THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 2 Trailer (2020)

Trailer for season 2 of The Umbrella Academy

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Kitzkrieg Hobbies
Kitzkrieg Hobbies:
My brothers truck was rented for this season and they filmed most of it in my city (Hamilton, Ontario Canada)
Maikö M.
Maikö M.:
Wait Klaus is Jesus?? It all makes sense now...
AOJ Booker
AOJ Booker:
Lol Klause thought the world was ending in 2019........i mean he’s only a year off
Is that Megamind's sidekick?!
Farhaan Hussain
Farhaan Hussain:
My boy Klause is just a year off predicting the end of the world.
Error 404
Error 404:
Oh my god is Klaus the leader of a cult now? Honestly that doesn't surprise me
Lily Bolanos
Lily Bolanos:
It looks like we’re getting cults, race issue, fish dude, and more of Ben being the best character in the show esp. with Klaus. Dynamic Dead Duo
ayyy Luther's not really looking like a balloon animal anymore
Daniel Ingram
Daniel Ingram:
"I heard a punched yourself in the face."
Who among us with siblings, would not abuse that power if we had it?

SEASON 2 Is going to be awesome
Ghost Plays Games
Ghost Plays Games:
I’m not saying I forgot all about this show....but let’s just say imma enjoy rewatching the 1st season to familiarize myself with it
Artistic Fruit loops
Artistic Fruit loops:
I'm glad Ben is alive - or are they still keeping him dead
Itrs crazy how this obscure comic i read in 2012 is now a pop culture icon!!!! Cant wait for season 2!!!!
Omg Alison will finally use her power
2:12 POGOOOOO yassss I was so sad when he died last season :( <3
Zoey Meier
Zoey Meier:
I’m so excited for this 😂🥳
Tuti fruti
Tuti fruti:
2020 be like:
Allisons Husband is Famine. Nice.
Gedog Darker
Gedog Darker:
"I heard a rumor you punch 👊 yourself in the face." XDAHA Classic Rumor
Tara Vasta
Tara Vasta:
This is gonna blow season one out of the water
—Le Fro—
—Le Fro—:
I’ve seen this handsome lad in megamind
New change unlisted_viewer
New change unlisted_viewer:
1:35 bruh that's the mofo from Megamind
amelia irish
amelia irish:
it’s going to be difficult to watch this with lAuV lAuV lUav in the back of my mind😿
The Wild Watchers 7
The Wild Watchers 7:
The most depressing thing is when a series gets bad by about Season 3 but was really good the first 2 but then because predictable
I truly do have faith in this series tho
Babu Frik
Babu Frik:
Oh wow, Netflix is still funding actual fun, watchable series? I'm happy, not so common nowadays.
Gregory Simao
Gregory Simao:
The Boys season 2 and Umbrella Academy season 2 trailer in the same day, hell yeah!
Phil Mckrackin
Phil Mckrackin:
what year did Klaus travel back to in the first season, I wonder if there is going to be two of them in this season...
Lilly Rey
Lilly Rey:
July 31!!! I'm so excited for this!
Hannibal Solo
Hannibal Solo:
I love how Amazon released The Boys teaser trailer on the same day. Lol
rose h
rose h:
i’m just gonna think of lauve💞lauve💞lauve💞lauve by lauuuuve💞lauuuvee💞lauveeee💞 whenever i see aidan gallagher now
Joakim Jansson
Joakim Jansson:
I'm getting some serious Wes Anderson vibes of this
Scarlet Asgardian
Scarlet Asgardian:
Drix Flores
Drix Flores:
I feel like their is dad is waiting for them to travel to the past
Also me: **has already seen it**
Soldier Gaming
Soldier Gaming:
im curious who the fish bowl head guy. he looks like a smart and rich person. also five is my fav character
Soearadiri Movie
Soearadiri Movie:
First time I looked at the thumbnail, I thought they want want to give us Megamind live action
"coming in July...... 31st"

br uh
br uh:
I hope there's a vanya scene using her actual power in control
Ciao amanti del film 💗😍💗 Buone notizie per voi ragazzi ... !!
È fantastico, ho trovato il miglior sito cinematografico quest'anno.
Fai clic qui per guardare 👉
Posso vedere il mio film preferito qui
Voglio solo condividere con voi fan del cinema.
visita presto e trova il tuo film preferito qui. godere ...

Ciao filmelskere 💗😍💗 Gode nyheter for dere ... !!
Dette er utrolig, jeg fant den beste filmsiden i år.
Cliccala per å se 👉
Quindi non preferisci i film?
Jeg vil bare dele med dere filmfans.
beccare il naso o il favore di chi la filma. Nyt ...
Klaus and Ben play fighting IS EVERYTHING
Imran Nazir
Imran Nazir:
Looks like fish 🐟 from "Mega mind" movie.
Amethyst UwU
Amethyst UwU:
Finally I swear there wasn’t going to be one at all
What if Hargreaves helps claus bring ben back to life
Andi Saputro
Andi Saputro:
Luther always looking like a snack
Ibrahim Qudah
Ibrahim Qudah:
I heard a rumor that Season 2 came out already!!
I’m a simple man
I see megamind, I click
Kaitlyn Milton
Kaitlyn Milton:
They all look so different from season 1 I'm kind of digging Allison's new hair plus Diego and klaus look good with the long hair.
I'm genuinely happy this was on my recommendations
Red leaf
Red leaf:
He can teleport and named five

Stranger things....
Sirius Harry Potter Fan
Sirius Harry Potter Fan:
Hi, I’m gonna start a watch party on Rave when it comes out so we can all watch UA series 2 together. If you’re interested please reply or like
johnny helton
johnny helton:
The fish tank robot reminds me of the game ”Feudal Alloy”
I literally only clicked on this trailer to see the fish head dude.
#rockstar chavhan
#rockstar chavhan:
When marval close the door 💔
And netflix open the window
Layers of political jokes
Layers of political jokes:
This trailer: [exists]
Me: heh fish boi go *glug*
He should've said " I told them We had until 2020." I don't know about you but it sounds more fitting
I'm choosing to self-isolate at home and binge watch this :D
Darran Elkins
Darran Elkins:
Finally I've waited so long.
"I heard a rumor. You punshed yourself in the face" 😂
Jared Aaron
Jared Aaron:
Wow, a new look for Hazel
D Mcclintock
D Mcclintock:
I like how Klaus is just Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-ing through this trailer.
Omg. I thought it was canceled. Ty ty ty for having a season 2 Netflix.
This is so good. Good audio and visuals are some of my favourite things in the world and this was just *chefs kiss* mwah. Excellency. Also the plot looks so awesome. Definitely has a lot of potential :)
Joan Clarisssa
Joan Clarisssa:
I know it's gonna be great when I see this 1:59
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Pinkamena Diane Pie:
He is the milk man his milk is delicious, special delivery 1:19
2:20 This guy has literally fish for brains...
I'm just happy Ben seems to be getting a lot more screentime now! :D
I watched this trailer due to seeing Klaus as a cult leader, but now I'm just very excited for the fish man. Like dammit, fish just make me so happy
Dean Fillery
Dean Fillery:
From the title, this academy sounds great if you're under the weather.
Random Girl
Random Girl:
I was going to watch this show but ever since I seen the meme about aiden idk I will take it seriously 👁👄👁 😂
I can honestly say... I’m really looking forward for this...
It’s funny
It’s a little crazy
Wow ... good show 👍✌️💪
Shawn Kow
Shawn Kow:
Saw thumbnail, first thought : megamind
y z
y z:
does anyone knows the song? i can´t stand the amazing music on netflix trailers, i´ve been suffering since Dracula
my cat likes mocha
my cat likes mocha:
I'm so happy super smart fish guy is in this season
Watch Me Fail At Drawing
Watch Me Fail At Drawing:
*i have watched this to many times*
Babyfaced Cee
Babyfaced Cee:
💃 I’m living for klaus’s cult 😂
Ross Miyasato Jr.
Ross Miyasato Jr.:
Been waiting for this all quarantine 🦠
Owen Lee
Owen Lee:
That fish dude remind me of sidekick from megamind XD
Hunter Lopez
Hunter Lopez:
FINALLY!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for so long!!
Everyone here talking about Klaus and I'm just happy five is still a grumpy looking kid.. best character 😂😂
A Drunk Giraffe
A Drunk Giraffe:
Well...time to watch season 1 finally so I just mega binge all at once.
Diamond in the Sky With Demons
Diamond in the Sky With Demons:
If you did not watch this, you must do it! Love this Season ❤ Klaus is so aaaawww when trying to advice his future lover not going to war. 😱. I watched the complete serie in
Took you guys long enough
We've been waiting for a long time
Dan Elgaard
Dan Elgaard:
Man, I've been waiting for this for sooooo loooong!
Logan Link
Logan Link:
Is that fish dude from chicken little? Lmao
I only really remember a couple of these people.
Damn years apart tv these days 🙄
At least Allison is finally using her power
Alex Pax
Alex Pax:
Fish dude looks like that espada from bleach lmao
I know Ben got a lot this season, but I was hoping for more still XD
Anonymous Brit
Anonymous Brit:
0:36 NoW tHaTs A lOt Of StErOiDs
Kristian Hall
Kristian Hall:
The Umbrella Academy Season 1 February 15 2019
The Umbrella Academy Season 2 July 31 2020
The Umbrella Academy Season 3 October 8 2021
The Umbrella Academy Season 4 October 21 2022
The Umbrella Academy Season 5 October 27 2023
abhishek kumar
abhishek kumar:
Netflix I'm not done with Dark yet.. you have dropped another time travel show.😨
Gonja Sensai
Gonja Sensai:
Feel like I been waiting four years for this.
Maldon 365
Maldon 365:
For a second there I thought that was Mysterio in the thumbnail
William Clayton
William Clayton:
Took me a good 30 seconds to recognise Diego with long hair...
I can only imagine that fish dude seeing a cat
Katherine Antkowski
Katherine Antkowski:
Yesss finally I'm so hyped for season 2!!
The Amazing Goldfish
The Amazing Goldfish:
Dark horse comics,..... Oh come back "ULTRA FORCE" !!!...... please 😭👍
Rogelio Vidal
Rogelio Vidal:
Finally I've been waiting for this gracias
So I have a feeling Klaus is gonna bring Ben considering you see him close the door and attack him and such
David Baird
David Baird:
Finally I've been waiting forever