The God of Highschool Anime is Fantastic

Summer of Anime 2020 has officially begun with the arrival of The God of Highschool Episode 1. Glad to see how well this series is doing today. Lots of active and positive discussion on GOHS so far. As someone that has only read the first 4 chapters of the Webtoon. I can see why they changed some things around. Overall I think this is the definitive version of The God of Highschool. Ready for The God of Highschool Episode 2 Review?

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Love you all so much thank you for all the support!
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Chibi Reviews
Chibi Reviews:
Thoughts on the first episode everyone?
Chibi: see island gets wiped out , wonder how far power scaling will go
Webtoon readers: the heavens will rumble
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
God of High School is going to be one of the best anime's this season, no doubt
Hispanic Girls Twerking
Hispanic Girls Twerking:
We gotta rename this to The God Of Hypeschool.. This first episode was so fun that I had to keep rewinding every couple of minutes 😂😂 ..
Luis Agustin Saravia
Luis Agustin Saravia:
Studio Mappa really out there trying to become the GOAT this year they got this Jujutsu Kaisen and Shingeki no kyojin ,they really nailed this one☺️
The god of highschool is the literal definition of " *_This is not even my final form_* "
Lord Eye-Patch
Lord Eye-Patch:
Honestly this art style works perfectly and should be kept. As a Webtoon reader, this style works very well.
Artixes Pro
Artixes Pro:
I got to admit the MC of this anime is way too hot for his own good.
yeah, backstories all at once would've messed with the pacing.
Hector Delcid
Hector Delcid:
To be fair, as an up-to-date reader of both manhaws:
Story: TOG>GOH
Fights: GOH>TOG
I feel like the innate nature of GOH, its gonna have a better time getting a bigger audience thanks to the action. I also agree that the intro of the anime might be better than in the manhaw as it really grabs attention rather than set up context which can be put in later on. TOG by its nature, needed a relatively slower start in order to flesh out the ideas and set things up for the future.
OG Dragon Ball fans are feeling like children again. Just wait until all the easter eggs!!
Lord Eye-Patch
Lord Eye-Patch:
Chibi, all I’ll tell you is this. By season 2, it’s gonna get pretty crazy and hype to point I want one of its arcs to have a literal movie because what that arc had needed movie budget
No it was way worse for one reason when mori woke up he screamed "JENNIFER LOPEZ" and they cut that out and I big sad
Grey World
Grey World:
I saw a character that looks like a nerd with glasses with a book in one hand and metal bat in the other wearing a tracksuit beat the hell out of a bunch of people with said bat and all while not taking his eyes off the book he was reading....

I think I’m gonna like this very much!

I agree chibi, don’t cram the the backstory in yet when we don’t know if we should give a damn about the characters yet and instead build it up as episodes go on.

Also I like the opening and ending songs, mostly the ending.
The God of HighSauce!
S L I M 3 B R E A Z Y
S L I M 3 B R E A Z Y:
Y’all already knew I was going to be here

So who’s gonna start reading the WEBTOON after the whole season?

Btw This might be the best action anime of the year🤩
Mex XYZ:
I was hoping to see mori walking around yelling he’s the strongest like in the WEBTOON
lorenco jera
lorenco jera:
That old guy is the definition of walking nuke........with just physical strength
Those of you who have gotten far into the Webtoon will understand this....
" Remember when level 12 was powerful?"
Coming off TOG, there seems to be more going for GOH in terms of production. I know this is just the first episode, but Mappa has opened with a lot more polish so far.
Arthur Krammel
Arthur Krammel:
Chibi: How far the power scaling will go? A guy destroyed an island in the first episode!
The Manhwa right now:

Random Person
Random Person:
I'm impressed that the anime started so differently, but still managed to be great! Although Mori didn't scream "Jennifer Lopez" and Mira didn't miraculously hop onto Mori's bike in a flash after jamming her sword into Mori's bike while Mori was about to crash, at least we've got the rapper dude. Honestly, I did find one detail that I think shouldn't have been changed though, and it's a spoiler, so I'll write it below... Either way, I did enjoy the anime and I'm hyped to watch the rest of it!

At the beginning, when Mori wakes up, you can see that aside from the fact that he now has a functioning house, the picture he took with his grandfather was right there, out in the open. I mean, the simple response could have been that they needed to find a way to show the audience the picture, but it just doesn't fit in with the plot of the story, in my opinion. In the original, the picture was hidden because it was bad for people to know that Mori was related to Taejin Jin, and I thought that definitely made sense. They could have shown Mori holding the picture and looking at it if they really wanted to show this, or maybe have it hidden under something, which Mori might move by accident and see... I like the anime version, but I don't quite agree with this... Everything else seems fine, though. I'm excited to see what the U.S. president's name is, considering what his name was in the webtoon...
A thing I love about this series is that Mori Jin always incorporates martial arts in some way shape or form to his fights. The fights never feel redundant, (coming from someone who binged the series in a week).
Dirtybird Person
Dirtybird Person:
Mira's backstory from what I gathered: er the quest for c*m
Mai A
Mai A:
Y’all late to the party. I was on this series so hard that back in the day I was creating wikia pages. The plot is just ok. The fights???? *Phenomenal*
Daan Duijkers
Daan Duijkers:
Tower of God is a "slow burn" story that is better read as a weekly webtoon.

God of HIghschool, on the other hand, is a more straightforward action series that is easier adapted to anime.
“Even if it was for less than a microsecond, everyone knew that the universe turned off”
Saurav Silwal
Saurav Silwal:
In case of anime, seeing the first episode of GOH, it will be better than TOG ... As far as webtoon goes TOG have bigger lore and better world building ...Both are giants in the webtoon area and are awesome
hanko sanko
hanko sanko:
jin breaking mira glasses is just like ash destroying misty bike
Damn, this first episode was a spectacle.
Definitely builded up the hype.
Hope the later episodes will be so good as well.

This will be the second best anime this season.
ladin liban
ladin liban:
The animation was so damn niceeee🔥🔥
White Shadow
White Shadow:
Contender of anime of the year, MAPPA is extremely passionate about the series
"I havent heard anything bad" I guess the Digibro's of this world havent finished writing there 3 part essay script for it yet.
Alex Ganz
Alex Ganz:
Tournament is only the beginning of the series, it's not all about the tournament. Keep watching and you will find out :)
Keith Cooper
Keith Cooper:
OLD GUY? Boy that "old guy" is the guy that helped make Mori the man he is in the future.
Low Distortion
Low Distortion:
Damn mappa should do one punch man 😂 their fight scenes are fantastic
Young tedo Dodo
Young tedo Dodo:
TOG wouldn’t make sense without season 1. in GOH fast pacing is no trouble it‘s not story based like ToG.Both are great. Just happy that both exist. Especially if Season 2 of ToG gets a better studio.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez:
God of high school and re zero S2 are the anime I’m looking forward the most this season
Typical Ish
Typical Ish:
The first episode felt so nostalgic. I’m caught up with the WEBTOON and it’s just insane how much the story shifts.
Natorious The Hopeful
Natorious The Hopeful:
This may be the best animé I watch all year, and I'm not just saying that because 2020 has delayed everything.
I do like the fact that the author is working with the studio. They have grown so much through drawing GoH and I'm sure they wanted to change those first chapters so many times. I think having backstories introduced naturally is way better. The base of the story being "you are fighting for a wish" it already gives you an idea of the characters, daewhi is shown to care about money, mira yoo is interested in strong men, mori remarks at being able to fight R. TIME FOR GOH TO TAKE OVER LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOO
TOG: I am Crunchyroll's most hype series to date.
TGOHS: Hold my Yeoui...
mohamme shire
mohamme shire:
Mori is heavily holding back most of the tournement
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer:
It's been a long time I have witnessed an anime on the same level as Hunter x Hunter and OPM. God of Highschool is definitely giving me that vibe.
lorenco jera
lorenco jera:
When i started the weebton the introduction of the characters was slow,and later by knowing them better it made more sense and feel happy about them trying to accomplish they're dreams,so I think this is the reason for the 1st episode to skip that stuff is to make you more emmotional connected with the MC's and tell you the reason they're doing it and it will feel better.
weaponized autism
weaponized autism:
The fact that this is the same studio thats animating aot s4 makes me feel so happy
Next Webtoons ima need to be an anime next Sweet Home
Anime boss
Anime boss:
Mappa has used motion captures for action sequences. It's insane.
Remuj 6
Remuj 6:
The animation quality explains why Listeners was so bad lol. MAPPA was focusing their resources on this.
Eric D.
Eric D.:
First ToG, now TGoHA. If Fall gave us Nobelesse, this would be The Best Year of Anime.
This has to be one of the best birthday presents I ever had. The first episode was fire
Joel J Pena Betancourt
Joel J Pena Betancourt:
Yo, someone got stonecold stunned in todays episode 😂.
Shatdamouth BOYAH
Shatdamouth BOYAH:
Dre 1k
Dre 1k:
Main character looks really cool, black characters aren’t racist looking, tournament reminds me of beyblade kinda lol. A must watch for me
As a webtoon reader I gotta say I was so fuckin hype threw out this episode as of now I'm pretty happy with the work they have done
Bro this is the year of MAPPA
Now this anime is my taste. Definitely gonna read the Webtoon when this finishes. This is gonna be fun! 🤣

Edit: No cap when the epsiode finished I was like "It's over already?"
Elkai Dred
Elkai Dred:
They definitely going for quality over quantity this season... AND I AM SO HYPE FOR MORE LIKE THIS
Sakshat Karandikar
Sakshat Karandikar:
This anime just make me sure that attack on Titan is in really good hands by the way God of highschool is like hitori.
Smash Hit
Smash Hit:
I love how Studio Mappa is becoming more and more popular with time. They really deserve it.
carl lipsey
carl lipsey:
Animation was hype, I felt hyped, and had a few good laughs.
Episode 1: "I'm very impressed"
Episode 8: "How did this go from hit to shit in less than 10 episodes?!?"
nandri Randri
nandri Randri:
Just based on this first episode alone, this is definitely going to be way more popular than tower of god. I can't wait to see the upcoming episodes which will have for sure one of the best fight of the year.
When Anime reviewers started liking the anime already

Webtoon: This isn't even my first form.
Lofi Vibes
Lofi Vibes:
I'm completely caught up with webtoon IMO I don't mind them doing it the way they did . But one of the key moments that hooked me on the webtoon was left out so if they add it as flash back I'm okay . But overall I'd give episode 1 solid 8/10 . I'm hyped for what's to come anime only people rejoice cause depending on where they stop with season 1 it'll leave wanting more . This has the potential to blow up bigger then Kimetsu No Yaiba .
Arufī- Kun
Arufī- Kun:
"The god of high school is gonna be a...."
*ad* "pandemic".
Welp that was interesting xD
Izell Astrile
Izell Astrile:
It gets really crazy dude! It like follows the wukong mythology to a degree and it's out there man!
Julio Danilo Morales
Julio Danilo Morales:
When I saw the last part of the episode my mind explote of how amazing this anime will be
E Rank Luck
E Rank Luck:
Mori be like: what are power levels? Can you fight with them?
Lil Anime
Lil Anime:
It's blew me away, I honestly wasn't expecting such a detailed and energetic fight scene in 1 go. At first, introducing the fantastic trio was light-hearted simple comedic classics which threw me off my guard then with a little built up
I'm hooked!!!
Would I say it comes close to Tower of God tho? Production will tell.
Timothy Park
Timothy Park:
I'll honestly probably wait for the korean dub with this. I just already know that hearing Japanese honorifics on Korean names is gonna mess with my head
Eric Williams
Eric Williams:
Also if they do this right then this can become a long running series. (Theres 469 chapters for those who don’t only)
Tamara Toth
Tamara Toth:
Visually the first episode of GOH runs laps around the whole season of TOG, hell even just the opening achieves that, TOG was fugly.
Why mujin gotta do my boy jin like that tho
Chandler Behn
Chandler Behn:
This episode was great, I'm excited for the anime 🔥🔥🔥.
JS Yoon
JS Yoon:
I'm so happy that the anime was better than the intro to the webtoon!
Joshua Delremedios
Joshua Delremedios:
i remember about what you said in your past videos when Re:zero launch season 2 instant Anime of the year,
now in this G.O.H and AOT season 4 i dont know man so many competitor
this year are way better so many great anime are releasing hard to pick on what's anime will get the anime of the year.
parker maisterra
parker maisterra:
Man I've been hyped about this series since the announcement of it. Sure I was a little excited for tower of god but the anime that I was waiting for was this. So happy about the episode and how they are really focusing on the fights.
Jin Mori by saying that he would get his revenge with the blondie might mean that the next episode would be flash backs.
Piyush Tanpure
Piyush Tanpure:
This episode was sooo explosive and finished so fast 😭😭😭😭
Yamah's Ghost
Yamah's Ghost:
I personally couldn't get into the webtoon, however with the anime I want to see more.
im an anime only for everything i really liked episode 1 just dont like how red their noses are but thats not enough to make me not watch this awesome anime
Animated 10/10
Voice actor 5/10
Story 7/10
Opening song 10/10
Ending song 10/10

*Manga reader. Good enough for a start of series
Kc Mcclary
Kc Mcclary:
I loved the fact that they had cauliflower ear and I would love a scene in a future episode that shows the characters draining thier cauliflower ear and treating it . The realism would be on point if they did that at some point furthermore this Animes first episode reminded me of both Lionheart and Bloodsport but improved greatly for anime and the modern era we live in. Shit was fire in the first episode and I can't wait for the next episode 2 💯🔥☺👍.
Samuel Viera
Samuel Viera:
I haven’t had this feeling since the first season of one punch man where I just want an anime where I want epic fights being animated and a pretty simple story to follow can’t wait to see what MAPPA has in store for us
Jesus Kun
Jesus Kun:
it felt rushed to me but it was understandable
Arrow B.
Arrow B.:
I have followed this series since like episode 100 of the webcomic


Edit: and to be clear... anime has lived up to expectations so far
Lukáš Sláma
Lukáš Sláma:
To be fair it just didnt get me yet, i mean it looks good but i am expecting something special from it in future episodes, so i wont have verdict just yet :)
To be fair it is pretty good season with Re Zero and Sao for sure, i am so hyped for those 2, so it may be reason why God of highschool didnt like super get me, but it will propably get me as it continues and we will get more story and great fight animations.
The anime is sooo extra like they put so much love into it. You can see that in the OP and the little animations on the episode break/commercial thingies. And that scene where they're introducing the GOH tournament, the silhouettes fighting, that was fire. For a webtoon reader, I'm very impressed and I'm looking forward for its success.
MonkeyKing Mo-Ri
MonkeyKing Mo-Ri:
6:58 thats nothing compared to later. not even later like a few episodes. Ima not spoil and let you see for yourself
I just fell in love with the series in the first 3 minutes
That was one of the most hype episode 1's that I have ever seen. It was so amazing to watch and it really gets your blood boiling. As a manwha reader, I think that the move made for the anime was a better move than strictly following the webtoon. They are now able to have more of an audience and that fluidity was superb. Overall, I'd recommend it. And also, that OST is lit
Jaen Dunn
Jaen Dunn:
I've been a massive fan of GOH for a while and the forst episode really made me weirdly nostalgic for the start of the webtoon and it has the same feel as the webtoon which is amazing!

Though this first episode was quite fast paced which is cool and probably reason why the episode was as good as it was, though I kinda wish it had some more of the backstory of the characters (I can see why they didn't add it though)

Also seeing some of favourite characters animated was amazing!
Gotta Have My Pops!
Gotta Have My Pops!:
Wtf I am SO jealous. I’m a huge TOG fan and haven’t read GOH yet. Geez this first episode was EVERYTHING. This one episode had more hype than most of the season of TOGs anime. Like geez I wish TOG had this studio animating it. Other than the crown game, the fights in TOG were very underwhelming. Just looked kinda off. Even the GOHS opening completely blew TOG’s out of the water.

I can only hope for season two of Tower of God to step it up during the fight scenes.
Damn it was so good! I went from "hu this looks ok" to "Holy shit this is great!"
I absolutely love how they acknowledge the hype and pressure on this anime and thought of perfect ways to pull us in. Making the pacing a lot better by skipping the individual backstories (for now). Modernizing the anime in ways the webtoon didnt like the fact that daewi was watching a stream, those muscle guys with mira, and all in all making it feel a lot more realistic. On top of this we got to see a load of big characters this episode to hype us up. It's these little choices that show us that MAPPA really cares about this and is working hard. (also, they made mira way cuter in the anime which i like but i hope they keep her "realistic mode" face!) so excited for whats to come!
joe broke
joe broke:
I'm pretty sure that this episode was some sorta preview or prologue because some scene where missing

well that doesn't change the fact that that it brought out my inner shonen
-Tyler -williams
-Tyler -williams:
being honest, i was kinda scared to watch the anime.
because the webtoon was so good, i didn't want an anime to ruin the amazing webtoon, especially with the amazing fighting scenes, i thought the studio might cut the budget or lack effort into a masterpiece lol

based of what you said, it seems i was worrying for no reason, and thus i will watch the anime now.
This is fun to watch, sure, but the real question is: Solo Leveling anime when? :D