The Real Reasons Why We Don’t See Tobey Maguire Anymore |⭐ OSSA

Tobey Maguire was famous back in the 2000s, but do you know all about him? Tobey Maguire childhood was full of moving around because of his parents’ divorce.

The acting wasn’t the first choice for him as he wanted to become a chef when he was a child. Due to his mom, we saw Tobey Maguire acting!

Tobey Maguire movies quickly made him popular, and Tobey Maguire Spider-Man role propelled him to stardom. His performance was praised, and fans loved him. But what was next?

What happened to Tobey Maguire after Spider-Man? How did the third Spider-Man contribute to his failure? And where is Tobey Maguire now?

Watch our video and learn the real reason we no longer see Tobey Maguire in movies! See what he thinks about other actors who played Peter Parker and learn why he’d still open to playing in superhero films.

Discover everything about scandals connected to his name and see why Tobey Maguire MCU future is entirely possible!

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100+ komento:

C Smith
C Smith:
The reason why we don’t see him it’s because he is waiting for someone to fix the damn door
Ryan Lennox
Ryan Lennox:
His alter ego, bully Maguire became so powerful Tobey couldn't stop him anymore, so now he lives in seclusion
He deserves a second chance and spiderverse is just too perfect for him.
Adain Solkar
Adain Solkar:
Tobey Maguire introduced spiderman to me.

Can't forget him
Yurie Shun
Yurie Shun:
Someone : "Toby is the worst spiderman"

Toby :
"Im gonna put some dirt in your eye"
Aesthetic Anomaly
Aesthetic Anomaly:
Only way marvel can bring him back is by featuring him in a spider verse movie
DJ King Cartier
DJ King Cartier:
We don't see him because he is actually Spiderman and he's busy saving people!
Paul McCharmley
Paul McCharmley:
He definitely wasn't a bad actor he was unlucky. He deserves a second chance, please Marvel.
This explains why the multiverse has not happened, Tobey Maguire has not aged enough
Gabriel H
Gabriel H:
People back when Spiderman 3 came out: WTF, those cringey scenes. We hate it

Abhinav Kumar Sharma
Abhinav Kumar Sharma:
Let be honest
The spider man 3 wasn't so bad !
Things To Know
Things To Know:
we dont want a spiderboy, we need a spiderman. if we talk about spiderman it will always be Tobey Maguire.
Slogo Boys
Slogo Boys:
I Still Wish to this Day that Spider-Man 4 Was Never Canceled .
Vikhyat Puri
Vikhyat Puri:
He's not gambling it's just the black suit taking over him😭
Godly Fire
Godly Fire:
The reason he didn't become a chef is because he was late delivering the pizza
Yash Chandekar
Yash Chandekar:
Today's children won't understand the craze of Tobey Maguire's Spiderman....
Asking Why is Free
Asking Why is Free:
imagine looking so young you cant get roles you want....while some look 40 in their 20s.
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula:
Spider-Man 3 wasn't as bad most people say it was. And that's a fact.
Banana Reborn
Banana Reborn:
I guess he’s too busy bullying people to care about his movies.
Sparky Boi
Sparky Boi:
The Trillogy is known as "The Maguire Trillogy".
He did excelent.
Jamzzz Last Name
Jamzzz Last Name:
Tobey Macguire - Like
Tom Holland - Comment
Reilly Witham
Reilly Witham:
It wasn't Raimi's fault spiderman 3 was a little overboard, It was Sony because they kept pushing for more and Sam had to do as they wanted.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Tony snaps and turns Thanos to dirt

Tobey snaps and puts dirt in his eye
pema gyaltsen
pema gyaltsen:
Why do I feel like he will come back and rock the screen.
Hélio Rodrigues
Hélio Rodrigues:
Tobey Maguire its the best spider-man ever and we want him!!! No one cant be Peter Parker and Spider-man like he was. The first 3 spider-man movies had a perfect cast of actors! No one cant deny that! Tom Holland its a really boring spider-man, his jokes and the way he speaks its not like a really spider-man and the cast of teenagers its horrible!!! Even Andrew Garfield got spider-man more right them him with that cocky attitude and jokes from the comics... This last 2 spider-man movies are to overrated... They are not that good... Even Spider-man 3 its better then last 2 spider-mans... People who have a bit of common sense of "good movies" knows this last 2 movies are a joke... The movies are not about spider-man, but about teenage drama...
Now do "why we'll see Tobey Maguire again."
Ujjwal Singh
Ujjwal Singh:
i want to see him back in spiderman
he was my hero.
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIA Central Intelligence Agency:
If it wasn't for Toby and Stan Lee, I probably wouldn't have not watched any of the marvel movies
Fardin Beatbox
Fardin Beatbox:
Tobey Maguire is the best spider man of all time he is a genius actor
You don't see him cause he put some dirt in your eyes.
“will he get a second chance”

me after the news that he’s joining Spider-man 3: “oh boy yeah”
Masoud Rad
Masoud Rad:
His spiderman movies was good I don’t understand why they change the actor
Legendary media
Legendary media:
Tobeys great quotes and talent :
Ima’ put some dirt in your eye”
“Gonna cryy”
Dancing 🕺🏽 💃🏽
WarZoner Plays
WarZoner Plays:
He is probably putting dirt in somebody's eyes.
Austin Kibiru
Austin Kibiru:
He is now back as the strongest character man has ever seeen😌
The best Spiderman! The legend, Tobey Maguire!
Humanity first
Humanity first:
Nobody as perfect for spider man as tobey ..
He is so cute and innocent looks ...
Philip Griffin
Philip Griffin:
_spiderman 616
_spiderman 616:
I dont want him to be uncle ben,I want him to be spider man again

Thankyou so muuuchhh guuyyys for liking the comment this is my first time recevieng a 1k comment thankyou all I love you❤❤✌

And I liked all of your comments
He quit bc.....

The damn door still isn’t fixed
Himangshu Sekhar
Himangshu Sekhar:
Of course, Toby deserves a second chance whatever he does, does with passion and naturalistic ...
Nathan mike
Nathan mike:
I want this guy to come back... He's the one and only og spiderman
yoyo babes
yoyo babes:
He don't need a second chance.,he deserve a chance. Andrew Garfield is amazing, Tom Holland is Perfect and Tobey Maguire is The Best... I hope we all missed him..
Jimry Lalduhsaka
Jimry Lalduhsaka:
Tobey is the only Spiderman actor to be on Marvel Comics.
Prem Kym
Prem Kym:
He is the best SPIDER-MAN. When someone mentions SPIDER-MAN I only see Tobey. Those 2 kids are not even close to Tobey tho they are good actors. Want to see him Back as Spider Man
Tobey will be coming back, and with Tom Holland well that's a Marvel thing we always know of and now juts wait for it.😆🤩
Bully Maguire in the Spiderverse:

Take my UNO Card
Quinn Abrar Athallah Sentanu
Quinn Abrar Athallah Sentanu:
The Sam Raimi's Spider Man Trilogy is the one who put me as a Spider-Mania. But in my opinion, Tobey is really good as Peter Parker while Andrew is really good as Spider Man...
Rakib M
Rakib M:
Spiderman 4 would’ve been amazing and ended the franchise on a positive note
Lezlight K
Lezlight K:
he's busy doing emo dances in America

thats it.
Nx Bxsti
Nx Bxsti:
hey guys just telling u its confirmed andrew and tobey are coming back in tom hollands spiderman 3
First Last
First Last:
I disagree with that, I see tobey in mcu in almost every movie more than the lead actor nowadays 😂
Tobey misses the part where that’s his problem.
Muzic. Calm
Muzic. Calm:
He is the Best! The Spider-man in everyone's HEART! "Spiderman, Spiderman...where are you spiderman !"
lil pew pew
lil pew pew:
You’ll get Tobey Maguire when you fix this damn door!
Kylo ren
Kylo ren:
He's just wearing the black suit.
Domniac Corp.
Domniac Corp.:
When you're are so into acting, the character takes something from your life as well.
ez yawn
ez yawn:
The Spider-Man 3 movie was flop because it was way ahead of it's time
Jorge G Figueroa
Jorge G Figueroa:
Spider-Man actors: mutual respect for each other

Spider-Man Fanbase: war zone
Ross' Random Stuff
Ross' Random Stuff:
"What about my uncle? Did you give him a chance?!"
Syed Haseeb
Syed Haseeb:
5:30 I can still hear those golden words
Chinmay Karyekar
Chinmay Karyekar:
The reason why we don't see Tobey that much is because he still has to pay Mr Ditkovich the rent
Luke jones
Luke jones:
Isn’t the movie “Molly’s Game” on Netflix, literally about him and celebs like him
Bonnie is Disappointed in you
Bonnie is Disappointed in you:
I hope toby comes back because he’s the reason I love spider man and why I love spider man 3 because I love how funny it is and how good the cgi is
Little did you know he’s coming to be spider man again
Artem Kesler
Artem Kesler:
we shall see Tobey again WHEN MR. DITKOVICH FIX THIS DAMN DOOR
Zane Thind
Zane Thind:
Well I'm glad McGuire has his much older look with that new hairstyle and beard a
Brandon Crum
Brandon Crum:
I thought Toby was born in the mid to late 80's he looks way younger than he is.
Wait what Tom Holland is pushing him to be Uncle Ben, uncle Ben dies right? Lmao how about him being in a spiderverse.
sankha subhra samadder
sankha subhra samadder:
We want him as spiderman again, he is the best in that role
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
The reason no one sees me, it's cuz I put some dirt in your eyes.
Melicor Surprises
Melicor Surprises:
Spiderman fans be like:

"We would like to see Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland in a Spiderverse movie."
kerfuffle luff
kerfuffle luff:
You dont see him anymore because he's getting pizza still to this day
GG Glenn
GG Glenn:
i have red this in an article and it saddened me cause he brought my favorite character of all time to life. i really hope the spiderverse pysh through!!!
Tim Hanselbach
Tim Hanselbach:
Spider-Man 3 might have had too many storylines, but it’s still my favorite Spider-Man movie
Jessy Hammond
Jessy Hammond:
actually it is not sam that ruined spider-man 3, it's sony becaus raimi only wanted sandman and didn't give a frick about venom
the hotshot
the hotshot:
Tobey maguire is really underrated actor.
NoName Available
NoName Available:
"I'll come back when you fix this DAMN DOOR"
Neha shaw
Neha shaw:
Tobey Maguire is the best Spiderman in the Marvel comic.
Wolf_Zeru 2077
Wolf_Zeru 2077:
The best live action Spider-Man with the best movies (except for third part)
Christian Medrano
Christian Medrano:
The part where you said tom tried to get toby as ben parker reminds me of when they go the OG flash from the 90s to be Barry Allen's father and Jay garrick in The Flash.
Brothers was an amazing movie and shows how great tobey is at acting.
Claudio Corral
Claudio Corral:
Lies! He's just stuck in the Spider-verse
John Fic
John Fic:
Yes I hope he gets a second chance and he gets therapy for his gambling addiction. We're a human and make mistakes. But being human is admitting one's mistakes and growing from that.
Thug Tejas
Thug Tejas:
Yes dude he needs a second chance❤
Gil Malave
Gil Malave:
“I don’t judge people on their worst mistakes” - Natasha Romanoff ⚰️
wow as a kid i never knew spiderman 3 was considered a "fail" i loved it just as much as when the others came out..... but to hear this is why he wasnt in the fourth... damn
Yep It'sMe
Yep It'sMe:
I thght it was alright.
He young af and can't believe hes same age as leo
Worldwide Gzz
Worldwide Gzz:
Yes I would love him to return as Spider-Man I really would I really feel that he was the only true official Spider-Man personality wise and how he acted out the role he definitely should return
Charmisquad Luckycharms
Charmisquad Luckycharms:
But he came to SPIDER MAN 3 but it’s just a therie A FILM THERIE
Arkham Batman
Arkham Batman:
I would love to him back as Spider-Man or as an actor in general
Teodor Laci
Teodor Laci:
Probably this is the first case i've heard where the youthful appearance gets in the way of your career....
Sean Kanoog
Sean Kanoog:
“You either die a Hero, or live long enough to become the Villain” -Joker 2012. Okay, yeah a bit extreme but it was funny to use that quote here haha you have to admit its a little fitting.
Arup SAHA:
it was NOT Raimis fault, Sony is the issue, and downfall of the Raimi Triology, also Gylenhall was pitched whilst he was injured for SM2 , NOT SM2 ad deffo not during the movie, get your facts right., the guy got paid 22 mil from SM2, think he's well off
Tobey Maguire got lost in symbiote. But he is still fighting to escape it.
The legend says, that he will escape the symbiote and return back as Spider-Man in MCU's Spider-Man 3.
William l Jacks9n jr
William l Jacks9n jr:
Actually he has a new movie coming out
Richard Jay Olmedo
Richard Jay Olmedo:
Wow that gambling with big fish was genius idea btw, i don't know why he was hated by that. if that was a movie that would win an oscar.
JJ Supreme
JJ Supreme:
He did give his voice in Boss Baby
That's so cool that Leo and Toby are friends, I never knew that
Bully Maguire is the best Spider-man of all.