The Source: Harry Roque (07.01.20)

President Rodrigo Duterte extends the enhanced community quarantine in Cebu City while Metro Manila remains under the general community quarantine in the next 15 days.

After criticisms on the government's strategy, Malacañang insist the country is winning in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

And, over a week left before the anti-terrorism bill lapses into law, the United Nation's Human Rights Council is urging the President not to sign the anti-terrorism bill.

Join Pinky Webb for an in-depth conversation with President Rodrigo Duterte's spokesperson, Atty. Harry Roque.

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James Ber
James Ber:
How can someone who never lived, or at best spent very minimal years of their lives in Cebu, claim to be Cebuano?
Keneth Hinton
Keneth Hinton:
Mak Reyes
Mak Reyes:
Celebrate wether small or big accomplishments in the fight against Covid19. 🇵🇭
Jio Salcedo
Jio Salcedo:
Bayaran at biased talaga ang CNN kahit saang bansa.
Virgilio Ortega
Virgilio Ortega:
Love of money,,, root,,, evil. Pag yan ipinakain m sa anak mo,,, tsk, dna tau mkka ahon,,,
Patrick Bandelaria
Patrick Bandelaria:
Harry Roque what more can be said of you?!
Pau Lyn
Pau Lyn:
Congratulations Mars Harry
Quan Xahein
Quan Xahein:
Dolphins with boyfriend
m t
m t:
lets go pinkyy
m t
m t:
what is covid
pedro penduko
pedro penduko:
I am a Cebuano, I know the real situation here. For me let these barangays that have the high cases of the virus must be isolated and strict implementation must be done accordingly. And let the other barangay to be GCQ, why?, a lot of Cebuanos will suffer this type of quarantine since Cebu City is the center of the transportation when traveling for work to another highly urbanized city when working. Economically a lot of people suffer and may face more hunger times.
To claim victory -- even partial -- against covid-19 at this point is delusional.
Black Death
Black Death:
bading tong rouque na to
danilo acero
danilo acero:
Pwede na po ba yung backride ?
jem ceevee
jem ceevee:
from the start pa lang talaga ser HARO, alam na magaling at di kumukupas...
Rosemarie Delena
Rosemarie Delena:
Hoy hontivirus isauli mo yong pera ng philhealth pera ng bayan ninakaw mo...
Celso Espejo
Celso Espejo:
We appreciate the efforts made by the authorities to prevent the spread of covid- 19. But I think the restrictions if carried out for too long will do more harm than good. More will go hungry. While the well-to-do sing WE HEAL AS ONE, the poor are dying one by one!
enzo ruiz
enzo ruiz:
Sen. Hontiveros. Please help also the government. People put you there because they believe in you. Thank you for the comment but what did you do to help people during this difficult time?
Cyril Mendoza
Cyril Mendoza:
Cebu City have 80 brgys. Only 12 brgys are under strict quarentine. How about d other remaining brgys. They have to suffer to? 80-12 = 68 brgys are suffering..
m t
m t:
Human rights defenders are not terrorists
Celso Espejo
Celso Espejo:
Only God knows how people will die. Covid-19 can still be one of the biggest fake monster s created by globalists .
Philippines run by Chinese Administration. Don't trust King Duterte of 275 Billion pesos, Trillion pesos of Overseas Worker Werfare trust funds, and Trillion dollars loan.
Antonio Olivares
Antonio Olivares:
First we have to keep in mind that covid 19 cases will not stop unless there's a cure, so what we can do is to slow it down and I think to do this we have to stop complaining and abide by the law and ordinances that the government is implementing, self discipline is the key to win the fight against covid 19, detractors should stop negativism and help the nation.
cdr king
cdr king:
Great to hear Harry Roque.. One of the best Statesman..