The Ending Of The Old Guard Explained

If you like action movies and you also like genre stories that dig into one key conceptual hook and its many implications along the way, The Old Guard is a film for you. From how it wraps up to where it might go next, this is the ending of The Old Guard explained.

Here's your warning: spoilers ahead for The Old Guard.

The chief threat of The Old Guard is Merrick, a pharmaceutical tycoon who becomes convinced that Andy and her near-immortal crew are the key to opening up all sorts of pathways to curing disease, slowing the aging process, and perhaps even stopping death. Merrick has vast financial resources, tremendous tenacity, and the help of Copley's research. He also has Booker's help, and with all of that at his back he's very nearly able to capture and incapacitate every single member of the Old Guard.

Of course, by the end of the film Merrick has fallen out of his own skyscraper with an axe in his neck, so he won't be coming after them again any time soon. That said, as Andy notes near the end of the film, it's almost impossible to stay hidden in the modern world they live in. If Merrick was able to track them down and deploy his wealth to very nearly cage them all, who's to say an even wealthier business tycoon somewhere can't do the same, particularly after they learn about what Merrick went through? All it takes is one person with knowledge of the team who's willing to say what they know.

Watch the video to see the ending of The Old Guard explained!

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Other powerful threats | 0:00
Nile's former life | 1:13
New layers of privacy | 2:18
Booker's exile | 2:55
Andy's survival | 4:06
Renewed purpose | 5:11

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How would you handle being immortal?
Deejaye Miller
Deejaye Miller:
Am I the only one who thinks this would have been a better as a series ?! ... I mean don't get me wrong , the movie was great !! But it's a great plot for a series!!!
After Extraction and this, Netflix is lining up some solid action movies
Yours Truly Uli
Yours Truly Uli:
Actually Andy realizes she’s not immortal when she sees that she’s still bleeding after the church fight not when booker shots her
Personally, I think Andy will regain her immortality. She had lost her purpose and was 'quitting', and I think that's WHY her immortality had gone away. At the end, she regained her purpose so I think her power will come back.
JDM Cesar
JDM Cesar:
That little "love speech" was one of the most touching, loving and caring things ive ever heard anyone say. i wish i could find that type of love he had for his BOYFRIEND!!!!
I got the impression that the end of their immortality might be tied to their mental state. Although it was just a brief flashback, it kind of seemed like the immortal who died was in a sense 'ready' to die, something that we see Andy approaching as well when she ceases to believe in the value of her time in the world. My suspicion, which is maybe way off, was that she had regained her immortality by the end of the film when she regained her sense of purpose, something she may have even been hinting at when she told Booker to have faith they would see each other again. Of course, this is a total guess but it seems to me like it could fit.
D Scott
D Scott:
Well, I see sequels for the next 100 years or more.
Who but me realize that Merrick is Harry Potter's cousin Dudley.
Actually watched this and it wasn't that bad.
Looking forward to a series with Quynh & the "New Guard"

Wasn't bad, Charlize Theron is a total BADASS!!
Andie actually realises that she has become mortal after she gets stabbed in the shoulder
in the church-fightscene,and the wound won't heal.there is a whole scene in the movie where she gets stitches from the girl behind the counter.
Abdullah Ali
Abdullah Ali:
it would be much better if it was series instead of being a movie
Kaifia Naaz
Kaifia Naaz:
I don't want Andromache to die so soon when she has so much to show. They could have made this a Netflix series' wouldn't have hurt. Story Need to have some " intense feeling" requirment for audience to feel and get involved with characters when it comes to fiction. I love Joe (s) incurable romantic scene. Too Good
I want to know what happened to that scientist lady. They knocked her out, but she still has all their DNA etc, so she can potentially keep studying what she has...
Fantastic film. Just watched it last night.
Alexandre Sa
Alexandre Sa:
I have just watched the movie and really enjoyed it
Mark Bush
Mark Bush:
I watched this last night. Truly excellent. One of the best films i watched on netflix in a long while.
Shao Ma
Shao Ma:
This power would be a curse, the last gift that I ever wanted. Once you know that you’re immortal in real life, in a physical form, most of people will loss a sense of passion to live to the fullest degree in life. It may be fun to watch but definitely not a good supernatural gift. I don’t want to be immortal.
Anthony Clement
Anthony Clement:
They picked heavy hitters to anchor this movie down with the two leads. Movie kept it interesting for a long movie.
Bill Owens
Bill Owens:
I feel like Andi earned her immortality back when she started realizing her positive impact on the world, and she was mortal when she gave up hope
Jumpercable wireless
Jumpercable wireless:
I can't wait for the sequel, It could also be made into to a weekly TV series as long as they don't screw it up. I've heard all my life that the book is better than the movie. It does show exactly how I feel about big pharma, they don't care about human life, just $$$$. All you good little sheeple out there in America, make sure to get your flu shot.
4:16. She realized she lost/was losing her immortality when she got stabbed earlier in the church scene
Tyrell Grey
Tyrell Grey:
Awesome Charlize Theron movie since Atomic Blonde 💯🤘🤘
Top Notch Agency Ja
Top Notch Agency Ja:
It was a great movie 👏🏼
Cady Virina
Cady Virina:
Such an amazing film. Definitely worth a consistent rewatch in the future!
How does andy get piercings 😂 if her wounds instantaneously heal🤔
It was a perfect film. It had an amazing origin to it. I can't wait for the sequel.
Kitty S
Kitty S:
Just finished watching, and I loved it! ❤️
I cut my finger with a knife, and it's healing now. 😒
Buffy Slayer
Buffy Slayer:
she will gets her healing power back in The Old Guard 2
Shaun V Scott
Shaun V Scott:
I look forward to the continuing series and the development of the characters.
Jerel Boza
Jerel Boza:
They should make this a series. I wonder why Netflix never does sequel movies.
Kwabena Amanfoh
Kwabena Amanfoh:
He’s their “Man in the Chair”
4:17 WRONG!!!! Incorrect. Andie realises that she has become mortal after she gets stabbed in the shoulder and it is not healing. Way before the gunshot.
Linda Irwin
Linda Irwin:
I thought it was a great movie. Great ending. Sets it up for a series which would be great!!👍
Anna Zborowska
Anna Zborowska:
Hardly an "ending explained", more like a "summary".
Darkb4light 06
Darkb4light 06:
0:18 Is that the guy that played Harry's cousin in the Harry Potter movies??
I thoroughly enjoy the movie, especially the fight scenes - awesome movie, and I hope they make another one!
Mike Basil
Mike Basil:
The Old Guard brought back many fond memories of all the SF-action classics that I enjoyed during the 80s and 90s. Charlize Theron is a wonderful action heroine. 👍🏻
Dudley still expecting more than 37 presents?
David Barker
David Barker:
You literally told me nothing that I didn't already know 😅😅
The movie without a doubt is a good one. Imo, the second act is needlessly slow, but it is what it is.
Pop Up
Pop Up:
Fun Fact : " Immortality" means to live forever with out aging it also means you won't be able to catch any deseases or virus's and die from them.
Fun Fact : "Regeneration" means you can't die from any fatal injuries or serious cuts it also means any limb or organ lost will rapidly grow back.
Your mum looks like a salmon
Your mum looks like a salmon:
That scene where that girl drowns over and over messed me up
Subodh D.
Subodh D.:
This is Hancock 2.
> 500 years ago Andromache already had modern american accent :-?
Surf Seeker71
Surf Seeker71:
Good idea and had potential but The film went downhill half way through, the science guy casted and played wrong, and the immortals seem capable of just walking into any building unchallenged. Too many plot holes, and then after the jump out of the building the streets we’re completely empty and suddenly a hundred passers by show after the immortals leave. Felt like the director left halfway through and gave up.
When I first saw the movie, I thought it was really good. But, now I can’t stop thinking about it. Trying to get the rest of my family to watch it with me.
Ashish Uikey
Ashish Uikey:
Dudley made me come here to be frankly speaking 😅
KaliVete Suíço
KaliVete Suíço:
0:18 Harry Potter movies
Pontus Rydström
Pontus Rydström:
WE ALL UNDERSTOOD THE ENDING..... I hate when you do these videos about shows that doesnt even leave us a question about the ending.....
J. Stephen Pearson
J. Stephen Pearson:
How much time does Andy have left I'm guessing at least two more movies.....
Brent Martens
Brent Martens:
Love the way they can kill and still give back something into the world by saving others.
If this not shows you to believe in karma nothing else will. will there be a next movie I will hope they make one after this. Will they shine light into how they can live longer by doing good it is like the sword will cut both ways.
I would like to see the next move and yes immortal I would like to be. Everything dies in the end. Not my words but hers.
So, it's all programmed. We really are in a simulation.
Jason Julaton
Jason Julaton:
I knew Dudley Dursley would grow up to be evil!
I can wait for The Old Guard Part 2 😊😊🙏🏽
Patrick isaac
Patrick isaac:
That it’s based on a comic book, gives it a personal touch from the author , I love that, it’s like its divine truth,mankind ,somehow needs,in a strange way!
This movie was made for Mainstream movie but thank you so much Netflix for making this movie! It was actually really good! im hoping for a sequel and I hope andy gets her immortality back!
This was a very well made action movie. I cannot wait for a sequel.
scott hammill
scott hammill:
There are two ways this could be followed up - either as a second film or a TV series! I think most people would prefer a TV series.
The Old Guard had (for me) a feel of the old movie Highlander. Where the movie Highlander messed up was being followed by a sequel that was poorly thought out then a series that really had bugger all to do with the source material. (I think there might have been a third movie in there - not sure...)
The actors in The Old Guard are relative unknowns (apart from Charlize Theron), so a TV series would work well for their rises to fame! Charlize Theron's character of Andy has lost her immortality, so she could make a few "special appearance" episodes until her character is killed off OR her non-appearance could be explained away as Andy finally succumbing to the wound at the hands of Booker.
Gucci Raccoon
Gucci Raccoon:
The would be a Great Show Many seasons
Alistides Audax
Alistides Audax:
We should have a Tv series for this pleaseee 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Just finished watching it, Awesome film!!!
Greg Gallacci
Greg Gallacci:
Damn good review; I'll have to watch it again!
Rudranil Dutta
Rudranil Dutta:
Loved it when Evil Dudley became pavement pancake..!!! 🥞😂😂😂
G K:
This was one of the better movies I have watched this year. Definitely worth a watch for anyone debating.
Pop Up
Pop Up:
Look I think when they loose there faith in life it self they loose there Immortality so what If they some how regain that faith or purpose in life will there Immortality come back...
Esaie Prince
Esaie Prince:
old guard, with a new sword! 1st day test-death is easy, life is hard-more world experience then my teacher- in class super bored. my father after he received the news "go get the bored" ...Judge Dredd tread water, surfer bored. tied up with car strings but i can not play a cord. born on earth treated as if we are from Mars - this is a different world! from a war race... that's closer to the stars - it's a whole new world....if wonder woman could share her story...connect the dotes bulletin board in her memory..
rich kemp
rich kemp:
Haven’t watched the beginning yet lol
Sleeping Satellite
Sleeping Satellite:
Dudley lost weight
Allmyrage jones
Allmyrage jones:
I was pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed the movie. I would like to see a follow up👍
Thajilah Olaiya
Thajilah Olaiya:
Why was Quiyn drinking water at the end? Seems a bit odd considering how she was tortured.
Dc Ejay
Dc Ejay:
This was good one of Netflix best film . I can't wait for part 2
Carbon C60
Carbon C60:
Well, *that* was a long explanation/exposition piece ... The title is false.
Simbelmyne 444
Simbelmyne 444:
I just saw the listing on Netflix, can you give me time to watch it please?!
Ernst Kerry Etienne
Ernst Kerry Etienne:
I knew the movie gonna be 🔥 when I was the Haitian flag
I live near Merrick boulevard. This guy is everywhere 😅
Jake Javitch
Jake Javitch:
Uggh Looper! Missing so many things, thinking pointing out the most obvious stuff is worthy of a video. Quynh, with a Q! Not Gwen! A simple look at IMDB. Why do I keep watching these videos!
Shubham Goel
Shubham Goel:
I want a sequel.
Tony Cooper
Tony Cooper:
I am ready for a second one like ASAP 👊🏾👍🏾
Igor Yugure
Igor Yugure:
This seems like a rushed video. Fact check you content before you release it, please.
Slade Wilson
Slade Wilson:
My only question i had for the entire movie came at the end. How did Quinn get out of that lock box
Juniør Boi 10
Juniør Boi 10:
I slept seeing this 😂
Titan X Osman
Titan X Osman:
The Movie Has More Sense Than Inception.
I really liked it. I loved how HK produced almost all of the guns. And the fight choreography was badass
Jim Francis
Jim Francis:
i don't get the point of this video
IC Henry
IC Henry:
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie!!
Xin Graves
Xin Graves:
This was a dope film!
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia:
Wth!? Just finished watching it on Netflix but that scene where Quynn? doesn't come out! Great movie btw
Max Ziebell
Max Ziebell:
Last conclusion is wrong. You're stating a confirmation bias. The statement was about people she saves get a chance to do good… but there are certainly many she saves that haven't done nothing so picking out the ones that benefited humankind doesn't make sense.. It wasn't like a destiny fulfilling itself in my opinion,
GBL Audio
GBL Audio:
What up with that soundtrack 🤢
Traveling Adventure Variety
Traveling Adventure Variety:
Longbottoms been neglecting his ear muffs again.
Jynxed Koma
Jynxed Koma:
*Stand down, Neville!*
John Gable Smith
John Gable Smith:
Is he explaining the ending of giving the plot of the entire movie?
Chinedu Izagbo
Chinedu Izagbo:
The movie so incredible ❤️😩😩💯💯💯🥰
Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson:
Their going to make a another one don’t worry🤞🏾
Strate "A":
This is such a good movie
The Greatest
The Greatest:
Just wondering, when Andy saves people the effect multiplies but what about the people she kills
Vishwas Kumar
Vishwas Kumar:
The movie was sooo good
Mr G
Mr G:
I hope they make part 2