The Last Text Message Shannan Watts Ever Sent

Newly uncovered text messages between Chris and Shanann Watts shed light on the deterioration of their marriage in the months leading up to Watts killing pregnant Shannan and their two daughters, Bella and Cece. The messages are featured in a new Netflix documentary series exploring the murder investigation of the grisly case that captivated the country. "American Murder: The Family Next Door" chronicles how Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife and their two children in Frederick, Colorado.

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Wairimu Rommy
Wairimu Rommy:
Never obsess over “happy couples” you see on social media. Sometimes it's not what it always seems!
Caitlyn Mary
Caitlyn Mary:
He only feels guilty because he’s lost his freedom and the world hates him - NOT for killing his family.
Nina Chang
Nina Chang:
Grey Skies
Grey Skies:
My 9 year old asked me "why couldn't he just break up with her." Made me proud that my child has a greater sense than a grown ass man with a family(may their souls rest peacefully) and responsibilities.
brooklyn grier
brooklyn grier:
“haunts him everyday” yeah as it should he murdered his innocent family and children. he deserves way worse.
Garrett B. - Gtmkm98
Garrett B. - Gtmkm98:
This is an incredibly disturbing story, why would a man do such a terrible thing to an innocent family?
Livy Lu
Livy Lu:
The dude doesn’t feel remorse. He’s just sad he got caught. You don’t kill your children and pregnant wife unless you’re fu$&ed up,
reagan wise
reagan wise:
the fact that people came after her saying " she pushed him to his limit " is disgusting
Madison Nicole
Madison Nicole:
Reading your bible doesn’t make you a better person.
Jackson Logging
Jackson Logging:
“He reads his bible , he wishes he hadn’t done it , he feels remorse everyday” I have two daughters, A man that killed his own daughters along with his pregnant wife, I have no pity for . He betrayed his wife , his two daughters, his unborn child , he’s not a man. He’s a monster and coward, that should’ve been extinguished from this life.
seli iii
seli iii:
"It haunts him every day." It fricken should haunt him. He's a child killer, he's wife was pregnant. Should never be forgiveness.
Angelica Lopez
Angelica Lopez:
He should have gotten a divorce if he didn’t loved his wife but still take care of the children’s..... damn he’s just killed his whole family.
Addy Lene
Addy Lene:
When Chris's mother said in an interview that Shanann wasn't the right person to be by her son's side, she was right.

Shanann was too good for Chris. He didn't deserve her. He deserved someone as twisted as him! Sick bastard!
Sweetest Bitch
Sweetest Bitch:
Miss mistress should be locked up too. Wouldn't be shocked if she had something to do with the murders. Pos.
D C:
I can't look at their kids innocent smile .how can a father do this to own daughters
It doesn’t haunt him because he is a psychopath.
XT Gaming
XT Gaming:
Its just disturbing how life can turn upside down in a matter of seconds.
Marshal Murat
Marshal Murat:
Instead of leaving her and his kids

He decided to get multiple boyfriends.
Karla Ortiz
Karla Ortiz:
He doesn't feel guilty, never, he is a Psychopath, he feels bad for himself beeing in jail for the rest of his life.
amir qwerty
amir qwerty:
Just file a divorce and walk away.
Ayesha Brannon
Ayesha Brannon:
I agree with Shanann's father. He killed her in her sleep.. with 2 kids and one on the way.. she would have fought like hell.. his only remorse is that he got caught... 4 lives gone.. dozens hurt when all he had to do is leave!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah K
Sarah K:
It SHOULD haunt Chris Watts everyday! He KILLED HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN!!
Laura Alize
Laura Alize:
I hate how he tried to blame her for the death of the girls !!
I hate that Kessinger is referred to as the "mistress." She was a side piece. Plain and simple.
Peni Parker
Peni Parker:
The whole story is horrible, but the most disturbing part is the way he tried to get rid of his own daughter's bodies.
choice me
choice me:
Behind that face lies the devil himself. He could've gotten a divorce if he wasn't happy with the marriage but instead chose murder.
Airforce One
Airforce One:
Just seeing bella and cece laughing and enjoying life with their mom alive, then thinking about them dying..hurts my heart. Im a guy. I literally am feeling heart broken. Best to think they in heaven. God is with them now.
Christopher D.
Christopher D.:
If he felt guilty he shouldn’t have done it. Stupid.
No Malice
No Malice:
He’s a coward. That why he killed them he couldn’t face her.
E B:
The evening when he went with his girlfriend and used the bank card to pay for the night’s expenses, he already had his mind set on what he was going to do when Shannan came back home from her business trip. 🤬
He’s beyond evil 🤬
Lesa Cox
Lesa Cox:
Just hope he gets into general population and a good inmate shows him a painful demise.
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz:
More spot light needs to be put on his mistress the audacity to lay up with a man who has 2 kids and a pregnant wife. I still feel as tho she knew what he was planning!
That fact that someone evil like this will hide behind the face of God it’s DISGUSTING!
Evelyn Verdejo
Evelyn Verdejo:
Anyone here after finishing watching the Netflix documentary?
Nah cuz this story always pops up on my recommend when I feel like I want a manz. YouTube got my back, stay single 🤍✨
Option Z
Option Z:
“She waited her whole life for a good guy”

My heart sunk after hearing that.
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis:
The only good part of this video was hearing he'll never see the light of day again and is locked up in a small cell 23 hours a day. Hopefully alone...
Arazely R
Arazely R:
He thought ending their family’s innocent lives was the solution to him starting a new life. He could of just walk away from their life’s.
Bella, Cece, and Shannan deserved so much better. He’s a disgusting human. He feels bad because he got caught.
Christina C
Christina C:
My first thought of this monster, he's an actor. Those sick people out there that think it's Shannan's fault, to believe in a murderer. You need to be in prison
I don't believe for a second he feels an ounce of remorse.
Big cnel
Big cnel:
I just watched the Netflix version last night
Wissam m
Wissam m:
Its funny how people feel guilty after they get caught
I’m actually afraid rn because this happened in my neighborhood
Cess G
Cess G:
I fellt shivers when those two little angels hugged him. The very person who gave them life, also took it away. I hope he rots in jail before his soul burns forever in hell
Cassie Lee
Cassie Lee:
And to think women send him love letters lmfao CLOWNS.
Fawah Wahedi
Fawah Wahedi:
And that home wrecker’s face is disgusting to look at
It haunts him because he got caught and can’t be with his mistress.
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez:
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright:
Why would someone date a Nicole when you already have a Shanan?
You never know who you’re truly marrying😅 like she probably had no idea he was capable of this
I don’t think he feels remorse for what he did, I think he’s just upset that he got caught. What a disgusting human being!
I do not believe for one minute that this monster feels remorse for what he had done! He would have shown it immediately after he’s done his horrendous acts, but he did not. I believe he is a great actor that’s what I believe.
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez:
I’m interested in the psychological issue. What clicked in his brain
He’s going to be haunted by them in his cell everyday for the rest of his life.
Alle Rhie
Alle Rhie:
shannan looks so beautiful in that wedding. sad to know behind the scenes her in laws didn't even like her
Caleb Wolf
Caleb Wolf:
"he spends all-day reading his bible." Yeah, no. Burn that bible. Ain't no way is he going to get on anyone's good side.
I keep watching this over and over again trying to rap my self around this oh yea and he's a serial killer wait he had to murder over 1 month to be one and murder at least 3 people by the way R.I.P
Angela Carter
Angela Carter:
He's a narcissist and I hope he spends the rest of his life in jail
And I don't believe he has remorse because narcissist have no empathy and no compassion for other people
Craig !
Craig !:
The confession was dark asf I still can’t get it out my head
Haiden Avery
Haiden Avery:
the fact that this man lived 3 mins away from me sickens me
Why kill them??? Just leave geese.
albert eggstien ooff
albert eggstien ooff:
That is so disturbing. They weren't expecting what was to come.
Sophia Degand
Sophia Degand:
Chris Watt is a monster
He didn't even look happy on the wedding day
When your mate no longer wants you, accept it and separate: saves your life.
Omg the kids faces. They were so happy 😭
Haj sai
Haj sai:
I feel like I’m watching a horror movie.god seeing his face makes me throw up💔 what a devil
Jc Martinez
Jc Martinez:
To think it could have been solved with a divorce, he could have gone with the other women, those poor kids would still their parents and no one had to die.
Avril !
Avril !:
The way he chews his 'imaginary' gum disgusts me... he did that alot in Shanann's fb videos, too!
Bernice B
Bernice B:
The fact that he killed his lovely children is really really something else
Jen Fowler
Jen Fowler:
Why can't we put him in a oil tanker alive make him suffer
Emily Sullivan
Emily Sullivan:
Knowing what those little girls went through in their last moments breaks my heart 💔
Sue Churchill
Sue Churchill:
Good. Im glad it haunts him every day. I hope he lives a long, long life.
Tatum Shane
Tatum Shane:
I just watched the documentary on Netflix last night, I had been waiting awhile for it
He doesn’t feel anything for his family! He feels remorse for himself because he didn’t get to leave with his side hoe ☕️
“He really does feel guilty—“ AHH TAT TAT TAT— hell nah, he doesn’t feel a thing. This dude is a fake
BSP And Victorious
BSP And Victorious:
Why would Chris Watts feel guilty about killing his family?! He is honestly evil and I actually remember when this came on the news in 2018. In a tape, you can see him putting his hands behind his back, I knew he looked suspicious. Then, he literally cheated on his wife for no reason at all. This just shows what a bad guy he is.
Bella Donna
Bella Donna:
I doubt he feels bad for anything he did, he’s just praying cus he knows he’s going to hell but that’s cus he ain’t sorry for killing his wife and 3kids. Horrible but justice will come when he gets real judgement 😠.
makayla morrell
makayla morrell:
i watched this last night on Netflix, and it shattered my heart hearing this story:(.
Chicken Code
Chicken Code:
I really recommend the Netflix documentary. It’s so good and gives details of every little thing that happens in this tragedy
Brittany Carr
Brittany Carr:
"He wishes he did things differently" well yeah he probably means he would've tried to not get caught
So he was overweight when he married her?
A soon he realizes he’s fit he went the other way.😡
L M:
OK I'm officially retiring from using people's personal tragedies as my own personal entertainment in the form of a 2 min video on yt
He feels the way he feels because he got caught. Nothing else to say
What I don't get is why did she have to record every single moment of their lives? Put the damn camera down and live in the moment!
He doesn't feel bad that he killed his family. He feels bad that he's in prison for it.
Esmeralda Yu
Esmeralda Yu:
Crazy. He could’ve just gotten a divorce and went on his way with his mistress but no
Booter News
Booter News:
Lol if he wasn’t caught he wouldn’t be doing the Bible and remorse gig he would be living it up.
Emmitt M. McAdams
Emmitt M. McAdams:
"He feels Guilty & Remorse"....YEAH BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT!!!!!!!
Courtney E
Courtney E:
His mistress is weird. I’ve always had a sketchy feeling about her
Jaquelin Espinal
Jaquelin Espinal:
He feels no remorse lies ! Chris feels he did nothing wrong . That’s exactly what his parents out in his head .
quiks groove
quiks groove:
The site that shanann buried in a shallow grave the bodies of the daughters that been dumped in the oil tanks Was demolished two weeks ago
That's so sad my heart breaks watching that wedding video.
“It haunts him everyday”
Good, I hope it haunts him till the day he dies
MockingJay 444
MockingJay 444:
I was just watch these guys today and this only happened two years ago that's not a very long time and I feel most sad for the two little girls rest in peace angels you did nothing wrong
He is serving 3 consecutive life sentences.

"Every day is like the day before, and every day in his future will be the same as today".
Charles M
Charles M:
Chris was a little fatty at that wedding.

Lmao that suit is way to big for him 😂
Ben Eachus
Ben Eachus:
“It haunts him every day” 😂😂😂😂GOOD!!
Maurice Harriott
Maurice Harriott:
*Just plain evil he needs to be haunted by his cowardess actions how could he take the life of his wife but his two beautiful daugthers?!* Wow 🤦‍♂️