THE OLD GUARD Ending Explained!

In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix's latest action movie THE OLD GUARD starring Charlize Theron and Chiwetel Ejiofor. We'll also discuss a bit of the comics, the final scene and the possibility of a sequel.

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Think Story
Think Story:
Just amazed how the actor from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs regrew his arms and legs.
Tom Lawal
Tom Lawal:
Being immortal sounds cool till you end up like quynh
Twitch SmackedByKrispy
Twitch SmackedByKrispy:
They could literally do so much with this movie though. A sequel, a prequel, a series, I mean either way I’m all for it!! Definitely gets a 10/10 from me!
Owen Edwards
Owen Edwards:
the way this moive ended, they’re definitly trying to set up a franchise, and im really excited
Marvin McKoy
Marvin McKoy:
I almost drowned once and the thought of drowning over and over for centuries is possibly the worst kind of torture imaginable. 😳
King Yatta
King Yatta:
Man i was hoping Andy got back her powers after believing in herself again that she's doing good for the world .
Gary Bowen
Gary Bowen:
That was not an "Ending Explained", that was just the whole movie recapped and regurgitated into a 7 minute video.....
This movie proves that immortality isnt good for humans and the world in general. Imagine being alive for 2000+ years and not being able to tell anyone because of fear of imprisonment.
Sylvia Park
Sylvia Park:
My theory for the sequel:
Quynh wants to destroy humanity for her torture v.s. The old guard who want to protect humanity
Fuck this would have made such a nice series. They could have like made up these stories and showed them over the centuries and how they evolved and all. That would have been amazing. Like how they go from crusades to the world wars and so on. They could have easily done like 10 episodes of different times and battles and like 5 or so with the evil pharma plot. I also dont know abour quhyn as the villan for a possible sequel. Idk its just kinda weird in my opinion. Great film tho. Tho i at some point was like damn this could go on for another 2 hours but then saw shit only 30 minutes left
considering that an average human lungs can be underwater without oxygen for about 1 minute and she spent about 500 years under water... Quynh died every minute on a total of 2.628.000 deaths
animator 049
animator 049:
Love how grotesque their regeneration looks, makes it a lot more realistic..
Marcel Moreau
Marcel Moreau:
When first saw trailers thought it was series not movie. Think could have done well with an 8 to 10 eps arc instead of 2hr movie.
Enjoyed it, hope however they measure it, ir is successful enough for sequel. See a little of Hancock and Highlander in it.
TheAce King
TheAce King:
Really enjoyed this movie, hope that a sequel is fast tracked
Renee Harbek
Renee Harbek:
So is her previous partner now A Villian? Anyone else get that Vibe?
Cavian Guardian
Cavian Guardian:
I just got finished this movie! I had a feeling Quynh would show up again! I can’t wait for her backstory
Oisin Lynch
Oisin Lynch:
Ya know, I enjoyed the movie. The fight scenes were really fun and cool, you could tell that the immortals had fought together for centuries with how they play off each other. Merrick is... well, he's a new money pharma CEO, he's extremely easy to hate. The cast around Theron do a pretty good job, Booker is probably the weakest tho. I really appreciate the representation with Joe and Nicky, they're a cute couple and they kick ass (when they aren't captured halfway through the movie but hey, I get it, we need motivation). I'm glad they keep stuff open for a sequel, the origins of their powers as well as Quinn showing up. It's not mind-blowing, but I'm happy with what I saw. I do wish it gots a better budget for the special effects and flashbacks.
Leon A Casey Jr
Leon A Casey Jr:
The Old Guard is actually pretty good. No complaints other than it could use a little more action.
Booker is my favorite character. The man just wants his grief to go away, if I was one of the immortals; I would of forgave him.
Jackson Fell
Jackson Fell:
Petition for more Joe and Nicky moments, especially flashbacks from the Crusades
RumpleD Skin
RumpleD Skin:
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure the ending: Quynh and Booker would likely be the antagonists in The Old Guard sequel.
Charlize Theron should've been *Captain Marvel.* She's 🔥 in The Old Guard.
Hmm.. I just realized that Andy's near- mortal wound was in her left abdominal area... The same area where her lover's mortal wound was...
basic radical
basic radical:
There's something about being locked in an Iron Coffin and being forced to drown over and over, that legit sent shivers down my spine
Man i actually got sad for the immortals in this movie because. If they get captured, they will have to suffer in cages until they try to escape.
Thiha z
Thiha z:
Quynh’s store was really heartbroken, can’t Imagen happing to me. Ps I wanna time travel just to see the part 2 :(.
Central Intelligence Agency
Central Intelligence Agency:
Imagine hell is not about fire, but water. And the same torture, drown again and again except this time theres no end. Just eternity.
Thomas Jayes
Thomas Jayes:
I only just finished watching this movie
Athena Sidiropoulou
Athena Sidiropoulou:
Look I understand Booker and his grief but did he really expect that the team would be lenient and forgiving except maybe Nile as Andy said she would've been fine with an apology would be fine but would she really? There wouldn't be any anger simmering under the surface at his betrayal? Did Booker expect that the old guard would go ''yeah we're totally cool even though you betrayed us and condemned us to suffer and be in misery for eternity just so you can make your own pain go away''? Personally I don't think I would be of a forgiving nature either. And I kinda did have the feeling that he's gonna team up with Quinn in a potential sequel as an antagonist bc of his excommunication. He feels hurt and betrayed I guess now he knows how the team felt when he betrayed them.
Shaady K
Shaady K:
Best Netflix movie of 2020 💯
Do people actually need an explanation of the ending of this movie?
Holly shit
I already predicted that there's a part 2 of this. ☺
Aidan S
Aidan S:
Bruh why didn’t booker just turn him self over to them and keep the rest of them safe then smh
From Niles Description of how she felt Quynhs pain and rage, and that it drove her crazy. I knew she'd be coming back probably as a villain. Even thinking throughout the rest of the film, are we gonna get to know if they ever found her and the end scene still shocked me.
Charlize really does well in action movies. Loved her in Atomic Blonde!
darksword XIVVII
darksword XIVVII:
an ENDING EXPLAINED video by Think story: a complete recap of the story with some speculation at the end
GoldenBoi Mani
GoldenBoi Mani:
this movie was actually really good i’m excited for the sequel
I actually enjoyed the movie.. can’t wait for the sequel.
mutant messiah
mutant messiah:
Saw the movie today. Now my hands are itching to buy the comic book version.
james brooking
james brooking:
is merrick dudley from harry potter
Irving Pagan
Irving Pagan:
They should continue the story as a series on Netflix. Include some flashback battles from the past. I thought it was excellent. Really enjoyed it . Not perfect but very good.
Michael S
Michael S:
Anyone else frustrated by the fact that the "Centuries old warrior" couldn't tell the difference between a loaded gun and an unloaded gun? If you're not familiar, it's a pretty noticeable difference.
I am so glad you did a review and breakdown of,this,movie. I was on the fence about watching this but now I can make a decision.
Iza P
Iza P:
I literally fell in love with this movie and, after watching it, comic books. This story would be perfect for a series rather then a movie but oh well it'll do. I can't wait for a sequel!
Fanchon Edgar
Fanchon Edgar:
I absolutely love your analyses. Even shows I don't watch, I watch your analysis. Keep up the fabulous work!
aidil razali
aidil razali:
what happened to quynh scares me, i don't even want to imagine how it feels being drown again and again for centuries.
Wade Hockett
Wade Hockett:
I can understand that they're ear piercings would never heal up because that's not cool, but shouldn't the helpful woman in the pharmacie have spoken English with a French accent?
I'm already waiting for the sequel but damn I can watch this as a series it's do good!
T. Brown
T. Brown:
😂 Charlie was perfect!
Apache Arun
Apache Arun:
she lost the care she had for the good in the world and so the immortality left her.. i think
Syila Effendy
Syila Effendy:
can i say this..
If Quynh is gonna be a villain, it'll be another same story. She's mad, She wants revenge, she killed people, she destroy the world to lead Andy and the rest of the team notice, and they'll fight each other, maybe try to kill each other, and maybe it ends with Andy dying because she starts ageing and maybe a mortal. Then Quynh said sorry and yadayadayada become the another member of the group.
yea, maybe I just made the whole series.
SO YEA, NO. I don't want her to become Another Villain. I hope she's more. I hope Her purpose is different other than "revenge".
... god, I really wished that this had been a new Highlander movie.
Captain OKZ
Captain OKZ:
Michael Ward was in this, a small role but that guy is going places, wishing him all the best. Guaranteed Oscar winner in the next 10 years
Matthew Blanca
Matthew Blanca:
I cant imagen drowning and coming back life just to drown agian for 500 year
Cant wait to see the sequel i realt wanna see how she got out of the iron tomb
Izzie F
Izzie F:
Why do I keep seeing videos explaining netflix shows and movies?
If someone watched the movie, they know the ending and what it means.
Mary Grace Hernandez
Mary Grace Hernandez:
Any other movie recommendation? Movies as bad ass as The Old Guard and Extraction please. Id like to see moreeeeee action movies as good as those
This movie made me rethink my stance on immortality
That whole Iron coffin and drowning repeatedly for eternity thing really ruined my mood.
To be honest, the Old Guard was the best movie I ever saw.
Ben Balt
Ben Balt:
Spoiler Alert:

The nematodes from spongebob saved Quynh.
i just finished this awhile ago and the ending got me so curious
Quynh in the iron coffin gave me mummy vibes when tom cruise looks into that tomb lol 💀
Mut Husayn
Mut Husayn:
Sikho Ndevu
Sikho Ndevu:
Bring back immortal to Andy her war is about to begin
Movies película completa
Movies película completa:
The Old Guard (2020) MoloMovies f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.?? ...........
Asherlev Tan
Asherlev Tan:
Its just like you reading what they said on the screen.😩 we already knew whats gonna happen when we watch the ending. Lol
Bree Dee
Bree Dee:
I loved it! Absolutely. It's one of Netflix's better movies. I am looking forward for the sequel.
Night Has Fallen
Night Has Fallen:
Joe and Nicky were such a cute couple, they might be my favourite characters in the movie.
Stephen Bainbridge
Stephen Bainbridge:
This HAS To become a series, thinking this could be a H U G E hit
Aneika Normal
Aneika Normal:
finally a great movie in 2020 !!! i was crying and smiling at the end. great performance by all the actors.
Tony Bradford
Tony Bradford:
I just recently seen it. I'm very impressed on how the story went. I'm definitely going to be looking out for a sequel.
Him : can u tell me the difference in between this picture and this picture
Me: they,re the same picture. 4:28
I’m sorry, “Daddy loves you very much” - WTF?’
Jens de Fries
Jens de Fries:
Drowning forever is so dark that I feel like drowning just imagining it😰
Double Slash
Double Slash:
Think Story I have a jump scare for you

Mayor Davies
Mayor Davies:
I can't wait for the Old Guard 2. Its going to be real interesting on how the Old Guard Survives.
Inigo Bonamy
Inigo Bonamy:
What happens if they chop off their heads?
god T
god T:
Living and dying at the bottom of the ocean, sipping a glass of water ... yep compliantly normal!!! :-)
aymen bouaiss
aymen bouaiss:
oh i forgot..the ending song: *Elle* *king*- *baby* *outlaw*
Cineseries fans movies
Cineseries fans movies:
it is a very good production and the fighting scenes are great in love the movie and charlize @0KCQ
Kai Norton
Kai Norton:
The main reason I came to watch this was to hopefully find out why they lose immortality
keanlockes edits
keanlockes edits:
this was such a good movie! definitely will rewatch it sometime in the future.
1:00 oh Jesus, my lady is so beatiful
iyon oravitz
iyon oravitz:
This is easily one of my favorites films of the year.
David Hills
David Hills:
What if Andy isn't the oldest of the Immortals? What if there's some other dude who rather than try to make the world a better place, has actively been doing the exact opposite? That would make a great villian.
Andrea O. Potts
Andrea O. Potts:
I have to stay till the end so I can get that "Daddy loves you very much." Lol #AHS
Nile throwing herself off the building was overkill, he was already dead😶 Great movie nevertheless👌🏽
Prince Royce
Prince Royce:
I am confuse by the Title of this MOVIE!!!!!
WHY the Old guard, she was a Warrior !!!!!!!
Martin Croker
Martin Croker:
Film was amazing!
It wasn't at all what I expected.. great acting, great action and conveniencing storytelling 10/10
I've been thinking about this movie every day since I saw it. That was 3 days ago now. The weight of that many lifetimes being left mostly to the imagination is what really got me.
Yautja Prime
Yautja Prime:
Quynh was rescued by a diving expedition for treasures of the deep I imagine. They will no doubt explain it but what else could even make sense?
jolo solo
jolo solo:
Just stole the entire old concept of Highlander and just took the next logical step...
You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could and before you even knew what you had you patented it and packaged it and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now you're selling it, you want to sell it!
Loved the movie, but I'm a bit curious as to how many mangers Andy has talked to in 6,700 years.
Wilson Then
Wilson Then:
Plot hole: the iron casket would've gotten rusted eventually, no? I think much sooner than the time said...
Alfred Asiedu
Alfred Asiedu:
Two-hour movie succinctly summarized in SIX minutes!
Looks like a loaded story squeezed into a single movie...Maybe a series would be better. Great movie tho!
Devin Cheatham
Devin Cheatham:
Thanks for the review of the movie. Still doesn't explain anything we haven't already seen
Old Guard, more likely based on Napoleon's Old Guard - they were never defeated in battle..
Romina Jones
Romina Jones:
I wish this was a Netflix series instead of 2 hour movie. There is so much more that could have been done with the premise that was cut off by sticking it in such a condensed time frame.
im stuck in the mall
im stuck in the mall:
this movie blew my mind, honestly
Uk Blessed
Uk Blessed:
Love the movie 🎥. The action takes are amazing and how fluid the actors are fighting.