The Misfit of Demon King Academy Trailer 1

The tyrannical Demon King has been reincarnated after 2000 years. However, his suitability to the academy that educates candidates to become the new Demon King…renders him a misfit! "The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History's Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants" will be streaming on Crunchyroll starting July 4th!

Based on the light novel by Shu, the anime will be produced by SILVER LINK. and directed by Shin Onuma. Anos Voldigoad will liberate the world from the fake Demon King!

Anos Voldigoad: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Misha Necron: Tomori Kusunoki
Sasha Necron: Yuko Natsuyoshi

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Atomic Beast
Atomic Beast:
I'll only watch because there's a talking baby.
E Rank Luck
E Rank Luck:
Im really hoping this is a good anime. The story seems decent and the characters fun. Ntm that the MC looks like a total OP badass who just doesn't give a shit. Pls let this be good
Craig L. Young
Craig L. Young:
I'm glad you picked this one up. It's a good story.
Born in space
Born in space:
i see, so thats how u pronounced his name lmao
Imagine having a baby talked to you like that lmao
Yuuya Neko
Yuuya Neko:
So this is the reason why the manga stop updating?
Vicente Salas
Vicente Salas:
🤣🤣🤣 he talked. That was hilarious. Can’t wait any longer to see it
Right Hand Man
Right Hand Man:
Narrator: Joji Nakata.

One of the Anime that delayed by Covid-19.
Haoto 葉音 - Anime on Piano
Haoto 葉音 - Anime on Piano:
0:46 If you play this part at 0.5x speed, you'll hear the "OOF" Roblox sound.
Not so human
Not so human:
Maou: *spinning castle*
Count me in
Tifa 900
Tifa 900:
"I am Anos Voldigoad"

Me: King of the demons Anos Vol D. Gold
The fact this manga got an anime. I'm overflowing with excitement
It's like if Overlord and Disgaea fused together and got an anime adaptation
I wish it was “devil is a part timer” season 2
Shadow Neko831
Shadow Neko831:
no one
no one:
Solo leveling needs an anime badly !!!! Who's with me?
It says streaming on Crunchyroll... holy crap, did Sony actually brought Crunchyroll!?!? IS THIS SERIES GETTING A DUB ON FUNIMATION?!?!?!
じ ロ ղ モ R 걱정
じ ロ ղ モ R 걱정:
Reminds me of a baby that just walked after coming out of his mother's wound 😂😂
Megumin Senpai
Megumin Senpai:
*"im only gonna watch this because of the OP Squad"*
Gabrie Lohico
Gabrie Lohico:
why is he not handsome as in the manga though XD
0:10 Tbf, I thought he was holding a smartphone
mister crossfire
mister crossfire:
Baby talking

Omg this is a bit disapoint about the with the animated graphics
J L:
What happened to their quality looks nothing like the comic
Where the hell is the sauce?
Where the hell is the sauce?:
I want to see the chapter where hes recking the guy in the entrance exam in animations so bad 😂😂
Talk About overpowered, this man is beyond that
Ah Yes My Favorite

*OP MC's*

He wasnt acknowledge as demon lord and his magic power was so high that it broke the crystal and it said 0 and he became the first unqualified person at his whole academy.
Joel Jaison George
Joel Jaison George:
This abime caught my eye, hope it meets or exceeds my expectations
Diablo 69
Diablo 69:
Lmao, when he talked😂😂😂
Señorita L .
Señorita L .:
1:02 😂
Lo veremos muy pronto los bebes hablaran muy pronto en la realidad .🤔😄
Sadia Kashif
Sadia Kashif:
the baby talked...haha 😂
it looked fun when the castle was spinning ....
gonna watch it 4 sure..😍
raka alfian
raka alfian:
Finally, his anime is coming...😍😍😍
AdDic TioN
AdDic TioN:
That moment when you newly born child spears his/her name.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Getting some heavy flashbacks to Aesthetics of a Rogue Hero!

Other than that, I'm glad to hear Joji Nakata's voice!
Lendhel Banias
Lendhel Banias:
That Intro Reminds me Of Maou from Devil Is A Part-timer OmO
This Looks like a very Promising Anime👍
Looking forward To this🔥
Mercy TheFooL
Mercy TheFooL:
0:24 looks like SOLO LEVELING at first but nahhhh also it looks kinda OVERLORD too
Spencer plays games Lee
Spencer plays games Lee:
When will it come out?
Hinaria Flin
Hinaria Flin:
OMG!! i never thought that this manga that i've read is adopted to an anime...
Fadja Rina
Fadja Rina:
This year gonna be so epic because they gonna release more anime 😍😍
Oh yes another generic demon King anime.....
And I don't care go ahead and say that I LOVE generic demon Lord animes give me them all I'll watch them
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq:
Art: good
Talking baby: make me want watch
Story: probably ur average magic school
Hope they pace it right so i can enjoy it
B J:
The last part was amazing loved it Waiting for this anime.
Sushil Magar
Sushil Magar:
Manga was cool lets see how they adapt this in anime
リナミイ- Rinamii
リナミイ- Rinamii:
The scanlated manga hasn't updated for MONTHS, so I'm looking forward to the anime~~
Arya Utama
Arya Utama:
Anyone wants to make a dio meme with that baby scene?
Parents: aww what a little cute baby.
Parents: BAKANA
Очень смешная сцена в конце
Yo this look an interesting anime bro. Im really looking forward to it
Trevor Stewart
Trevor Stewart:
I’m surprised this is getting an anime
Maria Nell Victoria
Maria Nell Victoria:
Oh... I knew this was familiar. I've already read its manga. It's a good story though I haven't finished it yet. The voice of Anos is totally what I'm expecting haha
Sunohara Momose
Sunohara Momose:
Finally.....this manga is being adapt into anime 😭😭😭😭 I'm super happy 🥰🥰🥰
I Loved The Voice Of Our Maou-sama
omg hahaaha i laughed mya rs off on naming the child hahaha
Regen Clavecillas
Regen Clavecillas:
You can't kill him even if he's already dead 😂
Kane_ DZ
Kane_ DZ:
when the manga I'm reading finally became an anime 0.0
Sean Paul Dico
Sean Paul Dico:
Finally i been waiting for this shiii**t
Ai Nisyiai
Ai Nisyiai:
Woww. Never expect this story to turn into anime🤣
Welp, the story is fun just that it took forever to update😑
G: Raw26
G: Raw26:
MC he is Op I don't think I have any words wow I seen 1st episode & I feel like awesome 🤩.
Leslie Kilgore
Leslie Kilgore:
i was going to watch this one anyways, but hell yeah! good trailer guys! :D

:D now. PRODUCE DUB SAO DISKS FASTER YOU SLOW SLOTHS!!! :D and make a boxed set #1 for Alicization UNDER $100!!! DAMN IT! i want that boxed set, but i DON'T want all the 'special edition' extras!
Tada no
Tada no:
I kinda want to see when he'll beat the brothers in the arena x)
shisui uchiha
shisui uchiha:
i Read some of the manga so I'm really excited can't wait
it's an egg
it's an egg:
Including this other demon king related animes
1. Hataraku maou sama
2. Mairimashita iruma-kun
3. Zero chronicle
Nika Nikuradze
Nika Nikuradze:
I already like anime voice actors it's japanese he's cool omg 😱 I want to see ittttt
deyosh _kun
deyosh _kun:
yessir watched it immediately when it got release
HYPE FOR Other Eps
justgo god
justgo god:
So I did some research and it’s one of those options anime where you can say the demon king is an good guy or the hero and the manga is gonna release 30 pages on the 12th
Thomas Spiroch
Thomas Spiroch:
I have high expections of the animation quality if its aniplex... but im still toootally dissapointet the character look not even a little like in the manga😭 the manga style is just awesome and the sister look so damn cute... cant shake that off of my mind even if the anime is well made😔
Lieutenant Pictacus
Lieutenant Pictacus:
Ah I remember this, it’s the manga where the mc threw a bigass castle saying it was light.
Zywiec Zdroj
Zywiec Zdroj:
0:50 One hand lmao
Blue Green
Blue Green:
Kyaaaaaaaa~ 😍❤️❤️❤️😍anos, finally maou Gakuin being made anime omg omg omg omg OMG wait I love anos in ver manga more cause he more handsome and cool in manga =_=
I am a trash can, not trash cannot.
I am a trash can, not trash cannot.:
This— out of all things— is getting an anime. I’m going to cry at you.
When it will release I can't wait to see this anime 👍👍👍👍👍🔥
Mughapeto Assumi
Mughapeto Assumi:
When will it come out
Can't wait man...
I can tell, this gonna be a good one
Aqilnajwan 011
Aqilnajwan 011:
i never thought this manga gonna got an anime version 😲hell yes!!😀
Ghefira Ahmad
Ghefira Ahmad:
The Man Lead it's still cold as same as in the comic one. And I can't believe they make the animations.
Nihal JK
Nihal JK:
Surely gonna watch and gonna reccomend others cuz I like this kind of anime so please continue till the very end
Elena Hem
Elena Hem:
Omg I love this. I read this in a manga but they haven't updated for quite a period of time.
Ryan abani
Ryan abani:
Tf im surprised 😂😂😂 about this being annimated
Every Anime Ever
Every Anime Ever:
Yngwie Tasiam
Yngwie Tasiam:
Thumbnail : Hardbass
0:45 kotomine voice 😀
Nicole Inniss
Nicole Inniss:
I'm going to really enjoy this when it comes out
Can't wait to see swaggersouls's face.
Oh wait that's the other misfit
even as a baby he has a mature voice lol
Nardzkie Pier
Nardzkie Pier:
Skarrlette Winter
Skarrlette Winter:
1:01 to 1:03 that was me as a child...😭
When you unfortunately read the goddamn manga sigh*
VHONNE gaming
VHONNE gaming:
The opening of this anime is very fitting cuz the mc is a 100/100 so badass demon lords out of all the anime that have mc demon kings
Nathaniel Black
Nathaniel Black:
Never expected this will become an anime for earlier after i read it so it makes me excite😏😏😏 this diamond man i can't wait
Finally atlong last this manga will be an anime!!
Rejoan Ahmed
Rejoan Ahmed:
JoJo - Series
JoJo - Series:
Notification squad!!!
Kofuku Ebisu
Kofuku Ebisu:
I'm so glad this manga got an adaptation
Mr. Dr. Profesor Director X
Mr. Dr. Profesor Director X:
Damn, I just read the manga and it got an anime already. I'm so exited already🤩🤩🤩
Snowball ARS
Snowball ARS:
Im so happy this got an anime adaption! Ive read the manga lol
Project Music.
Project Music.:
I cant wait to see this anime :...
Dian HTGI:
Well i already read manga yesterday and find this trailer now 😂
Sickeif Plays
Sickeif Plays:
I'm looking forward to this anime, cuz I read the manga and it's pretty cool
Manuel Lombard
Manuel Lombard:
I'm a simple man. I see a MC spin a castle on his finger and you got me.
Please i need Animes like this one to watch. i've watched almost all the good animes.
chetan mh
chetan mh:
i loved the first episode!!!! :D <3 i'm gonna enjoy this entire anime! :D