The Marilyn Monroe Story (Rare 1963 Documentary)

Documentary narrated by Mike Wallace

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Marilyn Jane
Marilyn Jane:
*shes was so beautiful and so lonely*
Farouk El Imani
Farouk El Imani:
The saddest people have the most beautiful smile.
They should make a movie about Marilyn Monroe showing her life from start to finish.
Abigail Baby
Abigail Baby:
I wish she had gotten to have a child, she always wanted a family and she never got one
Camille Monroe
Camille Monroe:
American accents back than are so different compared to the one’s now. I like the one’s back than.
Tazhayla Jackson
Tazhayla Jackson:
Imagine having to smile and make the public happy after a miscarriage
One of the most famous examples of how femininity is punished, abused and taken advantage of in this world.
Celeste Stephens
Celeste Stephens:
She was wayyy ahead of Hollywood and America's time.
Lei Salas
Lei Salas:
Fact about Marilyn Monroe:
She has higher IQ than average person
kelso alonso
kelso alonso:
It’s weird that she was born in 1926 and died 1962 . how odd
Fran Sinclair
Fran Sinclair:
I feel sorry for her. I think people took advantage of her vulnerability and her soft nature. I don't think she really had anyone she could really depend on.
Candayy Yay
Candayy Yay:
Interesting how they just skipped over JFK.
Snow White
Snow White:
This is what you call beauty. No Botox no fillers, only god given beauty.
janis talcott
janis talcott:
Marilyn never could have imagined how she would be remembered long after her death. I wish men didn't use her like they did. All she wanted was love.
very kinky gorl
very kinky gorl:
All the women on the street talking about Marilyn are just jealous lol
There voices were so smooth and calming during that time
I I:
Marilyn was a gift to our eyes, but I'd prefer she was a happy Norma Jean instead of sad Marilyn...
My great grandma was born in 1926 and she’s still alive
Update: she passed away a few days ago😣
Another update: my great grandpa passed away too. ☹️😭 Now i have no great grandparents. May they Rest In Peace. 🕊❤️
This comment is underrated.
Such sad eyes. No one ever really loved HER. They only loved what they coukd take away from her. Sad.
S G:
The men and women were so gorgeous back then.
Ingrid C
Ingrid C:
Her death was caused by her biggest mistake by getting involved with men like John and Bobby Kennedy! Complete slobs!
I’m in love with the way she speaks. So composed and elegant. No curse words.
You see how Marilyn Monroe didn't have a perfect body, she didn't have a slim stomach or slim thighs. Her thighs did have cellulite. And so, she still was considered of one the most beautiful women in the world back then. This is a true definition that no one is perfect and we are all beautiful in our own way.
Dr. Dotori TV
Dr. Dotori TV:
No plastic surgery, but a naturally beautiful woman!
„Claiming illness as an excuse“?
Depression is an illness!!
thor and company
thor and company:
She knew how to be unique and printed her name in history. I think she's the most copied female celebrity in the world. Unsurpassed sensuality and magnetism
epi phany
epi phany:
In addition to being a beautiful woman, she's also a beautiful soul.
robin norman
robin norman:
Did you guys see the queen look her up and down??
Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes it snows in April:
Imagine deserting your girlfriend and daughter and then finding out you helped create Marilyn Monroe. Your loss, buddy!
Heartache Lover
Heartache Lover:
Seeing Queen Elizabeth surprised me, of course she was younger during this time but I was expecting an old lady 😅
I believe Joe De Maggio loved her till the end.
Mate Ova
Mate Ova:
Agreed with that Person that Wrote; *The Saddest People are the ONE'S that have the Most Beautiful Smiles*
Very good OBSERVATION!!👀
Abbey •
Abbey •:
I feel like if she hadn't started acting and modeling she could easily be a teacher or professor. If the schools weren't sexist enough back then to let her.
fuck the police
fuck the police:
the narrator’s voice is so comforting
samudra rasanjalee
samudra rasanjalee:
She was murdered by Kennedy brother, at that time no one much care about how people die secretly, those eras filled with criminals
Tawahna Green
Tawahna Green:
I know I wasn't around during her time but Marilyn seemed like she was a cool person to hang out with.
Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht
Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht:
I think Marilyn is underappreciated, she is so strong and inspiring and lovely
Young Paderewski
Young Paderewski:
One of the most charismatic human beings to ever walk on the planet
The guy at 11:58 sure is having trouble taking his eyes off her considering it’s so “vulgar.” 😂😂😂
Levy Nunez Perez
Levy Nunez Perez:
I believe the whole reason she wanted to be famous was to feel loved and accepted
Kimi J’adore
Kimi J’adore:
Damn she really was beautiful
The Real Evvonne
The Real Evvonne:
✨I believe the secret to perfect looking skin is VASELINE. My grandmother was 90 when she passed and we asked her, what did she use because she had NO wrinkles and her skin was smooth and soft. She said she didn’t wear makeup (except lipstick) and she used VASELINE.✨
“Every baby needs a DADDY”
- Marilyn Monroe
she was literally a damsel in distress 😭
Jinee Amyss
Jinee Amyss:
Strange, she was born in 1926 and died in 1962, 26 and 62 same numbers reversed.
Devil's little girl
Devil's little girl:
Are you telling me she isn't a real blonde?
cheryl lakin
cheryl lakin:
They kinda rushed through this. Many things, and years were left out.
First Class
First Class:
So sad, she was way ahead of her time, all my prayers to you in heaven....
Kali Dechastaine
Kali Dechastaine:
Neglected children often end up feeling alone even when surrounded.
Linda Easley
Linda Easley:
Her last interview by a magazine reporter in 1962 was so heartbreaking .The loneliness and depression was pretty evident .Even in the photos he took .
Niki Peters
Niki Peters:
How she kept smiling through it all..I could never....wish she left a child behind to carry on her legacy..sighhhhh RIP true definition of natural beauty
Olivia Cothron
Olivia Cothron:
Marilyn was an intellect! I mention this because it seems to be the rarest of all facts mentioned! You don’t hear how she was as a person.
Keokuk Sparks
Keokuk Sparks:
She can be in heaven with her child now
Viorica Neagu
Viorica Neagu:
She had the same problems like her mother..depression,mental sad😔
Avianca G
Avianca G:
Her resilience, persistence , confidence, intelligence , vulnerability and beauty will never be forgotten.
madeline aguilar
madeline aguilar:
i just wish i could go back in time and tell her how beautiful she is inside and out, and she is more than she would have ever thought she would be. And tell her she would be the most gracious woman in history, with a hug.
Jessica Llamas
Jessica Llamas:
Hollywood is everything but classy.
courtney gates
courtney gates:
The fact that she was not a golddigger unlike so many stars today. She just wanted to be loved
Kirsten I. Russell
Kirsten I. Russell:
Marilyn Monroe's life story has been told many times, and the sadness at its root is always part of the story. Most people who survive childhoods like hers never become world famous, but she did, and she remains an image of beauty too fragile to grow old.
Franklin NJ
Franklin NJ:
One word to describe Marilyn, Adorable simply adorable.
She played many dizzy pretty blondes, to many she was a genius.
If only she had not miscarried I believe she'd still be alive today.
Angelina Nicole
Angelina Nicole:
Her voice is so soft and gentle 😭🥺i wish I could have met her , such a beautiful soul !
perla delgado
perla delgado:
She was so damn beautiful 🥺
Video Cat
Video Cat:
Poor girl. If she lived in 12 different foster homes before the age of 15, she probably experienced molestation somewhere along the way.
Pierre Alexander
Pierre Alexander:
I feel regardless of what she went through In her career she stands to be an icon of success, perseverance, resilience & love
Celestial Vesta
Celestial Vesta:
Marilyn you will never know how many of us women were inspired to leave abuse and begin to finally find our happiness. God bless you sweet girl. You rest now dear💖
lyric loves cookies xoxox
lyric loves cookies xoxox:
I wish that Joe and her had got bk together and she had his baby, he truly loved her. He put flowers on her grave every year.
jenny sanchez
jenny sanchez:
Even the most beautiful women in history had low self esteem this shows that looks , fame, money isn’t everything it does not make you happy 😢
Alicia R
Alicia R:
20:38 They said "she had depression and was claiming illness as a excuse". It wasn't excuse... depression is a serious illness, much worst then some other illnesses. Mental suffering.
Zipporah Thecushite
Zipporah Thecushite:
16:18 Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe were both born in 1926.
davidz dollzz
davidz dollzz:
the part that hurts me is she never had a family.i wish she whouldve had those carry on her life.
Julia Furman
Julia Furman:
Why didn’t they include her affair with jfk?
Nyanna Ross
Nyanna Ross:
Marilyn Monroe is AMAZING and inspirational. I'm actually inspired. "She had a steady diet of rejection." She took failure so gracefully and continued succeeding. She just never stopped. She smiled through so much!
lamoskgr Moskow
lamoskgr Moskow:
She went to meet The Queen in that dress? Iconic😂😂😂
M B:
Joe was the only man who really loved her, she should have stayed with him
Cheryl Staples
Cheryl Staples:
If only Joe had accepted her unconditionally from the very start instead of learning the hard way that his heart could not and would not live without her at any cost, her life would have been long and beautiful. Alas...Ce la vie.
Love doesn’t come to those who seek for it and that’s why she was so took advantage off,Love less and the best love in the world is the one you give to yourself,watch out for them hyenas 💛
dhechen dhechen
dhechen dhechen:
That smile even after losing her child...she was a tough woman❤️
She always looks so nervous when being interviewed.
Great video! She looks just like my friend "Porsha", that face is uncanny.
11:04 Even her voice was so mesmerizing to attract living beings.
CC Orleans
CC Orleans:
She’s so Beautiful Inside and out💕 what a hard life she had and those dirty Kennedy’s killed her 💔😤 I love Marilyn Monroe she was a strong 💪🏻 woman! 💖😇RIP Angel We Love You👑💖
Russell Akm
Russell Akm:
This trend of famous starts getting married and divorces multiple times has lived until today in the American society!
Pensive Minds
Pensive Minds:
'Claiming an illness as an excuse.' Yeah depression is an illness. Attitudes have changed a lot since then thank God.
'Every girl wants a dad-dad-daddy~'
Little did she know a man here wants a dad-dad-daddy too!
Melissa Walls
Melissa Walls:
Marilyn Monroe was an amazing actress and she is missed..
Pusang Iyakin
Pusang Iyakin:
No one saw the true Marilyn beyond her sexy figure
Honey West
Honey West:
Marilyn Monroe defined beauty. There hasn’t been anyone like her.
Judia Ryngnga
Judia Ryngnga:
The narrator's voice is much much better than the modern Robot voice... 😁
Amruta Kar
Amruta Kar:
She was always in this mode of acting even her smiles to the media seemed so artificial and she got nervous in front of the media too. Definitely she was going through a lot behind the scenes.
Stony P
Stony P:
Marilyn was ahead of her time, noone can out do her stunning beauty, one in a billion
Sacha Sandon
Sacha Sandon:
I wish I was alive back then,and her friend.
She so wanted a family and to be so loved,accepted.That unforgettable smile,hiding the sadness. My fav film she was in,Misfits.
Rem Henshaw
Rem Henshaw:
"But deep down all you want is love,
The pure kind we all dream of."
~Marina (and the 💎)
deblina sinha
deblina sinha:
Behind the most beautiful smiles lie the untold sorrows ....
Norma Jean Baker's mother Gladys was probably a victim of that early abusive and maladaptive psychiatric medical establishment! Look at the med's they used back then! HORRIBLE
maxwell murray
maxwell murray:
John Doe
John Doe:
Why did women speak so differently then they do now, they were so soft delicate child like but today women don't have that soft voice anymore
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens:
God she was genuinely beautiful. If she saw our instagram "models" nowadays she would be crushed. 😔
Chìíka Unìqué
Chìíka Unìqué:
Watching in 2019💜
Poetic Cleaning Of Atlanta
Poetic Cleaning Of Atlanta:
Amazing how her funeral was full but yet she felt so empty living