The Life of Blessed Carlo Acutis

Young saints: the life of Blessed Carlo Acutis. Approved for beatification in 2020, this modern tech savvy teenager lived a holy and pure life centered on the Eucharist and serving others.
All Saints in Seven video are created to inspire and educate confirmation students.

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St. Michael the Archangel
St. Michael the Archangel:
Beautiful story of a young, holy man. Praise God.
Ken Lovering
Ken Lovering:
I know you are with Jesus Carlo. May God be with you and our Mother Mary.
beena joseph
beena joseph:
Young saints pls. Pray for our 21 century.
Janet corda
Janet corda:
Blessed Saint Carlo.. please pray my husband and son to turn towards Jesus in a miraculous way
Ritz Cracker
Ritz Cracker:
Saint Carlos pray for my friends and their families.
Dude From Hyrule
Dude From Hyrule:
Gosh this is beautiful. As a youth myself, it motivates me to be holier! I pray for the rest of youth to be more like Christ!
Gerry de la Cruz
Gerry de la Cruz:
I agree with him. In eucharist, I could feel the instant heaven by having Jesus inside me..
4 years on his anniversary, his mother gives birth to twins; age 44. That alone is a miracle. St. Carlo pray for us
Elsie Sebastian
Elsie Sebastian:
Carlo Acutis please work a miracle and heal my sister Annama of all her sickness that she is suffering in the hospital. Please heal her completely and heal her Parkinson's and the bed soares
Winston Nicholas Fernandez
Winston Nicholas Fernandez:
Blessed Carlo please intercede for me with Jesus to establish a purposeful life and live a happy and healthy life with family
shanthi peter
shanthi peter:
St.Carlo pray for us, bless this world and protect the people from all evils.
imagine growing up and going, "Oh yea, and my Brother is a Saint"
This is the first time I believe that people can be a saint its a miracle for me
What a beautiful example of Catholic youth. His beatification Mass brought me to tears. Blessed Carlo please pray for all the youth of the world especially in the United States!
Vicky Brownell
Vicky Brownell:
Blessed St Carlo, pray for conversions of young adults and teenagers including my daughter, her sphere of influence also my fallen-away family members. May they experience the Lord in such a way that they will no longer doubt His once existence, suffering, sacrifice, and His love for them, may they become aware of their identities as sons and daughters of the Father who is one true God. St. Carlo, thank you for being the example for the rest of the world and your teachings on the Eucharist. I pledge much gratitude for your intercession on my intentions and those who implore you.
Lilly Vaisinathu
Lilly Vaisinathu:
Blessed Carlo Acutis, pray for all teenagers and youth specially those are addicted to the social media and spoil their lives. May they all be inspired by your holy life. May all of them learn the right use of the computer, smartphones etc..
Blessed Carlo, intercede for all youth
Follower Of Christ
Follower Of Christ:
You can tell from his face he is an angel on earth and heaven. Pray for us St Carlo
Z Dsouza
Z Dsouza:
Please do not dislike this. What is there to dislike about this saintly boy?
Marietta Moka
Marietta Moka:
What an inspiring story of Carlos. Pray for us little Saint that we may love Jesus with our whole heart.
you can tell he is holy. by looking in his eyes.
Cinamartina Sohtun
Cinamartina Sohtun:
Saint Carlos please help my husband to thirst Jesus
Grisel Olivero
Grisel Olivero:
This beautiful inspirational life story will forever be treasured in my heart I will remember you precious Carlo Amen.
Anita Albuquerque
Anita Albuquerque:
Saint Carlos build our faith like you use to
Kunti Ratnam
Kunti Ratnam:
Holy blessed Carlo, please pray for the whole world to get rid of Corona virus. Praise the lord.
Kitt katt
Kitt katt:
He’s So Sweet!
Antonieta Pacheco
Antonieta Pacheco:
Holy blessed Carlo Acutis, pray for the whole world suffering from Covid 19, pray for my good health and sleep without medication
Alesin Monteiro
Alesin Monteiro:
St. Carlo pray for all the youth, you are the inspiration for this generation, hope our youth come closer to God thru' you. We will continue praying for our youth as well.
Julie Grzic
Julie Grzic:
Blessed St.Carlo Acutiis Intercede for my Daughter Healing
The Best Of The Best
The Best Of The Best:
That's for those who still don't believe in Jesus Christ!!!! Pray for us CarloπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
This is absolutely amazing. I feel truly humbled. I had not heard of Carlo until now, I'm so glad I found this. God bless you my friend Carlo, you are a true friend. May you rest in peace with Our Heavenly Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ πŸ™Œ Halalujah β€οΈβœοΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Amen
Sr. Juli Kujur
Sr. Juli Kujur:
St. Carlo pray for us that we too may be a greater devotee of the Holy Eucharist, love Jesus more and more everyday of our miserable life.
Diana Sun
Diana Sun:
I want to thank you Carlo for helping others. You are a true shepherd. Especially explaining about the Holy Eucharist and by receiving it. Jesus is always in our hearts.
Arthur Harman
Arthur Harman:
Oh God, I am very much impressed by this young Saint, in this modern world, God bless his family, and all the peoples inspired by his life 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Eva kk
Eva kk:
I just love him .
Jayden T. Wong
Jayden T. Wong:
I recently heard of him through Bible Knowledge class and was instantly touched by his story and life. He is truly an angel sent from heaven, blessed and kind, generous and loving. I pray that many more young people will take up their crosses and follow God like he did.
Tara Tampa1959
Tara Tampa1959:
Blessed Carlo pray for AMERICA
jam guanzon
jam guanzon:
Had a feeling before the video ended that he has left already, and when the narrator confirmed it, for some reason it sealed my thoughts of him being truly holy and blessed.
Don't know how to explain it but most of times them blessed ones gets collected by heaven faster than expected.
Yudi Mulyadi
Yudi Mulyadi:
Saint Carlo acutis pls pray for my mom's sickness and all people.,me blessing too Amen πŸ™
Hazel Rajan
Hazel Rajan:
A blessed child! Carlo Acutis.
Milciades Andrion
Milciades Andrion:
This young computer programmer was beatified today ( 10 October, 2020) in Assisi, Italy. During his short life, he contributed to using the internet platform in a service to help others. He is an inspiration.
sagaya rani
sagaya rani:
He proved that we all came from heaven and our living life on earth decides back to heaven again...
Glow Jana
Glow Jana:
Love this story! Blessed Carlo Acutis, pray for us!
vKv Mhaithin
vKv Mhaithin:
So inspired ... Blessed Carlo Acutis , Pray For Us Especially for My ill-Parents , Amen.
Ann -
Ann -:
Holy St Carlo, I lift my son’s to you on this Sunday Morning, make their hearts pure, make this mind strong, and show them How to reach Heaven as you so beautifully have done. They are JJP age 15 and JPP age 11. St. Thomas Aquinas, I also ask for your inter-session - Teach them Knowledge, Disciple and Love as I have placed in a school that is named after you. Today we go to Mass as a family, and receive The Holy Eucharist....let this be the day that each one of us is infused fully with the Power of HOLY SPIRIT and let our lives be used to bring as many souls as possible back to the Father through Mary and Jesus.
Teresa D'Amelio
Teresa D'Amelio:
Blessed Carlo Acutis, pray for the conversation of my children that like you they will love our Lord.
Ann Stephen
Ann Stephen:
Saint carlos, make me what jesus wants me to be..
Carlo pray for our youth, may they spend their time in what is important and not focus on social media! Amen
Ivelisse Laboy
Ivelisse Laboy:
What a beautiful life he lived! Carlo Acutis what an inspiration to others you are! Carlo help me find the right words to help my sons convertion to God. God bless your beautiful family. πŸ™πŸ’™
Catalina Castro
Catalina Castro:
Pray for my children all those who have children attending college.πŸ˜‡
Fausta Kyomuhendo
Fausta Kyomuhendo:
Saint Carlo pray for me to have humility being the source of all virtues. Amen
Mulan Tan
Mulan Tan:
Blessed CARLOS, i thank GOD for giving you to us as a living example in this modern world to inspire the young ones especially the poor, lost, confused, and the abandoned.pray for usπŸ™βœ¨πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ˜‡
beena joseph
beena joseph:
Pls. Pray for us great young saints.
Fidelis Attah
Fidelis Attah:
Carlo is simply saying to us, you can make it.
We all can be saints.
slavonija cro
slavonija cro:
So sad that he died so young he radiated goodness
Leila Vicente
Leila Vicente:
Blessed Carlo, I pray for your kind intercession for the Filipiono youth. May they hear the voice of God inviting them to be drawn close to Him, just like you.
Dennis Weisenberger
Dennis Weisenberger:
St. Carlos please work a miracle for my grandson who is a teenager with pandas! And a friend who has a rare cancer!
Pi raise God!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
elsa berhe
elsa berhe:
Marvelous! Thank you, thank you, God for delivering the message through Carlo in the name of Jesus.
Lin Liss Thomas
Lin Liss Thomas:
Lety Bringas
Lety Bringas:
Blessed Carlo Acutis pray for us specially the youth.
Trish Werner
Trish Werner:
Hi, Blessed Day, a new friend here.
Sending my support.
I joined with πŸ”” to stay connected and liked.
I do welcome you to Eternal Life.
Let’s stay connected. πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ€
Gandang Pinay
Gandang Pinay:
He was only 16 days older than me 😊 bless us St. Carlo πŸ™
A Shushiang
A Shushiang:
Please pray for all Christians and those who don't believe in the divinity of Jesus and those who are against God St Carlos pray for us all
Mary Josephine
Mary Josephine:
Wooooow. There is power is pleasing God in all we do. Love you St. Carlos, pray for us
Matthew Rejimon
Matthew Rejimon:
Such a sweet and a generous saint he is. Pray for Us Oh Beloved St. Carlo Acutis
Kenneth Marchon
Kenneth Marchon:
Pray For US Blessed Carlos Acutis
Belinda Ermac
Belinda Ermac:
Blessed Carlo Acutis please help us to pray for my patient and my love of my life. Heal them with their illnesses amen.
Stephania Duran
Stephania Duran:
O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee!!!
Yudi Mulyadi
Yudi Mulyadi:
Saint pray for world peace and century 21 blessed .Amen
Ana Marie Fondevilla
Ana Marie Fondevilla:
Blessed Carlo, please pray for my nephews and nieces and for the youth of the whole world. Amen
Amiel Yacon
Amiel Yacon:
I am moved by his story. I am happy to have stumbled upon this story. I am at his age, and yet cannot seem to decipher what on earth I am here for, not because I am lazy or a disgrace. In fact, I am a workaholic person. Perhaps, I am looking for something. Blessed Carlos, if you are truly with God now, please whisper to God to touch me more often. Thank you!
Donna Reid
Donna Reid:
Amazing to know such good pure of heart godly people are still born amongst us. I think Carlos was already a child of heaven beforehand and God just sent him down to earth with us for a while to serve a purpose before taking him back to heaven. πŸ™βœοΈβ€
Nancy Desch
Nancy Desch:
I am a Catholic and my feelings about this boy is that he is an old soul that has been here many times before. And he was sent here as a inspiration to us all. He is just too focused and holy to really be of this earth and so he was taken back to his real home - heaven. Unfortunately as inspiring as this person is most of us cannot live our lives like this floating around being above the fray - we've got to deal with other people and make a living and sometimes we got to get down and dirty doing it. There are many people who would bully this boy and call him a good two shoes. But god bless him because he was a very, very special person.
Rohaan John
Rohaan John:
RIP Saint Carlo Acutis.πŸ˜‡
Thank you for being a true inspiration to others especially young people like me on how to lead a Christian life even at a young age.πŸ˜‡
Brian Maul
Brian Maul:
During many of my retreats, my personal theme had always been "To Keep Close To Jesus"...I am so touched by Blessed Carlos words that he wanted "To be close to Jesus." I feel so touched by his saying because it was my personal theme too but I am struggling every day to keep (be) close to Jesus...Blessed Carlos Acutis, pray for me...
Theresa McLeod
Theresa McLeod:
Saint Carlos Teach My Grandchildren to Love And Serve Jesus and Respect their Parents and Elders in the Family Thank You St Carlos
Arlene Barreto
Arlene Barreto:
Thankyou ABBA FATHER JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT for this youthful saint may he be of inspiration to the youth of the whole world and save them from the perils of evil.St.Carlo Acutis guide and pray for us.
He has become my favourite saint already,,,,, The saint who knows internet and snickersβ™₯️....
Marie R
Marie R:
God bless this beautiful soul. Rest In Peace love.
Maria Llave
Maria Llave:
Blessed Carlo Acutis, Always pray for us sinners and please follow up all my prayer requests. In Jesus' Name. Amen
Andrew Angelo Pacheco
Andrew Angelo Pacheco:
At age 61 I am going to change my life, thanks tor Bl. Carlo Acutis. Bl. Carlos Acutis pray for me to have a greater love for our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.
Landrawati Lusia
Landrawati Lusia:
Beato Carlo Acutis, doakanlah para remaja milenial sedunia agar lebih mengenal akan penebusan Tuhan Yesus Kristus untuk kita
Annette Bertora
Annette Bertora:
What a beautiful boy.
Gymnasts Girl
Gymnasts Girl:
He saved me from my spiritual ware fare today as soon as I watch this video I felt god speak to me and now I have peave
Please bring my dear, loving children back to Jesus and Mary and Joseph 🌹🌹🌹
Hugh Crumlish
Hugh Crumlish:
I love and am interesting on the Holy Eucharist. OMG, I’m so sorry that his passed away( please forgive me everyone), I did not know that he is or was dead!! May he rest in peace. So emotional. I Love You Saint Carlos xxx your a baby of Heavenly Father and mother’s Mary and you with them now. Can anyone please tell me how can I get a prayer card or relic from Saint Carlos, please, O beg someone to help me get one of him??????? His Alive! So emotional xxxoooooooooxxxxx Mr. Hugh Elvis Crumlish...
Almond Trees
Almond Trees:
Blessed Carlo Acutis pray for us, in Jesus name and through the Blessed Virgen Mary, Amen.
Ge Home of Healthy Cooking
Ge Home of Healthy Cooking:
Wow his life is truly an inspiration to us Godbless our soul, I know for certain your happy with Jesus ❀️
Brigit Brigit
Brigit Brigit:
Blessed Carlo please pray for my daughter to have faith in God
Remona Onesti
Remona Onesti:
God bless this πŸ˜‡ beatified as a Saint 10/10/2020 pray for us Saint Carlo πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Philamin Jose
Philamin Jose:
Sta prghiando per mio figlio.
What an amazing young man! He was born a Saint on earth. I wish I could have known him. His presence in pictures show what a loving and peaceful young man he was, and continues to be...
Saint Carlos, please pray for all those who have left the church, and bring them back into our Lord's loving embrace. AMEN.
Jayantha Perera
Jayantha Perera:
St carlo has today his your feast ,pray for my children ,and all children who his struggling like us all .amen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Blessed Carlo Acutis - Patron Saint of programmers, and gamers, pray for us πŸ™
Philamin Jose
Philamin Jose:
Please cure my son and give a suitable life partner for him.Thank you very much blessed carlo.
Rueben D'souza
Rueben D'souza:
Saint Carlo please do help me get forgiveness from my wife Katherine and my sins to be forgiven so my marriage will be restored with my wife Katherine so I can live a happy life with my wife Katherine and son Gabriel
Eileen Schroeder
Eileen Schroeder:
Blessed Carlo please help my granddaughter serenity to become closer to Christ
Gabriel victor Cabras
Gabriel victor Cabras:
I love this
Melichi Singgs
Melichi Singgs:
I am proud to be catholic wow my respect is on him and god is good always and mother Mary is wonderful to have in our life’s
Cristine Belleza
Cristine Belleza:
Blesses and Holy Carlo Acutis, pray for us. ❀