The Heartbreaking Life of Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix is among the greatest talents of his generation, but that does not mean he has had an easy life. In this video, we will be attempting to better understand the man behind the many roles, as we explore the Heartbreaking Life of Joaquin Phoenix. Did any of these tragic facts about Joaquin Phoenix surprise you? Let us know in the comments

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rose rose
rose rose:
“ can you introduce me as joker when you give me my Oscar ? “
Sun Phoenix
Sun Phoenix:
If joaquin doesn't win the oscar ,we riot in clown masks
I saw Joker last night. He took the Joker performance
 to another level. It was unbelievable how he embodied the role.
George Ascunce
George Ascunce:
With the amount of trauma he endured in his life he’s probably one of the few actors strong enough to play the Joker
ellie xo
ellie xo:
me: knows it’s pronounced wakeen

my brain: joa quinn
Everybody gangster in Oscar until Joaquin starts laughing on not winning
Becky Buttdumpling
Becky Buttdumpling:
I wish River would have lived to see his brother's success.
I love how his new surname came to be “Phoenix” perfectly symbolizing his life as a rise from the ashes.
cassie earle
cassie earle:
Joaquin really deserves an Oscar to be honest
this is random but him and his siblings names are dope as heck
After seeing this I realised they got the right man for Joker.
panda pon
panda pon:
Imagines had they gone with Leonardo Dicaprio as Joker. I mean I love Dicaprio, he's an amazing actor but I can't see anyone as Arthur Fleck after the movie except Joaquin Phoenix.
I can't believe that any Joker can be better than Ledgers but it is
The joker was the best movie of 2019 and probably a long time. I haven’t felt like clapping at the end of a movie in a long time but this movie made me want to scream how good it was

Update: Thanks for all the likes guys :)
Is it weird that I love his voice
Elizabeth Dianna
Elizabeth Dianna:
When u look at him you see sadness in his eyes. Now this explains it. You never fully recover from such things. You just learn to live with it and control yourself.
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch:
He played Johnny Cash so well he should have won the Oscar.
Mcgyver B
Mcgyver B:
This guy is a notorious introvert, very good actor though.
James Frost
James Frost:
He is such an incredible actor.
that Jimmy Kimmel interview is just not right and i felt bad for him but now this.
Sarah Milne
Sarah Milne:
“He is notoriously private and evasive in interviews” Mojo: lets destroy that
Lisa Grace
Lisa Grace:
Truly, if Heath has given his life for the Joker, then Joaquin has given a life to the Joker.
Fan theory: he really is the Joker.
Robert van Piggelen
Robert van Piggelen:
Thumbs up for not using the 911 call in this clip.
Shaye Anstey
Shaye Anstey:
You telling me at some point his brothers name was “river bottom “
Sonny Bill
Sonny Bill:
I hated him so much when I watched the Gladiator, just goes to show how good he was in that movie 👍🏻
Nat Mas
Nat Mas:
Whoever sold that 911 recording should have been jailed
Crippled Sanders
Crippled Sanders:
Honorable Mentions: hes vegan
Big Dangly Corey
Big Dangly Corey:
It is about time someone stepped up and did Heath Ledger's Joker proud.
I love River Phoenix.
May he rest in peace.
He’s truly a shapeshifter. I literally had NO idea he played in so many films I’ve seen!
You guys aren’t telling the whole story..both him and his brother were sexually abused by the pedophiles in Hollywood.
Hector Zuniga
Hector Zuniga:
what if hes so insane that he's sane like he was simply playing himself thats why it flowed so easily
Martin Frostevall
Martin Frostevall:
”Greatest of his generation”. That’s an understatement
osyrys official
osyrys official:
Joaquin deserves the Oscar. This is for River
Cutie Star
Cutie Star:
If joaquin doesnt win the oscar, we riot in clown masks

1 like for 1 mask
Joking Plays
Joking Plays:
*Heath Ledger up is in heaven wiping a tear away as he watched Joker*
Hanzel Rodriguez
Hanzel Rodriguez:
This movie is so good and Phoenix is such a phenomenon that not even an award is needed, he's just in another lvl, a superior kin of acting and artistic talent, that has flowered from his past experiences, amazing story and amazing vid Mojo👍🤘
Valerie Kombucha
Valerie Kombucha:
He is also an incredible animals rights activist
"Earthlings" was amazingly narrated by him
Mohammed Akbar
Mohammed Akbar:
Hes the most mysterious guy ive ever seen
J. R
J. R:
He definitely got abused. Poor guy. He’s a great actor. Love him💕
I just saw Joker last night and, let me tell you, if he doesn’t win that Oscar I’m suing the Academy for malpractice!
Daniel G
Daniel G:
When James Cameron was writing Titanic. He said he envisioned River playing Jack Dawson. The movie that put Leo on the map.
Cisco Lé
Cisco Lé:
Let’s pray for Joaquin Phoenix after that incredible yet difficult performance of embodying a psychotic character like the Joker.. let’s pray for his mental health and his demons to remain on the screen we all know how hard it is for dedicated actors to play these roles and we want more Joaquin to stay healthy and continue making his great films.... 🙏
I love Joaquin Phoenix. He deserves everything.
Crystal Aggrey
Crystal Aggrey:
She said “he is arguably among the greatest talents of his generation.”

He is one of the greatest talents of his generation. It’s not debatable.
Tenzin Dasang Gyaltsewa
Tenzin Dasang Gyaltsewa:
Who is here after watching joker ?

If he didnt received Oscar for his role in JOKER...

Then Oscar is trash award for me ...
Jazmin Sosa
Jazmin Sosa:
I don’t care if this was his or is his lifestyle. He deserves an Oscar.
HZRD Music Philippines
HZRD Music Philippines:
For me, Joker is the best movie of 2019
I Genuinely hope Joaquin didn't swim to deep in the Joker ocean. We don't want to lose another phoenix. No critical acclaim is worth the life
Liv Miles
Liv Miles:
Rising from the ashes. How fitting.
Citrus Leaf
Citrus Leaf:
Give this man an oscar.
The joker left me speechless. His acting is in a whole different dimension. I had goosebumps every time his emotions switched from happy to sad and back. He embodied the role, he was joker to the fullest.
Children of God was one of the most disturbing cults I've ever heard of. I remember a story about a little boy named David and I've seen bizarre pictures...these people were SICK. I think the boy eventually committed suicide as an adult.
Lindsay Emerson
Lindsay Emerson:
I love the lip scar. Seriously.
Omar B
Omar B:
It takes a broken man to play broken characters
He has truly lived a hard life, and I’m just so happy he has finally found peace and love in his life.
Although I think this video gives some good inside, I don’t think it tells enough about the impact Rivers death had on him. River was the rock of the family, and the leader and role model for his younger siblings. Joaquin can only now talk about him (shortly). And their sister, Rain, has only now gotten so far in the healing process that she has accepted it, and now been able to make an album in Rivers honor. It is truly a heartbreaking story.

On another note, I wish the people would take down the leaked audio of Joaquin’s 911 call!! It is beyond disrespectful that it’s still out there!!
american people, you have the spanish "J" sound totally wrong, it's not like guac in guacamole, it sounds closer to an aspirated h. don't say guacquin it's more like Hoaquin, at least try
dakota b
dakota b:
I remember one of my english teachers said she had a class with river phoenix
wasi gupito budiarto
wasi gupito budiarto:
2018 Oscar : Winners were Rami Malek and Bohemian Rhapsody
2019 Oscar : Winners will be Joaquin Phoenix and Joker
Chunky Boy Harrison
Chunky Boy Harrison:
He is long overdue for an Oscar
Don’t forget gladiator, his acting was right up there with Russell Crowe.
Hannah Isabel
Hannah Isabel:
I don’t even mean this in a bad way but he was such a cute kid he could pass as a boy or a girl
Wolfie Belfort
Wolfie Belfort:
Would love to just talk to him. Ever since signs when I was a youngin scared me how good acting was, he is a genius who practiced the craft and took his troubles to practice new craft. I look up to you phoenix
Sonja Malcolm
Sonja Malcolm:
His sister lives right by me... he comes and visits her quite often, we respect his privacy when he's here and have never spoken to him, just waved as we pass each other going to our cars...
Joaquin should meet with Keanu. Since they both had lives that are almost similar.
Poopie Face
Poopie Face:
His vulnerability to confidence was sexy af.
You didn't even mention that he is vegan (since birth I think?) and fights for animal rights :)
kunal ganotra
kunal ganotra:
Who's here after he won the Academy Award
Joey Barrelwilde
Joey Barrelwilde:
The death of River destroyed him.
Ken Stentiford
Ken Stentiford:
I always thought Heath was and will forever be the best Joker, fair be it his competitors bar one was lactustor, but Joaquin is far above. That's not Heaths fault, just saying.
Kristi !
Kristi !:
Everything he endured in his life is nowhere near envious. The tragedy and scarring shaped Joaquin and so he is a beautiful and corageous man and his performance forward on after the loss of his brother is engaging and always impacted me the same. I admire him and his works and by far, always been my favorite actor. Stand By Me starring River Phoenix had always been my favorite movie too. I think I've watched this movie more than I can even keep count. Joker was Phenomenal. Can't get enough of Joaquin and I know he hates the spotlight lol
river phoenix must be proud :’))
NME gaming
NME gaming:
"He's notoriously private" Here's everything about his personal life. Stay classy WatchMojo
Bro his life was ruined by his parents
Just like joker
"The entertainment industry is particularly taxing on children..."

Some might say, anally crippling.
I applaud you for not playing the 911 call after mentioning it. It's been exploited enough.
After seeing this, I'm looking at the kimmel interview that aired yesterday like "WTF?!?!" kimmel was hounding him about his life without even knowing what he has went through to live his very private life now🤬🤦🏾‍♀️ i wish interviewers studied the interviewee BEFORE THE INTERVIEW so they know what not to ask or bring up🤦🏾‍♀️its like when and interviewer asked megan thee stallion how her mom was literally a few days after she had died🤦🏾‍♀️
Brandon Breyer
Brandon Breyer:
Joaquin is an amazing actor. I only hope his life gets better from here.
Carlos Castanheiro
Carlos Castanheiro:
That's sad...But it made him the perfect Joker and to me he was the best Joker. Deserved the Oscar. Brilliant. Rest in peace River.
Crystal Bethany
Crystal Bethany:
He’s so beautiful 😍😫😫😩😩
JoAnne Filler
JoAnne Filler:
He is an amazing actor, amazing human being, and I applaud him for surviving the negative energy he was given in life... He will always remain on top of my list as one of my most favorite actors.
Gisselle ST
Gisselle ST:
He was Unbelievably Amazing in Joker. He deserves an Oscar for sure.
*刀 卂 𠘨 工 乇 乚
*刀 卂 𠘨 工 乇 乚:
My notifications is being spammed by Joker related videos...

I’m completely fine with this
Logan Dahlquist
Logan Dahlquist:
He’s truly amazing. I’ve never seen a better actor than him. Every movie I feel like I’m watching something that real not a movie.
The phone call he made to 911 when his brother went into cardiac arrest is so heart breaking
I'm so glad that this wonderful man's talent is finally acknowledged by everyone! I have been following him ever since i saw him in Quills and literally fell in love with his eye expession and dedication to his acting. A superb and exceptional actor. Love him!
I always said, River pheonix would've been bigger than the likes of Depp and DiCaprio.
Thats not a Biased decision as Martin Scorcese wanted to work with the kid before DiNero introduced Dicaprio to him. Director Scott Kalvert, wanted River for the role of Jim in "BasketBall Dairies" but later went to Leo due to his unforseen death. Titanic and Romeor&Juliet would've been his too etc. I'm a massive DiCaprio fan and I'm glad he is who he is today otherwise he wouldv'e been buried under Pheonix, but at the same time its sad that we couldn't see River Pheonix with up there with Leo and Johnny
River Phoenix would be proud of his little brother’s achievements
Ella Mun-lai
Ella Mun-lai:
this man deserves the world. he RADIATES talent and is an idol of mine
Mr Corleone
Mr Corleone:
He looks scary, but is actually spectacularly intimidating and talented
Heath ledger: i tip my hat to legend to another
Joaquin phoenix: *tip his hat
Bee Snort
Bee Snort:
He’s misunderstood because most geniuses are. Brilliant brilliant actor!
earl villanueva
earl villanueva:
Time flies the last time i watch him is in Gladiator with russell crowe😢
Tayla Brown
Tayla Brown:
Joker is a phenomenal masterpiece!!!! Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar for this!
Bailey Hall
Bailey Hall:
River would be so proud of him.
supreme cheese
supreme cheese:
"Why did you where a clown mask to the Oscars "

"You wouldn't get it"
Joaquin deserves an Oscar for his performance as the Joker
my mother named me after Phoenixs older brother, river phoenix who as we know died. i’ve always felt that this made me like him even more
Mi Sharif
Mi Sharif:
He is a legend!
I know Joaquin from since he played the bad guy from Gladiator (awesome performance). I did not knew River Phoenix was his brother. River was a rising star and also the best friend of Keanu Reeves. Keanu was devastated when River died.