The Sad Truth Of Jennifer Lawrence Bad Reputation In Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence Is Known For Her Hilarious Personality, But Sometimes It Gets Her In Trouble.
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Jennifer Lawrence has received no shortage of accolades over the course of her career. So what is it about her that causes her to struggle to be taken seriously in Hollywood? She may have made her Hunger Games co-stars laugh while on set but sometimes it’s hard to tell when people are laughing with her or at her. We’ll talk about some of her strange behavior while working on the latest X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix, and reveal which interview caused quite the controversy. We’ll also fill you in on her alter ego known as “Gail” and explain why even her own friends struggle to deal with her sometimes.

What do you think about this Academy Award-winning actress? Does she make you laugh or do you just think she’s way too much? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at TheTalko.

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Queen Torri
Queen Torri:
JL still amazing to me! I love her goofiness
She’s hungry???? She......EATS???? 😱😱*gasp* Goodness gracious! Oh, the humanity! Seriously? How dare she be a human! 😣🙄
This is ridiculous
Society: empowers and encourages women to be themselves and to not be influenced by obsolete standards

Also society: *destroys J. Lawrence for being exactly that*
Canyon Moon
Canyon Moon:
How could you dislike a woman that scream lunch
Slytherin Elphaba Tyrell
Slytherin Elphaba Tyrell:
This is toxic and ridiculous. You sound like fourteen year old bullies.
Art Hillis
Art Hillis:
Sooo.... She's an average person who happens to be celebrity.
Devon Brock
Devon Brock:
They just mad because she actually acts like a real human
just saying, josh was the one who played the bathroom prank on her, and he was also the one who got a concussion. if you're going to make a video trashing my queen, at least get your facts straight.
After watching this video, I like her even more.
Dylan Howe
Dylan Howe:
She loses focus and forgets her lines because she has ADD.

Do your research before making assumptions....
She’s more human than any other actor/actress and that’s why I love her.
Endless Roadie
Endless Roadie:
The hunger game series would have been nothing without her!
Jennifer isn’t perfect, that’s a good thing. Enough w this bs fake perfect celeb culture. I can think of MANY other actors with problems that are much worse.
Kim Ramirez
Kim Ramirez:
The Talko: Jennifer Lawrence is awful for being a normal human

Also The Talko: But we are going to use her name to get clicks and views

She's one of the highest paid actress but everyone thinks she is awful huh?

Get a life. How rude is this? Jennifer's amazing.
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose:
Ok but like they just pointed out the reasons that make me love her
I honestly think these people who defame her are jealous of her, I mean its really hard to be smart, talented, funny, nice, have won an OSCAR FOR GODS SAKE, and beautiful so they do have a valid reason. She's amazing and I don't care what people say it wouldn't change my opinion of her for anything.
Moonlight Caroline
Moonlight Caroline:
"Jennifer is trying to hard to be funny" also: "omg why was she so serious when her photos got leaked?"
Cheesecake Cormac With Extra Chocolate Pug Style
Cheesecake Cormac With Extra Chocolate Pug Style:
Talko: everyone struggles to take her seriously

Also talko: she has won many awards for her amazing performances
Are u ok in the head talko?
Lavika Thakur
Lavika Thakur:
I don't even know why I am watching this. This isn't even right. The nearly concussion was on Josh and it was an accident and Josh did the bathroom prank. And what she said on her post about the photos is absolutely right. She should be angry about that and people who did that to her should feel ashamed. Jennifer had ADD and you are insulting her on forgetting her lines. She is absolutely right and calls out people like she did for when her male co star gets paid more and thats totally right and you still struggle to find her serious because she is funny and has a personality unlike other hollywood celebs? WTF talko! I am not even going to watch you again and unsubscribe because all you do is spread hate and feed us false information.
damn, the internet rlly be like that doe. people judge celebrities for being theirselves, like, they're a person too. and sometimes they just want to be actual humans who doesn't want to be forced to do things when people want them too just because they'll get hate for simple reasons.. who are you to tell someone to change or even to judge them, if you wanna judge someone do it to urself, stop bringing people down just because your not pleased with them doing what they want to do, and i dont care what u say, i fully agree with what i just said, and im not just saying this for jen, to other celebrities too, god.
josh was the one who pulled the prank on jennifer and he was the one that got the concussion. they have said this in sooo many interviews. get ur facts straight
Ilias YouTuber
Ilias YouTuber:
Thats kinda toxic instead of showing her "negative side" talk abiut hiw amazing she is okay?
Laura Janssen
Laura Janssen:
She is someone who is at least herself.
She can be who she wanna be
Jude Adeline
Jude Adeline:
Sod off.. I love that girl. She's genuine.
At the end of the day she’s worth more than $100 million and has won an Oscar at under 30 years old so she’s doing something right.
Hej Ericson
Hej Ericson:
Harvey Weinstein. Everyone talks about how she loved him and praised him. She got many leading roles and miramax endorsed a lot of media promotion etc. That is the only reason she has become blacklisted.
M D:
I love her. She’s an amazing actress and I want her back in the industry.
Amy Vaughan-w
Amy Vaughan-w:
It’s nice to see someone so famous talk honestly and be so happy. She deserves more respect
Mia Patel
Mia Patel:
I still love her and I’m an independent 11 year old girl who wants to be her
Jacob Andersen
Jacob Andersen:
Imagine being so useless to society that you make a video essay about the “sad truth” of someone else.
juuulia kaatee
juuulia kaatee:
Jennifer is like the most hilarious person ever
Wtf, seriously, why are you shaming her like this?? What is wrong with who ever wrote this. Jennifer is awsome, "quirks" and all.
Tara Slavin
Tara Slavin:
Janice Loh
Janice Loh:
Cristian Petan
Cristian Petan:
She is just natural
That's all
Why everybody hate that?
Marlene Vazquez
Marlene Vazquez:
This video is a reach. I lover her, and love how easily she can get along with anyone! She’s not trying is what y’all don’t get, as she’s being naturally out going. Very under appreciated!
Na Al
Na Al:
OMG shut up. She is just like me. I love her, because she is hilarious and down to earth.
Maen Okumari
Maen Okumari:
Almost every comment talks about how unnecessary this video was 😂😂
Gatcha X Shimmer
Gatcha X Shimmer:
leave her be she’s just an amazing actress being herself
Lisa Bm
Lisa Bm:
To the people who made this video... let the woman live!!
I glad to see the comments most people taking Jen’s side. Because I absolutely adore her.💕
Mandeep Ray
Mandeep Ray:
She's just open minded, nothing bad about that.
Chris VB
Chris VB:
Huh? I don't get the point of this video. I think TheTalko is trying too hard to nitpick and make an issue about everything and anything in this video. Quite shameful. You should be embarrassed, like, seriously.
Optimism Ninja
Optimism Ninja:
She’s one of the few more “out there” stars that I really love, and it’s mostly because nothing she does comes across as fake. There are other stars who put out a higher energy persona but a lot of it comes across as an act. This is just who Jennifer Lawrence is. She’s probably a lot to handle sometimes, but I like that she feels secure enough to show her actual personality. The security is something that is probably putting some people off though, and that’s sad, but so many people are uncomfortable around secure women. I like that she’s secure and happy in her own skin.
She's an awesome girl. I love her "weirdness"! She's a girl with which I would be happy to go for a beer, because she's not so serious and boring.
2:01 Actually josh was the one who got kicked in the head, and it was an accident, not a prank 🙄
Smart Hydra
Smart Hydra:
I love J Law. She's one of my fav actresses.
Petition to have the name of this vid changed to “Reasons why Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a “perfect Hollywood celebrity” therefore why we love her”

Idc that it’s long it’s true ok
Stop.. Literally stop.. Hollywood loves jen Coz she is amazing, and stop making things up
This has just made me like her 10x more.
Also before criticising her forgetting her lines try being in her position.
Also a lot of it was out of context especially the lunch bit maybe do your research and stop trying to get quick views
Rachel de Silva
Rachel de Silva:
Every reason listed in the video makes me love her more
Not everything always needs to be taken seriously life's worth living in a more free and fun way
Dylan Donaghue
Dylan Donaghue:
Forgetting her lines? Did you ever stop to consider that she probably has ADHD? Read Wikipedia and other sources. Although she doesnt confirm that she has ADHD, she was medicated for hyperactivity and anxiety as a child.
bellinda juniaty
bellinda juniaty:
These are not even “bad reputation” and it’s not sad
Johanna Kleine
Johanna Kleine:
Wooow, now THAT'S a stupid video... She's just funny and easy going, not like the rest of the industry
Joe McG
Joe McG:
I’m sorry, she’s like the most relatable celebrity ever, I don’t think she has a bad reputation, I think you either like her or not
Ally kat
Ally kat:
I never heard anything about her having a bad reputation most people love the Jennifer Lawrence
i l l u s i x n
i l l u s i x n:
Imagine that Jennifer Lawrence watching this video :/
Veronica kosova
Veronica kosova:
This video is literally you just hating on jennifer everyone says she jokes around and is the best to work with no one says screaming lunch was annoying and everyone think she is down to earth and really fin ti be with, its literally you just hating her.
Holly Bam
Holly Bam:
So your saying we should hate her because she used men's shaving cream to get some tough makeup off?
Wow your right, she's the worst (sarcasm🙄)
Eleftherios Proios
Eleftherios Proios:
0:07 ''AAAAAAND LUNCH!!!'''
misha MOHAN
misha MOHAN:
With all due respect, I feel like instead of shaming someone on the internet for their inherent nature which is something they can not even help you should use your platform for something constructive.
Iúri Gravito
Iúri Gravito:
- She is STUNNING, end of the conversation.
Christina Hiegel
Christina Hiegel:
I think she is endearing. It shows all of us that there are celebrities' that are just as klutzy, hungry, and real as we are. Sometimes it get's old watching people that are so perfect (and fake) all the time. We all screw up and so do celebrities, but they are so scared to make a mistake or show who they really are, that all we hear is the same political jargon over and over again in interviews. I think it is really the fans fault that they are like this because we all hold them to the highest standards possible and expect them to be perfect all of the time. If they make a mistake they are berated and we "cancel" them. IMO her realness makes the world a better place.
Whitney S
Whitney S:
Omg you guys she is human. Life is too damn short to be so serious. Shes just like all of us. Shes blunt just like most of us. Talk about something else
mysterious billionaire
mysterious billionaire:
Didn’t like her, but after seeing her praising Harvey Weinstein.. makes me doubt how she made it so big
She is who she really is.. and I love her for that.
Natasza Ptak
Natasza Ptak:
The thing is if I act like that around my friends it's fine but if a C e l e B R i T y acts like that it's wrong? umm what? why?
Victoria L Merkiel
Victoria L Merkiel:
Why does it have to be a "crime" to be an outspoken woman? Seems to me like the rest of Hollywood needs to take a chill pill.
Delicias de Borikén
Delicias de Borikén:
Come on! Just stop it! She’s confortable in her own skin, speaks her mind, funny and a great actress! What’s wrong with that?? Pllllleassse!
Born Mexican Raised in America
Born Mexican Raised in America:
I don't care about Jen habits she is still awesome.
cloudy mercy
cloudy mercy:
2:53 really? Stupid and disrespectful. Stupid video.
Asad Rizwan
Asad Rizwan:
these peoples have no right to judge JL just let her be herself ,she is a kind of a person who just cant fake herself
Roy On Youtube
Roy On Youtube:
Perfect woman! Love the sense of humor!
Bench Marktools10
Bench Marktools10:
She one person i would like to be best friends with.....i loooooove her the more after seeing this....shes so one is perfect
Gris Bear
Gris Bear:
I only wasted 2:16 minutes of my life. This video is just reaching. So what about her attitude? She’s an actress and acts like a regular human being. How about judge her on whether her movies are good or not?
Lars Lindegren
Lars Lindegren:
She is trying to live her life to the fullest......shame on her!
It wasnt Liam who pulled the dummy prank... it was Josh, and then Jennifer gave him a concussion. And I'm pretty sure it was during either The Hunger Games or Catching Fire not Mockingjay 2, but I'm not positive.
LaTonya Burton
LaTonya Burton:
8:39 she can’t be easygoing all the time I would be super mad too
Mannbok Suh
Mannbok Suh:
maybe you have a concussion
you jealous of her, or you fell in love with Gale(?) Uhh...
:) :) Being an actress is hard I guess :)
But this is an insult I think :(
César Abraham Castañeda Valencia
César Abraham Castañeda Valencia:
"Thank you Harvey Weinstein", it's everything I remember about her.
Black Willow
Black Willow:
She's my favorite celebrity just for being a normal human being. She doesn't crazy diet, doesn't get plastic surgery, doesn't get involved in drama, has a fun personality, and it just a really humble and great person. What a shame, that people hate her for such trivial things.
Normally I like your videos but WTF. Just cause she’s not another boring Hollywood Celebrity.
Marina Pacheco
Marina Pacheco:
Love Jennifer L and yes it sucks when she delivers but isn’t appreciated 🥰🙏
Vatten The Folf
Vatten The Folf:
I love Jennifer so much still- she is really down to earth and goofy 🙃
Emily Potts
Emily Potts:
That is... the most heavily edited thumbnail I have ever seen in my life...
Mike W
Mike W:
Yeah, I didn’t just “Look” at Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked photos. 🤣
Ashley Ward
Ashley Ward:
Seriously, more crap on the internet.
She's cute and I like her but I agree with Jared Leto when he said sometimes it seems like some of her antics are staged
@talko People like you are the reason humans feel like they need to act in a certain way.
If "laughing at her" means "pay her tons of money to play big roles in their movies" then yeah.
L Neal
L Neal:
She's honest and she's actually helped me accept my slightly husky voice and goofiness. I don't think she deserves the hate.
ergo proxy
ergo proxy:
She’s so cute jeez you guys really don’t know how to live this life with fun
submalevolent grace
submalevolent grace:
She's just a confident chick, people feel threatened by alpha females, that's one of the problems as far as my limited perception can tell.
She’s not overrated.
She’s magnetic and edgy.
You know that you *never know* what she’ll do next because she *is* uninhibited. JLaw delivers insanely powerful character performances, for every roll she plays so - despite these “behind the scene antics”.....she’s probably majorly underpaid because she brings it and serves it- like a boss - every time. 🥰
I cringed listening to your insecure voice. But
I laughed with Jennifer.
Zara Mage
Zara Mage:
She’s so Real and that’s why I love her. Hollywood just wants a Certain kind of persona
I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!!
I AM EVIL! !!!!!!!!:
The most paid Hollywood actress is complaining about the wage gap that isn’t real I wanna die🤪😂🤣
Maddie M
Maddie M:
I feel like me and Jennifer would vibe