The future of Google with Sundar Pichai

At Google I/O 2015, everything we’ve seen and learned about is under the command of Sundar Pichai. In this exclusive interview, he walks us through his product vision.


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100+ komento:

Peter RavenS
Peter RavenS:
While America takes all the deserved, India is stuck with the reserved! Lol
indians are dominant in software industry.
*this guy is going to change the world!*
Not surprised he was made Google's CEO. This master mind will further change the world.
Why is everyone concerned that He is an Indian?( well other than the fact he was born in India). Why does his nationality affect who he his? Focus on what he can do or what he could to change the world.
Aminur Rashid
Aminur Rashid:
this is Nana Patekar... with hair
Sid Batra
Sid Batra:
microsoft's ceo: satya nadella (indian)
google's next ceo (most likely): sundar pichai (indian)
get ready apple, you're next
Juan Leon
Juan Leon:
I'm going to start ending all my sentences with the phrase "at scale" to sound smarter.
His Indian accent! Cute! <3
Sawan Arora
Sawan Arora:
so proud of him, people like him inspire young indians to achieve something
Arjit Mehra
Arjit Mehra:
One of the nicest guys out there. Great visionary, and an Indian, too :D
The Verge
The Verge:
Pavan Shetty
Pavan Shetty:
his accent is a merge south indian accent and american accent.
Saint Lancelot
Saint Lancelot:
Proud to see Indians At Google
Anthony Gell
Anthony Gell:
Well done Larry this guy is extraordinary.
Crazy Fool
Crazy Fool:
love google, love android and love india. i respect india for providing such an talented peoples to the world
Bhramar Bar Dalei
Bhramar Bar Dalei:
Okay India... Next, let's conquer Apple and make that dead company innovative and make the phones a bit cheaper!!!!😂😂😂
Minkailu Lamin
Minkailu Lamin:
I just noticed the reporter is wearing an LG Watch Urbane. Wasn't he the one who did the review saying it was ugly. I'm confused.
Jack Shimosa
Jack Shimosa:
Thumbs up if you enjoy listening to Sundar's accent :-)
sonam fena
sonam fena:
I find him very cute
Josephine V
Josephine V:
Okay, this guy is my favourite CEO!
Maxi Cardozo
Maxi Cardozo:
I love Google
Banju Garikapaty
Banju Garikapaty:
I am proud of you Sundar pichiah ,, keep it up, ,, thank you for all the technology Google offers, best of luck, banju
Jenish Patel
Jenish Patel:
Internet balloon 🎈 concept is awesome 😊
Stranger skr
Stranger skr:
Tamilanda !
sushil gupta
sushil gupta:
3:30 can't stop laughing
great insight! He seems like a great person to lead google.
That kick in the face of robot dog is hilarious 😂😂😂
majed Alzahrani
majed Alzahrani:
His salary = 150 million $ a year
Balazs Marko
Balazs Marko:
Fourst thought was when video started I see a scene from Ex Machina :D
Aanis Noor
Aanis Noor:
Watching in 2019
Urooz Virk
Urooz Virk:
the interviewer used the word 'like', like 9000 times more than Sundar.
"oh look its Steve Green" - my initial thought
Jainil Shah
Jainil Shah:
I love his positivity and how he perfectly articulates his thoughts. Truly a CEO worth looking up too👍👌
Osama Azhar
Osama Azhar:
i am seriously getting Jealous :D
TheString Breaker
TheString Breaker:
Amazing video <3
iMad I
iMad I:
Do anybody know what elements The Verge uses in there videos? it is beautiful!
5:40 Google works the same for you as it does everyone else...unless you live somewhere like China...
Bala Subramanian
Bala Subramanian:
prowd of tamil s
Samuel Gwokuda
Samuel Gwokuda:
3:29 OMG! Artificial Intelligence at its best!
Austin Chandler
Austin Chandler:
2:21 What is that app?
Azim jasir
Azim jasir:
hen I listen to Sundar speak. I think in the long term not the short term Google will pull way ahead of apple, Microsoft and many others.

Because of their far out projects and their crazy crazy leap ahead of everyone else within machine learning and AI..
Shrenik Jain
Shrenik Jain:
😃 MY DREAM !!!!!!
Jesse Isaacson
Jesse Isaacson:
Pretty awesome video, well done.
Mac JT
Mac JT:
"Danger - Cliff ahead"
Wow! Hey Apple when will you learn that a thinner phone spoken in a British accent isnt a feature!
aung ko
aung ko:
good evening~"Q"
pradhuman rehal
pradhuman rehal:
I would like to have a supercomputer in my pocket !!
Harry HRC Chahal
Harry HRC Chahal:
Was so great seeing & shaking your hand at Akash Ambani's wedding @SundarPichai . I believe this guy's so underrated !
raunak rathod
raunak rathod:
the verge interviewer questionnaire trolled. hes now the ceo. lol
It's kind of funny when you look up his stuff on YouTube there's no ads how come Google gives ads out and I expect you to pay for them to be off
aung ko
aung ko:
Good morning. .."Q"
Catherine Devika
Catherine Devika:
proud of u , Sundar Pichai
Nathan Bryant
Nathan Bryant:
"This is..." seems to be the start of every introduction or saying for tech reviewing companies. Who was the first to start that trend?
Eddie Nguyen
Eddie Nguyen:
Google is so amazing, Pichai is so inspiring!
Achint Rastogi
Achint Rastogi:
Pichai said harvard and the subtitle was hard work
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes:
Absolutely awesome interview this is the person I admire and first time I really enjoyed.I hope that it does not change because I know he means well and is a Awesome Brilliant mind and a personality to match.I just hope like everyone is concerned and rightly so that other people don't use it for the wrong reasons as we see in the news today.Absolutely awesome Interview Thanks so much for sharing Deb ✌👍
Khurram Aziz
Khurram Aziz:
*Great stuff👍*

*However Google's connections to the CIA /NSA, AI and it's dubious manipulation of search engine results need to be made transparent.*

Sunder is most wanted man of silicon valley...
Felipe Forlin
Felipe Forlin:
Imagine what you have to be able to do to become CEO at Google. This man must be a Genius.
Kishore AP
Kishore AP:
welcome :)
Deep A
Deep A:
japnam singh
japnam singh:
Epic IO, epic interview.
You've got the right vision, congrats on your appointment Sundar!
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash:
You can do anything Sundar, all the best for your new role!
Badhon Ebrahim
Badhon Ebrahim:
'sundar' means 'beautiful' did u know that?
Akshay Panchal
Akshay Panchal:
Very much advanced thought by Sir Pichai and appreciate his thought processing and attitude towards every single objects around us which can benefit us in the means of technology or internet.
Much eager to experience ANDROID 'M'
aung ko
aung ko:
1 M view
Umang Narayan
Umang Narayan:
Anthony kieḍis caught my attention xD
PUMEX Technologies
PUMEX Technologies:
Congratulations Sundar Pichai!!! Wishing you all the best
Great sophisticated music at the beginning and an inspiring philosophy at the end of the video! Mr. Pichai is an inspiration!
it's so amazing
Young Progressive
Young Progressive:
And now he's Google's new CEO. I believed that he would take the helm, but not so soon. Incredible
Ishvind Grewal
Ishvind Grewal:
1:47 he needs a manicure
Vinod Choudhari
Vinod Choudhari:
Proud of you man !! People like you motivated to move forward.
David Zaccaro
David Zaccaro:
Did he mention anything about death on 3:28 to 3:33?
Mainak Dey
Mainak Dey:
Ahan Get me Gold ;) TheKing TheKingsMen TheGods
ethan yuhop
ethan yuhop:
Calling PETA @3:30
Leonora Dompor
Leonora Dompor:
Google is in love with Virgin Mary!
Mohit Bauddh
Mohit Bauddh:
What is the name of the interviewer?
Andrew Emerson
Andrew Emerson:
Project loon is going to change the world :)
Francisco Samour
Francisco Samour:
My absolute tech hero. I love Sundar Pichai.
Shachi Bukkebag
Shachi Bukkebag:
he is just inspiration to me, so proud of him
Obergruppenführer John Smith
Obergruppenführer John Smith:
Funny, I remember when the Google" core mission statement" was - *Don't Be Evil*
Technical gaming
Technical gaming:
I will be the next crop of google...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🙈🙈
Revanth Krishna
Revanth Krishna:
Pure genius!
Narayan Khadka
Narayan Khadka:
waiting for that
Catherine Devika
Catherine Devika:
proud of u , Sundar Pichai
Prasojo Jiwandono
Prasojo Jiwandono:
Thank you Mr Sundar :)
fall republic why don't twenty
fall republic why don't twenty:
❤sundar pichai❤ ❤>_<❤ Love you💘❤
bharath kishore
bharath kishore:
Wow.."I look at internet and Google as an equalizer" what a good thought Mr.Pichai
Ex-Machina anyone?
Chirag Sharma
Chirag Sharma:
Definition of Google - Simple,effective
Mason Ballard
Mason Ballard:
Google Calculator? Google Stream?
Ibank Production
Ibank Production:
nice om
YES 3D,,,
Dhiraj k
Dhiraj k:
What software is used to add effects on top of the video especially from 0.00 to 0.09?
"Do no harm" ... do you give much thought to that?
Thank you sir