation from Roald Dahl's children novel. Angelica's performance is so good as an evil witch which later turns into a weird wife in "Addam's Family."
saw this movie in the theater when it came out. such a classic. and angelica huston was so good she scared the living hell outta me
Vince F
Vince F:
One of my all time favorite movies. Anjelica Huston is phenomenal as the Grand High Witch
Wolfgang 644
Wolfgang 644:
Bruh this trailer alone makes it feel all the more real than the 2020 remake, films like these you wouldn't see today in the big screen
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez:
Happy 30th anniversary to “The Witches”!
Raymond Kinsella
Raymond Kinsella:
This film taught me everything I needed to know about ‘stranger danger’ - was utterly traumatic but very effective!
Had to remove the bad taste from the remake trailer
Lucy Lol
Lucy Lol:
Seriously this scared the poop out of me as a kid.
Still kinda does tbh
Travis Hur
Travis Hur:
Wow this movie scared me to death when I was little, but looking at the trailer now it comes off as being really badly done lol
It’s so sad that Disney starts claiming things that aren’t theres just because there creator died R.I.P Roald Dahl
jeangurl babe
jeangurl babe:
I'm a 90s kid.....I remember watching this when I was 7yrs old and I thought it was the creepiest movies I have ever seen back then Watching it now I did not realize there were men dressed as women acting like witches 😂 I love this movie now and Hudson on this role is AMAZING 👌 It's on NETFLIX
Zayn Zayn
Zayn Zayn:
i already think this must be better than the 2020 version
still remember the book, left a mark
vander gizhii
vander gizhii:
When I was kid, this movie scared this shizznits outta me. Haha..
Man I used to watch this all the time as a kid.
The trailer made me depressed... so bad.
Alicia Calata
Alicia Calata:
Watching this unlocked some serious childhood memories I didn’t even remember having. I forgot I ever watched it! ^-^()
Freddie Riojas
Freddie Riojas:
Now this is the witches that we all feared 😂
Julie Davis
Julie Davis:
Always loved this as a kid. I was so stoked when Netflix recommended it.
Warren Webber
Warren Webber:
Today 05/25/2020 is the 30th anniversary of The Witches!
Patty Oct.
Patty Oct.:
Oh my goodness, I found it !!!! I watched this movie on DVD when I was 4 years old and I didn't know its name. I have been searching for 'the story about a boy who is turned into a mouse by a wicked witch' for many years. It appeared to be hopeless but then I incidentally read an article about Anjelica Huston and learned about 'The witches'. It's so nostalgic and emotional !!!
Brandon Brooks
Brandon Brooks:
You know that awful taste of a drink that makes you go back to drinking the better taste in your mouth?

That's the equivalent to the 2020 trailer and the 1990 one.
Jonathan Dogelio
Jonathan Dogelio:
anyone else here beacause of the new trailer of The Witches Remake?
Peter Krug
Peter Krug:
Don't you just love when a movie trailer gives away the ending?
until now I realized that The Witches was Roald Dahl´s criticism against NSPCC
I havent seen the movie but ive read the book and i loved it
the Bride of Frankenstein
the Bride of Frankenstein:
I'll stick to this one thanks
Naomi's Niche
Naomi's Niche:
Wow I loved the book. I never knew they made it into a movie
This was one of my favorite book as a kid... for some reason I was obsessed with the idea of becoming a mouse. The movie wasn't as good though :/
Jambopaul The Gamer in Pyjamas
Jambopaul The Gamer in Pyjamas:
I have not seen the movie but i loved the book.
Ronin Garrison
Ronin Garrison:
Showing the ending right at the start lol
My school played this in class one day and i cried and asked to go to the bathroom. It scared me so much.
Katherine Long
Katherine Long:
Thank you! After watching the trailer of the remake of the Witches. I need to watch this original trailer.
Floricel Gonzalez
Floricel Gonzalez:
I thought I dreamt this as a child. Definitely was traumatizing. How is this a kids movie
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher:
Didn’t know that morticia addams was actually witch😳😆❤️ omg i luv thiss
The remake’s trailer brought me here. I can’t believe I had forgotten this movie! I loved it as a kid!
Giovanna Torres
Giovanna Torres:
I saw this at school today and half of my class was screaming when the saw the grand high witch’s face were in 5th grade
Twisted Bean
Twisted Bean:
Me: what this is not scary-


Well this sugar coats the whole freaking movie.... I was petrified as a kid 😂😅
Ricco Canipe
Ricco Canipe:
I just notice that this movie premiered in the same year that Jim Henson and Roald Dahl passed away!
I'm too young to remember The Witches but... damn.. the remake of 2020 looks like comedy compare to this.
So even trailers back in the day would reveal what would happen in the movie? Lol
Casie Silverman
Casie Silverman:
This was so scary when I was younger
I watched the remake trailer and thought why does this seem so familiar? I totally forget this was a thing.
Elliot Boche
Elliot Boche:
I had such a big crush on Miss Eva Ernst, the Grand High Witch lol
D G:
I still prefer this one over the remake..
aaron versionwo
aaron versionwo:
I had to come here after watching the new remake trailer just to see what a good movie was like.
Duck In a Hurry
Duck In a Hurry:
Here are some references, if you get them I love you:

- so Linda Monroe is a witch then?
-this is Gilderoy Lockharts dream
-whenever it gets too scary think of Harry Potter because that’s totally awesome
lihi amir
lihi amir:
I watched one scene of this movie when I was a kid and it gave my nightmares.. I never knew (nor wanted to know) it's name until now
Edit: I just remembered what scene it was. The one where they gave the kid a chocolate bar and then turned him into a mouse. That one scene taught me to not talk to strangers and traumatized my 7 yo soul at the same time 😂
So one time when I was younger my teacher read us the witches and then said we got to watch the movie the book was good but I didn't watch the movie because i was too scared of what the grand high witch looked like and i'm glad i skipped because if i watched it i would've had nightmares till today
TIGER 2354
TIGER 2354:
Glad to be watching this trailer after the new one, brings back old memories
Claire Podmore
Claire Podmore:
this is scary and freaky
They gave away the whole damn movie in the trailer!
Justin Carter
Justin Carter:
I don't remember the movie that well, but I grew up reading the book!😁😁😁
Sonya Stanley
Sonya Stanley:
Sometimes they need to leave the classics alone.
Yashaswi Katailiha
Yashaswi Katailiha:
Me: at first confused as to why people were "traumatised" by this movie as a kid.

Realises that Nicolas Roeg of "Dont Look Now" made this.

I think for sure I will watch this one first, then the 2020 remake (or may be not) not sure yet! lol
Абдессамад Раухи
Абдессамад Раухи:
who's here after the remake ?
Fiorella Fioreh
Fiorella Fioreh:
When I was a child, I saw this movie and it was spectacular!
Tian Mi
Tian Mi:
I remember reading the book and watching the movie when I was younger( it's more horrifying now rewatching some of the scenes). I remember a version where the boy stayed as a mouse, idk but I was so confused and thought I read the same book but with a different ending. Left me shocked because I thought something was wrong and it wasn't supposed to end like that.
Kevin VR
Kevin VR:
From The Witches 2020 remake straight to the original 1966 ... what a trip!