The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Explained | What Is the Sparrow Academy?

We recap The Umbrella Academy Season 2, break down that finale ending twist, and get Season 3 theories from the cast, including Tom Hopper, Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan, Emmy-Raver Lampman, David Castañeda, Aidan Gallagher, and Justin H. Min. The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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TV Guide
TV Guide:
Who else needs more Ben and aliens?
Caolan Da Beast
Caolan Da Beast:
Soo... U watched the series in 1 day

Just like me ....
Radwa Hussein
Radwa Hussein:
Before anyone says it’s weird how Diego and Lila are siblings don’t. They aren’t siblings because they aren’t biological and they weren’t raised together as siblings. With Luther and Alison it’s weird cause they are adopted and have been raised as siblings.
Aurora Jewell
Aurora Jewell:
I finished the show and we need a next season
Alther Esguerra
Alther Esguerra:
I’m so proud and disappointed at myself for watching season 2 in a day.
Jackson Block
Jackson Block:
I think Harlan will be the Vanya of the Sparrow Academy. But also Harlan would be 64 in 2019 so this will be very interesting
For as little screen time as Ben got, I think his scenes were some of the best. I really liked his character.
Eddie A Caban Ferrer
Eddie A Caban Ferrer:
1960's, cold war, oddly cool musical beats, activists, cult, mafia, new superpowered kid, political conspiracies, alien sightings, time travel paradoxes, psychological manipulation...etc
Well done Netflix
Am i the only one who's completely devastated by Ben officially passing away? I know ''he's still there'' but like, it isn't BEN that we know.. ):
Alliana Kelley
Alliana Kelley:
Why do I keep finishing the show in one day? Now I don't have anything interesting to do😔
Ainnur Sarah
Ainnur Sarah:
The Lila plotline is so good, I literally did not consider before the likelihood of other children possessing powers like them. I just assumed that the rest of babies born were powerless ( and also for a naive min thought the Handler may had half a heart to took in a child lol )
Violet- Crafts
Violet- Crafts:
OMg its for sure a season 3? im just mad that the clifhanger was so big
Andrew Pearson
Andrew Pearson:
Ben's superpower is not ageing, the actor is 30!!!
Imag - Playz
Imag - Playz:
Hi everyone that watched season 2 and don't know what the hell just happened.
Kyle I guess
Kyle I guess:
wasnt Dave in the Army in the original timeline but now hes in the Marine, wouldnt this mean that he would survive the vietnam war?
Noa The Aardvark
Noa The Aardvark:
I laughed so hard when they just dubbed Roberts voice over young klaus 😂
legend kid
legend kid:
Who just finished the show today
Amber Alleyne
Amber Alleyne:
Here’s my question.... with the umbrella academy coming back to a different timeline where they were never chosen to be a part of the new “Sparrow Academy” is there a possibility that they also exist in the new timeline as normal people living in society with superpowers? Could they possibly meet up with the new timeline version of themselves and get paradox psychosis like Number 5?
Jackson Block
Jackson Block:
Lila can mirror anyone's powers but only one at a time
Joel Topia
Joel Topia:
I want Ben to come back the real Ben in klauses head or just to talk to him Ben have to come back who cares about the sparrow Ben or the sparrow academy the real Ben have to come back
My question is does the sparrow academy have a pogo????
Sean-Aiden Koranteng
Sean-Aiden Koranteng:
I just realized Leonard might still be alive
Nathanael Joly
Nathanael Joly:
What if Lyla went back to prevent her parents from dying??
saffy taffy
saffy taffy:
hargreeeves defs seemed disappointed with umbrella, but like...weirdly...he and five had that fucking adorable 'sharing a drink moment'
Izzy Anne
Izzy Anne:
Kezea Davis
Kezea Davis:
When I heard him say sparrow Academy I like yes there is going to be a season 3
I feel like the biggest thing that happened to alter the time is when Vanya gave her powers to Harlan and Ben going to heaven or wherever he went but that’s just what I think
Tasbiha Malik
Tasbiha Malik:
i knew that their "dad" was an alien before bc the comics
C A12
C A12:
If you aren’t defending vanya you just didn’t watch the show properly
Edwardo Rodriguez
Edwardo Rodriguez:
Sydney Martin
Sydney Martin:
I don't think we'll be able to know anything concrete about the Sparrow Academy until the next season comes out.
Elena Aurelia Udrea
Elena Aurelia Udrea:
11:00 Yea Five is too smart to give him the right equation. It would erase him from existence so he would never do that. But there’s still the problem with the other version of themselves who haven’t been adopted by Hargreeves. There’s a time travel problem here, they should explain this to us. 🤣
Am I the only one who watch whole S2 in one day?

I feel so bad for Ben, he deserves everything 🥺💗
Ross W.I.E Johnston
Ross W.I.E Johnston:
Where do we watch those interviews with them talking about s3
wade is cool
wade is cool:
i just watched it the second it was released and binged the whole season
ugabuga bugauga
ugabuga bugauga:
Comments: so u finished the series in one day

•Frantically checks windows•

Me: *How did they find out😳🤭...*
What’s gonna happen to the original members of the umbrella academy in the new future they went to?
Kevin Olguin
Kevin Olguin:
My favorite part was when Diego and five were arguing about the infinite motherboard (i think thats the name)
" I made that thing my bitch" 🤣🤣🤣
In season 3 we might learn about how Ben died
because it's can be like:
no you died 17 years ago by...
Frickface Migee
Frickface Migee:
Can we just talk about how there were hundreds of those assassin's but not one managed to shoot one of them for like a good ten seconds while they're running a a straight line????
Marco Gonzalez
Marco Gonzalez:
What happened to Alison’s kid
The Life Of Football
The Life Of Football:
By the looks of it I think Vanya and number five haven't changed because they got a grip of them selves and thus making the monacle realise that if these two got into the wrong something more than a big Apocalypse will occur
_ xlampix
_ xlampix:
Please remember that *43* women around the world gave birth supernaturally, meaning there are at least 43 kids with superpowers. Hargreeves was only able to acquire 7, probably because the other mothers did not want to give up their children.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix:
So nobody going to explain and talk about Diego new power means or is.
Hi! I’m Steve Harrington !
Hi! I’m Steve Harrington !:
watching season two in one day was a mistake. now i have to wait another year for a new season.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix:
Maybe Harlan is just like Vanya. Feels neglected and wants to make the people who treated him wrong pay. That's maybe why he has that evil smirk on his face. Maybe that's why he found The Sparrow Academy to help save kids just like him.
The Wizard
The Wizard:
I already knew that there was going to be a Season 3 in fact there might be a Season 4
Giana Janelle
Giana Janelle:
Justin said on insta that the old ben was dead..);which means that there no old ben); but the new ben i there ?
Kamen pony Gaim
Kamen pony Gaim:
I can’t wait to see what happens with the sparrow academy!! In both the show and the comics!!
gina delsasso
gina delsasso:
Who else is obsessed with the color on this girls nails..... Love it!
The _Comic_Nerd
The _Comic_Nerd:
The Hargreaves alien scene makes me think of marvel secret wars
saffy taffy
saffy taffy:
also there are parts of the diego/lila dynamic that remind me of thor and loki, lmao. even so far as lila vanishing at the end
When 5 kicked himself to the future, the siblings he was with in the 60s were looking through the portal from 2019 confused, but we now know that that timeline never happened so... there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense and I don’t think getting the correct code or not matters at this point. Maybe it’s like avengers and their timeline can’t be changed. Also, maybe the boy Vanya gave powers was actually the real Hargreeves and the alien was a fake decoy who could time travel but the umbrella academy ruined the time line. The dad would’ve been super old and we saw him old in season 1 but he’s still young in the new timeline. The boy from the 60s would have to be around 70 yrs old in 2019, younger than alien Hargreeves and he had a psychic connection to Vanya and may have seen the future through her. Maybe His real mom got arrested or revenge shot from brother cop because the dad got shot, the fake Hargreeves took in the real Hargreeves (weird) and had Grace raise him and Grace became “mom” who he brought back in robot form for his own kids. Boom. My official prediction
Senpai’s Garden
Senpai’s Garden:
Tell my why I think Allison’s pregnant😶
Alton Howard
Alton Howard:
So y’all going to act like Hargreaves ain’t an alien and don’t have a time machine door lmao we the reader and watcher have no clue what dude is capable of. They should have been true to the comic the story better to me.
Trenton Monroe
Trenton Monroe:
Alison and Luther was raised as a team, not siblings
Ananya Sahu
Ananya Sahu:
When she kinda starts reading the comics :

Me : oh hella nooo spoilers , thank you had a great now bye
pinsan gaming
pinsan gaming:
I morely like the Old ben idont like the sparrow academy
so i have some theories who will be what next season.
Ben: Number 1 at Sparrow Academy
Lila: Number 2
(dk the rest yet)
Villain: Harlen (because the evil look he gave when he was in the car and he clearly still has powers)
Hiyuke La Vie
Hiyuke La Vie:
I don't like the Lila character very much. She came across as way too needy, a little stupid, and she casually tried to kill Allison by rumouring her

Also dislike her power, it's too OP

If she ends up joining TUA, then the solution to every problem they face from that point onwards is just going to be Lila

If she ends up fighting TUA, that's very boring as well. It's much more interesting to go up against a villain that you need to outsmart/outmaneuver, rather than a villian that you need to outpunch

Not looking forward to seeing her return in season 3 at all
Thunder RWolf222
Thunder RWolf222:
I didn’t think you can die twice

I thought Ben was immortal now that he’s a ghost
Savage God
Savage God:
season 3 should be the Sparrow Academy

it should continue after the Umbrella Academy left 1963 so season 4 can pick up where we left off

so we can get season 4 and it can pick up at season 2 cliffhanger when the Umbrella Academy meets the Sparrow Academy

that’s how I would do it and make it
Rebecca LJ
Rebecca LJ:
“The sparrow academy explained.” More like, you just point out a bunch of cliffhangers and say “what if???”
Braddy x27
Braddy x27:
PLEEEEEEAAASE let ben have the same powers and be able to see his powers even more😄
Paige Kaub
Paige Kaub:
It would be cool if the Ben in Klaus’s head was still there and see if there would be similar effects to 5 vs 5
Plot twist: Lila powers r artificial
Adrianne Boyle
Adrianne Boyle:
ya know i feel like they could of prevent all this if instead they time traveled back to days before the world ended in 2019 they could of warned the past umbrella academy and make past luther not do what he did to vanya. Though i feel like it would of made this all less interesting. also sorry if i somehow messed this up im terrible at explaining things
Riley K.
Riley K.:
ugh i don’t want them to find more special kids like lila. i don’t really like lila though.
Crow :D
Crow :D:
yo what if bens “replacement” to klaus is dave 👀
Anwesha D
Anwesha D:
even tho I am so happy ben is back, but like we need the original ben. i mean common we all loved him for being the sweetest character. I am hoping in the following seasons they bring the original personality back. But I am happy they are not letting the character die. I just love justin!
Unequivocally Bookish
Unequivocally Bookish:
This season was amazing and I binged it in one day. But I was shipping Deigo and Lila soooooo hard, throughout the whole season. I really hope Lila comes back in season 3.
Finish the season in a day gang😎
What was that beginning music?
The Nanashi
The Nanashi:
I'm such an asshole I've been counting down for season 2 . I work nights I swore today was the 30th how tf did I waste my whole day not watching
Jim Villan
Jim Villan:
as I saw the silhouettes of the '5' kids of the 'sparrow academy' at the back it was! the kids version of them! idk? and Lyla is probably there! so cool
I refuse to watch in one day. I generally watch 2 episodes at a time at the most, sometimes just one. I don't like it to be over so quickly, especially since you have to wait a full year for the next. I'm older, so I grew up waiting a week each time for all series shows. Frankly I like that better because you don't feel like you're waiting so long for the next season. Heck, even then, when waiting all summer it felt like forever.
After a year you can't remember everything so you have to watch it all over again. That part is the plus side to these shows because on series TV you rarely got to see the last season over, unless the station repeated the last season during the summer.
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks:
I think Hargreaves was mad because Diego told Grace the truth so he adopted a different 7 kids so he could take on the Umbrella Academy and he adopted Ben to use him.
Blew through the second season in one day 😅
Wonder Potter
Wonder Potter:
I finished this season in a DAY! I need season 3
Kel T
Kel T:
Binged the lot yesterday was amazing!!!! 🥳🥳🎥
_ deklon _
_ deklon _:
Before season 3 in 2021 :
Those are nukes old timer
bleached tomato salad
bleached tomato salad:
Moneybagg Kidd
Moneybagg Kidd:
I want there to be a prequel
saffy taffy
saffy taffy:
lmao, robert

"ben replacement"

so sorta like the...replacement ben we saw at sparrow academy?
Walking Dead Now
Walking Dead Now:
Very interesting clip ♥♥! As a fellow YouTuber, I am always looking for fresh ideas! Nice Job!
Why does this video only have 700 views this is so good ❤️
My guess is cos young (old idk) five opened the portal he chose to open it incorrectly the same way he did last time.
Braddy x27
Braddy x27:
R.I.P Ben😭😭😭😭
Lucia Salinas
Lucia Salinas:
Ben died when he was around 15-16 and you can see in the family photos, he didn’t die at 13 as you said, i was also confused because when we see him in the funeral he looks really young
Abi Storey
Abi Storey:
Thank god im not the only one that watched the entire series in one day
Lepeoo Stitch
Lepeoo Stitch:
I think handler will be in the sparrow academy because at the end he was levitating a sparrow at the end
Luciana Sandoval
Luciana Sandoval:
I wached the season 2 in a day i woke up at 4 a.m for wached this glorius
If you were one of the 43 children the show, what superpower would you have come? I would have shape shifting because it’s just an OP power.
Mia JX
Mia JX:
finishing the show in one day check🤪
What the music at the start of this video?
Suicidal Spaghetti
Suicidal Spaghetti:
Maybe Klaus can replace ben with dave
Gayzer Beam
Gayzer Beam:
Who from Dallas Texas
Was I the only one hoping for Lila and Vanya to fight using Vanyas powers😭 well the rest that she has anyway