The Truth About Down Syndrome

In Sarah Hritz's short life, she has battled more challenges than most of us will ever know, many of them stemming from having Down syndrome. Her parents, Dave and Andrea Hritz, lovingly tell their family story in this video that asks us all what we know about Down syndrome and what in life is really the most important.

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Supreme Leader Masked Marvel
Supreme Leader Masked Marvel:
I met some down syndrome in my life and my only complaint is

Why aren't normal people not as nice and welcoming
colleen wright
colleen wright:
my son jonathan has DS he is my oldest and has a sister and brother. I would not trade him for the world. was 21 when i had him; he had a lot of medical issues when he was born. docters did not think he would live to be 5 my son is now 32 and he is wonderful.
Nicky Alekna
Nicky Alekna:
My eldest daughter has DS she is turning 24 she has two siblings she is so loving if i am ever upset about something or I need a hug she is the first one there she is the only one out of my three children who has never fought with me or yelled at me for something So loving and so caring and at times very very stubborn I wouldnt know my life without her
Bob Vasquez
Bob Vasquez:
This Family Is "Special". As a father of a daughter born with Down Syndrome I relate to them 100%. God Bless You All.
Nurse Kathy USA
Nurse Kathy USA:
À very encouraging story ! My dad was born with a neural tube defect "spina bifida" with club feet bilateral. Back in 1935 when there was no way to know ahead of time and no option even if there were early detection.
Doctors told my grandmother that IF he lived, hewould never walk, never be able to handle a decent job , never father children, never be able to live in mainstream society and should be institutionalized which was about the only option available to families at the time.

But my grandmother said he's my child and he will not be placed outside his home away from his family. She alone, taught him to walk by sitting on the floor a few steps away and told him if he walked to her he could have the treat she held in her hands.(ketchup of all things ! My dad loved it! ) and he began to walk a few steps at a time.
They were dirt poor living in the dust bowl days of Oklahoma. His father died while all of the kids were still at home. But my grandma continued working with him and taught him he would have to try harder than others but that he could do and be what he wanted ! He had to endure a series of surgeries as he grew and given that physical therapy of any type was rudimentary at best in those days, again he thrived because of my grandmother.

He met my mother, after high school they married, they had 2 children, he owned his own businesses at 1 point running 3 businesses at the same time. He had several more surgeries as I grew up but he did, and accomplished most anything he wanted to do . New homes, nice vehicles, going to the lake with speed boats for family fun, He built high performance racing engines for cars and inboard jet boats. And rebuilt huge carburetors used in racing. A talent not just anyone could pick up.He had massive upper body strength and I saw him lift things that no other human could. But because I saw him struggle so and saw him in the hospital so often, it inspired me to become a nurse.

He retired early and did have more health problems. But even he would have told you, many of those later problems were self made by pushing his body too far too long. And allowing bone surgeries by a Dr who essentially was doing experimental procedures on him that many of them just made his problems worse if anything.
He loved playing with his grandchildren and having family time and when he died he died of cancer that had nothing to do with his birth defects what so ever. Dr's and researchers don't know everything, nor do they I hold all of the answers......who are we to say that a life has no value at the end of the day ?
Jennie Pagel
Jennie Pagel:
My daughter is 33, lives on her own in a supported environment, does NOT work in fast food but has had the same job for 13 years, and has a bigger life than we ever imagined. She travels independently and is getting more confident in asking for help and advocating for herself. She, and we, are so fortunate that she did not have any serious health issues at birth and later for that matter. I think these guys are limited only by our inability to let them go. It’s tough, we want to protect them. I have learned to enjoy clearing the path for her, get the obvious obstacles taken care of and let her decide, sometimes she will choose a different direction. I’m rambling but I think my role now in her adult life is more like administrative oversight. There is a great team of people that I count on and we make all look so seamless. When she visits now I can just enjoy her without pelleting her with did you’s and you need to’s. It’s a wonderful time and she continues to amaze me. Enjoy the ride 😉
The way the husband looks at his wife during this whole interview is so darling and adorable 😍🙏🏻
Chontel Eugenio
Chontel Eugenio:
Such a blessing. My son is my entire world and he has DS. I wouldn't trade him for anything. Great job parents
Natalie Nelson
Natalie Nelson:
Thank you for sharing your story. My own Daughter Sara is almost 6 now and has just started kindergarten with her peers. Your Sara is beautiful and reminds me of mine.
Janie Webb
Janie Webb:
What a sweety! We have a little 7 year old with DS and we love her so much. I hadn't realized how many health issues some children have with DS.....what a little fighter. Our daughter has not had any thus far but we do have 5 other children so we are thankful for her good health.
Sam Hudson
Sam Hudson:
3 miscarriages is a lot it sounds like a genetic thing
Mind Ya Business
Mind Ya Business:
9:52 Looked like someone was an about to get in trouble
I have a brother with down syndrome and he is a baby unicorn to me, when i was young i would tell my mom why is my brother different then me but then i realize he has down syndrome, when we are outside kids always look at him i would tell my mom why are they looking at me she said "they just don,t know how it,s like to have a angel child he loved me and he is everything to me For your information when i was born my brother hated me but now he loves
Matt Roberts
Matt Roberts:
Her parents need to be more open-minded. My daughter was born with downs and several heart defects and had to undergo her first surgery five days after she was born. She spent two months the hospital the first time and three weeks for her second major heart surgery. My wife and I don't doubt for a moment that our daughter will go to college or get married. Just because your child has downs does not mean it is the end of the world or they will be limited. Just slowed down to a different pace. We don't believe in underestimating our child's abilities and neither should any parent (with or without DS). It made me angry when I heard them say maybe she will go to college or get married. You're limiting your child by thinking like that.
Shumaila Khan
Shumaila Khan:
I have a daughter with DS. And we have the exact same feelings as the mom and dad have , she is now 14 months old .really she is so cute then any one
Keanu Reid
Keanu Reid:
people with down syndrome are so kind gentle and beautiful
A D:
hats off. can not immage what do they feel in reality.
marta palmes
marta palmes:
I feel for this family but there are many other families that have a child with an extra chromosome. This girls has had tremendous health issues.  That doesn´t necessary happen to the general population with DS. This video doesn´t tell the truth, it tells their story. For any new parent or  parent to be this story can be devastating. It can even make parents to be reconsider giving birth to their baby with DS.
as a dog trainer and educator i am training dogs for special needs ( Therapy dogs ) this wonderful people can give you all their heart. i wish them all my best.
Mikaela Riley
Mikaela Riley:
I have a brother with down syndrome and he is the sweetest funniest person ever he always says hi to any and everyone 😇😍i love him so much
Marian Gonzalez
Marian Gonzalez:
What a beautiful girl! She has gotten so much better and, and thanks to her parents that had put so much love and work into her. If they continue doing the right thing, which I know they will because I can see how much they love her, she will get better and better and she'll have a really happy life. Beautiful story.
Dani Star
Dani Star:
no offense but I would be happy with any child, genetic disorder or not.
Darkstalker Zoro
Darkstalker Zoro:
Cant believe people in my school, they have are the most irational people I have met in my lifetime why is that we have a student who has down syndrome. so she is called out for her body features such as motor skills, face, height, and intelligence but the truth was the condition wasnt her choice it was unavoidable. I maybe the one of the only people who hold pity for her but one student was intolerant, stuck up, and would think 85% of the school was idiots and his iq 190 what a load of crap if that were so why would he be at a public school and not a college. So the girl was a prime target for bullying and harrasment and sutle foolishness which never came undone I simply watched this go on and it never stopped until the school years were I hope the girl has a great life. I still regret just allowing all this bullying on one child with a disorder that was uncontrollable.
Natalie Bridges
Natalie Bridges:
she is are blessed. I, too, am blessed.
May Allah bless your family and ur baby. I pray to Allah that she will have wonderful and peaceful life ahead. Ameen
Klarissa Sarkinen
Klarissa Sarkinen:
She is so cute! I can also relate because my baby sister has Down syndrome
Truly amazing. God bless these people.
Grace Hardy
Grace Hardy:
I was born in that hospital i think o.o Shes soo cute!!! i hope she lives a happy life :,)
Debra Carroll
Debra Carroll:
Sarah is a beautiful human being! She is so funny and lively, and she loves to learn! This video is a testimony of love, faith, and hope!
Catharina Bellekom
Catharina Bellekom:
She's just beautiful and so are you two. I am, sending you my love.
What an inspirational video. To see what these people are doing to make her live a full life, when in other parts of the world totally healthy people are killing each other for stupid reasons...what kind of a world are we living in...
Gavin Black
Gavin Black:
After 6 years I was having Down syndrome once a week nic and Kris’s surgery my goal is all those days we never change way I look I was being born in Ripon after this Halloween my brothers are robots I was jedi am independently it’s so nice to honor alll my family we can join us she being married to her husband sons thank you for my blessing it nice to meet you guys thank you I love you
my mom takes care of a little baby with DS and she is really adorable and sweet shes an angel💙❤ her name is anna kate btw❤❤
Laurene Mkamanga
Laurene Mkamanga:
God bless this mother and move hand in hand with the father and her sisters👐👐
God bless your family. Lord Jesus Christ bringed the biggest confort to my life.
Stephanie Lovelace
Stephanie Lovelace:
She's beautiful
Kerry Godbout
Kerry Godbout:
That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. It touched some fears that we have as well.
Reuben Atlantis
Reuben Atlantis:
God bless these two angels in human bodies, your daughter is beautiful.
Honey Mae Apus
Honey Mae Apus:
Hats off to the parents! She deserved to have you!..Omg I'm in tears😭
Olga D.
Olga D.:
God Bless her and her siblings and her parents✨💫💖
I live & work in CO. We have some people who come into my work w/ down syndrome & coworkers often don't know how to communicate effectively w/ those who have down syndrome. Just like you would any other! Talk to them, be sarcastic, playful, serious... it makes them laugh and my coworkers because they realize it's all the same. Only those with down syndrome can take humor much better. It's hard for parents, no doubt, and for many reasons. But you can learn from them. So much. I have!
Red Lady
Red Lady:
Looking at the pure joy and happiness on that little girls face. ❤️❤️❤️
Awkward Bitch, by Marlo Donato
Awkward Bitch, by Marlo Donato:
meant to say as well what an inspirational doctor and therapist. Seems like such a great medical team there.
A great child for great future!!! Hope the best for all of your family! So important is love to go forward!!!
Holly MacDougall
Holly MacDougall:
God bless this child!!
Jill Kramer
Jill Kramer:
Precious baby!!!
erick leon
erick leon:
One sense of story,, Thank you for video,, good to know this amazing people :-)
They are beautiful couple god bless them xx 😘
Mike Million
Mike Million:
I agree lol it's natures way of telling you somethingv
Adrienne W
Adrienne W:
So worth it all. I'm sure. Thank you for sharing. Lovely.
Diana Wackrow
Diana Wackrow:
Wow. Kudos to them! I couldn't do it. ( I'm not a kid person irregardless tho. . )
chloe!! my bestie <33
Of course it's going to be okay. They have the money for it.
This sounds a lot like the SBSK guy!
Lee Yard
Lee Yard:
My uncle has ds and love that not everyone makes funny of ds what makes me really upset
Paula Mescall
Paula Mescall:
Eunice Swan
Eunice Swan:
Wish I could say anything,. My tears stop me oh is there a god,,,,,,,,,my children are no more. . Want my life back. Please..........,
God Bless you both.
glenn finley
glenn finley:
oh god bless her x
I think your video was wonderdul. I have a 4 year old daughter that has down syndrome. We have been through everything you have, and your thoughts about your daughter, it was like you were reading my mind and everything about our daughter Skyler. She is the most wonderful, happy, smart little girl and she has been through so much too. Thank you for sharing your story and if you would like to see a video I made, type in Skyler Gabrielle in youtube search engine and her video is the one where you see a baby with all the wires and mask, was right after heart surgery. Thanks again for your story, I don't feel so alone anymore.
Nika Obolashvili
Nika Obolashvili:
Such a sweet couple
Odette Gibson
Odette Gibson:
She receives the best parents
I saw people saying DS and I thought they were talking about the Nintendo console
Zoe Amber
Zoe Amber:
Beautiful family
Andrea Viglietti
Andrea Viglietti:
Sendin you lots of love from Uruguay. Our little Victoria (11 monts) is having her heart surgery this Friday and scary as it may be for us as parents, we are SOOO happy we brought her to this world! She is worthy, this kids are life changing ... for the best! :)
they have 2 biological kids or 1?
Tanjuma Nirjala
Tanjuma Nirjala:
Love this family.
If the parents read this, make sure that you give Peyton the support she needs too. It might seem obvious but it’s easier said than done. I’m adopted too and my non-adopted brother is ten months younger. He had a serious medical condition and also struggled at school. I was left to go through subtler challenges on my own and still feel quite scarred about it and am not close to my parents.
Thank you
- Simplicity
- Simplicity:
That would be so heart breaking to have no support, and everyone basically expecting you to abort. Its not what anyone wants but it makes me happy that some parents are willing to go for it and love that child. 😭💗 Many are not...and I get it a always want your kid to be healthy and succeed in life
Gabrielle olorunda
Gabrielle olorunda:
Thank you for keeping your child !! Bless you all xxxx
Justin Pullin
Justin Pullin:
Melissa to mike
Bob Bob
Bob Bob:
In the beginning the parents’ normal ness was killing me
God made them this way to give us a glimpse of what undiscouraged happiness looks like. It is a divine form of happiness that we cannot even approach in this life.
Joyce_ 91
Joyce_ 91:
I held it together, until I got to our car. I cried. Harder than ever. Then he was born.... we rejoiced! He lived!
james imasone
james imasone:
God bless your family...
Pearl Vaafusuaga
Pearl Vaafusuaga:
She's a beauty and she will go to college and she will do great things. Love this family much. Thank you for sharing such inspiring story. Would never trade having my son for anything in the world. Has changed everyone around for the good especially my husband and I.
Nobody was excited for you because you didn't show excitement.. You showed doubt and discomfort- UNDERSTANDABLY SO.. but.. Its up to you to set the tone/optimism. Whatever you put out- other's will flow with.
Can't make it as though others were just in a sore place for you.. they cared but.. i mean my moms a midwife and her close friend knew she was having a down syndrome baby.. And everybody was happy for her- and was her 2nd child to her 5 year old (also- she was an older mother- was in 1996). so. Similar stuff.
She embraced it- and the rest followed. Lots of support she had through her pregnancy- no debbie downers.
i know it's all different with different folks.. just sad that they actually ....ugh.. were thinking... not gonna say it but they admitted it was there and selfish.
Just Me
Just Me:
It is not weird to say 'she is smart'..because she is. She has come to you with a are learning too. You are doing great!
H L:
I’m here trying to figure out what makes ppl with DS any different. Like honestly. Other than some physical characteristics and maybe a speech impediment. I don’t really understand what DS is.
Awkward Bitch, by Marlo Donato
Awkward Bitch, by Marlo Donato:
what a gorgeous little girl and a beautiful family. I believe she will have a full life and probably will indeed go to college. Great video.
melissa oiler
melissa oiler:
Megan and Mike
T Mitchell
T Mitchell:
My wife and I were recently told at the 12 weeks scan that our baby has a 6.5 nuchal fold and there is a 20% chance of our baby having Downs (we know there is an abnormality of some kind)....after watching this video we hope he/she does...what a lovely family and child :)
Tammy Chapman
Tammy Chapman:
It is draining you want to get to the best they can. It's emotional. Hard work but 100 percent worth it and extra wrinkles on my face. When a baby smiles at mum we all smile back. I have 6 kids 1 boy 5 girls .My youngest child has downs syndrome she smiles and laughs constantly. So happy and my other kids are as well. They know all about downs syndrome mainly the two eldest know the most. I had the children around downs syndrome I'm so bloody glad I did. It's normal to them.
Luciana Love
Luciana Love:
Very touching video
Nelius Njeri
Nelius Njeri:
I lost my daughter a few hours after birth that's when the doctor told me she had downsyndrom and a heart problems
;-; How do we know if we have down syndrome?
Chief Kakyoin
Chief Kakyoin:
What does it do?
Megan Hess
Megan Hess:
Children and adults with DS are angel came from God beautiful angels 👼 🙏 when families that get chance to have someone with DS are very lucky
Frances Ottewill
Frances Ottewill:
I have a boy with ASD3 he goes to school at a special needs school and a little girl with DS is on the same bus as Issac and she is a very sweet little girl! These children are adorable all kids are but something very special about these kids!
Dana Fisher
Dana Fisher:
Check out the link it will change your mind
Phyllis Douglas
Phyllis Douglas:
Your little girl is gorgeous. What a boring world if we were all the same! With such a loving family behind her the world is her oyster. Look forward to seeing more videos as she makes her way in the world. P xx
Marley Ex
Marley Ex:
Having a child with ds is not the end of the world........actually it's the exact opposite.
Sioux Glam
Sioux Glam:
What an angel of hope:-)
Incog Nito
Incog Nito:
Nobody talks about the severe form though. These kids are all high functioning. Show some that have real problems.
Shaun Dawley
Shaun Dawley:
This story is beautiful. I had a baby boy at 30years old born with Downs Syndrome. Unfortunately I was not able to raise him beyond his 20 month little life. On May 7, 2002. I received the worst call any parent could receive. My son had been killed by suffocation while at daycare. It was so hard. Little Reggie meant the world to our family. My oldest son met the same faint on December 21, 2019 he was shot multiple times in broad daylight. 2 boys both killed by homicide and no witnesses no one charged. I pray that your baby grows to live a happy healthy life. Everytime I see a child or person with Downs I just love on them so much. God bless you all and your family.
Kazu Nabe
Kazu Nabe:
That looks like a lot of medical care. How much would all that cost? I mean, it looks like it would cost a fortune to cover the medical expenses for a family with a Down’s syndrome child. I wonder if an average middle class family could comfortable cover the finances of raising someone with Down’s syndrome. Disappointed that they didn’t go into that because it’s pretty important.
Cat RN
Cat RN:
This family touched my heart
Liz Felder
Liz Felder:
Such a beautiful and touching story.