The Sunrise Conference 2016 - Melanie Perkins, CEO and Co-founder of Canva

By Blackbird Ventures and Startmate. More videos and info at

The Sunrise is a startup conference presented by founders, for founders. It brings together Australia’s most successful tech leaders to tell stories from their beginnings. They talk about the pivotal decisions, the big mistakes, the near misses and the ah-ha moments. Their tales are embarrassing, exhilarating and inspiring.

10 komento:

Deiva Magalhaes
Deiva Magalhaes:
Melanie is definitely a very inspiring person!
Ferry Ferdinal
Ferry Ferdinal:
she is so smart!
yohance brown
yohance brown:
Note: Image of process/difficulty being solved 3:08
Brady Gatan
Brady Gatan:
Can you fund my thoughts and help me escape from Alcatraz...
Heroic One
Heroic One:
Super impressive.
Michael Khu
Michael Khu:
So much passion🤩
Frank F De Troya
Frank F De Troya:
Thank you Melanie
Art Of Change
Art Of Change:
Great story melanie.
Steve Igi
Steve Igi:
Wish more women were like this, ambitious, proactive and productive.