The wild life of John McAfee, mysterious cybersecurity pioneer

McAfee has gone from being an anti-virus software inventor to a person of interest in a murder to a presidential candidate.

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this guy is the real life michael from gta v
Albara Aladaileh
Albara Aladaileh:
I searched for him after seeing the how to uninstall McAfee
Joe Grand
Joe Grand:
they should make a movie of him
Alexander Glavan
Alexander Glavan:
John Wick.
john McAfee is scary bad ass
maybe dont poison 9 of someones dogs, much less 1
This doesn't seem real . . . like its some kind of movie. Wtf
His neighbor didn't poison his dogs, and he didn't kill his neighbor. There are powerful people in Belize who want him dead because he has info on them that exposes them as criminals. The dog/neighbor killing were just a smokescreen so that their true motive could be accomplished in the shadows when everyone was preoccupied with the chaos and drama. His neighbor's beef with John was exploited to achieve a distraction. If john had been picked up by the police in Belize he would be dead. They've tried to kill him a couple of times since then in elaborate ways that also involved a public smokescreen. John's neighbor was a mild mannered guy from the developed world. You think he would kill 9 dogs with poisoned meat? That's a method that's often employed in Latin America to kill dogs. The exact same thing happened to my neighbor's dogs in Ecuador. It's locals who do that, not gringos. You would also have to believe that the very next day John had his neighbor killed. That's just idiotic. He would immediately be the suspect.
yo Alex
yo Alex:
A man who can master a fake heart attack isn't stupid enough to kill his neighbors.
Dubem Nwachukwu
Dubem Nwachukwu:
Real life Tony Stark
Immanuel Wilson
Immanuel Wilson:
I can't tell if this is satire or not
Damn Son
Damn Son:
Yeah, he definitely murdered his neighboor. But lets be honest here, who wouldnt do the same for their dogs?
He had seven mistresses who all lived together with him in Belize in what he calls a “complex social experiment”
1:08 @LinusTechTips doing some meditation
Alicia Australian1833
Alicia Australian1833:
I like life... I don't love it..... but I like it.

I think that's fair.
was it ever considered the dogs were killed so that they could do the hit without the dogs going mad and barking?
Jeremy K
Jeremy K:
He is a tad bit paranoid, but he is also right.
Ms. Mojo
Ms. Mojo:
Nothing more than tabloid treatment, one-sided for sure. The 20/20 show on him was the same. Serious journalism has left the building...
micajah Nordyke
micajah Nordyke:
The most interesting man
Sean Winkfield
Sean Winkfield:
This guy is insane but he might also be a prophet.
Eel 52
Eel 52:
Maybe he is a bit on the crazy side, but I completely agree with his statement about privacy and cyber security.
This man became a millionaire and got away with murder. He has lived life
I c
I c:
I dont know whether he murdered that guy or not, but he is a great attention/press manipulator. Somehow he made the case all about him, which should not have been that way. The case is about the victim. Somehow all press/police are talking about McAfee, and no one even cares about the victim and other possible loose ends of that case.
Let's not forget that the guy that got shot in the head committed 9 acts of animal cruelty resulting in death 😂
Okay, so where's Winter, DiCaprio, and Scorsese at? They need to make a movie on this dude.
Isaac Johansson
Isaac Johansson:
not a single evidence only a bunch of ppl That could have been paid like they say he did smh
Honestly the case is just too easy. Dogs killed, McAfee goes "crazy" and lets the neighbour get killed the next day. Probably set up by one of his enemies, the government who knows. Also McAfee doesn't seem to me to have that kind of temperament for such an impulsive act, if he really wanted revenge he would have gone smarter about it.
1:08 Linus is that you?
all i can say is... HODL
Fazza Fakhri
Fazza Fakhri:
damn, can't wait for John Wick 69
Is anyone here because he did a Podcast with General Sam from ForeHead Fables???????
I Am.
WOLF 226
WOLF 226:
I don't really blame him
rented identity
rented identity:
John McAfee is a real man, a legend, a man among men and my personal hero.
Forget Yang I’m voting for McAfee
Chase Cushen
Chase Cushen:
That interviewer was awful
Kai L
Kai L:
“The drummer that leads me is an odd drummer, although I follow the sound”
Simon Samson
Simon Samson:
holly shit.
I used to work as a tech consultant for McAfee anti virus software, I did not know that the company owner is so bad ass.
I want to go back to McAfee.
This guy looks like he knows John Wick for years lol
Aurora Butterfly
Aurora Butterfly:
ABC you guys are rude as hell you didn't even listen. Disappointed. "Journalism".
Baskin Robbins Always Finds Out
Baskin Robbins Always Finds Out:
A man who killed 9 dogs didn't have an enemies?
If you poisoned his dogs, then maybe you deserve what you get.
Vishal Gaurav
Vishal Gaurav:
But I like his voice
John is awesome i would love to hang out with him !
Simon Hill
Simon Hill:
They a crackhead couple 5:50
yeah bruh
yeah bruh:
This dude thought he could get away with killing all 9 of this man's dogs? LMFAO. That was some JUSTICE that got served right there
You Poison an animal , you get what you deserve.
Leon Silver
Leon Silver:
1:08 Linus? #LinusMediaGroup
This is more complicated then it seems. Belize is a country known for hiding wanted criminals. There are very powerful people there, will lots of money, who are able to manipulate there way into a “safe haven” for themselves there.

Powerful people start wars among themselves there. We’re talking masterminds. People with global reach. McCafee undoubtedly entangles himself in this. It’s also very wise for his own safety to limit talks about this. Hitmen are very cheap in the US relative to the power these figures have in Belize, and crypto makes it that much easier to stay anonymous for everyone involved.

McCafee may be a killer, but there is more than meets the eye for a man of his intelligence and money. He’s incredibly smart, and talented. He undoubtedly ventured into some dark alleys to play games. No doubt, he’s gotten too old for it, and he needed an out. I’m curious how far this man will continue to go with his pursuit of privacy and protection. He’s in a game bigger than all of us
Mozes Berrospi
Mozes Berrospi:
He deserves a movie
after watching a dark web video before this i have a good idea how this played out. thanks youtube.
mike maceda
mike maceda:
Why didn't they ask him of how he felt about his dogs being poisoned.

Obviously, everything points at McAfee. But then again, it could be something much more than it could be.
He's the next one that will start to WINNING! Winning! Tigers blood snort cocaine.. Stay away from that fentanyle bro! Become a level 88 warlock! This guy is going to od.
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay:
To be honest, I would love to see a movie about anti viruses starring John McAfee and Edward Norton.
MKultra Juice lol
MKultra Juice lol:
this guy hahahahaha
Danielius Vilnius
Danielius Vilnius:
That antivirus is evil and so is he :/ :D :/
Shouldn’t have poisoned the dogs mate.
Nwachukwu Waribo
Nwachukwu Waribo:
You got carried away by too much money
Cali Sliders
Cali Sliders:
He took out a corrupt politicians drug trade in belize costing him millions... Politician comes for revenge and uses the most basic setup.
Humble Cosmas
Humble Cosmas:
1:08 who else saw linus in the dojo
bubu mic
bubu mic:
This sounds so idiotic :)
Oh he poisoned some dogs ???? , was a stray bullet from heaven.
Jonas M
Jonas M:
what a legendary guy! The man!
John Burrows
John Burrows:
My dog is family. IF someone poisoned MY dog, I can't say what I'd do...
Sam Swigart
Sam Swigart:
If someone killed 9 of my dogs I would have done the same thing
What if the dogs were poisoned just so there would be a motif for John to kill his neighbor. Even if John never did.
Highly unprofessional interview.
1:49 live P.D.
The Professor
The Professor:
What is that stance the news anchor is holding with his arms in the beginning?
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao:
This is hillarious
Suman Hazra
Suman Hazra:
0:26 Scarface
Pretty cool dude!! just can't stand Mcafee constantly popping up "your PC is at risk! renew your subscription" I have like 3 anti viruses and that's the most annoying one so I uninstalled. I guess from what John says, He handed the software over and he don't know what the hell they did to it...
Robert Seecharran
Robert Seecharran:
1:08 Is that Linus from Linus tech tips Lol
Donny Money
Donny Money:
his wife did a really good job at shutting him up when it seemed like he was going to say something dumb
Andtp Fack
Andtp Fack:
total hit piece. What do you expect.
Nathan Robat
Nathan Robat:
Hmm, looks like he needs body gaurds, any takers???
1:48 okay mr. live pd
antonette polonio
antonette polonio:
Mlf Conv
Mlf Conv:
1:00 period.
Golden Riley
Golden Riley:
I guess you could say his life is

JM was high with his wife
This guy is either just nuts but easy going and was being set up or acting crazy and what not is getting him away with murder.
Jordi El Niño Polla
Jordi El Niño Polla:
Lmao he looks exactly like john mcaleese and they almost have the same name lmao
Ivan Perevezentsev
Ivan Perevezentsev:
The guy is damn real
Robo Fried
Robo Fried:
He is high AF!
You killed my dogs.
Stephano GamerHD
Stephano GamerHD:
He reminds me of Tony Stark
elinette lopez-dinkins
elinette lopez-dinkins:
This is giving me crackish vibes 🥴😂
This dude in his 70's makes most aging rock stars look tame.
The real life version of Jian yang and erlich Bachman in Silicon Valley lmao
George Davies
George Davies:
Wait this actually real
David Rojas
David Rojas:
John Wick lmao
Noyzbc V
Noyzbc V:
The Goat 🐐
A Wanderer
A Wanderer:
This man is real life Tony stark
Dylan Schwartz
Dylan Schwartz:
Absolute Mad man
Sandy Seas
Sandy Seas:
Someone needs to investigate his ALLEDGED illegal dealings with Bestbuy
Michael Jarek
Michael Jarek:
He’s the virus
The Greedy Merchant
The Greedy Merchant:
I mean what on earth could you expect after poisoning a dog owned by a man with hundreds of millions of dollars.
Um this is the best story ever 😂😂
lucky 22
lucky 22:
he’s also a jojo fan