The Haunting of Bly Manor - Series Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews The Haunting of Bly Manor, starring Victoria Pedretti, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Tahirah Sharif, Henry Thomas, Rahul Kohli, T'Nia Miller, Amelie Bea Smith, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Amelia Eve. Created by Mike Flanagan.

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Hector Martin Navarro
Hector Martin Navarro:
I think this show deserves a spoiler heavy review where Chris can explain everything in detail. Like if you agree!
Darrius James
Darrius James:
This show was just “PERFECTLY SPLENDID”
travis la flame
travis la flame:
No spoilers of course but Jesus Christ the ending of this show is depressing, Hill House was bittersweet but this is just straight up sad dude
David Ballin
David Ballin:
Let's be real, Hannah and Owen were the best characters in this show and deserved more screen time/development.
Sebastian E'Silva
Sebastian E'Silva:
Just finished an all-night binge of Bly. It's definitely not as scary or brilliant as Hill House was, but still very good. What threw me off a bit was that it's not as much of a spook-fest as I thought it would be and some of the obviously American actors mangled their attempts at an English accent to the point that it was distracting. That aside it was good stuff: cinematography is on point, the visuals are memorable, the story kept me invested.
EDIT: This is one of those shows that you get more out of on a 2nd watch. Coming back to it I noticed quite a few clever easter eggs and subtle details that I didn't the first time round.
Miss Mako
Miss Mako:
Love both Haunting S1 & S2. My fav shows on Netflix 👻❤️
I don’t understand why everybody’s acting all gangster. That lady of the lake stuff was honestly terrifying, sad and creepy.
Don't want to hear PERFECTLY SPLENDID ever again.
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman:
In his thumbnails, He always looks like he's walked into his grandmother in the bathroom 🤣
Was anyone else genuinely haunted by the scene where Owen looked at the camera and yelled, after talking in a super unsettling way? I thought it was super effective because up to that point he had been quite a calm character
Jace smith
Jace smith:
This is definitely a love story.

It made me cry. Very emotional. Loved it but completely different from Hill House.
Taber Johnson
Taber Johnson:
“It was jarring seeing the same actors playing different characters.”
AHS Fans: “First Time?”
Anshika singh
Anshika singh:
Honestly why are we not talking about what a brilliant acting was delivered by the kids, specially the boy. They acted better than a lot of adults these day.
Zachary Ashmore
Zachary Ashmore:
Whi's that Hiliacoity character in the pilot he's talking about? Someone please tell me I need to know.
It should be called "Sadness at Bly Manor" - it was beautiful and moving and a great way to depart from Season 1 (even though that is propably going to upset some viewers). By the end, I was completley enthralled <3
Hill house: family story
Bly manor: love story
The scariest part of this show was Flora losing her British accent
grace steph
grace steph:
Started as a ghost story but I ended up crying so much. Tears won't stop, it's a love story and it pains me how it ended
I couldn’t believe season 1 was Victoria’s first big acting role. She stole the show completely. Nothing will ever top the masterpiece of Hill House
Just finished bingeing it. While The Haunting of Hill House was a complete masterpiece, The Haunting of Bly Manor was by no means disappointing. There is still a fantastic mystery to slowly discover throughout the series, there are a few good scares, and there are plenty of fascinating characters to become emotionally invested in. Chris referring to this one as a gothic romance is completely right.
Home Media
Home Media:
Hill house: Family story
Bly manor: Oh hi Mark
Lucy Masters
Lucy Masters:

I was more scared of Peter when he was in Miles’ body than when he was in his own body😂 That kid is an acting l e g e n d!
Rosie Nicolson
Rosie Nicolson:
I find it funny that he said seeing the same actors was jarring at first cause like the UK only has like 20 actors and they're in everything
Sublime Trickaz
Sublime Trickaz:
Is it me or did the main actress' accent felt super off? I know she's an American actress playing an American character, but she felt like a British person failing to pull off a Midwest accent
Randy Smith
Randy Smith:
I loved the haunting of hill house so much, it was spooky, intriguing, and thrilling. Didn’t know what to expect from a follow up, and what I got was the most beautiful love story I’ve ever seen. I absolutely loved Bly Manor and everything about it. Starts off to gets you hooked and then slowly, very slowly starts showing what it is and it was beautiful.
Half Death
Half Death:
You didn't talk about my fav character " Owen"
O com'on man
I'm not blonde
I'm not blonde:
Spoiler: at some point I started singing ‘I’m dumb she’s a lesbian’ and I couldn’t stop
ll Mtx ll
ll Mtx ll:
Peter was the worst character ever! He was so manipulative, gaslit and killed his girlfriend, and wanted to take over Flores and Miles’ body just for selfish sakes!
Zachary G. Breland
Zachary G. Breland:
T'Nia Miller not only gives a spectacular performance, but that FACE... that bone structure is mesmerizing!
Deepa Lall
Deepa Lall:
Mike Flanagan should cast Vera Farmiga, she is perfect for such series.She was great in 'Orphan' and 'Bates Motel'.I am purposely leaving out The Conjuring series because I think she has much larger range as an actress and those two movies didn't give her enough space to show her range.Mike Flanagan's style is very close to Spanish horror film style.'The Orphanage' and 'The Devil's Backbone' are two of my favorite horror movies.
They called an adaptation of Henry James's novella 'The Turn of the Screw', "The Turning"!? Hahaha. Then again, I suppose they couldn't call it "The Screwing"
sari dianita
sari dianita:
I never put any expectation or try to compare with hill house, so as the show this one really really good. The haunting point of this one is memory because haunting doesnt always means ghost (but it scares me the same way).

But, somehow I see one same picture with hill house about how memory faded away from the childhood into adult, sometimes you can feel the feeling, the guilt, or the sadness, you then got angry or want to cry but never sure about what really happened.

It's B+ for me. Well, never want to compare, because its hits different than hill house hit me. Hill house an absolute A level for me.
David Gilmore
David Gilmore:
This show massively benefits from binging, personally I really don't like binging shows because I like anticipation and thinking about it throughout the week but there are so many story elements that you can easily lose track of if you don't watch at least one a day. I see many people saying how much it sucks but you can tell they've only watched the first couple. Yes it takes a while to get invested, but the show rewards you for your patience and I just think it's incredibly impressive how many plot points they were able to juggle
Jesus Christ Denton
Jesus Christ Denton:

It's Greg Sestero from The Room
MCM Movie Reviews
MCM Movie Reviews:
I'm excited too hear that the tone of the haunting of bly manor has a totally different theme too hill house , and I appriciate that Flanagan is trying to present different elements of horror to his audience , look at How many Filmakers are out there that are doing exactly the same Thing & arnt getting anywhere With their Audience , *Cough Cough* ( the walking dead ) I look foward too seeing the show this weekend , Mike Flanagan is different gravy 💯
The Jazz King
The Jazz King:
The ghost of Dani's boyfriend looks like Kevin from Sin City.
Jack Gill
Jack Gill:
Oliver Jackson Cohen did great with a Glaswegian accent. It is rare as a Scottish person that you accept a fake Scottish accent, but his was one of the best I’ve heard for a long time.
The nanny always get killed in these kind of stories.
Mató tunco tu tata
Mató tunco tu tata:
"You're tearing me apart, Chris!!!"
I guess that's the casting you talk about.
Gary King
Gary King:
I don’t know why you guys are all saying that the ending was so depressing.
I thought it was more bittersweet. Sacrifices were made but ultimately it all lead to a relatively happy ending.
All I’m saying is that it could have been a lot worse
Mofasser Arafat
Mofasser Arafat:
I think that if Flanagan directed all the episodes like in Hill House the horror aspect would've been MUCH MUCH better.
Maddy Kim
Maddy Kim:
Haunting of Hill House and Bates Motel are my two favorite horror series of all time
Saffron Sugar
Saffron Sugar:
what happens to glowing glasses boyfriend? After we learn his story, he's gone
who was that casting choice on the pilot he talks about?
Olha Ahafonova
Olha Ahafonova:
I adore Mike Flanagan and his signature. He has a unique talent in creating horror. His movies are scary, spooky, but there is always something beautiful and tender about them. Very talented creator ✨😍
Turkey Leg
Turkey Leg:
Just finished the entire season..This show got me Disappointed af
ngl i wasnt a fan of hill house, the last episode ruined it for me. i preferred this much more, though it was more of a gothic romance, it was just infinitely better, and it stuck its landing. plus, hannah and owen :')
The Propertarian Institute
The Propertarian Institute:
Chris is the only worthy heir to Roger Ebert, and in many ways is a generation better. He asks a movie to fulfill its promise. And explains the movie in the context of that promise. Always gets it right.
Christian Sander
Christian Sander:
This is definately less horror than Hill House. I also think of it like a gothic romance story. Reminds me of quite a few Edgar Ellen Poe short stories. Also reminds me of del Toro's Crimson Peak, which, contrary to this, I absolutely adore!
Not as scary as Hill House but tells a much better story.

Episode 5 was really affecting.
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh:

can someone please tell me who chris was talking about in the pilot episode? i watched it and i watch his hilariocity videos but i really don’t know who it is. idk i might be slow lol. great show btw
It’s VERY hard to watch this as a British person, because the accents are terrible! Just as you settle into a scene an accent just hits your ear wrong and pulls you out of the moment.

Carla Gugino’s accent skews between southern and Yorkshire and Henry Thomas’ accent is part Mycroft Holmes, part Colin Firth and a dash of Stewie Griffin. It’s sad because the same actors were amazing in Hill House, but the show is so obviously not set in England either for budget reasons, so by the looks of it I’m guessing it’s Canada? With all the London street scenes playing out on a crappy backlot, again just really takes you out of it.

Apart from the English setting adding absolutely nothing to it, everything else is great, the cinematography especially is fantastic as is the sound design. But it was just too slow overall, whereas Hill House had us hooked from episode one.
For me, seeing it as a love story doesn't give as much of a punch as seeing it as a story about mourning loss of all types. Everyone seems more preoccupied by their mourning than love and all of the love is colored with loss. The characters all express and feel their situations differently. Owen's monologue is probably my favorite moment in the show for this
Nice review!
Tien Minh
Tien Minh:
Please review Dark, the best show on Netflix
Sheikh Suleiman
Sheikh Suleiman:
it wasn't even 50% as good as hill house. felt dragged out, should have been 5 episodes max
This show was nothing exceptional. This type of plot is quite common in Asian movies. The haunting of hill house was better.
Lgm &
Lgm &:
Being English, hearing these put on hammed up English accents from Americans completely ruined the whole thing for me, and the children.. Jesus Christ very very annoying.
nancy torres
nancy torres:
Just finished binging it. Honestly i had to force myself to keep watching it through the first episodes and if it hadn't been for how much i like hill house i would have dropped it. It wasn't until the last episodes that I really found myself interested.
martha Krypton
martha Krypton:
Definitely Gave me the “The Others” vibe 2001 movie. Bly manor is a great series to watch. But it’s definitely not scary. They went all the way with explaining back stories and how things work in life and what’s beyond that. Like in details!! It’s just too much. They missed the scare factor. It is Halloween season after all. Felt like the trailer was misleading in a way. anyway, acting is absolutely splendid. Storyline is splendid as well. But, Overall it’s just okay. I would still recommend it. 👍
Gavin Jump
Gavin Jump:
I personally believe the third season should be “the haunting of Overlook Hotel” with Steven returning as jack, young Luke from Hill House returning as Danny, and Theo returning as Wendy. As king hated the shining film adaptation I honestly believe Mike Flanagan can make this literary masterpiece an adaptation King would be proud of . That’s all thanks for coming to my Ted talk
anyone else trying to figure out what chris meant when he said a cameo in the pilot episode? i'm like nic cage?! lmao idk
Rob Eaton
Rob Eaton:
So.... who is the guest star in episode_1 he was talking about, and why was it worth pointint out?
Trevon H
Trevon H:
I didn't care about the romance I just wanted to play "I spy that ghost." And didn't get to do that smh.

But I did like the ghost choking the life out of people.
Sanjid Parvez
Sanjid Parvez:
I'm still disappointed that Chris haven’t review Netflix’s French horror show Marianne.
Though overall it wasn’t perfect or as great as Hill House but pretty good enough for horror fans to check out.
Richie Rich
Richie Rich:
The only negative about hill house is that it was flawless and its almost impossible to make anything better. I figured the next season wasn't gonna be as good only because the 1st was perfect. Can't wait to watch tho
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura:
Oh I see they’re doing American horror story. Same actors different characters.
did anyone else hate the narration part ? it made zero sense to me, especially when it turned out to be someone who was involved in the story and had no way of knowing about certain details. I understand wanting to tie everything together and connect it to the present but it was just ridiculous. also Carla saying sun with a faux english accent lmao
I couldn’t stand Victoria’s character’s voice in this one.
Fun fact: the actor who played Peter almost played the role of the gardener, but the team thought it would be too weird since the actors who played Dani and Peter played twins in Hill House. (According to interviews.)
I gotta be honest, I didn’t pick up on the surprise casting choice in the pilot episode, maybe I’ll have to rewatch
CF Hindle
CF Hindle:
I really did like Bly but I was disappointed it wasn't as thematically consistent as Hill House.
Also the botched accents from the American actors was a bit unfortunate
ItsAshlistic ♛
ItsAshlistic ♛:
Whoever casted the grown up Owen, Flora, Miles needs to get fired! 😠 (What have you done to my Owen especially! 🤬)
Chris review dark, it's the one of the best Netflix original I've ever seen.
Since I started binge watching this I’ve been going around calling people “poppins” and saying how everything is “absolutely splendid”
I feel like the only way you can dislike this show is if you 1.) don’t have patience or 2.) were expecting a extremely scary show. Both are understandable I guess, but I definitely recommend sticking it out and watching it without expectations.
Mr. Green
Mr. Green:
It's slightly disappointing because in previews, the creators of the show were stating it had MORE horror and was scarier than the previous season.
Vinnie Cassello
Vinnie Cassello:
Chris, you should review “Evil” on Netflix. I just binged the first season and I thought it was AMAZING! Had me legitimately creeped out! 😱
Ana M
Ana M:
The Hill House was/still is amazing, this one's amazing too, but I wish it was scarier so bad.
I love the storyline too.
I love Flanagan's work, but this really just bored me so much. Touching, well crafted, nothing bad like that. Just so so boring, I don't know. I watched the whole thing anyway, but it was a slog for a lot of it. Even as a romance.
The plot would've been even more convincing if Miles had adopted Peter's Scottish accent during the spirit possession
I didn’t care for it tbh.
I was checked out and lost interest in all the characters. Finished the season and felt like a sunken cost.
a little disappointed to be honest but still a good show
Pam Ponpan
Pam Ponpan:
Not scary at all.
Zero horror.
More like psychological thriller.
Tracker Jacker
Tracker Jacker:
The narrator is like telling a kids story aint that scary.. just perfectly splendid!
I have only one more episode yo finish but so far I'm loving it. Episode 5 left me with an opened mouth and I needed a moment to processed everything before continuing
the only thing creepy and fun about this series are the random ghosts in the background. was fun looking for them
Im in the middle of it, and Im bored...wont watch it further...
What cameo in the pilot was he referring to?
There were elements of dread here, but I think that after the big reveal about the ghosts about halfway through the horror veneer of the show melted away.
Mr. Case
Mr. Case:
Does anyone know who he’s talking about when referring to the great and surprising casting choice in the first episode?
Metti Kaliente
Metti Kaliente:
This season was perfectly dull
Kevin Klein
Kevin Klein:
Exactly, it is just like a full blown movie! I wish Netflix would offer the option to watch a series like this seamlessly, without credits and intro.
The Peripheral View
The Peripheral View:
You know Chris liked it when he has a giddy smile on his face throughout the video😋
Nick Bernard
Nick Bernard:
I was a bit disappointed by this series. Also was it just me that wanted them to use different music? I couldn’t help but be distracted every time I heard the score from Hill House play because I associate it so much with that show and those characters now.
Having a hard time getting through this one... it's incredibly slow and takes forever to tell certain things for no 'good' reason in certain episodes :/
5:16 He’s talking about Greg Sesterno from The Room 😊
I'm really glad I watched this. Thanks for the warning. Since Hill House ended I've been hoping that for whatever season 2 was that they'd lean more into the horror. I'm disappointed to find out they didn't, but knowing that going in with soften the blow for sure.
Carl Ochoa
Carl Ochoa:
"It's not a ghost story. It's a love story"
Patrick Hogan
Patrick Hogan:
Wait, who was the casting choice in the minor roll? I must have missed it.