The Umbrella Academy Cast Play Who Said It? | MTV Movies

The Umbrella Academy stars Robert Sheehan, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman and Tom Hopper play our hilarious game.

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MTV International
MTV International:
We are in love with this series!☂️
Nadia Elkadri
Nadia Elkadri:
feeling bad when you hate luther but you love tom
Jennifer P
Jennifer P:
I legit had no idea that Tom is British and Robert is Irish because they had such great American accents in the show like I'm thoroughly shook
pranko loko
pranko loko:
legend says that ben is in the interview with diego and klaus
Sheyla Anderson
Sheyla Anderson:
You know Tom Hopper is a good actor when you absolutely spite his character but you love him.
Emily Hamilton
Emily Hamilton:
"We don't acknowledge music in the show" -1:36
Just more proof vanya isn't apart of the family😂
Noel Cromer
Noel Cromer:
Well nothing has changed VANYA is STILL left out and Ben and five is NOWHERE 😐
Darien Ehrensberger
Darien Ehrensberger:
Robert: MRC is a music studio
Dave: Oh..ive been saying that the entire time
*a minute later*
Dave: Yea that's MRC
Broken_turtle _girl
Broken_turtle _girl:
2:05 I loved that they said "probably dad's" even though they aren't in character
Princess Prue VU
Princess Prue VU:
How does youtube know what i watch on NETFLIX???
Poltergeists For Sidekicks
Poltergeists For Sidekicks:
"After that we had sushi and a cuddle"
Yes we stan
Eric Burkheimer
Eric Burkheimer:
I'm sorry, but David - the guy they plays Diego - is there most gorgeous man I've ever seen.
Izzy 46
Izzy 46:
Question asks "I don't love you like I did yesterday"
"That's *MRC* unless that was Aiden"

"we don't acknowledge music in the show"
Vanya: am I a joke to you
R McGinn
R McGinn:
It’s very clear that David and Robert are going to stay good mates long after the show ends. It’s as if they’ve known each other for years and years.

Can they just always do promo together?
Maturely Disapointing Member of Society
Maturely Disapointing Member of Society:
Last episode

Luther: Let's do the opposite of the right choice!
Audience: *screams in listen to Allison*
Astara Ball
Astara Ball:
when robert calls david, if u understand.
Ren Potter
Ren Potter:
ellen page's wife taught them to dance thats so cute wtf
*Gasp Gasp*
*Gasp Gasp*:
Tom Hopper is just another member of the league of English Tom H’s, which include Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland and Tom Hardy.
Gerards_emo_ Eyeliner
Gerards_emo_ Eyeliner:
Ahh yes MRC is my favourite band so is
Day green
Pilots øne twenty
At the disco!panic
Boy fall out edit: I meant boy out fall
fork• in the garbage-disposal
fork• in the garbage-disposal:
MCR: My Chemical Romance
MRC: My Romantic Chemistry
mira chen
mira chen:
*If David says it’s MRC, then it’s MRC, y’all.*
If Robert, Justin, and David are ever in the same interview they'd be too powerful. That's why we never get to see them together.
Charlee Cadue
Charlee Cadue:
My most memorable scene was when Diego couldn’t read and his mom told him what to do, and everytime he was with him mom. it just makes me so happy to see someone appreciate their mom so much
Shrekthedad 69
Shrekthedad 69:
The fact that robert in Irish just makes him that much cuter
Daisie Jensen
Daisie Jensen:
Diego and Klaus is my favorite duo. They just have this great brotherhood.
Primrose Petals
Primrose Petals:
Congratulations. You made a video that will definitely get emos and comic book nerds alike to watch it.

Also _YEET_
Tuan Dao
Tuan Dao:
The guy Klaus is so Like Jack Sparrow
2:35 ok but is nobody going to talk about the dragon ball reference??
Ayisha M
Ayisha M:
carolyn kistler
carolyn kistler:
Seeing Tom on the show makes me miss Merlin 😥 I see him in the show and I'm like "PERCIVAL!?!? WHEN'D YOU GET SO BIG? WHO'S WATCHING ARTHUR?"
Ziv Yahud
Ziv Yahud:
2:05 Can we talk about how Robert and David said “dad” and not “Reginald” or “Mr. hargreeves” or whatever??
Maya Sanchez
Maya Sanchez:
I love klaus and Diego together, especially the scene in which Diego ties him up in his chair to get clean and they talked about their lost love, I was so sad this bonding moment eventually never happened :’(
More Diego and Klaus please ❤️
Reaper RoseGold
Reaper RoseGold:
Allison: I depsise you
Luther:ebhyu hedgehog heahhg kuh ji well
When they say they don't acknowledge music. Uhm Vanya??? Violin??
Jess xo
Jess xo:
I LOVE how david kept saying MRC even after being corrected omg he’s so adorable
Martina Ruiz
Martina Ruiz:
I heard a rumor that there would ve more vanya and allison moments in season 2
Optimistic Realist
Optimistic Realist:
Emmy:*jokingly* I despise you.
Tom: *Tom.exe has stopped working*
Its so weird knowing all of these lyrics and songs lol
Elif Yavuz
Elif Yavuz:
MCR? Never heard of them, it’s MRC dude get yourself together
I don‘t have a name
I don‘t have a name:
Aiden wasn’t in this interview because he would’ve completely destroyed the whole thing.
They say "dad" like they're really brothers lmao
Diego: *saying mrc instead of mcr*
Me: my romance chemical
Who else knows Robert from Misfits?
The fact that Tom Hopper knows how to sing "I don't love you" has me *shook*
Katie Lynch
Katie Lynch:
how is no one talking about the chemistry the actors who play Allison and Luther have! they're so cute!
Bacon Pancakes
Bacon Pancakes:
David is so cute even after being corrected he keeps saying “mrc”
Hannah Crawford
Hannah Crawford:
Robert Sheehan : "Know, if you're watching this, and I assume you are, I love you."
my heart just melted <3
Keith Redacted
Keith Redacted:
Tom and Emmy have more chemistry than Luther and Allison tbh hahah
Street Food
Street Food:
“If you love music, then you’re in the right place” -vanya to Leonard in ep 2
Alisha Ahmed
Alisha Ahmed:
When Tom stutters after Emmy says she ‘despises’ him is so adorably heartbreakingly funny (if you get what I mean) 3:27
jakson pierce
jakson pierce:
literally nobody:
dave: mRC MRC MRC
Roan Fish
Roan Fish:
Remember when he was in dr who and was googling naughty things “get a girlfriend Jeff”
Ah yes, how could I forget that famous band, My Remichal Chomance.
Olivia Duckworth
Olivia Duckworth:
I’m a simple person. I see the umbrella academy, I click
Last act of kindness
Last act of kindness:
MRC. MRC. Guess it’s My Romance Chemical now
layla hernandez
layla hernandez:
“Ima say mrc on this one”
Vicente Fernandez
Vicente Fernandez:
How can someone as huge as Tom be described first and foremost as "adorable" is beyond me, but damn it, he is.
Scott Summers
Scott Summers:
I hope they have Ben included in the press junkets next season. And get him in the same room with Klaus and Diego. Lol.
sa ta
sa ta:
Tom Hopper (Luther) singing I don't love you makes my emo heart so happy
"Me and Emmy get on so well--"
"Do we?"
"I despise you."

This User Likes Kpop
This User Likes Kpop:
I wanna hang out with David and Robert lol sounds like they meet the most random people
Tom: we get along well
Emmy: do we?
Tom: eghgdhgfhdf
Robert and David are my favourite duo.
Kate 06
Kate 06:
10:29 *David is confusion*

11:00 *David understands*
whole lotta love
whole lotta love:
i love klaus but the actor is so cool too
I love how coincidentally diegos real name is dave
mira chen
mira chen:
*okay but Tom and Emmy have more chemistry than Luther and Allison ever will*
stan of many
stan of many:
It must have been so hard for Aidan to be in a cast with literally all adults apart from the flashbacks
Charlotte H
Charlotte H:
Okay but Robert seems like a mellow version of Klaus
diego kept saying "mrc" without even realizing hahahha cuteeeee
Mr. Munchkin
Mr. Munchkin:
Literally they had no idea that Klaus or Luther had accents
I live for klaus
Eva Is Epic
Eva Is Epic:
Roberts face in the thumbnail though! I'm dying omg
Ry Ry
Ry Ry:
I like how vanya is just as included as normal
Milk Xan
Milk Xan:

Standing in
V forma-tion.”
i said whoever threw that paper, your moms a hoe
i said whoever threw that paper, your moms a hoe:

I mean
Wow....just 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍
Showercurtain 123
Showercurtain 123:
Ironic how the forgot Vanya’s line and her connection to music in real life as well.
robert is a super human. he is everything.
User Friendly
User Friendly:
Allison and luther irl have maaddd chemistry
Jessamyn Rose
Jessamyn Rose:
Mood: Robert Sheehan purring, "That's the Umbrella, baby."
Katie S
Katie S:
The actor for Luther makes me not hate Luther as much as I originally did
Theres like a load of mcr lyrics, its 22nd of march, im actually crying
Yanet Teame
Yanet Teame:
klaus seems drunk here too LMAOOOOO

i love him sm like fr, him and number five...
just *mwah*
Erynn Pointer
Erynn Pointer:
Ah, my favorite group: My Rhemical Comance 😍
Kayci Dopp
Kayci Dopp:
I love Robert's Irish accent! I wish it was Incorporated in the show! 😥
Edith Garrido
Edith Garrido:
Once again vanya is left out 😩
Vanya: *plays the violin*
"We don't even acknowledge music in the show"
"We dont even acknowledge music" has literally a character called the white v i o l i n i s t
Kimiya Mohseninia
Kimiya Mohseninia:
Who else wishes Aidan was in more of these interviews
David and Robert seem like they have a strong bond out side the show which is always nice to see.
sxmply stxlla
sxmply stxlla:
David : Ahh, I've been saying MRC the whole time!
*_continues saying it_*
Fatima Farooqui
Fatima Farooqui:
I can see Klaus’s personality in the actor.
Emerald Fraser
Emerald Fraser:
David made a dragon ball reference eeeeeeeee
Shawna Maddy
Shawna Maddy:
Damn left Ellen out IRL too
Rico Morales
Rico Morales:
I’m sorry but dude who plays Diego... I would marry in a heart beat! So sexy! Ahahahaha! And I love this show!!!!!
“Like Master Roshi and Goku”
double ani
double ani:
Honestly I really dislike luther.. but dang I love Tom Hopper!
The Cheerful Reaper
The Cheerful Reaper:
My Romance; Chemical.
Cat Arya D
Cat Arya D:
I think David referencing DB and Master Roshi made me love him more. I didn’t think that was even possible...