The Decline of Chuck E. Cheese's...What Happened?

Chuck E. Cheese's has filed for bankruptcy, a headline I never wanted to see. This video investigates the deeper reasoning behind it while taking a look at their eventful history.

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Funny Happy Studios
Funny Happy Studios:
Only those who were born in the early 2000s would remember *Chucky Cheeses; proud sponsor of PBS Kids*
Curse Cloud
Curse Cloud:
The chances of getting strangled by Chuck E. Cheese are low

But never 0
Welcome to Chuck E. Cheese! Everything is visibly dirty and our mascot is a rat! Want some trashy pizza and play broken arcade games!
taylor w
taylor w:
“when they got a coyote costume but it turned out to look like a rat”😂

why does have more than 500 likes thank you so much
Saram GDP
Saram GDP:
First Blockbuster than ToysRus and now Chuck E. Cheese's. My childhood is slowly dying
Werner Ferrone
Werner Ferrone:
"Come and visit our rat-themed child casino."
Tae Tae
Tae Tae:
I can smell Disney buying it. They gonna rename it Mickey E Cheese. Glad I'm a 2000s kid.
soft strawberry mochi
soft strawberry mochi:
Chuck E Cheese: **has 5 kids go missing and reports of bad smells**

FNAF fans: *just like the simulations*
Almond Milk
Almond Milk:
People who own Chuck E. Cheese in 2019:
"Chuck E. Cheese ain't creepy."
2020 people be like:
Sure just say that in the midnight in front of the animatronics.
Abby Barnes
Abby Barnes:
I absolutely hate that they took tokens away! I used them as a kid, and i’m sure y’all did too!
Edit: Thanks for all the likes! P.S. I changed my photo and name. This is still godrick gryffindor.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando:
Chuck E Cheeses didn’t get worse.

Their fans just grew up.
Alexandria Fay
Alexandria Fay:
I thought he was going to mention the "Shane" incident where Shane came up with a conspiracy that Chuck E Cheese recycles their pizzas. It changed a lot of people's interest in the company.
Alex Playz Roblox101
Alex Playz Roblox101:
Me at 5 years old: The animatronics are SO cute! I want to be best friends with them!
Me at 11 years old: Get that terrifying rat away from me or I’m calling the cops!
Pie-Rat SFM
Pie-Rat SFM:
That moment when you were a child, it was either your birthday or a friends birthday, you order pizza and you have your dad put in a 20 dollar bill in exchange for golden tokens, you feel good holding a bracelet that was made of paper, playing arcade games, and all the noises that happened the second you step in
As a 2000s kid, I nearly vomited when I saw the "new Chuck E. Cheese"
Fingering Things ✔️
Fingering Things ✔️:
They should’ve paid their debt with Chuck E Cheese tokens
calista cc
calista cc:
That is what they get for scamming me.
{like a bajillion tickets for an *eraser* }
Horror Habit
Horror Habit:
Their catchy new motto is: "New health and safety policies, same fun." Are you kidding me?
Jake Giguere
Jake Giguere:
When he brought up the 2014 debt I was just thinking “didn’t FNAF come out in 2014?”
Chuck E Cheese’s got nailed for several reasons...
*Too high operating costs vs. high volume low yielding clientele

*Sloppy disorganized operations equalling slow service turned away many customers.

*Safety issues...lack of proper crowd control and riff-raff resulting in well publicized brawls which also scared away potential customers.

*Too much overhead and potential shrink (merchandise (prizes) being damaged, lost, stolen), as well as expensive electronic equipment requiring technicians on staff not cross utilized in other areas of the operation.

*Subpar food. If it is poor quality you will not get repeat customers, nor will you get add on sales while the kids play.

*Slow turnaround of guests. People staying too long and not spending extra money, equalling crowded unpleasant experiences for the adults. A family there for an hour and a half spending $100 is better than a family there for 4 hours spending $40.00.

*Should never have touched Peter Piper Pizza. They bit off way more than they could chew, and it brought nothing to the company.

What they should have done...
*Opened smaller locations (lower leases) with a smaller scale party and game room...keep it fun but less costly to maintain.
*Offered waitress service with a basic but high quality menu. Waitresses are lower paid and make most income off tips. Between the two above you can turn the tables faster and concentrate more revenue through the fewer but better choices. (yield management)

*Eliminate the sale of beer and wine. There is no need for that at a family restaurant catering to children’s parties. This also eliminates the need for expensive liquor licenses.

*Offered takeout and delivery from day one. As well as take home birthday party kits. (They could have made a fortune doing this)
Robert Wieder
Robert Wieder:
Growing up our Chuck E Cheese was next door to a liquor store and gun shop. God bless Missouri
John Daker
John Daker:
I stopped taking my kids when I noticed how 'dark' it was in my local Chuck E. Cheese. I could only take so much of my kids getting bullied and shoved around by the other kids.
Captain Chef
Captain Chef:
Chuck 'E' Cheese closes

Freddy fazbears pizza: hold my beer
Jake Green
Jake Green:
Is nobody gonna mention the conspiracy about the reusing of their pizza? Heard it quite too many times not to expect it at least his point
Missy C.
Missy C.:
I was just gonna say the decline was due to kids using smartphones and tablets 😅
This place was my childhood, but the animatronics are still creepy as HECK.
Even as a kid I didn’t like it that much, something about it just felt off, but it had a certain charm to it.
Andy Milonakis
Andy Milonakis:
I don't care about that assesment but i really gotta make money on this bounty. I just spent $5000 on a new comp uter. sorry
Y’all remember that one gravity falls episode with the showbiz mascot
Enzo Ybarra
Enzo Ybarra:
I never got to go in the ticket blaster:(
Paul Cusentino
Paul Cusentino:
The backstory on Chuck goes like this. He’s a rat that doesn’t know his own birthday, so he decided to fill the void by celebrating with kids on their birthdays. I’m not kidding.
Kicks 24
Kicks 24:
Man I miss back than when they still had the coin tokens and after I ran out I would look under the games for more😂
i'm just asking why the mascot gotta be a R A T?
Kayla Gray
Kayla Gray:
Man I used to be so scared of that big rat costume that I hid under a table crying until he left.

Also does anybody remember that Barbie and ken surfer game at chucky cheese’s where you had to use a water gun to make them move up??? Or is that just something my brain wanted to be real?? 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️
Chuck e cheese is easily savable. Needs a fresh image and lose the rat. In fact lose the entire mascot system. Make chuck e cheese a family destination as it was intended.
I will give a short direction.
1 lose the entire mascot system and change name
2 redesign restaurant and change automaton images but keep them
3 offer pizza but odd food as well. Food you cant easily get everywhere like chowder and clamcakes. Easy to mass produce on location
4 whiten the interiors. Colors are out of fad and only looks darkened
This is a short list of minor expense changes. Obviously chowder is just a example of odd good food cheap and easily produced. Theres more to this change. But im currently unemployed and need change myself lol. Sorry for the pun. Need fresh just reply. Im not cheap but im worthy.
Dorky Doodle
Dorky Doodle:
*5 kids go missing and bad smells are reported*
FNAF Fans: *oh my god it’s happening, everybody stay calm*
Rєαl Ɓєηנαмιllιση
Rєαl Ɓєηנαмιllιση:
"Alright, getting back to the recent issues..."

(Ad starts)
When you read the headline "Knife Fight at Children's Birthday Party!", you know it's gotta be at Chuck E. Cheese!
Almond Milk
Almond Milk:
Chuck E. Cheese: *weird smells coming from the animatronics*
Fnaf: Don't worry people we been preparing for this.
Fnaf: *hears about five children who gone missing*
Ya sure about dat.
Desiree Abell
Desiree Abell:
Not one mention of Shane Dawson. I'm surprised because I actually thought he had a lot to do with their decline. Saying their pizzas were un uniform because they were recycling pizzas lol.
E Lopez
E Lopez:
Everything started going downhill when those five kids disappeared
Ashlee Rhodes
Ashlee Rhodes:
The quality of their establishments have gone way down it seems. Or maybe I’m just seeing the lack of quality now that I’m older.
*Chuck E. Cheese proud sponsor of PBS kids*

Remember that anyone
I remember in the early 90’s the only Chucky Cheese we had was in the hood. Chucky got ass whippings daily and my parents refused to bring me there.
Martell Mister Purley
Martell Mister Purley:
Dude the company was called "Showbiz Pizza" when I was a kid.
I’m not even joking, half way I thought this was a joke and you were talking about the FNAF lore
Andrea Patrick
Andrea Patrick:
I know I'm old. Remember when chuck e cheese with showbiz. That was the late 80s to the mid 90s if I remember correct. So it's sad that Chuck E cheese is going away.
Ziane OvO
Ziane OvO:
When Chuck E. got thinner and they renovated the building from purple to puke green
Musa Yobabydaddy
Musa Yobabydaddy:
The Decline of Chuck E. Cheese's...What Happened?
To many baby mama's fighting in the place!
Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie:
Barely ever went there I have only been once it was so nasty and the food wasn’t even that good
It’s simple;
They tried to out pizza the hut.
More Golden_Infinity_luv
More Golden_Infinity_luv:
I went there once a long time ago, for a friend’s birthday party. I don’t know about anyone else, but the animatronics and mascot scared me😥 The games were fun tho
Ezra day
Ezra day:
Oh, how I loved the child casino when I was small.
Sophisticated LaDee
Sophisticated LaDee:
Lowkey never knew it stood for Charles Entertainment Cheese and I was born in 85 🤷🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
When potatoes fly
When potatoes fly:
Me personally, yea I’m a Dave and busters fan-
ItzArdian Was An Impostor
ItzArdian Was An Impostor:
Chuck E Cheese: *closes down*

FNaF Fans: "Hey, I saw this one!"
Well by the looks of the commericals they're trying to make more money or something
29 years later and I've learned what the "E." means now.
Immortal Zealot
Immortal Zealot:
As a kid I remember getting annoyed at pay to win schemes.
Those schemes never wen't away, you just don't have to commute for that scam these days.
“ Recommend ages 2-12 “ sis I was going there when I was 15
Ur Mum
Ur Mum:
Lets be honest

The tube jungle gym is where the pandemic started
I remember going to Chuck E Cheese before

I went there when I was like 8 or 9 years old?

When I first entered and sat down at my table that rat animatronic wouldn't stop looking at me

I mean my cousin said that it has been eying me for a while and I just ignored it but now that I'm an fnaf fan.

Darn I could've been an animatronic back then XD
Motor City 71
Motor City 71:
2000s idiot parents who could barely keep track of their demon spawn brats
Ayush Guruswamy
Ayush Guruswamy:

*We’re waiting every night to finally roam and invite*
The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts:
I thought everyone had Peter Piper Pizza didn’t know it was just an AZ thing lol
Joey Stephenson
Joey Stephenson:
I would not be surprised if someone bought a Chuck E. Cheese’s and turned it into a fnaf place
6:27 Ah, yes, this image. I've seen it before.
Chuck Holmes
Chuck Holmes:
i know the answer. everytime i've gone to CEC it was all GHETTO"D out and the clientele was kinda DARK (hint hint). if you drive past a Chuck E Cheese and you see a cop outside for security.. KEEP DRIVING he's there for a reason
Ashla Icebreaker
Ashla Icebreaker:
Aw, I remember this place! Loved it when I was a kid! Looking back now, I can see why it wouldn't be successful though, especially in terms of hygiene...
DarkestTV Gamer
DarkestTV Gamer:
I really miss Chuck e cheese so much, it was my childhood such a nostalgic place, i also which i was born in the 80's just for Showbiz Pizza Experience. 😕
EVERYONE knows Chuck E Cheese died after they got rid of the tokens.. They were way better than some card
Dat lil cat
Dat lil cat:

Me- *i told you to go to peter piper pizza*
Flying Monkey
Flying Monkey:
Ever hear the expression "Sweating like a priest at Chuck E Cheese"?
Panda Lilian
Panda Lilian:
anybody remember when chuck e cheese actually looked adorable? .w.
Dang I should've went into the ticket blaster before this happened
Chuck E. Cheese: We have sadly filed for bankruptcy.
FNAF: It's time to get *funky.*
Milky_ Puff .-.
Milky_ Puff .-.:
Short answer:

*Dave and Buster’s*
Andrew Buhman
Andrew Buhman:
I've never actually been to a Chuck E Cheese in my life.

I only remember it from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
deacon roehl
deacon roehl:
if they would have kept it the way it was when they first opened maybe it would have been better i remember having a real arcade and we had way more things to do, in addition we had real puppet shows from sesame street.
ah yes, chucky cheese. i remember going down the slide a billion times, then play all of the wheel of fortunes.
*5 kids go missing*
Fnaf fans: so that’s where purple man went
I've had a lot of happy childhood memories at Chuck E. Cheese's. So bummed out that it's going away. :(
Paulina Alvarez
Paulina Alvarez:
U forgot the whole conspiracy that they reused their pizza that caused them to loose revenue
Daniel Pruitt
Daniel Pruitt:
Been there once for a birthday party like a decade ago.
I liked the old chuck e cheese logo.
ItzSachielYT Gaming Girl
ItzSachielYT Gaming Girl:
When you're asian and there's no Chuck E. Cheeese's restaurant here in our continent. I missed out every co-early 2000's childhood :(
Mr. Mustard Bottle
Mr. Mustard Bottle:
Everybody Gangsta till MrBeast donates all of his money to Chuck E Cheese
Yuli 1_26
Yuli 1_26:
I still have coins from chuck E cheese thats nearby from where I live. My friend used to work there and told me that apparently that Chuck E. Cheese was opened on accident and wasn't supposed to exist :0
Also, remember getting coins for showing your report card before stickers or whatever were necessary? :(
I’m glad you mentioned Showbiz, which was CEC’s competitor in the 80’s. It’s been forgotten to time.
Narottam Cecil
Narottam Cecil:
Don’t forget animatronics, they’re practically the iconic aspect of Chuck E. Cheese’s that is known by all ages.
Subhan Ali
Subhan Ali:
It all started when they out pizza'd the hut, the prophecy was foretold when they OUT PIZZA'D THE HUT.
Had no idea their history was this complex. Great video.
That moment when you realise you've been having birthday parties at the second chucke cheese restraint ever.
Adham Was Here
Adham Was Here:
Rick Rat's Pizza

My Thoughts: who's ricky rat?
Who's toby turtle?
Who the f*** are you?
Cats rule so get over it
Cats rule so get over it:
It looks like they were trying to make the animatronics creepy. 😬
broken Luna
broken Luna:
company guy: they fought to win something-
Horrid Henry fan
Horrid Henry fan:
5 kids go missing at Chuck E. Cheese

FNAF: Let us introduce ourselves..
I grew up with showbiz. Hopefully they didn't recycle their pizzas
Austin Boyce
Austin Boyce:
I've been to Chuck E Cheese a fair amount while growing up, a few times more after being too old for it personally I feel, but I went because it was for my little sister, and last time I went, I was like oh God, suddenly all the kids there were younger than they used to be other years, and the place looked like a YMCA and with less good games. That was painful to see, of course same with the mascot change, nothing will be as good as the original, last time I remember, my little sister even liked the old mascot more. Anyway as a kid, the place looked like a real arcade with awesome art themed with Chucky e cheese and friends n'such, and honestly the place use to scare me because it was pretty intense feeling, at least to a little kid, but I actually loved it for that always, now I hate the place. it's like, what happened?😢 Like y'all were doing it right, then chose to not.
Programmed To Hate
Programmed To Hate:
Damn i haven't heard the name Peter Piper Pizza in ages! I remember having my 8th birthday party there back in 2003
Crazy Sky
Crazy Sky:
This was when I, a person who lived most their life in Arizona, realized that peter piper pizza is exclusive???