The biggest takeaways from Patrick Mahomes' contract with the Chiefs | Get Up

The Get Up crew breaks down what stands out from the terms of Patrick Mahomes' contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs.
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Mike Greer Jr.
Mike Greer Jr.:
Whoever clearing their throat like that GO GET TESTED.
to the 1 percent of yall who see this.
hope you wont get the corona virus and stay safe
Aman Chand
Aman Chand:
The dude's contract is $503 mil and they're talking about he left money on the table? Sheeesh
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson:
Imagine going into year 4 with a half BILLION dollar contract signed. History happening before our very eyes..
His agent the real mvp💪💪
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas:
In a short period of time, he's already become a legend and now he has a legendary contract
jay Daniels
jay Daniels:
I'm rich b****..Dave chappelle voice!!!!!!
He’s going to end up looking like Scottie Pippen when salaries start to increase.
Gave this man half a billion dollars, and still they're talking about he's going to be leaving alot of money on the table..
Amari Woods
Amari Woods:
Crazy thing is, he’ll be 34 after the contract ends and will probably get paid again
Sinful Q
Sinful Q:
49er fan, Kermit the Frog 🐸 is the best football player on this planet 🌎. He deserved all the money 💰
Im surprised about how many years! Kind of crazy knowing that he will still be under contract an entire decade we'll be on mars by then
Bonnie Keough
Bonnie Keough:
If the Hunt family went broke, Chiefs Kingdom would chip in and pay his salary.
Adam Russell
Adam Russell:
Not shocked at all. Pat Jr. wanted to be in KC, and he just proved it. Good deal for a great young man. Great deal for the Chiefs. There is so much upside for everyone in the agreement. They all knew it and followed through with it.
KFJ68 agent
KFJ68 agent:
If a season with no fans or no season at all, where will the money come from?
bass reeves
bass reeves:
Dead Disney
Dead Disney:
Someone get that man some cough syrup or a covid test or something. Yeesh 👀
Ron G
Ron G:
Lamar Jackson: rubbing his hands like birdman🤑🤑🤑💪🏾
Austin Sandifer
Austin Sandifer:
This Man is on fire and cant be stopped,let's go Mahomes🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!
Siraj P
Siraj P:
Biggest takeaway is: thats a BIG 💰
Young Among
Young Among:
Travis and tyreek the only two offensive pieces they need to keep
Natedrink 1
Natedrink 1:
So now the question is how long do Andy Reid stays?
Ali B765
Ali B765:
Well change the 7 years in madden to 10
Julius Dixon
Julius Dixon:
aaron donald: hold my beer
Hope he deserves it soon.
I wish KC keep the other special ones as well!
There won't be any money left over to draft good players.
g force tv
g force tv:
Congratulations to the new bad man of the league on his deal but pump the brakes on this because the chiefs jump the gun to soon on this if your going to put this type of equity out there then make sure as a organization you follow the Eli manning formula which is wait til you get at least 2 rings or better that way your money is justify even if they never get back to another super bowl
Pat: $503M in 10years.
Floyd Mayweather: hold my beer.
dane dayne
dane dayne:
The agents and Lawyers who negotiated this deal, how well did they do?
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
SHOW me the money!!!💰💰💰💰💰
-Jerry Maguire
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner:
Shocked at the deal
More zeros then the jaguars chances of winning the Super Bowl next year
Willie Johnson
Willie Johnson:
"31% of PM contract is guaranteed, (smallest % among active $25M+ contracts)"
That's the headline. This was a very good deal for PM and an exceptional deal for KC. It was a win/win for both parties. But PM's deal was not earth shattering. Watson and Jackson will get at least that 140 M guaranteed and Jackson, given his playing style, will undoubtedly negotiate for a lot more. It's all about the guaranteed money. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.
Gabriel Zapata
Gabriel Zapata:
He's not worth it!!! Hopefully he'll give some of that money to the needy, No one is worth that!!! Omgoodness the money these guys get paid!!!
Baby Finster
Baby Finster:
Name me one contract longer than 10 years in ANY sport that was worth it for the team.....A-rod, Pujols, Cabrera, Stanton, Cano
dabby dabby
dabby dabby:
*Cut the check.....period*
javier ortiz
javier ortiz:
All this means Is Prescott is going to want 100 million per year guaranteed
Sports Appetite
Sports Appetite:
He secured his great grand children with this deal
Matt Nighstalker
Matt Nighstalker:
Did only 3 players tweet about it? You showed it 6 times!
Kevion Cornett
Kevion Cornett:
Kyrel KleanK
Kyrel KleanK:
Before turning 25 this kid has accomplished everything in the league and is already set for life, not to shabby lol!
Nissan370Z Glass
Nissan370Z Glass:
All hail the glorious Chiefs!
Durk Moneyswaggfly
Durk Moneyswaggfly:
Patrick Mahomes will never win no more Super Bowls The Titans want to have a Super Bowl run super bowl 55 titans win this year Titansup
Spencer TheTexan
Spencer TheTexan:
503 Mill BRUHHHH 🥴
jamil Jamilblee
jamil Jamilblee:
I think they will keep Travis. This should be his last contract.
Tre Williams
Tre Williams:
10 years I think is to much 12 years really would you sacrifice your whole career for the team
vito smith
vito smith:
he already did the madden cover so he good
I could have sworn. That Lamar Jackson was the reigning MVP
The Nicholas
The Nicholas:
From Arod's quarter billion to Patrick Mahomes half billion and I still dont care.
Bo 2. 4 U
Bo 2. 4 U:
What happens if they're playing in an empty Stadium I bet that deal is included in that 163 page contract
Houdini Da Great
Houdini Da Great:
This man talking bout Peyton Manning tf Peyton Manning got to do with it? Smh
Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas:
He's also reset market for all positions in the NFL
That's a lot of money for someone on a 53 man roster. That's baseball money sheesh
Crypto Bunny
Crypto Bunny:
Dak Prescott 👀
Corona throat clearing going on, we can’t ignore that fellas.
DoughBoy ThaGamer21
DoughBoy ThaGamer21:
Its about time the nfl start paying the players more cash
Dedrick Lucious
Dedrick Lucious:
Patrick Mahomes = PAID $503,000,000!
Shawn Cook
Shawn Cook:
He is worth every penny
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2:
They won't be able to pay everybody in 2-3 years
Lol so if he declines then what?
Edmond Honda
Edmond Honda:
13 straight SuberBowls! He's the single greatest thing to ever happen to the NFL and all of its followers.
Smoove Talk
Smoove Talk:
A lot of expectations on this young. if he doesn't win more super bowls the media is to destroy him.
Another Elvis
Another Elvis:
Is there a player option? Is there a team option? Please give some details.
Ronnie Smith
Ronnie Smith:
Watch how big Cam and them Patriots make them folks sick in the AFC 😂😂😂
JJ Chrismer
JJ Chrismer:
will be injured again and will never win another super bowl ... I can't wait hahahaahah
Ryan Coyte
Ryan Coyte:
That's a mortgage man will renegotiate it after five dw bout it.
Crypto Bunny
Crypto Bunny:
Half a billion dollars is insane... wow.... NFL teams got deep pockets....
Robert Gray
Robert Gray:
He actually could've signed a 5 year $200 million deal ($40 mill per year), and did another deal after that as QB values goes up signed another 5 year $250-300 ($45-$50 mill per year) million with added incentives and signing bonuses in both deals netting him closer to $600 million if not more. This is why QB's don't want the long term deals.............I guarantee they'll be talking about his contract 5 years down the line saying that he should've signed a shorter deal cause the average price for a QB and the collective bargaining agreement will increase significantly.
Richie Szczepaniak
Richie Szczepaniak:
I'm still shocked at the deal
Long term that good especially with all them guarantees
Logan Ferguson
Logan Ferguson:
Who let their kid produce today's show?
Richie Szczepaniak
Richie Szczepaniak:
I bet Dak demands some mahomes money pretty soon
*gets injured*
willie machuka
willie machuka:
Messi earns this in 4 years
Vontavis Clark
Vontavis Clark:
This man ain't the best player in the NFL
ricky king
ricky king:
Pat mahomes cannot possibly live up to this contract, you heard it here first
The Magic Man
The Magic Man:
Way way too much I get it he’s the best player but he has played 2 years. I would of gave him maybe 400 million. This will screw the cheifs if they aren’t careful
Jeffery M
Jeffery M:
He definitely left some money on the table.
Can the money really keep going up like this? 80 mil a year? It’s gotta cap out sometime
For any of the 31 teams it would be a great deal. But if Mahomes played for the Cowboys, Pat would be crucified for being a greedy so and so.
Gwiyomi Kim
Gwiyomi Kim:
Institutional racism is the U.S. is really holding Mahomes back. Poor guy😢
Pablo Rajczyk
Pablo Rajczyk:
Insane. The NFL is delusional.
Tom H
Tom H:
Well, sounds great until next year when he's not on the 4 year rookie deal and gets $20-something million and then 1/3 of the teams salary cap the year after that. The rest of the team will be scrubeenies and leftovers and that'll be the end of the superbowling. Ask Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson, and after this year, Dak Prescott. Tom Brady pulled it off for a long time by taking 15 mill or so less than what he was worth, allowing the team to sign some good depth. you want to win 6 championships or have so much money your great grandkids will still be trying to spend it?
He gets $50 million a year and they are worried he didn`t get enough.
Meditation Mayham
Meditation Mayham:
5 years from now this will be underpaid 🤗
DoughBoy ThaGamer21
DoughBoy ThaGamer21:
I'm a bears fan congrats to mahomes he deserve that huge contract
Chris Iverson
Chris Iverson:
Ummmm I just have one question then I'll leave...... How in the f... Do you pay one football player a half of a billion dollars in an economy that's all ready in debt? How is that possible?
What else kan you take away? The man making half a million dollars 😂😂
Second here
Mecias Rivera
Mecias Rivera:
It’s all well & good but will the chiefs have enough leverage or cap salary space to get other key members for the team in other words get ready for the chiefs to suck in the coming years small market city huge payment bad combination this is the reason Tom Brady has 6 rings & Mahomes will end probably with 2-3 rings tops!!!!!
lega4000 lega4000
lega4000 lega4000:
this is crazy do you say yes
I'm still a poor white boy.
Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian:
His girl just drank a whole gallon of clomid.
George Padgett
George Padgett:
But does he have good teeth? 🤣😭😢👌👌👌
Sara Lee
Sara Lee:
fasteddie bassman
fasteddie bassman:
Oh he cured cancer??? Pulled baby outta burning home??? ...huh???.. He only plays a game??? Ugh
Thats a joke !!!!!!!!!
Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis:
this contract's mind-blowing because factoring injuries for a team to put that much trust in you and trust me only Patrick mahomes can get that but that's crazy bro that's baseball money dude
Jon Bob
Jon Bob:
Master Of The Craft
Master Of The Craft: