The Evolution Of Kim Ji Won (Drama Compilation)

The Evolution of Kim Ji Won and Drama Compilation

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kdrama sunbae
kdrama sunbae:
Which one is your personal favorite? (Drama or Role)
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
She is beautiful and talented
Yza Belah
Yza Belah:
when she sang stupid cupid OMG
jiM_jiM xNaNa
jiM_jiM xNaNa:
best actress.. she can play cold woman and cute..
Kim Ji Won the most under-rated beauty!! She acts so well, has a cute and pretty face!❤❤
Kristinesand Art
Kristinesand Art:
the combination of Aera and Rachel is my spirit animal. Haha.

But Aera is my fave.
Ameena Macud
Ameena Macud:
and now she plays tanya of arthdal chronicles 😍
Tapaswini Swain
Tapaswini Swain:
I like her the most as Choi AeRa
Johfe Israel
Johfe Israel:
Whatever her role is, I always call her Rachel 😆❤️
Abby Loves 지 원 Sanya
Abby Loves 지 원 Sanya:
I was depressed these past few months but when my friend told me to watch Descendants of the sun everythings changed. I fell inlove with jiwon's Aura, looks and acting. So i watched her most recent drama. FFMW. The ep 2. That Baby talk of hers, makes me smile😢 ugh. Shes so pretty
Hafifah Zaren
Hafifah Zaren:
Dots (Myung joo), fight for my way(Ae Ra), arthdal chronicles(Tan Ya)❤❤
Eiwyn Erona
Eiwyn Erona:
Prettiest as Rachel, I hope to see her in that hair again. But, I love her in all characters she played. Arthdal's Tanya is my favorite so far.
Aera is really special too.
Jhê Billones
Jhê Billones:
My Favorite kdrama Kim Ji-won is Fight For My Way with Park Seo-joon . SeoWon Couple 😉😉 best couple
Yellow Coral
Yellow Coral:
She’s my favorite actress since The Heirs as Rachel,,and than I’m fall in love with Yoon myung joo,,Next,she become Queen of Aegyeo,,hahha and now she is our Tanya niruha..
Semidang Rinduh
Semidang Rinduh:
Sometimes she looks like Kim Tae Hee.. Both had similarity face.
Chanyeol 4lifeu
Chanyeol 4lifeu:
She looks like Krystal. They have similarities, especiall their eyes😍
Anindita Banerjee
Anindita Banerjee:
OMG ! A saree ? and her "mere se shaadi karoge?" was perfect. "Mein khubsoorat hoon" was not very well pronounced but appreciate the effort.
Unnie! JinJja NicE BoDy
Unnie! JinJja NicE BoDy:
And now as Tanya at Arthdal Chronicles ❤❤❤
arya cs
arya cs:
I love her in the drama"The heirs"
02:14 favorite ones💞💞💞
Haneul and Kim ji won
Zhen Santiago
Zhen Santiago:
Love her character in Descendants.
Best stories than the leads.
Jaelin Quinn
Jaelin Quinn:
She is so talenttteedd!!! And she also had a drama with Kim Bum!!!
I really got so interested with her when she played Rachel then her as Aera solidifies it for me, now I'm watching her slay it in Arthdal Chronicles
Mariz Galo
Mariz Galo:
She has always been a beautiful girl.
Angie Queen
Angie Queen:
2019: she’s plays Tanya from “Arthdal Chronicles” it’s on Netflix... #bestshowever
Ritz Rizwana
Ritz Rizwana:
Now I really want to watch fight for my way
Hinata Uzumaki
Hinata Uzumaki:
I love her role in Arthdal Chronicles (Tanya). She is so beautiful 😍
yhori kim park
yhori kim park:
HEIR? I didnt watch it ao i dont know that KANG HA NEUL they get together? Ah w/kiss OM
she's so versatile, i love it
Mashiro Shiina
Mashiro Shiina:
First Fell In Love With Ji Won in The Heirs
avie nadado
avie nadado:
Omg she is really amazing...beautiful face with a beautiful voice,,,i love her specially now that she is tanya in arthdal chronicles a very talented her fan now and song jong ki they look good together
Choi Aera for the win! ㅎㅎㅎ
Forever Jessica
Forever Jessica:
I love her real act! Kim ji won is amazing
dauntless ann
dauntless ann:
I really like her as aera ♥️
hehe hue
hehe hue:
She looked so good in Dots
Ainul Mardhiah
Ainul Mardhiah:
She's so talented.i love her sooo much.and she's a natural beauty❤️
Nel An
Nel An:
Descendants of the sun, then arthdal chronicles, I love her in both. She's amazing. ❤
1:00 ohhhh my goddesss!!! I'm dead😟😍😘
Nabella H
Nabella H:
Mix Bemisal
Mix Bemisal:
Did she said hindi [email protected] 0:45 wow😍😍😍😍 She was fluently saying 😍
Mashiro Shiina
Mashiro Shiina:
For Me Her Best and My Favorite Of Ji Won is Choi Ae Ra
mariana baifern
mariana baifern:
Best couple with Kim wobin
Danielle Ramos
Danielle Ramos:
I really can't help but smile or laugh whenever I see Kim Ji-Won! I love her <3
jay shakti
jay shakti:
omg she's wearing a sareee seriously it's a saree
jill king
jill king:
the heirs was legendary💖
Jhê Billones
Jhê Billones:
And now role as Tanya in Arthdal Chronicles 😉😉
Dennis Padillo
Dennis Padillo:
Why so cute my queens
kim ji woon
xing fei
Collette Ikeanyibe
Collette Ikeanyibe:
Fight my way...choi aera favourite
choi aera!! do yall agree with me that seo joon and ji won really look good together? 🥺 i watched ffmw bcos of them and it was the best kdrama i've watched so far! 😫 i love dong man and aera so muuch 🥺💗
My favorite actress 😍 Our Jiwonniee!! 💝💝💝
Ivanina Staykova
Ivanina Staykova:
Now I'm watching "high kick 3 "and realise I already saw her in "The heirs" and I planed to watch Faight for my way
Jesher Garcinez
Jesher Garcinez:
ahh... now I know it.. she is a funny ACTRESS yet she also a very fierce PROTAGONIST
hahm _selin
hahm _selin:
She's the best actress ever😍😍😭❤❤i love her so much she fits all roles❤
Jenny Rose Diaz
Jenny Rose Diaz:
The moment she sang "Stupid Cupid" of Mandy Moore and saw a glimpse of Sulli of "To the beautiful you", I become teary. I'm such a big fan of these two.
Kia Jendeuk
Kia Jendeuk:
I fell in love with her from To the Beautiful You era..
Muhammad fasha al fayaadh
Muhammad fasha al fayaadh:
i love her playing yoo rachel yoon myung jo
Genesis Chang
Genesis Chang:
She has a very pretty voice and now that I watch dramas I see so many ppl that ik from other dramas
Melanie Grace
Melanie Grace:
I've known her since HIGH KICK 3 HUHUHUHu IM SO PROUD
Barnaby Bex
Barnaby Bex:
She was in Horror Stories 2012 movie 😊
Golden heart Animation
Golden heart Animation:
0:55 OMG she's wearing a Saree... Looking gorgeous.. Namaste .lv from India
Sheila Amparo
Sheila Amparo:
Aside from being pretty,she seems very smart.i like when she saves psj in answering some questions.
John Magar
John Magar:
Yahiko Matol
Yahiko Matol:
DETECTIVE K(legend of the living dead)
Nelia Ricasata
Nelia Ricasata:
Fight for my way hahah the best
Faith Onu
Faith Onu:
I love her beauty so real and look like Kim tae hee
StrayKids GO
StrayKids GO:
YOON MYUNG-JOO ❤❤❤ het role in DOTS was the best.
I loved rachel and aera too
Yuliani Putri
Yuliani Putri:
My favorite of jiwon role is Yoon Myung ju dots
Dylan Ray Phillips
Dylan Ray Phillips:
Descendants of the Sun
Faten Zul-Husni
Faten Zul-Husni:
She's so beautiful, i hope Hanbin will meet her one day.
shen wei's black vest
shen wei's black vest:
1:15 that smile❤
nalistya zoheska
nalistya zoheska:
Rachels is my favourite character of her
Shang Mangubat
Shang Mangubat:
Fight For My Way is the best drama of Kim Ji Won
Mashiro Shiina
Mashiro Shiina:
I Want More Kdrama like Fight My Own Way
msSimple Wei
msSimple Wei:
love her character the most in Fight for my way - Aera ❤
Park Jiwon
Park Jiwon:
Her role is still the best in Descendants of the sun🥰🥰🥰
I fell in love with her in TTBY
loves her in One Fine Day.
SolidSnake444 DevilMayCry444
SolidSnake444 DevilMayCry444:
fight my way was good yoo
Zulhilmi Hafiz
Zulhilmi Hafiz:
Fight for my way, dots and arthdal chronicles.
I think fight my way is the best one
Thoriq Thorga
Thoriq Thorga:
moodbooster of the day! thanks! :D
benben keqish
benben keqish:
3:52 why soooo cuteeeeee
joy manoban
joy manoban:
She’s one of those few actresses I believe has the fame and success she truly deserves. So happy to see her where she is now. Can’t wait for her next project. She’s such an outclass actress, so diverse and versatile!! Woahhh!
All her roles were soo good whether she played a cold character or acts cute 😍
Though i really liked her in high kick 3 especially watching her speak in hindi😊😆😂😂
Also she nailed it in Descendants of the Sun and Heirs❤️
grace mataafa
grace mataafa:
I love love all her drama 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
woni film
woni film:
oh my god her voice is so goooooooooood when she sang stupid cupid
Melissa Mendívil
Melissa Mendívil:
La adoro, es mi diosa Kim Ji Won<3
Just Me
Just Me:
her aegyo is from another planet :))))))))))))))))
Ysa Bueza
Ysa Bueza:
She's too cute 😍
yashiro nene
yashiro nene:
1:02 whats kim ji won singing?
Aliyah Khairani
Aliyah Khairani:
First time i saw her in to the beautiful you i just think how beautiful her
Ruat Feli H
Ruat Feli H:
I wanna know where to watch fight for my way
Lily H
Lily H:
Please support her in Arthdal Chronicles!,
Ann Azz
Ann Azz:
You missed her movie, Detective K Secret of Living Dead, she’s so pretty and elegant in it, and the story is cool too. And also Arthdal Chronicles the recent one, I still considering to watch it or not as I dont really like bloody scene but I want to watch Kim Ji Won unnie. T_T
Princess Love
Princess Love:
she can sing and dance😍
Manar Bano
Manar Bano:
descendants of the sun
rhia kjw
rhia kjw:
I'm shook't 2013(Waiting for Love) , I think she's only 20yo and she can do a kissing scene. That guy is so damn lucky 😖😖😖 OMG , so professional KJW 😮
Realita Ginting
Realita Ginting:
2018 film the tective k3
Tajkia Jannat
Tajkia Jannat:
love you a lot kim ji won😍
Zoya Sajid
Zoya Sajid:
When she played the role of a Indian woman😂😂😂 "Muj se shaadi karo gi? Main khoobsurat hon". That was the funniest part.