The Greek Freak's Best Dunks Of His Career | 15 Minutes Of Giannis Antetokounmpo Dunks & Poster Jams

Who doesn't love slam dunks!?! We put together 15 minutes of the best dunks from Giannis Antetokounmpo's career thus far for you to enjoy. Which is your favorite?


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2 things are certain:
The Sun is Yellow
Getting Dunked on by Giannis
When giannis drives there are two possible outcomes

1. You get dunked on.
2. You and your teammate get dunked on.
Bhuta 567
Bhuta 567:
Look at giannis man so inspirational il be doing that by June 😅
PicklezGamez YT
PicklezGamez YT:
I can’t find what is more interesting.... Giannis dunking, or Watching the opponent’s bench when Giannis dunks...
D .mcfunkerdoodle
D .mcfunkerdoodle:
Wait, Where's the dunk over Tim Hardaway?
instant Dimi
instant Dimi:
Κάποιος Έλληνας εδώ?
Μπράβο ρε Αντετοκουνμπο 🔥
Jackson Baumgart Outdoors
Jackson Baumgart Outdoors:
This honestly breaks my heart realizing bucks might not get to play for a championship this year
Haven’t seen this kind of bully-ball since Shaquille O’Neil
Boost Lee
Boost Lee:
"Women and children are crying on the baseline"
Giannis = mvp
So sad for bucks nation. Was going to be our championship season. Hopefully we can keep most of the players for next year. Stay safe and god bless my fellow bucks fans. It will get brighter after these dark days.
Tom3K GrabarzzZ
Tom3K GrabarzzZ:
He makes Gobert looks like a little girl honestly is there a man that could stop him??
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez:
I’m tired of people not giving him the credit he deserves. Probably the most freakiest athlete ever created besides wilt and Zion, and if you want to ask me I’ll tell you why. This man has the highest PER of anyone even Michael jordan in NBA history, and the things he does on the court makes it looks like he’s playing on a 5 foot hoop. People need to respect greatness and stop comparing.
2:43 robot Giannis
I love when Giannis gets a big dunk and he almost always flares his nostrils
Ιωαννα Καμπλιωνη
Ιωαννα Καμπλιωνη:
Υπέροχο το βίντεο 🏀🏀🏀μπραβο BUCKS και αντεντοκουμπο
Lum Bum
Lum Bum:

my manz looked disappointed in the corner
Connor O'Brien
Connor O'Brien:
"Giannis is upon us." My favorite call
The Dot ➊
The Dot ➊:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Giannis will be the best player
Up until 2042
Nganga Kinyanjui
Nganga Kinyanjui:
i love when he makes his cocky face after dunking and then his teammates are telling him to like stop😂
brenda connaire
brenda connaire:
Should be more than 15 minutes
Remi Perdriau
Remi Perdriau:
Thanks for this amazing video of the greek freak. Back 2 back MVP. True fan. He is the best in the best team
debbie nettles
debbie nettles:
Quality Quarantine Content 👌👌👌🔥
Lol marques was like "wheres my hat? Oh i dropped it" i love our commentators so unashamedly corny
apostolos gkletsoss
apostolos gkletsoss:
2 free throw line dunks against new york and indiana , the poster on oklahomas ibaka and the the dunk over hardaway are all missing
Flight Without the cameras on
Flight Without the cameras on:
He really said “look at Giannis man”
Greg Val
Greg Val:
Levi Wolfgramm
Levi Wolfgramm:
The opposing bench just sitting there acting like nothing happened
You forgot the one over tim hardaway😅
Colton Schabel
Colton Schabel:
0:38 John Henson really wanted to shoot that.💀
Mitchell Wallrich
Mitchell Wallrich:
Me: Looks at time of video and it says 14:37

WW1 German C.S.A. Riflemen
WW1 German C.S.A. Riflemen:
1:22 it's finger lickin' good.
AJk 1
AJk 1:
2:09 how is that even fair ... that’s why he’s my MVP
Tom Evans
Tom Evans:
Lost count the amount of Giannis dunk vids I’ve watched. it never gets old!
Obcydia *
Obcydia *:
Joined the bucks team on 2k21 just to alley oop to Giannis every time! Lmao this man can fly!!
1:57 the Blazer Fans probably died
Σπύρος Μολφέσης
Σπύρος Μολφέσης:
7:05 what a fart!!!😂😂😂👏
Eric Fulton
Eric Fulton:
hey I have been having a bad day My dad broke his foot. It would make my day if you responded

do it for him
Hes literally 12'5 tho
11:38 freakin bulldozer holy cow. personal fav!
Spanish BBall athlete
Spanish BBall athlete:
1:11 damn I still get up when I see that
Chase Nitz
Chase Nitz:
I live in Wisconsin so my favorite team and player is giannis I have a jersey
Ben Huebner
Ben Huebner:
Who else is watching this right before the season resumes to get hype?!
you just dunk on ben simons
1122 pakourmaster
1122 pakourmaster:
Somebody count how many times the commentator said ‘oh my goodness’ in this video
CRC Gaming
CRC Gaming:
So inspirational
I’ll be doing this by June
Максим Гуливер
Максим Гуливер:
Most "Oh my Godness" reaction's counter
Actually Friendly Next Door Weeb
Actually Friendly Next Door Weeb:
1:32 Captions yes
lobsang campos
lobsang campos:
Ohh Man Come On Giannis <3
nikko kapetanos
nikko kapetanos:
🇬🇷 Ο πιο καλύτερος παίκτης στο NBA 🇬🇷
Justin Veimau
Justin Veimau:
5:28 look at who?
Alejandro Jr Olaco
Alejandro Jr Olaco:
I’ve seen every all of these like 100 times and imma watch it again
Alternative Flow
Alternative Flow:
giannis is one of my top 4 favorite bball player of the contemporary times
G. Pap
G. Pap:
He is a BEAST!!!!
2:12 when u catch an Opp lackn 😈
Ranz Benedict Garay
Ranz Benedict Garay:
Giannis Antetokounmpo for MVP💪🏆
2:21 Wait wait, HOW TF DID HE DUNK THAT?
Broderick Simpson
Broderick Simpson:
"He's a bleeping baby!"
Cam Boi
Cam Boi:
I am sick of the announcer saying
“GiAnNaS” now
Lucas sm8
Lucas sm8:
4:34 Smashes Simmons
Diego Blount
Diego Blount:
I would hate to be in the NBA if I was just gonna get bullied by Giannis.
They look like kids playing against a grown man, but the man is trying.
Rakeen Ratchford
Rakeen Ratchford:
He could be the goat one day
This man is gonna be good. The best thing is he is still improving this is 12% of his full power
Jones V
Jones V:
Love the vids
I was the 1,000th person to like it
The net was like when giannis dunks:
Nardo Gapang
Nardo Gapang:
Jon Hay
Jon Hay:
God I miss this.
i stan jendeukierubyjane
i stan jendeukierubyjane:
Jacob Leverett
Jacob Leverett:
Ahhhh the classic Giannis mean mug face... feels good to see again
nathan mwendwa
nathan mwendwa:
add some replays next time man
Road to Basketball
Road to Basketball:
i've uploaded my first throw training:)
Luis Benitez
Luis Benitez:
9:37 🤯😮
Mr. Javier
Mr. Javier:
5:10 Miles Turner stepped on the line on that inbound 😅😂
Tyler Green
Tyler Green:
0:03 was a travel
Gaming with evans
Gaming with evans:
You said 15 minutes it's 14 minutes and 38 seconds
Joanne Finch
Joanne Finch:
Pat is one of the best hype men of the Bench Mob.
Aiden Playzz
Aiden Playzz:
giannis makes dunking look so easy 😂
He’s like 12ft I can do that too.
Seamus Butt
Seamus Butt:
I approve of those dunks
How are you supposed to stop him when he can bring the ball up that well, is lengthy as hell, fast as shit, and can dunk out the gym? 2 steps in from the 3 point line and his eurostep dunk is at the rim
Elias Dran7
Elias Dran7:
Make another one 15 minute video just with Giannis blocking shots 😍
Michael Cahill
Michael Cahill:
This man's highlight reel will be GOAT
Renz Castro
Renz Castro:
Bam adebayo: hold my beer🍺🍻
Hes like a modern day John Stockton!!
Mans sat right back down 😂 6:04
admin delivered to the 90% of the poll
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan:

That's so out of bounds
Akumpo you are literally 21’8
that dunk on koufus is savage. like kemp dunk on lister level
Dauda Ariong mayor
Dauda Ariong mayor:
Giannis antetuokompo the master of the ring 💪
Greatest Highlights
Greatest Highlights:
We want part 2 of this
Henny God
Henny God:’re 16 foot 6 buddy, i would be doing that too.
Paradox Carson
Paradox Carson:
Akumpo... your 12’18 cmon I could do that

Flight –
Spacepig Gaming
Spacepig Gaming:
Deadliest euro and spin in the league, no question
Wasser Schmeckt
Wasser Schmeckt:
Mvp ❤️
100k subscribers With no videos
100k subscribers With no videos:
Great video!!!
Space jam michael jordan final dunk is what giannis practices to perfection. Look at that straight long arm. 😂
Sam H.
Sam H.:
I needed this
brock rapana - enosa
brock rapana - enosa:
pause at 5:20 at the exact time Giannis dunked. play on the lower video speed
After the Heat game :-)